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Full Version: Would You Rather, The Game Of Horrible, Aweful, No Good Choices
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Welcome BUSTies, this is a thread of bad choices, based loosely on a game that I read about in a book and a former thread. Someone posts two choices, please, the more awefil in nature the better, and it doesn't have to be people, it could be a choice between eating mouldy tuna or a jar of spoiled mayo. You cannot opt out of a choice, if you want you can post your rationale behind the decision, too! I suppose that the first person to answer the previous question could ask the next question. So, on that happy note, let the game begin!

Would you rather be friends with Paris Hilton or Tara Reid?
Tara Reid--just--because she might be (inadvertently) entertaining as well as vacuous. She'd probably flaunt her considerable entitlement-itis less too.

Filthy tub/shower or filthy bed linen?
Tara, because Paris Hilton seems mean.

And, bed linens, because at least they wouldn't be seeping in as much. eeeyeww.
def. tara--i agree, paris seems mean, and conniving and a user. tara just seems stupid and sad.

and definitely filthy tub, because at least YOU'RE getting clean; if you take a shower. i can't stand dirty linens.

sense of smell or sense of taste?
Sense of taste. At least that way, if something was good or bad you could still smell it. In case of fire, or rotten food.

I agree, Tara, and the chances of me going without underwear and having my vagina posted all over the place, slim to none.

The shower, there could be bed bugs, among other things, in dirty linens.

Okay, would you rather have The Mafia or CIA after you?
oooh good one! hmmm, the mafia cos at least it would be quick rather than the paranoia/they're coming for me/wiping out your entire existence/making you believe you're crazy (my worst nightmare) thing.

dirty underwear or dirty fingernails?
Oh God!! Dirty underwear or dirty fingernails? Um, could you turn the dirty underwear inside out? If so then dirty underwear. I have a thing about dirty fingernails. Mr. Pug is an auto technician and he used to have black shit under his fingernails. I wouldn’t let him touch me with a ten foot pole until he dug that shit out of there and washed as best he could, which still wasn’t good enough sometimes. If you couldn’t turn the dirty underwear inside out then I’d go with the dirty fingernails and just try my hardest not to look at them.
I'll go with the dirty underwear. I'd be the only one who knows and they're dirty with my own stank anyway.

Hrmmm . . . Would you rather use a public toilet in a fancy hotel that had droplets remaining on the seat from the person before you or use a droplet free seat in a nasty looking gas station bathroom?
tara reid, at least she's an asshole on accident eh?
tub/shower, i don't have to let it touch me.
i HAVE to be able to smell stuff. taste is just for food yes? smell is for Everything!
CIA, i like my kneecaps.
dirty fingernails, at least you can change that anywhere!
either toilet, i hover anyhow.

ok, so i really mean it. would you rather be pam anderson or condoleeza rice?
on another site someone said she'd rather be ann coulter, huh? how is that any better i wonder?
pam anderson, her politics are in a much better spot. and she doesn't have to look at bush everyday.

dirty fingernails by far. and fancy bathroom with droplets; i could use an available expensive moist towelette to remove them.

bad sex or no sex?
Bad sex or No sex!!! ???

blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif

I have no idea!!

*getting a headache trying to decide*

Pam Anderson for the same reason as Mouse.

Bad sex or no sex . . . I'm going to go with no sex but would that bar masturbation?
I'm with barefoot on the sex long as I can masturbate, I'd go no sex.

Full body tattoo of Dick Cheney or Ron Pallillo, the guy who plays Horshack on Welcome Back Kotter?
i can do no sex but i'm allergic to bad sex, it makes me run screaming from the room.

horshack, that's at least a cultural icon i can live with. gah, these are Terrible choices!

ok, no internet or no phone?
Now, I was taking the "dirty bath or shower" to mean THE WATER IN IT, not the structure.
Oh well that changes everything. Except I'd still go with the dirty water shower, at least I wouldn't have to fester in it, like in a bath.

No phone, at least I could still e-mail crud and amuse myself with neaton things online.

Tattoo of Horshak,

Dirty fingernails, because after two days, the dirty underwear is all done.

No sex, as long as there was the masturbation thing.

Pammy, in a second.

Would you rather have to sleep with Rush Limbaugh or Jerry Fallwell?

I lived with no internet forever, so I'd have to go with that.

Rush or Jerry? Egad. Rush I guess as long as I could gag him and the lights were out.

lime green maribou feathers for eyebrows or permanently tatooed teal eyeliner (upper and lower lids)
teal eyeliner, I'd have to say.

Would you rather:

Slide on your back on a slide made of razor blades, landing into a pool of turpentine, or

Suck the mucus out of a week-old corpse's nose?

