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With all the dealings about the protests and the Olympic Torch, I'm wondering if anyone is going to boycott the olympics or if you feel that by boycotting you aren't supporting the athletes whom are participating?

AP, would you be able to answer questions if they were asked of you, when you were wearing the shirt?

I got this link via a peace listserv:

I don't know what to make of it, I need to read it again slowly and carefully, but it goes in the face of everything I have always believed about Tibet.
Dusty, I read a similar article regarding the same thing in Everything you know about God is Wrong. The Disinformation Guide to Religion.

Or perhaps it is the same article. I'll have to check when I get home.
Y'know what? Yeah. Yes, I could answer the questions. No problem.
Things like this piss me off to no end...

pharmaceuticals in drinking water

(Big Thanks to Doodlebug for taking the time to write out the instructions on how to post a link!)
nelly, i heard about that a few weeks ago. it's kind of creepy, especially the hormones. i mean, yeah, all of it, but... people wonder why little girls of 8 or 9 are getting their periods??? and why they look like they're 20 before they are even teens??? i had actually wondered about this years ago, when i was taking birth control pills. it figures that the gov't will just drag it's collective feet on this, just like everything else.
oh, yeah, and what is WRONG with people????

i'm x-posting this in the mommy threads
I think that one reasons girls are reaching puberty earlier, is that puberty is triggered by body mass, so there is a correlation between childhood obesity and early puberty.
They're at it again . . .

What did these kids have to do with god hating fags?! It was a car accident where children DIED! All because God hates Maryland. HOW DO YOU START A MINISTRY BASED ON ONE SINGLE LINE IN THE BIBLE?! They ignore all the rest of Leviticus in favor of that one little line. I wonder if Phelps knows that by his standards, he's going to hell for being clean shaven as well as an asshole.

ETA: Have any of you heard about the gal that had a non-incision appendectomy . . . through her vag?!,...00.html?cnn=yes
WTF? - Hitler Doll

Jail time for W. Snipes - Taxes

The media needs to stop publicizing this church. It gives them more reason to continue protesting. It's the sama logic with gangs. By not publishing the gang name, you stop giving the gang legitimacy.

Those people are fucked.

and a Hitler doll, neo-nazis everywhere rejoice, who does that??? *head, meet desk*
AIDS - How could it happen?
This man kidnapped his daughter, locked her in a cell in his basement, and had 7 kids with her.

What a piece of human trash.
Diva, this has been all over the news recently. He threatened to gas the family. The wife claims she didn't know about this (a dungeon in her own fucking house???) three of the children had never been outside the house. They'd never been outside period.
I heard from the giant yesterday when he told me about it that the old man is trying to blame PTSD from WWII for it. What really shocked me is that he had the gall to put a renter right above the dungeon for years!

I hadn't realized it'd been all over the news, so sorry if I'm being Captain Obvious here. I mainly get my news from The Daily Show and they haven't said anything about it, although I missed last night's show, so they might have.
PTSD my ASS! I work with many people who have PTSD, and no one, fucking no one locks their own kids in a dungeon and maintains an incestuous relationship with them.

Who fucking does that?? A sick fuck with no conscience is who.
Isn't PTSD more like a rollercoaster of feelings? Whereas locking your relatives in the basement for several decades and sexually abusing them is more like the cold, consistent behaviour of a psychopath?
I have got to stop reading about this story because it is really disturbing has been in my mind since it broke. My heart is bleeding for this poor is so, so horribly unbelievable. This woman has lived in a Hell, literally. Trapped undergound alone for years with her only "company" her rapist father (he does not deserve the title father, really) then forced to bear his children and have some of them taken away from her and others she has to try her best to raise in a dungeon...sounds like she loved them so very much and tried her best despite the circumstances.

I want this man's balls ripped off and then he should be locked in his own dungeon to rot until he dies. But that would be too good for him.

I've been trying to find information regarding sending money or well wishes to her and her children, but there isn't any information on that yet.

Seriously tho, I've got to stop reading about this because it's giving me nightmares.
Yeah, I'm really disturbed by this one too- I mean, that's 24 years of your life, ruined. Lived in hell and gone. I just can't even wrap my mind around how awful that must be.

I'm really suspicious of the mother/grandmother here, how she never questioned him or anything. One article I read said that he told his wife that he designed machines in the basement or something and sold the designs to companies and he couldn't ever be interrupted and she could never go in the basement. I'm sure he was abusing her, too, and that's why she was so complacent, but it just makes me ill to think about that going on in your own house.

He's 73, he'll be dead soon anyway, but to think the maximum they can give him is 15 years just boggles the mind. I can't think of any punishment that would be awful enough to feel like some justice has been served here.
Lesbos islanders protest use of name by gay women a homophobia so wide and deep..
I wonder if the campaign is popular or if this is the opinion of a minority group.
QUOTE(vixen_within @ May 4 2008, 11:45 PM) *
Lesbos islanders protest use of name by gay women a homophobia so wide and deep..
I wonder if the campaign is popular or if this is the opinion of a minority group.

