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Full Version: Dyke Drama---what Happened To Our L Word Thread?
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mad.gif This entire episode pissed me off and we must discuss it.
I'm confused-- Why did Shane's step-mom (?) leave the kid there??? I mean I know she was upset but I must have missed something.

Also I hate Tina now.
What was with Marina's shag? How did Shane's hair manage to stay straight-ironed throughout her entire 'adventures' (Which included an extended dip in the water?) and why was everyone's hair done in some ridiculous side pony tail the entire episode?What was with all the bangs?


WTF was with all the PC political preaching? All the abortion crap, especially? And don't even get me started on the gender reaasignment support groups, the BLATANT MYSPACE mentions, the way they had to stick that ugly violinist in a scene (she can dye her hair and get Bettie Page bangs but she can't fool me), Marina's return "Do you think she'll have sex with us?", the fact that Max was wearing a fucking cravat during Jenny's book party, (by the way, when Max walks in on them and Jenny is,like, shackled to the bad I totally was crying I was laughing so hard at how ridiculous and unbelievable it was and when Jenny says 'cavier and creme freche' with that gay French accent I almost threw up), the terrible writing, "Bastard walked out on me.",THE FACT THAT THEY COMPLETELY LEFT DANA OUT OF THE PREVIOUS SEASON'S MONTAGE.

I got so sick of Shane's various walk-of-shame afflictions, Tina's pointy face and stupid boyfriend, Angus's bad breath (which I could totally smell through the computer screen) and Helena's 'bad rich girl gone poor but good' bullshit and Alice was under-utilized ,as always.

I mss Dana. Carmen. I miss Tonya. I miss Mr. Piddles.
Haha! That was great, jemisoutrageous. I was definitely disappointed in this premiere.

I'm also disappointed they didn't get rid of the betty theme (so cheesy). I didn't catch the myspace references, but it was totally lame that they spent a full five minutes plugging ourchart.
They need to just write out helena, tina, her dumbass boyfriend, lara, and that french girl.
I want them to bring back ivan & robin. And hire some decent writers.
Thanks for the recap, Jem. I made a conscious decison to quit watching the show (and unsubscribed from Showtime because of it) because last season sucked so bad. It doesn't sound like it's gotten any better, still a giant preachy PSA like it was last year.

But what's with the Marina storyline? I thought she died at the beginning of the second season (one of the episodes I didn't see because I wasn't into it until about 4 episodes later, though I watched all of Season 1 on DVD).
Marina didn't die; she just tried to commit suicide (unsucessfully), and moved back to her villa in Italy or something.

The whole "ourchart" ad in the middle of the show was horrible, and the freakin' Betty theme song--ugh. But, I'm still glad that the season finally started again, and I can get back to loving-to-hate it.
Season premiere sucked ass mostly. Shane drove me nuts. Jenny drove me nuts. I've been way over Tina for awhile now. I'm glad the show is back but I miss Dana! I hope this Papi character is worth the build up.

Jem, I agree with you 110%.

Am glad they didn't drag the custody thing out. Guess that it's.

wait for it, wait for it...
I have to agree that the season premier was extremely disappointing. I feel pretty stupid for making my sister and mom catch up and watch the other seasons for the past three months so they could watch this season with my girlfriend and I without asking for background info after every scene. Even they thought this episode sucked. Hopefully the season will improve or they're going to lose a lot of viewers.
I held off on L Word bashing because I wanted to see if the second episode would be better....but it wasn't. They REALLY need to get new writers, stop pulling all this plug shit in inappropriate and obvious ways, and figure out where to take the characters.

Honestly - Bette is in the middle of a miserable issue with Tina, is she honestly going to hook up with a student because the girl said her arms were nice??

Jenny runs down to Curve to wail on the writer??

Max is stupid and cruel trying to see if he can pass while dating this unsuspecting girl (though anyone in their right mind should be able to figure it out). He'll deserve whatever happens to him because of messing with this girl - at least go for a straight girl who is familiar with the scene, and who isn't the bosses daughter (the boss who also sees him as male).

Shane HAPPENS to know some trucker who HAPPENS to pick up her little brother?? C'mon!!!

