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Full Version: Would You Rather, The Game Of Horrible, Aweful, No Good Choices
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I'd take the parasite. At least it is helping me out in some way. And if it was small enough to be behind my ear then people wouldnt be able to see it as well as they would a conjoined twin.

Would you rather have to cook/clean all day or sit behind a desk on your ass answering phones?
vanilla ice. then i'd only be guilty of one count of murder instead of two.

branded. it will complement my tattoos.

taste or touch? food or sex? ohmygod the hardest choice ever. sadly, i'd choose ice cream over boffing.

quills. i don't like being smelly.

halloween guy. and that music that follows him around.

parasite. i'm not cute enough to have two heads.

cook/clean. i don't like talking to people.

travel to the future to see your death or travel back in time to see your conception (ie, your parents doin' it)?
Michael Meyers.

Alien Parasite, at least I would constantly have clean ears.

Answer phones; that's what I do now, and paper work and following policy, etc.

Conception, *shudders* I really don't want to see how I'd die.

Hmm Hmmm Hmmm.

Would you rather have a constant phlemy, hacking cough or constant hiccups?
hiccups. coughing too much can hurt, and is just as annoying as hiccups.

would you rather eat a batch of cookies where the dough had been rolled out on the pavement on the side of a busy road, or on the unswept floor of a hair salon?
Busy road, hair balls make me gag. Ick.

Would you rather have to constantly wear your underwear on the outside of your clothes or constantly have your pants hiked up to your amrpits and one pant leg tucked into your sock.
Underwear outside of clothes. I have cute underwear.

Who would you rather fuck, George W BUsh or Dick Cheney?
Dick Cheny. I could probably give him a heart attack, and then if dubya were killed, nancy pelosi would be president.

in my understanding, anyway.

umm...would you rather:

in one sitting, eat ten pounds of cheese, or

a bucket of peanut butter, with nothing to drink?
Cheney, I could black mail him afterwards!


Would you rather be the pornbots only friend or object of stalk-y obsession?
*kicks thread in the ass*
I'm a nomad: bring on the stalker. It'd be like a challenge to stay ahead of them.

Would you rather get a burning sensation every time you have sex, or every time you pee?
(assuming, like me, you do the latter a lot more than the former)
definately when I pee, bc, well duh.

cheese, although, that can bind ya up if ya know what I mean laugh.gif

wear my under things out

between george and dick? ey. I'd have to go w/ george bc at least he's a runner and if I'm gonna kill a guy doing that, I don't want to be 1/2 there before it even begins.

would you rather walk 10 miles in too small stiletto's that pinch or get 50 paper cuts?
wow, i missed a ton.

i LOVE carrot top, he's so little-kid-wacky.

dirk diggler because, well, did you see what he could do in that movie. and hello, it's Marky Mark yo.

Milli Vanilli. they were fakers, V-Ice is just horrible.

like real hot coals, the kind meant for walking over? because they actually don't hurt. it's a heat conducting thing. branding on the other hand is ridiculously painful and you have to continually mutilate your scab to get the right effect. my x has one, they are not for the faint of heart. i say no thank you to the brand. *shudder*.

rather lose my sense of taste. it's actually pretty limited compared to what you can smell and hey, then i could eat the most ridiculously healthy foods and not ever mind!

quills. how cool.

i never watched those scary movies so i have no idea.

parasite. that's funny.


conception. my parents were hot and it's a romantic story with a fire place and all.

hiccups 'cause i have that cough right now and is it ever annoying.
didja see the hiccup dude on the simpsons? "kill me now."


panties outside.

george or dick? oh no, i couldn't possibly. i'm sorry. inconceivable.

peanutbutter. i could eat it really slow right?

stalky obsession so long as it wasn't violent or dangerous. that's at least something to talk and laugh about with your girlfriends.

burning pee. because, well, what freckle said.

that shoe and paper cut one is just too dang hard to decide. ouch either way. what kinda road we talkin' here? ... i'd go with paper cut. i hate high heels.

would you rather have to swallow a gigantic horsepill that got stuck in your throat every day or remember to take a multitude of different kinds of tiny little pills on the hour every hour?

paper cuts.

Horsepill, you didn't say how long it would get stuck for, so if it's just for a half a second, I'll survive.

