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Well, when you want something doing it's sometimes best to do it yourself wink.gif.

It's the annual BUSTie awards! here you can single out that certain BUSTie who made your year for whatever reason...

Some award ideas: best thread start-up, best thread title, best thread, best flounce, BUSTie carebear cape award, best discussion, best sense of humour, best advice, most fun BUSTie ... you get the idea. Many of you will have been around for more award ceremonies that I have so you will have categories of your own to suggest so let the awards commence!

Best avatars: Girlygirlgag (awarded by mouse in CG)

Also, now that we have the option to add polls ... should we create a poll for the awards too? some of most coveted awards (where many BUSTies are vying for first place)?

eta: I know it's 2007, it's for 2006!
1 vote for bunnyb for initiative!

yeah, let's poll...
hehe, thanks!

we can have four poll Qs so what should the 4 main categories be and the nominees? maybe we should start nominating/awarding and figure out the most popular/frequent awards? we could have Best BUSTie of 2006 but we need clear criteria.

oh, I also meant to suggest most missed BUSTie and the best MIA BUSTie comeback.

most accomplished BUSTie of the year: Girlbomb

most frequent BUSTie event and accomplishment: getting pregnant!
We should give a respectful nod to the grand people who bring us The Lounge, too ... especially their work on the fancy new update! My favorite feature of the New Lounge: PMs! So much more convenient for me than e-mail. The ignore feature is a close second, though. smile.gif

As for event and accomplishment, I might suggest moving. Seems like tons of people have moved this year! Lys moved to southern Europe, Tes moved to southern Africa, Designer Medusa moved twice, and of course Sheff and I moved to NC, etc. Lots o' movin' goin on!

My vote for most fun Bustie: Tesao. Whether on-line or in-person, this woman is FABulous!!!
bunnyb: you are so right about the polls! biggest problem there is who is going to set them up??? does anyone remember the great bustie meet up that was supposed to happen last may? i was booked for my niece elle's wedding way in advance for that month, so i didn't ever post to any of them, but.....i know that there was a lot of discussion, and i am not even sure if it happened.

most bustie MOVES: that has got to be Qspice! i've lost track of how many times she has moved this year. i bet even SHE has to count to figure out how many times she has moved since i started busting! in august 2002???

i agree that for any individual event, MOVING has got to be the winner!

most missed bustie: Sapphire

most accomplished bustie: I agree, bunny be mine, that has GOT to be Girlbomb and her fab self!

also agree re best avatar: GGG and her banana!carrot!cucumber! icon makes me want to jump up and dance!

best event: snowball fight between Kvetch up and Okay threads (even though i missed it!)

hmmm. what else???

best thread train wreck/taken off topic thread: busting trolls!!!

4 categories, huh? i don't know a single bustie who could sort everything about this place into only 4 topics!

more ideas:
best bustie craft? best bustie crafter? best bustie recipe? best ever bustie advice? best bustie name?
the snowball fight was pretty great biggrin.gif and i looove "most common" getting pregnant!
and tes, have you seen ggg's NEW icon? it's even better! "IT IS HIDING!" oh my god, now i'm quoting people's avatars.

i think "most accomplished bustie" could also be a tie with Sonik....i know she's had a couple art shows this year alone and has had her work published in big fancy publications--we have a book at work that my boss bought as "inspiration" with one of her pieces in it smile.gif


Buttflush Queen: turbojenn

Best Bustie Recipe: homemade nutella!

Interior Decoration award: doodlebug

I'm suuuure there are others i'll be coming up with later
I have to thank my free time and internet ninjas for my avatars.

Shit! I'm honored just to be nominated! And I agree that there have been many great big BUSTie accomplishments this year -- I've got to share the award with the rest of the ladies who worked for it. Thanks for all the inspiration and support from you great people.

