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ask Taco Smell to donate your free taco to victims of the CA wildfires. i'm still going for a free crunchy one though, i don't care.

Today is free taco day!
Ignoring now...
News Article
The following news story reminded me of the Taliban at first, but it's actually school policy in some schools in the U.S.A.
Besides, non-sexual same-sex hugging as a greeting is encouraged by the Taliban, and accepted by them as part of their culture.

Girl, 13, gets detention for hugging two friends
Illinois middle school bans public displays of affection; parents urge change
Eighth-grader Megan Coulter gets a family hug from her mother Melissa Coulter, left, father Dean Coulter, right, and sister Baylee, bottom.

From AP (

MASCOUTAH, Ill. - Two hugs equals two days of detention for 13-year-old Megan Coulter.

The eighth-grader was punished for violating a school policy banning public displays of affection when she hugged two friends Friday.

"I feel it is crazy," said Megan, who was to serve her second detention Tuesday after classes at Mascoutah Middle School.

"I was just giving them a hug goodbye for the weekend," she said.

Megan's mother, Melissa Coulter, said the embraces weren't even real hugs - just an arm around the shoulder and slight squeeze.

"It's hilarious to the point of ridicule," Coulter said. "I'm still dumbfounded that she's having to do this."

District Superintendent Sam McGowen said that he thinks the penalty is fair and that administrators in the school east of St. Louis were following policy in the student handbook.

It states: "Displays of affection should not occur on the school campus at any time. It is in poor taste, reflects poor judgment, and brings discredit to the school and to the persons involved."

Parents urge change in policy
Coulter said she and her husband told their daughter to go ahead and serve her detentions because the only other option was a day of suspension for each skipped detention.

"We don't agree with it, but I certainly don't want her to get in more trouble," Coulter said.

The couple plan to attend the next school board meeting to ask board members to consider rewording the policy or be more specific in what is considered a display of affection.

"I'm just hoping the school board will open their eyes and just realize that maybe they shouldn't be punishing us for hugs," Megan said.
- 30 -

A week has gone by now, and no changes have been made. The story is on at least 20 websites now.
Latest Update: At dated today (Nov 13th, 2007) the headline reads:
"Parents resolve dispute over daughter's detentions for hugging"
(However, the so-called resolution didn't seem to change the situation much!)

Whether or not smiling at someone or waving at a friend may be considered to be a "display of affection" is open to interpretation.

Any opinions on this news story?
Similar to the article from Illinois, U.S.A. posted below this post:;nav=menu33_3 reports a case in Alabama, U.S.A., where a female student was disciplined for giving a hug to a friend who had recently lost a parent.

Many of us have probably given someone a hug of condolence after the death of a loved one. Maybe even in public.
These students are being taught that it's bad and punishable.

A separate case from Texas, U.S.A. is mentioned too.
Apparently, in some places in the U.S.A. the authorities want people to obey authority figures without question and behave as if they have no human emotions. The spirit of the law is sometimes nullified by the letter of the law. Common sense and humanity are over-ruled.
Just obey the authoritarian interpretation of the rules.
(See the post below for the context of this one.)
glad to see you back looking...
beyond outrageous mad.gif !
(cross-posted in Here, Kitty, Kitty)

Why do scientists want to make everything glow?

I guess it would make it easier when you hear that puking noise in the middle of the night. rolleyes.gif
that is so bizzare!

but I have to say.. en route to germany a few years ago, I accidentally put my 2 girls through the x-ray machine in security in their carriers, (& got a stern earful from the checker) and then had to immediately call the Vet when we got to our destination, bc I was afraid the radiation might have harmed them;
after realising it Wasn't a joke, he told me to watch them carefully for things like their fur falling out, vomiting and yah- glowing- and to call if they seemed to be not feeling well.
but I am happy to report that aside from some kitty cat Super Powers (which I trully believe they probably already possesed, such as extreme stealth and the power of invisibility in plain sight) they came through the ordeal completely unscathed.
Hey, it couldn't be worse than what this woman did, freckle!

wow, there really should be a news of the weird thread here~
This week in Savage Love, he mentioned some bizarro Christian youth minister in Pennsylvania who has his male students dress up in adult diapers and bonnets, and his female students eat chocolate pudding out of adult diapers. I couldn't believe it until I googled the story.
The minister and the church maintain that it's a fun, harmless "ice breaking" activity..what happened to playing telephone, or charades or something?
I can't believe it took this long for a parent to press charges.

polly, even though no one died, it's still only Darwinism working~
as the mother of a teenager- OMG!!
it doesn't look like there is any ground legally for charges, but at least this has been brought to light and other parents are now aware of what has been going on at this 'youth group' meeting.
- and to think that when I was a teen, that game where you passed an object held between your chin & shoulder w/out using your hands was racy!
so did anyone else hear about a tiger escaping at san francisco zoo and killing someone? apparently it happened on christmas, but i haven't been following the news lately, so i just found out about it through a follow-up in the local paper today.

