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We really ought to tip off the CSI writers to a potentially fabulous plotline.

And LMP, I have a kitty named Pinky!
llamas -

I feel like such an idiot. blink.gif I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and I just now go your avatar joke.

Are you fucking serious (black)? LOL! laugh.gif I'm a little slow I know. I apologize. dry.gif
*slaps hand against forehead* thanks lmp! d'oh.

loving the stories and I need to find a way to get killed by llamas into a conversation ... maybe anna nicole smith was killed by llamas?

os: the movie is good enough to be shown in school (they got to watch it at the very end) so maybe you can skip the book and just use the cliffnotes version via the film? if you only lived on our coast- how totally cool would it be to have my frecklette taught by a Bustie?!

I love that crazyoldcatlady figurine. ( I liked the librarian figurine too!) if only she had red instead of blond hair though! I can usually be found in men's pajama pants and a mismatchy robe bc my 'stay home' outfits are notoriously unique.
- 1/2 way there already!

blinded by science and then killed by llamas.

I don't know why but those two things seem to go together in my head, but then, I am am sick so that might explain it.
one of my favorite songs to longboard to is "lady pilot" by neko case, cos carving down long hills feels like you're flying. and being a word nerd i always loved the word aviatrix. plus i wanted something more hopeful than my usual pessimism in gt.

the name girltrouble came when i was looking for some words to go with a tattoo i was working on. i was reading some gender theory and the writer was talking about a "troubling" of gender roles created by transexuals. and there it was: girl. trouble. i thought it was so odd but sounded like it meant so many other things, (my grandma saying my sister was having 'girl trouble') and had a sense of rebelliousness, but most of all it kinda suited me.
girl! you have been confusing the HELL out of me with these two names. MAN. glad to get it all sorted out. don't ever do that again! tongue.gif

"killed by llamas"....this is awesome.

lovemypugs, my friend is currently working on some graphics for the new tori spelling show......apparently she has right now he is animating some little flying pugs with golden wings and i thought of you immediately.

oh snap, avi/gt! is that you in the avatar?
hottness smile.gif
My mama lived a llama farm. No lie. No chance of getting killed by them, but a heck of a lot of spit. Spit upon by llamas just doesn't have the same ring, though.
Aviatrix, I was reading your post and my husband came up behind me and saw your avatar and said HOT!

I Love Killed By Llamas. Thats good enough to be a handle in itself.
lol...alright, cut it out....i'll get a big head.
I normally leave avatars, pics, etc. turned off on here for work purposes, but I just had to turn them on, and and damn, gt/avi, definitely hot! cool.gif

Oh, and I do use killed by llamas as a handle on a few things where just plain llamas isn't available.
Llamas I just finished reading your avatar, and fucking hysterical!!!!!!!!
um, no, it's fucking serious... wink.gif
My brother's beloved childhood pet was a grumpy tortiseshell cat named Charlie (she was a girl), and one of her nicknames was "sassafrass".
I stole my "handle" from the main character from one of my favourite books, "The Rules of Engagement" by Catherine Bush.

The main character's name was Arcadia, and I fell in love with her and the book itself. It was such a good read and I would have never known about it if it wasn't for the Intro to English Lit class I took in my second year of uni.

My name is from the Neko Case song with the same name.
My handle comes from when I was living in the hell hole known to many as Olympia, Washington. It's a very terrible place with with terrible people that all wear these dumb shirts that say "I heart Oly" (Oly is what the locals call the town). I hated it there and I thought ihateoly would have made a nice shirt and a nice handle.
I'm glad you explained that IHO. Until now every time I saw post by you I wondered who Oly was and what he'd done wrong - I was even starting to feel sorry for him - "poor Oly, he can't have been THAT bad..." laugh.gif

I named myself after a Mercury Rev song from the album Deserter's Songs (one of my all-time-favourites).
I also thought the same thing Ihateoly. I was thinking, who the fuck is oly and what did they do?

But now I see. Hee, I like it.
per·si·flage (pûr'sə-fläzh')
Light good-natured talk; banter.
Light or frivolous manner of discussing a subject.