And I'd like to nominate girltrouble for the most welcome BUSTie return. Though everyone who came back this year kicks ass!
hmmm, i suck at polls. so i'll just jump in with ....

bustie who's posts i always wish i'd written: faith.

bunny has to get the miss manners award. and i know she often questions herself, but it's always from the heart and with the bestest intentions.

most missed busties: car, heven, and dina.

bustie who's phrases i steal the most: mornington. acos.

bustie who makes me guffaw out loud: auralpoison.

most gracious bustie: pixiedust.

threads i'd be lost without: kvetch, looks like we got ourselves a reader, reel life.

and, you know, i want to nominate mandopalooza as bustie event of the year, but that's a little self-serving. hee.
*squee* (another mornington phrase!) thanks mando!

mandolyn and rose definitely tie for the BUSTie carebear cape although there's so many sweeties on this board ... kittenb and freespirit stand out for me this year.

yuefie and mornington though are my chicas and always will be.

stargazer and sixelacat are best "newbies"

auralpoison rocks the casbah! by far the funniest, most raucous BUSTie (although funniest moment? a little drunken converstion between yuefie and raisin in inebriated ramblings on 24th Sept.)

the most amusing drunken posts, in general, go to sixelacat.

definitely agree with mando that pixie wins the graciousness award.

wish faith would post more.

the funnest posts go to tesao (and can we have a horniest BUSTie? wink.gif)

the okay vs. kvetch snowball flight was amazing and major props to doodlebug and mouse.

nutella wontons! turbojenn wins hands down for recipe of the year!

Aw, thanks for the interior decorating award! And the props!

*looks around the doodlepalace for a place to put the award*

Wait, what does the award look like? Is it a plaque? A statuette? A certificate?

a statuette of a bust of course. gives the kitties something to knock over.
Aw, shucks, ya'll....*adjusts butt flush crown whilst eating nutella wontons*

Definitely voting for AP for gut-busting-laughter-inducing-posts!!

And I give Divala the Decadent Delights award for her drool-inducing chocolates, and gorgeous handmade purses and jewelry!

BUST Music Achivist/DJ/Lyricist --- Poodle, of course!

I'll have to think on some more nominations, but I LOVE this thread - thanks bunny!!
That would make the Bust Awards....the Golden Boobie Prize!


I need to think about nominations...
Auralpoison is not only funny as hell but always tells the truth, ruth. If there's another category for refreshing honesty I'd nominate her for that as well.

Seconding the nomination for Pink 'Toto's Greatest Hits' Poodle for resident DJ.
I vote for Maimy for "Most Stylin' and Sexin' Verve"


bunny_b for "Most Culturally Aware and Media Hip"

GirlyGirlGag for "Most Entertaining Avatars"

Sonik for "Best Art Advice" with mouse a close second.

Chacha for "Most amazingly intellectual and worldy wise simultaneously"

Turbojenn for "Most domestic wisdom of healthy body mind and soul"

Mornington for "Cutest Bustie" She just is!!!

Tesao for "Wildest most amazing life and large love"

GirlTrouble for "Most Courageous Life, Creativity and Honesty"

And, I second all y'alls AuralPoison accolades. But I have to stop now because I sound like a fortune cookie!
Most Eloquent Bustie: anna_k. her posts read like well-thought-out essays or short stories!
I would like to contribute something, but sadly my head is too large for me to enter the Lounge to comment/nominate. Gimmee a couple days to let the swelling go down. Carry on.
fun fun!!

most missed bustie: me, j/k. heven!
most fun: tesao!
thread i'd be lost without: kvetch
bustie i wanna spend the weekend with: tesao (rawr wub.gif ), mandolyn, roseviolet
hopefully her head has gone down enough for me to safely second AP for the honesty and hilarity awards. tongue.gif

turbo for recipies of the year

best post evah... faith in trolls

most accomplished and best troll for girlbomb

mandopalooza as best bustie event 'cos I wished I could have gone.

biggest achievement for everyone... moving/getting pregnant

bunny for biggest number of threads started biggrin.gif

I'd like to suggest BunnyB for best new thread title: "How Depp Is Your Love?" And no, I'm not just saying this because she hinted at it in the community forum. wink.gif I actually meant to mention it in here days ago!