this is really really upsetting on a number of levels. the sf zoo is one of my and c-monkey's favorites, and we try to make it up at least a few times a year. i'm expecting that the two survivors' family will sue, and who knows how that will affect the zoo's ability to stay solvent and care for the animals. i'm pissed off that an endangered animal had to be killed because these three dumbasses thought it would be funny to climb a fence and taunt a wild (well, wild as it can be in a zoo) animal. yeah, there's speculation that they were just minding their own business, but the two brothers having records for being drunk and smoking pot in public, you think they'd be above teasing a zoo animal to get a reaction? yeah, me neither. zoo animals are very well fed, so it's not like the tiger just happened to look up at the boys and think 'hm, i need to get my snack on'. and if the enclosure wasn't up to acceptable aza standards, why the hell didn't someone note that while giving the zoo their certification? i don't know if it's a yearly thing or bi-monthly or what, but surely when the same tiger literally bit the hand that feeds her last year, they would have done a full audit of the enclosure and pointed out weak spots. it's not only dangerous for people, it's dangerous for the animals.

man, i am just so disgusted by this whole thing. i think those boys were taunting the animal and harsh as it sounds, got a much-deserved lesson. it'll be interesting to see how this story ends.
I'm surprised no one has brought up the assassinaton of Benazir Bhutto. I'm sure that if you just go to the Yahoo homepage or look in the newspaper you can find the info on it. She was shot while leaving a rally.
Yeah, it's really hard to escape that news story. I can't believe that Pakistan is trying to say that she died as a result of a head injury that occurred after she hit her head on the sunroof after the explosion. She was obviously shot.
On the subject of Benazir Bhutto:

Any body, plural or singular, that is for the people gets popped. What a major loss for Pakistan and the world!

On the subject of the Tiger escape:

I am amazed at big cats, the fact that she was able to get out, whether she had grabbed a leg and crawled out or not! My god! She had to jump really high! Very unfortunate situation for all those involved. But, things like this can happen.
Fucking Westboro again : (

I'm actually posting from NIU right now, and they're supposed to be here again today and there will be a counter-protest. As tempting as it is to join that, I just don't want to give them the attention! That's all they want. They're psychos who want to shock people and piss them off, and celebrating senseless violence is the only way they know how to do it. They're not doing anything illegal (although I just wish the government would make an exception for them. There's not a judge out there who would argue) so the best way to make them go away is to ignore them. The boy wants to go just so we can make out with people of the same sex and piss them off more...but that would be more amusing than productive....
On behalf of the normal people of Kansas, I'm sorry. So, so sorry. It makes me so ashamed that those people are picketing funerals, vigils, memorials, what have you. It's just sick. We're not all fucktards, I promise.
They visited once when I was a student at NIU. I don't remember if there was a specific reason or they were just doing a "campus tour".

I believe you, AP. What part of Kansas are you from? My (and humanist's) mom is from northwestern Missouri, so we have a lot of family in Kansas. My uncle went to law school with one of Phelps' daughters. Said she was looney back then, too.
The city of Overland Park has actually passed a law making it illegal to picket a funeral to keep those assclowns away. I watched a documentary on them & it just made me ill. Because some other asshat bomded their church with an IED, they've started going to the funerals of killed soldiers & thanking God for IEDs.

Southwest, KS. The part where it sucks a lot. That little corner of KS/MO ain't too bad. I used to go to shows in Columbia, I think.
What does picketing a soldiers funeral accomplish? It doesn't! It makes you look like a fucking lunatic who should be forcibly sterilized and should spend the rest of your life in a jacket that makes it seem like you're giving yourself a great big old hug! Maybe we should get the lobotomobile going again?

In all seriousness, I don't understand where this comes from, what it does. I recall someone posting a link a while ago about how the guy was on fox, and even the fox anchor was getting irate with him. you know you're fucked up when even fox doesn't like you.
Vajayjay strikes again!

Picketing accomplishes getting their twisted agenda out via the media. They always turn up to show the world the ugly side of Christianity & that's what they want. For every person that is disgusted by their ignorance there is one that sides with them.

Check out "Fall From Grace". It shows him, his crazy kids, & indoctrinated grandkids in pretty stark perspective. It also shows kids of his that pulled away from his psychotic abuse. And brings up the fact that he was disgraced, disbarred attorney with questionable practices. I felt sick as I watched two small boys playing in the family pool decrying homosexuality. Then I wept as I watched a widowed soldier's wife tell her story about them trying to disrupt his service. And I laughed at the image of bikers standing between the Westboro folks & the soldier's service revving their engines & drowning those ignorant fucks out.
Has anyone heard about this?
CH- That is a huge number of children..... how is it possible for no one to have noticed for so long, esp. in such a country as the UK? wow.

