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Neither the government nor the church should have sovereignty over any human being. The more ethical pursuit for the government and church is to find the child rapist!!!
the news story about the pregnant female soldier being killed in the hotel?

it's in the city I live, about 3 mls from us.
there is even talk (via the N & O's sensationalist reporting style..) of a{possibly fledgling} serial killer being on the loose here.

That makes me so fucking sick!
How the church just loves children:
Fucking feotus is holy and must be born, but they don't give a shit about the misery of a child that got raped.

freckle, ewww! blink.gif
i am so happy for this couple:

This makes me happy.
Hey that's excellent!
Good for him!
you know at first I was going to lower our flag to 1/2 mast,, but then wasn't sure bc he was retired, but then started learning more about all the shitty things he'd done and said to hell with it (we're not from nc, just live here) and decided to leave Old Glory as she was, blazing in full wind celebrating and honoring the Nation's Birthday, something that seemed so much better than to make a mockery of it with a man like that.

funny that story should make the chicago tribune but I don't recall it being on the local news here, where it happened at.
Gah, if I were that judge, I'd add time to his sentence for bullshit like that. mad.gif

Reminded me of this story I saw on CNN, today.
What the hell?

Ignore the comments (of course.) I really want to talk to these people who keep thinking that had they been there they would have made a difference.

Actually, had you been there, with your big American gun, I think it is likely more people would have died. sad.gif
This is big news here.

And I live in this province.

I heart those comments, especially the last one about our "utopia" abd our stalinist big-brother like politics??? Bwaaaaahahahahahaha, that's like the pot calling the kettle black.

anyhows, the first thing I though when I heard this was mental illness. I suspect scizophrenia, as it was totally unprovoked. There was something in the paper here about the same.
What makes me sad about the fact that it was most likely a mental illness (I just can't think of a sane person doing that) is that so many quality care facilities for mentally ill people are serioulsy underfunded and under-appreciated. When stories like this happen, too many people think that all people who are mentally ill are dangerous and should be shut away in some dark closet somewhere as opposed to treated with some compassion as a sick person.

Often times you'll read interviews and comments from the victims family and they are always so dead set against someone going to a care facility for a time until they get better. What they don't realize is that putting someone so ill in a prison is that is accomomplishes nothing. Being in a care facility would be much worse. and often times people with paranoid schizophrenia don't get better. You can control schizophrenia but it never goes away.

In the press conference the RCMP held, the officer giving the information to the press was very upset and said even the most season of officers would have been disturbed by this.

It's a horrible situation for everyone involved. The victim and his family, the passengers aboard the bus and the suspect. Can you imagine how horrible it would be to hear voices telling you things? I've dealt with paranoid schizophrenics before and they are very unhappy people. wouldn't you if you were living like that?
I've read nothing about the guy possibly being schizophrenic or seriously mentally ill. Not that I'm saying he's not, something clearly went wrong in his mind, but he lived forty years without drawing any suspicion. He held his job for more than a year with no complaints. His wife suspected nothing. To me it sounds more like the guy hit the ceiling emotionally & just went berserker. Money problems, a possible real/perceived slight from a gov't agency or something, a lot of shit can set an otherwise rational person off the deep end. One man may get mad & break something, another may stab, decapitate, & cannibalize an innocent man on a bus.

This pissed me off today.
QUOTE(kittenb @ Aug 1 2008, 08:45 AM) *
What makes me sad about the fact that it was most likely a mental illness (I just can't think of a sane person doing that) is that so many quality care facilities for mentally ill people are serioulsy underfunded and under-appreciated. When stories like this happen, too many people think that all people who are mentally ill are dangerous and should be shut away in some dark closet somewhere as opposed to treated with some compassion as a sick person.

I blame Ronald Reagan. I guess this particular incident was in Canada, but I still blame him.

That sexual assault in the military article was just sickening. I remember something I heard on NPR about a year ago, where they said medics on the battlefront reported lots of cases of female soldiers becoming dehydrated because after a certain time in the evening, they wouldn't drink anything because it would mean having to go out of their barracks after dark and go to the bathroom, risking getting raped by one of the male soldiers. F-ing unbelieveable.