And I agree with MaVin that Heven & her marvelous ass is sorely missed 'round these parts! But of course I also miss MaVin & her sweet spirit & her colorful socks. smile.gif I also miss FunJules. Whenever I listen to the oldies radio station, I imagine us dancing together in shimmering '80s-style prom dresses.
awwwww! funjules!
*curtsies* I'd like to thank the academy...

hehe, I have started a fair amount of threads in the last week!

I'd like to nominate wombat for the creative BUSTie award.

Also, kittenb for best word "geekgasm".

Rose and Sheff for best BUSTie couple (with the falljackets as close second!)
Bunnyb! Thanks!

Do I still get the award if I admit that I didn't create that word myself? It just seemed so appropriate.... hmmmmmm... ASH in Sweeney Todd... I think I just had another one... wub.gif
best bustspeak: mornington, for a'cos!

(another) most missed bustie: venetia!!!! (although she did make a rare appearance during the holidays)

most beloved bustie: mandolyn

best bustie mom of not-so little off-spring: mandolyn

resident bustie dj: pink poodle

best bustie couple: reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally tough one, here, however, since i had the rare pleasure of actually MEETING and spending quality TIME with them, rosiev and sheff

most honest: i third forth or whatever aural poison!

Aww thanks for the nominations, people!

Whatever you nominated Auralpoison for, i second (or tenth, or twentieth) it.

Most missed busties: Heven, Sapphire, Car, Aslan

Girlygag for her avatars

Bustie with attitude (a good one ofcourse!!): Bustygirl, also for the kick ass clothes she makes.

Most gracious bustie: Pixiedust

True bustie at heart: Roseviolet. Always there for a kind word and a listening ear.

Most activist Bustie: Doodlebug, for being so wellspoken, and always putting a good perspective on things.
oooooooooooooo, sonik!!! that reminds me!

bustie with best command of english as a second language: sonik!!!

honestly! you would NEVER KNOW that english was not your mother tongue!!!

Quantumspice for being our onsite technical advisor, what would we do without her?
Oooo, I wanna nominate!

Best way to get rid of Jesus Dude (and other trolls): award to the Ignore Button for "Most Successful", but an honorable mention must go to the contributions to Planned Parenthood for being more creative (and charitable!)

I wanna nominate Mornington for "Kid Sister" award cuz shes so young and scrappy!
I nominate Maimy for "Girly Crush" award *wink wink*. laugh.gif
and I nominate both Sybarite and Lucizoe for "Brainiest Busties".

Yay Busties~!
Aw, I came in and got all excited to say ASLAN, yes, so missable and all the other good things,

And to say MANDO for the most booby-squishin'-huggable,

And to say WOMBAT AND GREENBEAN totally rock my panties (and I know how many hate that word, but seriously - they ROCK MY PANTIES),

And to nominate TESAO for best Sex Ed Professorette (and, yes, sexist suffixes are a specialty of mine),

And then I find myself winked at and flattered by Wombat and Greenbean,

And my panties are suddenly altogether missing now.

So I must go hunt for them.

Back soon to love this thread even, even, even more. Not least because I know I have forgotten some shee-it (I'm lookin' at you, Raisin ...).
And double-posting, because I have to say it:

I love the BUST Lounge, and the BUSTies. There's no way to say it without sounding all cheez-tastic, there is no way to put it without being all precious. But this place has been a part of my life ... for almost a fourth of my life now. And my life is twice as long as some of y'all have been breathing. I have been here since people were saying, "Remember when the Lounge was pink?" And since people were saying, "Remember when the Lounge was beige?" And now that we can CHOOSE our own colors for it. I love that they're called "skins," those color schemes. BUST has so many faces, so many stripes, so many fragrances ... and, yes, skins.

This has been a safe place and a scary place for me. It has been a party, a pageant, a parade. It is the only online community I have ever felt was "home" in any meaningful manner. It is always new, yet never seems to lose all the roots that first appealed to me ... and first made me love it here.

The Lounge has been a teacher, a friend, a night out on the town and a quiet cup of hot chocolate.

Thank you all for keeping me here for what seems forever now. I can't imagine ever completely leaving again. Y'all are what makes this place.

