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I heard that some moons ago, there was a thread called "What's in a Name" All about where the BUSTies came up with their screen names. So, with that said, and some consensus from the Community Forum, I have resurrected the thread. So cats, I suppose I'l start;

When I first signed up with the BUST boards, I was in university, and I was an anthropology major, with a specialization in cultural and medical anthropology, thus the culture portion. The handy part comes from my first and last name. The Andy part was my dad's nickname (taken from our last name, given to him when he was in high school), and the initial H comes from my first name, thus the "handy" portion of my screen name.

There you have it.

Your turn! smile.gif
Dogs. That's Lucy in my avatar, and I haven't taken the pics of Zoe off my camera yet. I'm laaazy. I had a different screen name in the before time - the long, long ago. It was just a derivative of my real name and I never posted much anyhow...1999? eeeeeeeek
My boston terrier puppys name is Oreo, so OreosMom. That's him in my avatar!!
ha, what a cool idea

mine actually comes, not from being timid or tiny or having an affinity to mice (though i do have that, and perhaps it has something to do with it since i did own a couple of white mice when i was younger--they are so sweet) but because when i first started tiptoeing around the lounge i was feeling very noncommital and wanted to be very anonymous. "anonymous" was taken, so was "anonymoose" AND "anonymouse" so instead of adding some numbers to my name i just shortened it to "mouse" and here we are.
I thought up my name simply from the fact that ever since I got my first one back in 1997, I've loved me some pet rats! In addition, I figured it offered me some degree of anonymity, in the unlikely event that anyone weird who knew me IRL was cyberstalking me (yeah, I'm a tad paranoid); that's why I chose not to post my real name or any derivative thereof. Finally, at the risk of sounding egotistical, I thought ratgrl sounded original. tongue.gif
This is such a cool idea! I ALWAYS wonder about where you guys are coming up with your names!

Anyway, jkat's a nickname my dad has had for me since I was really little. I also recently found out that it's prison slang for an inmate that needs mental health treatment. Heh. So there it is.
(jkat, I always giggle when I see your name is actually Kat, and my husband's name starts with I find it funny, anyway...carry on...)
Oooo! Fun!

When I started here I went by Weinerdog, as in "Welcome to the Dollhouse". That got eaten by dingos, so then I decided to go by my bike gang name. See, when we first formed, my bike gang thought we should all have nicknames. They used to call me "String Bean", poking fun at my scrawny body, but then I bought a beautiful kelly-green vintage Schwinn, so the name got changed to "Green Bean".
I actually dont like green beans, if thats what y'all thought it was! More into spinach...
whitelightning...another name for moonshine! which is derived from my previous bust lounge name, which was opossum78 (i think it had the 78 on the end...). opossum is my nickname in "real life". opossum in overalls drinkin' get the idea.

a long, long, time ago in the bust lounge i was surferrosa (my fave pixies album).
lucizoe, aka katj..... biggrin.gif

Starshine is the name of my favourite book when I was a kid. It's by Ellen Schwartz and about a rather awkward young girl who's kinda embarassed by her alterna-hippy parents. I always thought her life was really cool, and of course related to the awkwardness smile.gif And then there's the song Good Morning Starshine which I love and which has recently been revived by Serena Ryder. I just love the lyrics, and its funny how much more they make sense the older I get....

"Good morning starshine, the earth says hello
you twinkle above us, we twinkle below
good morning starshine, you lead us along..."

zoya is the main female character in Solzhenitsyn's "The Cancer Ward," which is where I get it from, plus I think it sounds cool and space-agey.

I've had this handle for so long that it almost seems weird when I meet a bustie and they call me by my real name!! smile.gif
I find it hard to call BUSTies by their real names; especially when their username is or is shortened to a first name (i.e. rose, mandi, tes...)

anyway, bunnyb is short for bunnyboyler - a play on bunnyboiler and my surname boyle - a nickname as I'm a little bit crazy but very sweet. The shortened version brings out the sweetness a lot more.
uh, lauren is my real first name and ann is my real middle name mellow.gif booooring! i'm pretty new to bust with this user name, but i used to be on it 7 or 8 years ago with the username glittergrrl, which i just kinda made up.
I give you wikipedia's definition of sybarite: 'a general term for describing one fond of pleasure and luxury'

I'm sure many people are fond of pleasure and luxury; I just thought I'd be upfront about it. cool.gif
I have a slight obsession with a comedy programme on the bbc here (I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue for uk busties) and they play a game called Mornington Crescent on there - where you name various tube stations until you reach mornington crescent - it's the name of a road and a tube station just around the corner from where I go to uni. The game doesn't have much point, there aren't any rules, and it just ambles around... a bit like me sometimes. So I decided I liked the word.

I'm gumby because for over 14 years I've used the same Gumby keychain for my keys. And I had a Pokey one but I lost it. I think my original name here was Pokey something but I kind of forget...I changed it two times before I got to Gumby. And CC are my initials.