Are these guys rapists back home? They don't allow people with certain criminal histories into the military, do they? I assume this is just some sick power trip (as always, of course.)
Actually, in the past few years with Iraq going on, the military has been trying to make the process of getting a waiver for people with minor criminal infractions easier. I think they go from drug experimentation & school fighting to assault & theft of under $500. Hell, the Marines require a waiver if you've ever smoked pot *once*.

Oh, & there was footage of some recruiters recruiting out of county jails a few years back, but I can't find it anywhere. My cousin is a recruiter (He's a Marine) & he hates it. He doesn't outright lie because he can't, but he makes it sound a whole lot better than it is.
The news here was talking about his mental health. He didn't go out and get treatment. With that said, the Crown has asked for a psych assesment on this man.
See, I've just had Canadian newspapers to go on & have yet to see anything in them today about his mental health. Obviously something wasn't/isn't right, & I'm sure the appropriate authorities will do what needs to be done. I just don't want to jump to any conclusions about why this might have gone down.
I'm surprised papers elsewhere haven't been talking about his mental health. It was all over the front page of the Winnipeg Free Press a few days after it happened that there were suspician's he's schizophrenic.
i don't think there can be any doubt that he's schizo. even if you're topped off, you don't just attack people unprovoked on a bus and cut their heads off, showing people outside the bus. that shit is just too fucked up. no he wasn't just pushed to the limit, he was ill way, way before that.

and i blame reagan too. i know he's canadian, but the canadian gov't does watch what we do down here and sees what they can get away with. reagan. if i could i'd piss on his corpse.

ETA: is anyone else following this fucked up anthrax case....
how anyone can live in this country and not become a conspiracy theorist is beyond me.
Like I've said twice, I don't doubt that something is/was seriously wrong with this guy. But I'm not ready to jump on the blame train with little but conjecture & armchair psychiatry from the media. The most I'm getting (I scanned some Youtube for Canadian tv, too.) is that his wife said he had the odd habit of just disappearing for days at a time & that he lied about it. Then some therapist *that hasn't even met the man* said that it could be an example of "Greyhound therapy". Then there are some unidentified people "close to the family" &/or in the "healthcare field" telling the media that he was "troubled" & "a lost soul" & that they had hearsay about a single incident of paranoia.

Being a bit of a murder-junkie, I can list several people that exhibited no signs of being homicidal, but went batshit crazy for some reason anyway. Stress or shame, usually.
i might agree with you if he just killed the guy that, and the mowing down people at the office thing. sure, you don't have to look far to find that sort of thing. but this-- the decapitation, and the showing people once he got off the bus-- that's a very intimate relationship with death, with the body. most people who lose it due to stress only kill people they know very well (their family, etc), at this close range. and only because they are trying ease them of some imagined future pain, or some imagined slight. this was neither. he did not know the man, but killed him in a very close, brutal, bloody way, which to my mind is something very different.

that said, two people i know who see schizophrenics every day-- culture and mr. trouble, concur. they both came to the same conclusion without hesitation. to me, it seems clear, but as a general rule i tend to withold judgement till the facts are in much as you, aural.
AP, I agree, that without any psychiatrist actually examining this man, one can't jump to conclusions. But, I'm still leaning towards mental health.

Here's the latest article from the free press.
The fuck is up with people lately?
copy cat.

that is fucked up. there has got to be something in the air or water or whatever. this train has gone off the rails.
Something in the water, indeed.
I just love how these spineless useless motherfuckers always off themselves after so they can't face the fuckin' music.
Ooooh, our city has the honour of having the Phelps assholes protesting at funeral of the victim of the greyhound bus incident.
oh cod. I hope they get arrested. those people are fucking horrible
They won't get arrested. I don't know about Canada, but our first amendment covers their right to peaceable assembly. The places that have passed laws (Indiana, Michigan, South Dakota, Illionois, several local Kansas communities.) basically say that they must remain 500ft back from funeral services. This the trailer for the documentary "Fall From Grace". The final part of the film is footage of them protesting at a soldier's funeral (His wife, friends, family.) & how their message is foiled by some bikers.