(okay, maybe that should go in grossies...)
That is positively foul, but I'd have to go with the mucus because it would cause vomiting but not horrific cuts and agonizing turpentine burn.

Oh, I forgot my conundrum...would you rather be limited in toilet paper choices to a handful of sawdust or q-tips (one at a time)?
Bwahahaha!! Q-Tips, I guess. Sawdust would probably cause an infection after a while.

If forced to wear the outfit in public, would you wear Bjork's dead swan dress or her Michael Jackson skirt/shawl outfit?
god this is brutal:
swan dress, i always thought it was witty, dirty and funny.
qtips. i'd be working at it for years, but still. with sawdust it'd get everywhere.
mucus. quick and easy. i love the smell of turpentine, but i don't like cuts.
rush. then i'd blackmail him into retiring. i'd do the same with jerry falwell, too but he has less clout.
feathers. it's exotic and unusual. b'sides last time i was home my mom lost her mind and decorated the whole house in teal. now teal gives me hives.
no phone. i don't like calling people anyways.
horseshack. atleast you can laugh at it. it's "ironic" and kitchy
fingernails. i skateboard. dirtynails mean almost nothing to me.
no sex. denial is fun. we can 'bate, right?
pam. condie is the worst kind of sell out-- and she has blood on her hands. no stank you.
dirty tub/shower. clean bedding is a simple pleasure.
smell. my ex lost her sense of smell and i can't imagine it, but eating food for texture would kill me.
Tara. paris is balls. the worst of the weathy. dumb, and thinks she deserves her money. she's george bush, young and in a dress. ugh. i loathe her.
cia. they wouldn't really extort me. but they would throw me in jail...hmmm the mafia. they wouldn't bug my apartment...they would threaten my friends hmmm... the cia...they wouldn't...
bad grammer or bad spelling.
oh pepper, you're so salty. lol.
hey! what's wrong with that one anyhow? i thought it was a good one.

i'm not answering that other one.
or that Other one either. ugh.

bad accent/voice or bad teeth. none of this thinking about how you could change one or the other either, just which one would you choose to have.
nothing. i just always wanted to call you salty.

bad spelling. there's always spell check now days. but i love saying bad grand ma!
bad accent. they're funny.

Teal eyeliner, at least I could use black over top of it.


Swan Dress.

Bad spelling.


Bad accent, teeth are very important to me.

Hmmm, something totally vile now.

Would you rather have consistently bad smelly gas (which no amount of beano or anything will make go away, ever) or consistently bad breath (which no amount or brushing, or anything, will make it go away, ever)?

Gas, please. That way, I can still talk to people and blame the smell on nearbys.

Would you rather be taken to emergency with something painful (like a gsw) or something painfully embarrassing (like a barbie up your bum)?
dood! i'd have to say gas, for tommy's reason, plus i work with a guy with the most HORRIBLE breath.... ugh... i can at times smell it across the room....

i hate to be embarassed, but that's what i'd pick, cos you could come up with a crazy story of what happend
speaking of BAD spelling, it seems that I cannot spell awful correctly. Isn't that nice. *laughs at self*
hee hee!
gas. you can hold that one in for a few secs to get outta the room anyhow.
barbie. might be fun!
Pepper! Did you mean to spell "grammar" incorrectly? wink.gif I think that might be what girl trouble was giggling about. It was just kinda funny.

Yeah, I suppose I'd pick the gas.

I'd pick the physical pain before the embarrassment. Painkillers are pretty effective.

Would you rather sleep with David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar--in their current conditions?

and eeewwwww! i have to think about that.

tongue stuck to a frozen metal pole outside in winter or drop something heavy on your toe and break it? your toe i mean.
heavy thing on my toe. i'd be warm and i could eat.

ew, but david lee roth. at least he's got a personality.

go to a celine dion or barbra streisand concert?
celine dion. definitely. Either way, you'd have to close your eyes because they're egotistical performers.

As Phoebe in Friends asked, would you rather eat a talking gorilla, or a seeing eye dog (who once rescued you)?
I suppose I'd eat the dog. sad.gif

I'd take Babs over Celine any day.

For a job, would you rather shovel cow manure for 60 hours a week or shovel chunky human vomit for 30 hours a week? (same pay)
dog. sorry, i think they're dumb. cute, ok, but they drink from the toilet fer cryin' out loud! not that i'd Like it or anything. (don't shoot me.)
babs. respect goes a long way and she's been hoofing it long enough for anyone to respect her.
manure, gah, vomit! cow poop doesn't even smell that bad!

would you rather lend money to an x who did you wrong or borrow from a hated relative who looks down on you.
Definitely would rather lend the money. It'd be soooo good for lording it over them.