And I do love this place. In the weirdest way.

smile.gifsmile.gif what she said. smile.gifsmile.gif
jesus, maimy. make me cry, whydoncha? wink.gif i so want to read your novel, babe. you have a gift.

so, yeah, maimy gets my next-bustie-to-be-published nomination.

oh and tesao? i was just coming in here to nominate YOU for most beloved bustie. i've a sneaking suspicion i've pissed off a few too many to claim that one for myself. heh.

tyger for most favorite, plagerized phrase: le blergh.

sonik: most awesome artist. as well as best good-natured abductee. hee.

"Doodlebug, for being so wellspoken, and always putting a good perspective on things." totally!

"True bustie at heart: Roseviolet. Always there for a kind word and a listening ear." i would also add most diplomatic diffuser of flamewars.

more 'most eloquents' to add to the list: mouse & sybarite & sidecar.

stargazer: most welcome addition.

raisin: most welcome returning old skooler who must.never.ever.leave.again.

add funjules & surly & sapphire to my lengthy most-missed list too.

and freckle has to get the caped-crusader award. the woman's bravery, power of her convictions & righteous heart make my head spin.

and because i just have to ... most psychotic flounce: hummingbird.
I would like to nominate Jemisoutrageous for being truly outrageous biggrin.gif
Okay, so I'm having trouble picking individuals for individual awards.

And frankly, ya'll, I really don't think I'm deserving of all the love. I'm not that funny. At least I don't think so. There a lot of Busties that make stuff shoot out my nose way more than my own posts.

But. You are all my vixens, my lambs, my sinners, my saints. Even those of you that make my hackles sit up & turn red. I raise my glass of organic grapefruit juice to you all. WORD.
mando, it was definitely the most memorable of flounces!

funniest moment: when asshat went crazy and posted in every thread over a few hours and some of us tried to outpost him (sixelacat and FJ in the drunken thread were very amusing).
I love this thread, but I've stayed quiet because I never know what to say, except that I'm making this an honorary post in beige. wub.gif
Aw, I love you guys!
AP for her frankness and kick ass self 'cause I just took a fantastic quote from her and adopted it as my signature line as I know that I will be doing much of the same in any afterlife that I may face:

"I am going to HELL. And I've got a management position with benefits all lined up. Gonna spend eternity shoving pineapples up Hitler's ass". -- AP 1/15/07
ooh i forgot!

best invented bustie adjective: "pluuuuuuuuuurby"
I am terrified to start listing in case I forget, but my cherished Bustie friends know who they are, and all the fabulous busties I get to know here and listen to and cross paths with enrich my life more than I can say. Iwill come back when I have better more specific mentions.
I must give falljackets credit for inventing "pluuurby"
Where's 2007 ya'll?
AP, I agree! I totally fogot about this thread.
and the nominations are....
AuralPoison and NickClick for being the first busties to be there for me and helping me thru the worst of it.

Lorewolf for naming my ex2be "lamex"

CultureHandy and kttenb for emotional help and support.

Diva for truffles

culturehandy for getting the most and best portions...and letting us all live vicariously through it! tongue.gif

mouse for being a total sweetheart and hilarious in that cute self-deprecating way of hers (see: any crush thread post) smile.gif
aw, jami *blush*

jami, for strongest bustie!

gumby_cc, for book sharing-est bustie!

mr. and mrs. pugs, for cutest loving-est busties!

mouse, for artsy-est bustie!

culturehandy, for most creative single-word-ing bustie!

(and i nominate myself for least-articulate, worst-use-of-hyphen-ization bustie)
Thanks jami!
I'll be back with some nods once I give it a few moments to think things over.

Oh wait! I just thought of one:

Stargazer for being the most level headed romantic with the best "calm down crazy girl" approach to giving advice that I have ever met. You kept telling me that I would find what I was looking for. How could I ever have doubted you?
I hearby second the nomination of Culturehandy for the category of "Portions - living vicariously".

damn, girl. keep the posts coming.
oops, did I say 'coming'??? HA!
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