Zoia is my boyfriend's mom's name. She's Russian. It's a really pretty name.
you're all so clever!

nick is for nicole, my name, and click is either for a camera, cuz i'm a photographer, or for a mouse click i guess. and it rhymes.

there's a camera for kids with the same name, and a seemingly cool performer from olympia.
A friend of mine in college called me Lady J the female in the GI Joe cartoon series. I added miss to the lady j in honor of Lady Miss Kier of Dee Lite. I use the name when I perform as well.
This is really neat-o to know where the BUSTies came up with their names.
cool thread.

something i came up with because i like to daydream alot.
Mine just means go me. All my usernames are something positive to kinda cheer myself on, like hoorayforkayte and kayte_yay. I'm a dork!!
way back in 96, i started getting into the riotgrrl movement. not that i could actually get involved or start a band or even hear any of the ones that were around and defined the movement back then, because i lived in a small ag town in the middle of nowhere and everyone was the same and sucked, but i was way into the idea. so when i started going online, i called myself Grrrly, and i thought it was perfect for me. it sounds like "girly", all sweet and demure and kind of derisive, but that "grrr" let's you know there's something a little sharper and darker in there that just might bite you back if you fuck with it. in fact that's my tagline on myspace and many other forums i visit, "deceptively demure". and i use Grrrly as my username whenever it's available. i don't know why it wasn't when i started hanging out at bust, cause i've never seen a Grrrly on here, but at any rate, it told me i had to choose a new username when i tried picking that. so i thought about it a bit, and tankgirl is one of my favorite movies ever, and i love the devo song from the opening credits.

She sings from somewhere you can't see
she sits in the top of the greenest tree
she sends out an aroma of undefined lust
it drips on down in a mist from above

she's just a girl, she's just a girl
the girl you want

but i had to keep some part of the original Grrrly in there, so it's GrrrlYouWant.
Pretty obvious, but Poly Styrene. I added the extra "l" to make it more like the first name, also in tribute to PJ Harvey.
I love that devo song.
Thats my faaaaavorite devo song! Now its gonna be in my head all day!

Love x-ray spex too! bondage UP YOURS!
My name just popped into my head with no rhyme or reason. sad.gif
I love the movie tank girl!
my user name is me.

sooooooooooooooooo me.

QUOTE(greenbean @ Jan 25 2007, 01:32 PM) *

Thats my faaaaavorite devo song! Now its gonna be in my head all day!

Love x-ray spex too! bondage UP YOURS!

i know, right? i had to immediately go get it from limewire as soon as i posted. laugh.gif
My name was going to be my roller derby name, but I found out my insurance refused to cover any injuries that inevitably, might have occured. So I had to back out fearing financial troubles. But ginger b/c I am a red head, and kitty b/c it sound kind of classic, sassy pin-up when you put the two together.

It's interesting finding out how everybody's names came about!

Ditto on the Tank Girl love, that was an awesome movie.

I have two words for you; BRUSH YOUR TEETH!
jet. they're men.
'Deanna' is my favourite Nick Cave song.

'Returns' because I used to post here a lot.

Some BUSTies called me Dee.
I am Auralpoison because I went through a phase of being really into garage rock. My fave band was the Sonics & I loved their song "Strychnine." I didn't want to be too obvious (And somebody on the 'net already had the more obvious handle, natch), so Auralpoison it was. It's strong, it's aggressive, & has just enough of the "don't fuck with me vibe" that I have IRL. I like it, I doubt I'll ever change it.

Some folks like water
Some folks like wine
But I like the taste
Of straight strychnine!
ive been called tank girl years while now, due to my resemblence to the comic book character. that and my obcession with tanks. although ive melloed out quite a bit, you know getting old and such, heh.
tes, I had to look it up after you posted that laugh.gif . *claps hands gleefully* best username evah!
Onna Otaku is japanese slang that loosley translates into "she-geek". Onna is the word for girl or woman and otaku means "outcast". I am the biggest female geek that I know. I was just going to use she-geek, but I changed my mind after a conversation I had with a male classmate. I told him that I was a real geek, and he said "really? you don't look like one." No one believes me when i tell them how much I'm into video games and D&D and what not. So I changed it to Onna Otaku so people would have to guess what I meant. Plus I am learning japanese.

my old name used to be solitary fey, which came from celtic mythology.
(i didn't know you used to be solitary fey! smile.gif )

i have a self-explanatory handle. i don't even have a cat anymore but hey, i have a number of years to work on that.
Does no one else want to tell us where their name came from?

Do I have to sing? Really, I will....
Okay culturehandy, I'll bite - that is unless you really WANT to sing.....perhaps a medley of B Spears songs in tribute to her shorn locks? tongue.gif

I picked my name for a few reasons, I love Halloween, the fall, the outdoors and night skies. Pretty simple really.

Crazyoldcatlady - did you see the Simpsons the other night? They showed how the crazy cat lady in Springfield evolved, supposedly she was Harvard/Yale educated with a medical and law degree, guess you had to be there but it was funny.
mine's the nickname i got when everyone got nicknamed in one of my english classes in highschool. another girl and i did a presentation on 'the tyger' and 'the lamb' for the poetry unit, and i was by far the more vicious of the two of us, so there it was
I can't remember whether I've done this yet or not, so...