Be forced to spend the rest of your days wearing underwear made from sandpaper (turned scratchy side in)


Spend the rest of your days with your mouth and eyes reversed? (eyes eat and mouth sees)?
Sleep with Sammy Hagar

Heavy item on toe, then at least I could smoke the weed to numb the pain.

*shudder* Babs.

Seeing eye dog.

Shovel cow shit. Someone else's puke, or something else's puke (even dog vomit), makes me want to throw up.

Lend the money.

Mouth for eyes and eys for mouth! Sandpaper and vagina equals me recoiling in pain!

Okay, Have your parents be Anne Coulter and Donald Rummsfeld or Brittney Spears and Tom Cruise?

That parents one is brutal...I'd have to go with Britney and Tom. I think I'd reject Anne Coulter's womb, anyway, and then I'd never have been born.

Mouth and eyes reversed...don't want scratched up cootchie.

Would you rather have to sport a Tom Selleck moustache (as a girl) or wear Tammy Faye Baker's makeup every day for the rest of your life?
I'd go for the q-tips. At least they would keep my hands out of everything and do the job - eventually.

I'd opt for the bad teeth. That way, I could just move to England and fit right in. tongue.gif (I apologize to the British Busties, but I just couldn't resist.)

Neither pain nor embarrassment bothers me that much unless they're diar; I just don't like to be out of commission. So, I'd rather be taken to the emergency room for whichever lands me in the hospital bed for less time.

CELINE DION! Come on people, you may not like the way she comes across in interviews, but she's an excellent performer. My Heart Will Go On, The Power of Love, Where Does my Heart Beat Now?, Beauty and the Beast, Because You Loved Me - need I say more?

Tom and Britney have connections to land me some acting gigs. Enough said. cool.gif

O.K., my turn. biggrin.gif Would you rather go to a Bee Gees concert every single night for a year or continuously watch all 7 seasons of Arliss without a bathroom break?
There's 7 seasons of Arliss? I guess that. I've endured Bee Gees from the womb on, since my mom's favorite movie is Saturday Night Fever. Enough.

Selleck moustache. Less maintenance. I'm more lazy than vain!

Britney and Tom. I can handle straight-up stupid rather than smart-but-stupid.

poop out a watermelon or a prickly pear?
Tammy Faye, I don't think I would look becoming with a moustache.

Arliss, at least I could piss in my pants without the Bee Gees.

Poop out a prickly pear!

Have really long eyelashes, (like one foot long) and never be able to cut them or really long dangly droopy ear lobes that drag on the ground when you walk.
Oh geesh...I guess I'd take the ear lobes. The eyelashes serve a more important function, so they should be somewhat normal.

I'll take the prickly pear.

BeeGees concert. You can die from holding pee in. And I like the song Jive Talkin'.

I'd take Tom Selleck's stache as long as I could shave/wax it. Otherwise I'd take the Tammy Faye makeup.

Yeah, I'd take Britney and Tom, too. With either couple, you're gonna end up being screwed up, so you might as well go with the hotter, richer people. Plus, you'd be more likely to get into special events.

Would you rather have teeth that are constantly falling out or eyeballs that are constantly falling out?
tee hee, you people are weird...

teeth falling out. at least i can see and i can still drink a milkshake.

and long eyelashes. that actually seems kinda fancy.

a naked photo of you on a billboard in times square, or walk into work naked?
Let's see....

I'll take the Bee Gees...I sorta like them

Watermelon over the pear...

Earlobes...I could pin 'em up in a hat

I'm assuming with both teeth and eyes I can put them back? I'd go with teeth if they can be put back in.

Billboard...No one in New York knows me and they'd ignore it anyway 'cause Kate Moss I'm not!

Would you rather have one very tiny hand (like a Barbie's) and one enormous hand (like the size of a meat platter) or have a huge lower lip (the size of a tennis ball) but no distinguishable upper lip?
one tiny hand, as you could hide that.

definitely the prickly pear as opposed to the watermelon, it may be sharp but yowza the pain of the watermelon...

would you rather have a large purple discolouration on one half of your face (a bad birth mark) or no legs?
Tiny hand

I'll talke the teeth. If my eyeballs fell out, I wouldn't be ableto find them.

Bill board in New York City.

No legs.

Drum roll please.....

Would you rather be married to Mike Tyson, and not be able to divorce him and have sex with him or Michael Jackson, same scenario.
Michael Jackson, he's not a rapist and it would certainly be interesting. Besides, I like Bubbles.
wacko jacko. i'd be sure not to procreate. but i'm not entirely convinced he has the equipment and/or knows how to use it anyways.

i'd choose the birthmark over being an invalid.

on speed and with your eyes taped open, watching many hours of girls gone wild or NFL football games?
NFL football.

Have an itch deep in your ear that you couldn't scratch or the feeling of having something in your eye that you couldn't get out.
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