Papi was hot, and Alice was funny. Those are the ONLY two saving graces for the show. They better utilize them. And quit killing off good characters!! I miss Dana.
I haven't seen anything from the new season because I don't have Showtime. I just finished watching the second season. But I couldn't resist reading the spoilers.

I can't believe they kept that tired theme song by Betty.

Pretty much all of my favorite characters have either been written out or died at this point.

I can't stand Tina. Her boyfriend got way involved in her life way too quickly.

Jenny is that type of person who just acts the way she does primarily to get a reaction from others. Like, "oooh look how weird and dark and tortured I am" can't stand it.

I too, am tired of the whole plugging random bands (even though I do like some of them), the plugging of Betty especially, the way that some of the discussions seem like after school specials.

It's such a shame. The first season was amazing.
I think I'm the only one that likes the theme song and Betty. To me the song is perfect for the show.

I really liked both episodes so far. I like how Tina is acting all weird like her friends are deserting her when they are not. Bette is back to her true form, and so is Alice. I'm so glad the custody thing has been settled because that really annoyed me last year. I like Helena better now that she isn't living off mommy's money. I liked when Kit went to the "crisis pregnancy center", it was scary and realistic. I didn't like in the seond episode when Kit broke down about her abortion. I realize abortion is a hard thing, but sometimes people have an abortion because they know it's the right thing and that's it. Why do tv shows never get that? I like Jenny, but she does get on my nerves sometimes. I agree the whole trucker and Shane thing was a little weird. I also agree that the Max storyline is a little off, I mean she needs to be upfront about her gender issues. I don't care for Cybil's character, but maybe that will change. I think I read that about episode five the show lightens up a little.
QUOTE(designermedusa @ Jan 20 2007, 11:43 PM) *

I don't care for Cybil's character, but maybe that will change. I think I read that about episode five the show lightens up a little.

I think Cybil's character will take time to grow on me, like at first I really didn't care for Tina but now she's one of my favorite characters. There is a rumor going around that another character is going to die this season and I really hope it's not Shane. When Dana died, I literally sat in front of my tv crying. I do think that this is going to be the greatest season and I've already got tonights episode set up to be tivo-ed.
Oooh! I hope it's Jenny. Or Max. Or the Manny. Or Cybil/Phyllis. Eh.

So far I'm not impressed. The Shane/Papi showdown was pretty funny, and I liked how they showed that when (Tina) you decide to go straight, you have to hang out with a bunch of weiners.

Just kiddin'. I have a lot of straight friends who are superfun and *not* homophobic. But, it was still kinda funny.

And, WHY did Bette get with the annoying suck-up TA who kinda looks like Tina? Yuck.
Shane is so cute! She was like "I don't know what we're competing against, but whatever it is you win." Yeah I didn't like the end when Bette hooked up with the Tina-lookalike. I really thought Bette wouldn't be one to mix business and pleasure.
Wasn't Bette's first girl hook-up one of her Professors? Hard to break those vicious cycles.

I loved that Shane shut Papi down. Shane is way cooler.

I didn't buy the whole mixer party akwardness between the dorky straight folks & the lebanese folks. I mean straight people know who fucking Lili Tomlin is for crine out loud. Whats with the presumption that only hot cool lesbians are down with Le Tigre? I know it's just a show but that shit bothers me. Of course I'm pretty straight and I don't know who Terrel Owens is...

Jenny is about to start cutting herself up again isn't she? You can see the pressure really getting to her.

Maybe it's all the crack I'm smoking but Max was looking kind of hot working on his truck and pumping iron.

Not giving up yet.
The Papi and Shane scene was funny as was Tina's dinner party. It was a little annoying though when they played the game, but I understand they were just making a generalization. Angus was hilarious when he was talking about the butter lube. I liked Bette and the TA, and other than being blonde I don't think she looks like Tina. Alice and Cybil could work, maybe. I wonder what's going to happen with Max and his love interest.
I'm really not enjoying this 4th season of The L Word but I'm hoping it will turn around to be just as exciting as the 1st season. The scary thing is Jenny is turning into Max - a raging psycho! I can't believe she showed up to that journalists house screaming in the middle of the night. I'm anxious to see more Shane versus Papi scenes because it was just too funny to see Shane dismiss her.
I thought this one was better than the previous two. And I thought the straight party scene was really funny. It's freaking true! I don't see it that they were saying that "all" straight people don't know about cool stuff, but showing that "those" straight people were way not cool.
Papi's getting on my nerves!