Hmmmmm, would you rather have the world's largest zit or have to squeeze at the worlds largest zit (please see refer to the grody, sink clogging thread, NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART, thanks to GGG for posting the video to that!)

Okay, just to make it easier...would you rather have this, or squeeze this?


world's largest zit

Thanks, CH!

that's disgusting! definitely squeeze it!

would you rather be a surrogate for a stranger or go through a painful organ donation for a stranger? (not horrible yucky but horrible hard).
I'd say organ donation, like a kidney. As long as it wasn't my heart or whatnot. That zit thing. Get it done, I just about vomitted watching it. Just get me loaded and we'll take it from there.

Would you rather be chased by an angry warthog or rhino?
the warthog-they are a bit smaller, and they don't have that one, giant horn (they have two, but they are smaller and off to the sides)

Would you rather have the worst cold ever for a whole month, or the worst yeast infection ever for a whole month?
Yeast infection, yes it's the first and last time I'll give my vote to a devastating burning itchy pee all the time candidate. A month? I've had tapeworms longer than that.

Taking your boss aside to alert her to the obviously fresh and huge whitehead on her nose or getting caught smelling your own fart by a hot stranger at the bookstore?
Definitely telling my boss about the whitehead on her nose. I don't think you can recover from the reaction of the hot stranger seeing you smelling your farts.

Would you rather have to spend a month having sex with Carrot Top or a month having to listen to Rush Limbaugh for 24 hours a day?
Carrot Top, but can I erase his face and personality? Because he kind of has a really hot body and I would totally make him buy me an assload of stuff I don't need. Rush for that long would put me in a coma even Sandra Bullock's adulterous prayers could rouse me from.

Finding out your (recently-ex)-boyfriend of 9 years had sex with your best friend or running over a cat on a country road at night?
I'd take the cold.

Tell the boss about her whitehead.

Carrot top. I'd lose my mind if I had to listen to Rush Limbaugh.

Muskie, that's tough. I suppose the cat, as long as it died right away, and I wasn't aware that it happened. Ever.

Would you rather have to lick a bare foot off a person who never worse shoes, and walked through, say, downtown Manhatten or use a communal tooth brush cleaned in a shared prison toilet?

I'd lick the foot if I could chase it with some high proof booze. The tooth brush could create small tears in your oral mucosa allowing the bacteria to enter your blood stream quicker. With your mouth being so vascular, i'd say the foot would be a better choice than the e coli ridden bristles of the toothbrush.

Would you rather find out that your NEW boyfriend's ( new but potentially "the one") ex just found out she's pregnant or find out that you're the one that's pregnant?
aunt agonist
just popping in to add...
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! i clicked the link. i thought i was strong at heart but apparently not. oh god... i can never use normal toothpaste again. it's all gel from now on. oh goooooooooooooood. *retches*

oh and
tell the boss
kill the cat
lick the foot
fuck carrottop
find out the ex is preggo (although gimme a couple years and my answer will undoubtebly change)
bumpity bumpity.
ooh, i forgot all about this thread!! woohoo!

going off WildWoman's:
hm. i guess her. i can't deal with kids.

would you rather wear a face mask made of cow poo for 5 minutes, or drink a shake made out of mayo?
I'd go for the shake, it could be the size of a shot, in which case it wouldn't be nearly as bad as cow poop on your face.

Ummmm, would you rather have the fundie go down on you or you have to go down on him?

ETA: Oh mygoodness, I just re read the entire thread, there are some sick shit choices we came up with!!!! Made me laugh.
EEEEEEEEEEWWW, culture! you big nasty!! LOL! on me, i suppose. just so i could fart in its face and kick its eye in with my heel. cuz there's no way my mouth is going anywhere near that shit. *gag*

would you rather have a toothless old lady stick her tongue in your eye socket to lick it clean (i saw it on tv once), or would you rather lick someone's hemorrhoids for 15 seconds?
This thread has reached entirely new levels of disgusting.

Going down on him would mean that his pecker could be bitten off, if the giver was that way inclined. I'd rather have the cow poop on my face than go down on him, though.

Um, the licking of the eye socket; at least that way your own tongue doesn't touch something disgusting. I do hate anything involving the eyes but the other is too awful to contemplate.