I wonder about the timing too, and what they really think they're going to accomplish. People all over the world have been using this term for decades, but suddenly now's the time to take action? Okay.
I'm not sure how I feel about this.

I guess it's better to collect the information than let the bastard get away with it.
I really wish that had been an option for me when I was sexually assaulted. I could have come forward when I was more emotionally ready and been able to face him in court. I think it's a very good idea.
This is why I love San Francisco!!!!! Yay for Gay marriage. My heart just about burst from happiness today!

Yay CA!! Suck it, haters.

Self-editing your spousal love [via]

2004 photo series of same-sex couples getting married [via]

Love is love is love.
I wonder if the Gay marriage movement will be like Womens Sufferage. Will we have to get a state by state start, then take the rest of the country by the balls?
DesChatsRouge, I would not be surprised if it mimmicked the suffrage movement.

I got really annoyed while listening to NPR on Friday. On "Day To Day", they interviewed Maggie Gallagher of the so-called National Organization for Marriage. Here's a link to the story:

She said that she was especially upset because the California supreme court said that sexual orientation should be treated just like race under California state law. Meaning that gay marriage should be legalized in the same way that interracial marriage was legalized a number of decades ago. Ol' Maggie was upset because this means that the government is saying that "people like me who think marriage should be between a husband and wife are exactly like biggots who opposed interracial marriage." Well, no shit, Sherlock!
Yeah, there was an editorial piece in the Chicago Tribune today where the guy said that California was rushing onto their decision on this and maybe they should wait a little longer....whuh duh fuh? blink.gif

Even people in the comments, who are usually slack-jawed yokels, were all like, should Lincoln have pondered freeing the slaves a little longer?
I know a lot of people are now saying that it's not a good time and CA should have wait so as not to make any waves before the election.

But seriously! it's never going to be a good time..... Just Take action.. It's not like it wouldn't come up anyways. sheesh.

Others are hoping to propose a constitutional amendment for the next ballot saying marriage is "between a man and a woman". This is retarded because then our state constitution would be openly contradicting itself when it promises fair and equal treatment. I hate to use a slippery slope argument, but what else could they contradict then?

This is a great essay:
What the Fuck?
Watch out ladies, they're trying to get us all preggers....
I guess I'm a baby killer then...
Head, meet desk.
jeezus, what's next -- menopause kills babies? Gasp -- I knew withered old crones were eeevil!
wow... and i have my tubes tied! i guess i've got my space in hell reserved... rolleyes.gif
themeiu, I heard about that from Dan Savage and I was hoping he was just kidding, but obviously not.

There are no words. Simply no words.
this is so wrong

when i read this last night, i was so completely appalled i was almost in shock. this could easily have been my little z, if his teacher was less kind than she is.
I hope that teacher has been fired and that she had to stand in front of her peers and be told what a lousy professional she is. There are some really lousy teachers out there.
Send her an email & tell her how you feel. I did.

Ms. Wendy Portillo
aural, you are awesome!

*going off to write... i can feel the poison dripping thru my fingertips...*
so i tried to find the religion thread, but i gave up (if anyone finds it, i'd appreciate a bump)

anyway, i love how religion--wait, no, CATHOLICISM--goes OUT of its WAY to specifically exclude people:
Penis-requirement For Priesthood-- Associated Press

this makes me want to go back to catholicism, become a priestess, get excommunicated, and then keep taking communion. i wonder what they'd do if i tried. every think they'd pull someone out of a church kicking and screaming because they wanted communion?

wouldn't that be ironic? if i finally returned to the church out of spite?
I bumped the "are you there god, it's me, busty" thread for you.

I hope it's the right one. unsure.gif
Hmmmm . . . this is interesting!
Darn. The link doesn't work on the ovulation post.

As for the Internet addiction, I can quit anytime I want to! I just have to make this one last post...

And then I am done.

And THIS TIME, I mean it.
Just when I thought I'd gotten the hang of it . . . I fixed it Kittenb!

Ever wonder what it looks like when you ovulate? It's been captured on film! These are just pics & an article, though.
I saw the ovulation pictures on Feministing, that's pretty cool.

And at least it's the internet I'm addicted to, not crack. tongue.gif
Those are really interesting pictures! No wonder it hurts when I ovulate!

Not really important news, but my first thought when I saw the headline was, "isn't 3-years-old a little young for Public Enemy?"

3-year-old uses song lyrics to call 911 for mother

Ohhhhhh, nevermind! laugh.gif
Oh now this is just disgusting.
that's just dumb, culture. she's freaking 11. she's been raped. that's just fucked up, but figures the church had to stick it's nose into that....*shakes her head in disgust*
Same thing happened a few years ago with that little girl in a Central American country (Nicaragua, El Salvador?) who was 9 years old. The Catholic church didn't want her to be allowed to get an abortion after she was raped by a soldier.

There was an interview with her, where they asked her what she wanted to do and she said she didn't want to have a baby because she didn't want to have to share her toys with it. blink.gif That certainly puts her age in perspective for you. She did end up being allowed to travel to Mexico or Panama or some place to get an abortion at a private hospital.

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