I want them to bring back the hot sex scenes... am I crazy or are they gone?
Totally still not enjoying the season, though I agree that the latest episode was a small improvement. The party scene was okay - Alice made it funny. But they keep doing these political/social topics that they just don't pull off well. At least it showed how difficult it is to straddle straight and gay communities - you have to have a special group of friends to be able to do that.

The Papi thing turned really lame with the whole show-down thing. But it made me like Shane a whole lot more!!!

I'm seriously not enjoying this season. What was up with that basketball game? I don't know if it was supposed to be funny that they were so bad or what. And Jenny getting a old sick dog for her revenge plot is absolutely sickening. Who knows where this season will go from here but so far I really haven't been thrilled.
I liked the last episode, but the one before it was much better. I loved the basketball game. Bette pretending not to care, and then she gets on the court and is all competitive, that is so in her character. Jenny holding the ball, and saying don't touch me was hilarious. Kit in the shoe store saying she does not wear double digit shoes was the best line of the episode. I would think it wrong for someone to buy a dog for revenge, but it's in Jenny's character. Glad Max told the girl about his gender issues, and she acted just the way you knew she would act. I don't like the other nanny, and wish Angus would stay away from her.
So I actually liked last night's episode! The original hint of Helena's personality came back for a while which I like, Alice was great, I really like Shane as always, the stuff going on with Bette and the artist is great and could go either way which is nice suspense....I'm worried about when Shane has to live in the real world about her brother and I'm sure he's going to get taken away and the underwear modeling won't help her case. I personally don't think it was likely that Angus would cheat, tho others disagree...and he was in a shitty place. So I'm worried about Kit.

All in all - I thought it was a vast improvement.

The plugs for ourchart and now for the lesbian sex book are still annoying as fuck, and Papi can jump off a cliff...but other than that it's improving.
I loved the new episode as well!! I was really dissapointed in Angus and even more so in Tina for not firing that nanny. Who was taking care of the children when all this cheating was going on? Papi versus Shane is becoming ridiculous. Give it up "Paps", Shane is better!! biggrin.gif
I think this season's actually pretty good! I've really liked the past three shows. I still hope that Mangus gets killed off, though. Enough with the straight dudes. Gross!
Last night's episode was my fav so far. They've really gotten into the swing of it!!! It keeps getting better. I'm convinced that Tina is going to also ditch the str8 act and come back to lesbianism, and that will really get Bette's dander up. Just waiting for that. When is the affair with the student going to come back and bite her in the butt?

Oh, and I used to hate Max and would try to will him off the show. But now, he's my fav character!!! (aside from Alice, of course, who is absolutely my fav...) Max's ovaries dropped and now he has balls and I adore him!!!! I can't wait to see what drama unfolds around his work issues. I could kiss him!!! So noble.

And I wonder when Shane's brother is going to get taken away. I'm sure the blonde will help Shane to keep him. Shane and Shea are so cute together!!!!!!
femme, it looks like from next week's preview that Tina is going to try and get back with Bette. I hope that doesn't happen because their relationship should just be over. Tina should just find another woman, but it would be nice to see Tina and Bette get along better.

I used to not like Max either, but this season he is one of my favorite characters.

I like Tasha and Alice together, and I'm starting to like Papi as well.

I TOTALLY agree with you about Bette and Tina. They need to learn how to get along, but not be together. For Angelica's sake if anything.

So do you think the Helena thing is a bet that woman has with her buddy - to see if she could get Helena to sleep with her??

I'm worried for kit...and for shane...

I kinda like Alice and Tasha - but anything military makes me uber uptight, so it's hard for me to watch her be on a military base and whatnot. Plus, Tasha seems to have PTSD and Alice will have to help her with that if she wants to be with her.

Papi still bugs the hell out of me. But she'll get better I'm sure. And of course Jenny needs to be committed.
I cannot let this thread go by the wayside!!! I only get to see the show after some goddess loads it onto YouTube (generally several days to a week after the episode airs) so I mostly lurk, but DAMN last weeks ep. was exactly what I've been waiting for!