Would you rather go through the day with a pubic hair stuck between your teeth (from going down on your partner that morning) or have a little accident and have to wear moderately but a little smelly skid-marked knickers until home later that night?
Bwaaaaahahahaha, bunny, that is so true. Where on earth do we come up with this stuff???

I'd go down on the little fucker with biting ants in my mouth, then hope that he died from the wound.

I'd rather have someone lick my eye socket, no way am I licking someone's hemorrhoids.

I really wouldn't want the pube in my teeth, and no one would see the skid marks.

Would you rather have to listen to Barbara Striesand all day or Celine Dion all day?

bump for no good reason: busties are some twisted muthas!
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Dec 21 2007, 12:40 PM) *
Would you rather have to listen to Barbara Striesand all day or Celine Dion all day?


Oh maude...BABS without a flinch! (That duet "GUILTY" with Barry Gibb, on a loop, all day laugh.gif
would you rather have one ear significantly larger than the other have one nostril significantly larger than the other.
oh, that reminded me! i TORTURED stargazer with this one repeatedly when we were in montreal (wink.gif):

would you rather teabag and old man's sweaty balls for 10 minutes, or lick the floor of a gas station bathroom?

and, ch, i'd go ear & babs

babs,ear, bawls.

Okay, would you rather be Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin?
Definitely Homer. He's not certifiably retarded and doesn't have balls for a chin.
Okay, Barbara Streisand, for sure.
Ear obviously
and...yes, sweaty balls
Homer I think - balls-less chin and cheerfully obliviousness help.
okay, here's one that's shitty;

Love someone and not have them love you back or have someone love you and you not love them back.
(((((culture))))) you're doing one, i'm doing the other, but neither is good, lemmie tell you. the knee jerk pick would be to be loved, but trust me, if you really care about the person deeply, that one isn't so swell either. not by a long shot.
having been in both, I'd say that it is the former and not that latter. however, it would seem the former is karma for the latter.

Okay, would you rather be Marge Simpson or Lois Griffin?
Bjork's dress. The camp factor wins out.

Get chewed out by a FOX News anchor or publically praise one?
Woops: how'd that happen?

I don't know who Lois Griffin is, but Marge has great hair.

QUOTE(tommynomad @ Sep 30 2008, 11:58 AM) *
Bjork's dress. The camp factor wins out.

Get chewed out by a FOX News anchor or publically praise one?

Lois is from Family Guy.

Chewed out chewed out! I could never praise a fox anchor, ever. Unless it was the time that even the one anchor was disgusted with that baptist church and went balastic on a member. That is the one and only occassion I would praise a a fox anchor.

Ummmm, would you rather be married to a poisonous toad or a fire breathing dragon?
marge simpson has awesome hair.

i think i'd prefer to get chewed out by a fox newsperson.

and i'd take the dragon, cuz, after all, i am a princess, and princesses get rescued from dragons, not from poisonous toads tongue.gif laugh.gif !

would you rather die by drowning or burning?
Drowning. Chances are, you wouldn't be able to breath well while on fire either, and that's what would make me dislike drowning so...I choose the cooler no-air death.

Would you rather have everything you eat taste like hot dogs or everything you drink taste like vodka?

Ooooh nezumi, that's a hard one! Ummm, ewwww, uhhhhhh, hot dogs I guess. I don't want to get sick of vodka.

Would you rather have to wear crocs all the time or uggs all the time?
Crocs. They're both ugly, and I'll bet Uggs are comfy, but I get sweaty feet. And I love my crocs. My only regret is that they aren't some outrageously bright colour.

Would you rather walk around all day in shoes that are too small, or underwear that is?
uggs, because they're pretentious and i could be a dick. ("damn, that lady's a dick... oh, she's wearing uggs. we understand now.")

and underwear, as i have done both as of late, and i'd rather not have any more foot blisters.
I'll go the the underwear route, at least when they get too rank you can take them off. winter is coming here and I don't want to be without good shoes.

Ummm, how about...

Would you rather be an evangelical christian or uber enthusiastic scientologist (ala Tom Cruise)?
evangelical, i guess. because it's more affordable in its histrionics.
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