Of all the reason to be ashamed of Kansas, it's the worst. Sorry people.
Fuckhead Phelps is a great example of someone with a clear mental illness whom I have no sympathies for. He is a total waste of oxygen and flesh that all Americans should apologize for.
Go ahead and drink the kool aid.
Every time I hear his spew of hate I turn just a little bit more Gay.
QUOTE(deschatsrouge @ Aug 8 2008, 12:25 AM) *
Every time I hear his spew of hate I turn just a little bit more Gay.


i'd forgotten about phelps & his sadistic christians - i must have blocked their existence out of my consciousness. they're so full of shit it's unbelievable. like, they're coming all the way up here now? guess they're not getting the rise they're looking for back home anymore.
AP - I figured. In the uk "preaching hate" is a crime, but I have to wonder if he'd get arrested here (so far the only arrests have been for muslim clerics preaching pro-jihad "kill the western infidel" style crap, apparently spewing homophobia isn't hateful enough) although we have the same right to assembly.

Personally, I don't know how one person can be so full of hatred, but that's just me.

I don't know why, but this triggered a memory from today: I heart Stonewall's new ad campaign. It just makes me smile every time.
Apparently the RCMP has called him and advised the signs could be considered hate speach and hate crime and they can apprehend them. Some were stopped at the border, but the spokesperson said there were some already here and insinuated that people were smuggled in via fedex truck
QUOTE(kittenb @ Aug 7 2008, 07:17 PM) *
Fuckhead Phelps is a great example of someone with a clear mental illness whom I have no sympathies for. He is a total waste of oxygen and flesh that all Americans should apologize for.

I apologize for him. sad.gif

A COMPLETE waste of oxygen.
I was actually coming in here to post about this Westboro church bunch and the idiots protesting at the funeral.

Can you imagine being this family, with such an awful, random tragedy - with so much press coverage - and then you have fucking religious freaks protesting at his funeral. Talk about insult to injury for a poor boy and family that did *nothing* wrong.

I am not a person prone to violence, but if I lived in Winnipeg (I'm in Ontario) I think I would go there as a show of support for the family and form some kind of human wall between the protesters and the funeral... then I might kick one of the protesters in the balls.

Plus, they aren't even from this country. Leave us the fuck alone. Save your own town/state/country... Fuck off.
Awwww looks like they are afraid of a bunch of Brute Canadians. linky linky.
Christine Nectarine
my 2cents about the greyhound bus incident...

aural, thanks for making your point. i work in the mental health field with people who have all sorts of diagnoses, and undiagnosed. when something like this happens, i think "schizophrenic" gets thrown around alot because it is a familiar term for people. he could have an ABI, could have been raised by a cult and got triggered to do this, could be borderline, could be affected by substances etc, or had some other thing happening in his brain that we just can't explain.
undoubtably there is a severe problem with this man, but the psychiatric evaluation could have any number of conclusions, and still may not truly explain what's going on with this guy. it was a sick disgusting thing that happened to be sure. the problem is that when the focus instantly shifts to "mental health" it reinforces the stigma that people with mental illness are violent or dangerous, which is no more true for them than for any other part of the population.
we give the perpetrator more than he deserves by trying to figure out who he is and why he did it, instead of sympathizing with the victim's family. i also feel for the perpetrators family, and wonder how they will cope.
there will never be a way to entirely avoid an event such as this, it's just too random.
Clearly you Canadians just want to oppress their free speech rights....ugh. dry.gif

They make me so sick.
Christine, I did immediately think mental health, and I've heard people who think lock him up blah blah blah. that will accomplish nothing. Do I feel for the family, absolutely, but if mental health plays into this (which I really think it does) he needs help and treatment. Throwing him in jail will ccomplish nothing. I fear to see what would happen had this occurred in Texas.

Polly, did I say you could talk? *snorts*
Well, the funeral went on, without the freaks there.
Culture, I was just coming to post that. I have to admit it almost brought a tear to my eye when they said they feared for their safety due to the scary Winnipegers.
" . . . brutes in Canada".
What's this NYTimes scuttlebutt about Georgia (the country) and Russia engaging in war? Does anybody know the background to this?

This metafilter post was illuminating: pipelines and petroleum in and around Georgia
QUOTE(culturehandy @ Aug 9 2008, 10:47 AM) *

Polly, did I say you could talk? *snorts*

No, ma'am..... laugh.gif

damn. somebody's in a dommy mood. *snickers*

....could be worse,
no matter what you do, polly, never play 'simon says' or 'mother may i' with culture.
i did once and she claims that under canadian rules she can use a riding crop...
and she uses it.... a lot.

(...ok, it was kinda fun...)
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