I don't care if Helena's hook-up was because of some bet with that chic's friend, she probably lost that bet because she lost the rummy game to Helena anyway. It's about time Helena got a little action!

I am also really liking Alice and Tasha. Tasha seems to force Alice to behave a little more maturely, and Alice helps Tasha to relax a little, so they really seem good for each other.

Bette and Tina should never get back together, period. Tina is just annoying lately, anyway. I couldn't even feel sorry for her when Jenny inevitably screwed her over. And yeah, really really bad things need to happen to Jenny, just for karmic balance. God I so can't stand her!

Lastly, a final HUZZAH for the return of hot sex to the show! Even if Shane and Hot Mom didn't complete their hook-up, that kind of chemistry has been sadly lacking, and the PSAs in its place have been more than annoying, so YAY for the writers finding their groove!!!
Sixelacat - I was excited to finally see some QAF sex return to the L word, but I have to say that a lot of it was pretty disgusting! - The money in Helena's crotch?? eww!! And Tasha sucking on Alice's toes after being jammed in boots all night? ewww!! And there was NO chemistry between Papi and Kit so I'm pretty glad Kit passed out.

I have to say, I'm pretty nervous for Helena because she seems totally oblivious that poker lady is using her to distract male players. She's always getting conned by people.

I'm excited for Max though - he seems to have found a little love spark in someone who understands him. Yay!

Jenny is a bitch. I hope her movie deal falls through.
I am tired of all the military talk in the scenes with Tasha. She's in the military we get it, enough.

I don't like Helena's new lover. I'm glad Kit told Angus to F off even though I liked Angus.

I hope Shane's dad isn't going to be drama for more than one episode. I like Shane with the Hot Mom.

Maybe Max has found someone who understands and accepts him.
I agree about all the military talk am sick of it to . I have a feeling Shane ( good god she's hot) is about to get her heart broke when dad takes the kid back .

I agree about all the military talk am sick of it to . I have a feeling Shane ( good god she's hot) is about to get her heart broke when dad takes the kid back .
bumpin' this thread up as a result of the new season starting
I'm going to put my thoughts on the first episode in white just in case someone hasn't watched it yet.

Thoughts in white below.

First off, Jenny is beyond annoying so far. I'm not one of the Jenny haters from past seasons, but so far she is getting on my nerves big time this season.

I really hope Bette and Tina get back together as to me it just seems right. I'm really tired of Matlin's character. I love Bette's wardrobe especially the red blouse and high waisted skirt.

I'm glad Shane and Paige broke up because Shane is so much better when single. Also glad Shay is gone this season because that storyline bored me.

It seems like Alice and Tasha are going to have an interesting story this season with the Don't Ask Don't Tell thing. Wonder if Papi will be back?

I don't like the Helena story at all, and hope she gets out of jail soon.

Kind of wondering where the Max storyline with a man is going to evolve. The preview from next week seems to be showing this.

I read in an article that The L Word is going to be more fun this season, and not so much drama as last year. I think that's a good idea.
the 1st epi is definitely setting things up. the helena story both excites me and bores me. it seems kinda obvious for them to pull a lesbian jailhouse scenario. but, hey, i'll watch it. and um, does the actress who plays helena look really skinny? i couldn't remember if she was that skinny last season. but maybe that's to show she is not eating while in jail.

i really love the scene with alice, shane, and i forgot the 3rd party where they are visiting helena in jail.

jenny bothers me too.

and yeah for having shane bringin' sexy back!
anyone catch the new epi??
Y'know, I have no idea why I never watched this show before. Well, actually it was because I didn't have Showtime, but I digress. The season has been pretty good so far.
There's going to be a fifteen minute teaser tonight called "Who Killed Jenny?". I am mighty curious. I didn't like Jenny, but I hope nobody popped a cap in her ass.
I think I left off this show back in season 2 when I was watching it on DVD. It's not because me and my mom weren't TOTALLY ADDICTED to it that I stopped, but I just didn't have the sit down time anymore to watch them back to back, DVD rental style..
I knew the woman who plays Jenny in high school so I also had a morbid curiousity about what Jenny would do next. That character suits her to a tee, but in a subconscious kind of way, to be fair.
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