Hence persiflager = one who banters!
I figured I look like a Lily Anne. It's young, curious, and playful like me. I wanted something that reflected my Southern roots (two-name monikers rule!) and sounds cheerful.
I thought I answered this before but it must have been in the previous thread. "Kitten Beaumont" was a name I created as a fun "bar name." It sounded like someone who was fun and sexy and really, really smart, all qualities that I sometimes struggle to find in myself. Over time I've stopped needing this name as "Kitten" and "Jennifer" have become much more the same person but I like that it is still my name here. After all, Bust helped me realize that I am fun and sexy and really, really smart. biggrin.gif
i kinda like oly.

but then i've never lived there. it's great place to visit.

...atleast i think so...
oooh! I have never seen this thread before! I love hearing the screen name origins.

GT, you have another username now? I like it! Love your pic too, girl, you know you're a hot mama.

My name comes from a song. My mister used to manage a band and they have a song I love called Karianne. I used to be Karianne here til the dingos ate it. Now I'm just kari.
Yay to FunnyBird and MaybeSparrow for great taste in music!

I'm thirtiesgirl because I like the '30s...and I'm still in my thirties for another half second. (And once I reach my 40s, I'd like to pretend I'm in my 30s.)

On other forums, I've been Aqualisa, named after the Moonshake song (and it kind of sounds like my real name). I've written music columns for friends' indie music mags under the name Carmelita Honeybun, a made-up name that I thought sounded amusing. And I used to host my college radio show with the name Hostess Cupcake, which coincided with stories I used to tell on the air of my imaginary band, Hostess Cupcake and the Rama Lama Ding Dongs. If I ever get back on the air, I plan to use the name Anita Huggankiss, middle name Amanda. I also have an Italian alter-ego, Donatella Mortadella, who kind of represents my 'goth' side, and just because I like Italian names with those mellifluous double L's.

And since we're discussing names, I have to tell you that I know a guy who legally changed his first and last name to Dresden Black. I'm not kidding. That's really his name. And yes, he does dress in black.
I'm Tommy. I get around.
Oh, I've never seen this thread before...

Pherber is the character Anita Pallenberg played in Performance
...actually she played herself, but it's great anyways.
She's the ultimate rock'n roll bad girl.
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Nov 28 2008, 09:31 PM) *
i kinda like oly.

but then i've never lived there. it's great place to visit.

...atleast i think so...

I agree Oly is fun to visit. That's what lured me there in the first palce. I went to Yo-Yo-A-Go-Go and the very first Lady Fest and thought it would be a great place to live but, sadly, it was not.

Rudderless, I love the story of Mr. Beeps! It's cute. smile.gif

Hooray for fake names!
I use foryoursplendor because there is a Simpsons episode where Bart is emancipated. He goes to live in a loft, where Tony Hawk also coincidentally lives. Homer comes over to visit Bart and sees all the expensive home accessories he's bought with Homer's money, so Homer grabs Bart's throat and screams something to the effect of "I pay for your splendor!". I thought the name suitable for myself as I work as an artist, making all sorts of splendorous things.
Aww, the Two Beeps story is so cute!

Love the Simpsons reference, foryoursplendor!
The two beeps story is a great one!

Foryoursplendor, what's totally awesome, is that I have exactly the same hat as the one in your profile pic, and I'm also in winnipeg. hee.
I am called deschatsrouge because I have a chat rouge or an orange marmalade cat and I have always identified with them. I believe that chats rouge are superior to all other colors of cats. They are thought to be smarter, friendlier, and they are the color of cat most frequently used in advertising. Morris of nine lives started this trend. Oddly chats rouge are mostly male the gene for their color is on the male chromosome. Only one in 10,000 chats rouge is female. That makes me one in 10,000.
bottleblack because I used to dye my hair black for so long
Aw deschatsrouge, marmaladey cats are fantastical! You have reminded me of our old ginger cats - the first was a lady, and she was definitely the smartest and most communicative cat I've ever come across. The second was a grumpy boy and was somewhat less smart - he spent his entire life confused, or angry, or angry and confused. I miss them both muchly.
I picked rouge for my new handle because I love the word, quite literally. I love the sound of it and the way it looks and everything about it. I am a nerd, I know, hee hee.

I also like the definition of it according to my dashboard dictionary widget:

"A person whose behavior one disproves of but who is nonetheless likable and attractive."
....reminds me of how Rogueboy's parents most likely thinks of me because I don't fit into their cookie-cutter world.... =P

Oh and deschatsrouge, I have a lovely orange boy too; marmalade-y cats are my most favourite. =)
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