The simple explanation for my name is that I like llamas. Always have. However, I didn't start using it as a name on stuff until college, when I played a lot of Perfect Dark on the nintendo with my guy friends; in said game, when you shoot/bomb/etc. another player, their screen reads "Killed by _____" (whatever your username is). So I thought that it would be funny to have it say "Killed by llamas". I've just kept using it. smile.gif
my name is a no-brainer, tho I do confess to being inspired by heavens2megatroid for the cuteness of it.
(h2mt: if you're still around, thankyou!)
but I wanted to say I am Loving learning about the origins of everyone here, and killed by llamas is cracking me up! biggrin.gif

octobersky: that is also the name of a book my frecklette's whole school had to read and do a project on a few years ago. I had assumed that was what you groovin' with- and I was wrong!

and COCL: so me. only 1 cat currently, but the me deep in my soul for my future dowager days totally. classic.

CH: when I see the word 'handy' I always think cell phone in europe, bc that's what they call them.
so to Me, you are Culturephone bc I am a total dork!
freckle, that's cool! I like the thought of culturephone, sounds pretty neat-o.
Freckleface - I had no idea that my name was a kid's book - I'll have to look that one up. It's kinda embarassing I didn't know that since I am studying to be a middle school teacher unsure.gif

On the whole cat thing I have 2 cats and a dog - it reminds me of a line in a CSN&Y song. Since I'm single and over 30 I'm sure on my way to becoming a crazy old cat lady. Last summer my mom and I had 14 cats! LOOONG story.....

I do love the idea of being killed by sounds like the premise of a Monty Python skit!
if i ever get to choose how i get to go, i now want to be killed by llamas. if nothing else for the comedy obituary. biggrin.gif
I saw my first pug when I first met Mr. Pug's family. His aunt's friend had one and I just loved its energy from the start. I wanted one from that second on. I had two dogs (cocker spaniels) growing up and when they died (a week a part from one another) my parents told me that I couldn't get a dog until I moved out on my own. When Mr. Pug and I moved into our first apartment we were nervous about money so Mr. Pug got a second job at night. We never saw one another (which was the reason we moved in together in the first place, to see one another more). One night he came home and asked how my day was. I just started crying and hysterically and yelling that I missed him and was so lonely. Everyone who knew me knew I wanted a pug. The next day after my little melt down I got my tax money. The security guard at work used to check the paper for me everyday to see if any pugs were for sale in the pets section. That day there were four females and two males for sale by a breeder in Maryland (I live in DE). I asked my boss (huge dog lover) if I could leave early to go buy a dog. She said sure. I went to the bank to get the money and then I drove an hour and a half into Maryland, which is not me at all. I only go places that I've already driven to on my own once. However, I was determined. I walked up the house and they were outside running around in a confined area. They were biting, chasing and playing with each other. Only one stopped to come to the gate and say hi to me. I picked her, my Pinky. She was so tiny and pudgy. I had nothing to take her home in. I had a half sheet of newspaper. I put it on the floor of the car and placed my little darling on it. She just sat there staring at me while I drove her to Mr. Pug's shop. I called him while I was in route and told him that I had a surprise to show him. We hung up and when I got to the shop he just smiled and picked her up in one hand, held her in front of his face and looked her straight in the eyes. He said something nonchalant like, "Yeah, she's alright” She licked his nose and waged her curly tail. Let me tell you that I have been in constant competition for his attention ever since I brought my Pinky home. She was so good that first day. I drove her everywhere to show her to everyone. I went to Mr. Pug’s shop, his mom’s, my mom’s and the pet store. She didn’t have an accident once. However, the second I got her into the apartment she peed on the floor. That should have been a sign as to how frustrating her training would be in the next few months. My family adored her. They treated her like their first grandchild. When we moved into our house five years later Pinky was alone a lot so we always talked about getting her a sister. A friend of mine said that she worked with a girl who had a pug and a two year old child and that she just didn’t have time to give the dog attention (and they need a lot of attention). I got in touch with her and 20 minutes after talking to her for the first time I made arrangements to go to her house and meet Shelby. She was so hyper where my Pinky had calmed down over the years. She was so fresh and new. She took to me so fast. She never leaves my side. So my name LoveMyPugs comes from having and loving my two pug baby girls.

P.S. My parents now own two as well. So all together there is Pinky Floyd (Pinky for short), Shelby Girl (Shelby for short), King Louie (Louis for short) and Jealous Nellie (Nellie for short). They are all fantastic. However, when you have all of the together in one room (Christmas morning) it's a little overwhelming. LOL
October, that totally sounds like a monty python skit! Oh imagine it! It would be great!
Freckleface, I gotta admit, I thought Octobersky was referencing that memoir as well! There's also a film starring a young Jake Gyllenhaal.

Crazyoldcatlady, whenever I see you name, I think of this:

LMP, I always think of this when I see yours:

Ah, consumerism of useless, but cute products!

I love killed by llamas. I want to hear the guy from CSI Miami say, "She was killed... *dun dun dun* ... by llamas."
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