I don't have TV, so I am only just hearing about the Westboro folks now through you guys. Well, after watching videos and interviews with these idiots, I am so so shocked that anyone could have so much malice in them.
At first I was really really angry and just wanted to write them a really really nasty email. But, as was mentioned, that is exactly what they want. The more anger you give them, the more they give you right back. There probably is no real way to get through to these people, they seem to really enjoy the abuse and it gives them purpose and fire.
Plus I realized that having hatred for them is just plain exhausting and truly a waste of my time and energy. So instead I want to send them Loving Kindness as the buddhists call it. True compassion is one of the hardest things to have. Suffering starts first in the mind, then it is transfered to verbal action, then physical action. In reality, these people must be suffering so much to carry such hatred and anger around with them 24/7. It really just rots you from the inside out and makes you a truly miserable person. Ignorant people, they really do not understand what they are doing, not only to them selves, but to everyone.
I believe even the Bible says anger begets anger. One of the proverbs: “A hot-tempered man stirs up strife, but the slow to anger pacifies contention”.

So really, I just feel really sorry for them,that they live life this way. Well, it makes me feel better at least.
I had a friend inform me of this. I'm a news junkie and I haven't heard about anything on the news. Not CBC newsworld, the newspapers.

This reminds me of Robert Pickton, because it was women who society considered nothing, it wasn't reported until some one said something. How can this not even be given a passing mention on the news?
I admire your perspective, themeiu!
A little more on the bizarre side.
nooo, where'd my post go. *boots bust*

anyway, I basically said:

Missing children story: I live near one of the areas mentioned in the article and Im not really suprised. Theres a lot of imigration in the area. Often it appears that the children are used almost like currency. Their parents send them to live with others here in the hope of them recieving a better education etc. In many cases I get the impression that some of those taking the children in are more interested in the state benefits theyll recieve. Children who are clearly way older than claimed are put in classes with younger children. More benefits can be claimed and for longer that way. Obviously its not a general thing but Ive seen it quite often. anyway, Its all very stange to say the least

Toilet lady story: wtf, is that for real...

I dont know if youve read about it but the Jersey children home story is heartbreaking
Toilet lady is for real, it's been on the news here like crazy. If they fly your ass to Wichita, something is seriously wrong.

In 2003, there was a lady that had fused with her fucking sofa. She'd been on the sofa for SIX years without moving. Meaning she shat, pissed, etc. Eventually her skin fused with the sofa & when they came to her rescue, they had to take the couch with them because they were one. She, of course, died.
See, I'd like to know what possessed this woman to not leave in the first place. I'm thinking there are some undiagnosed mental health issues here.

Not moving from your couch for 6 years?????

Well, they haven't said anything about toilet lady's weight. Sofa lady weighed nearly five hundred pounds, so moving was not easy. I know when I was taking care of my mom, she was so big/weak she couldn't get off the toilet.
I never did think about the issue of weight for the toilet lady, the couch lady yes.
I guess I can imagine if she was very overweight her skin might kind of have erm engulfed (?) the toilet seat. Maybe the person taking care of her was the loopy one and just thought it'd be easier to leave her put instead of heaving her up and down....and how is it possible to sit in your own excrement for 6 years blink.gif
This is the kind of sick thing I'd watch a documentary about
It didn't engulf, it fused. They get bed sores & when the new flesh forms, it grows onto the furniture.

I think a lot of it stems from embarrassment & shame. How would you feel if you let things get to the point that twelve firefighters had to hoist you & your sofa onto a flatbed to get to the hospital? And your house was full of filth? I think that they deal with it until it hits the point of no return & that's just it. They don't let anybody in for any reason.

As far as the partners go . . . my mom's bf would have done anything for her. I really feel that if he hadn't coddled her so much, she'd be alive & kicking my ass right now. She got what she wanted. ALWAYS. There were no ifs, ands, or buts. I think the mates feel helpless & just try to placate the other person.
I wasnt even aware that that was possible
I think thats true about partners. They must have had somebody who made it possible for them to remain there -bringing them food etc. I just googled the sofa story and feel kinda sorry for the husband and from the comments he gave he definately comes across as helpless like you said. Its just a sad irony that he did what he called his best to 'take care' of her but infact just facilitated the circumstances which lead to her death
I can understand why they'd feel too ashamed to get help beyond a certain point but I cant really comprehend how it could get to that stage in the first place :/
The fucked up thing is that I *can* understand it. The first time my mom got sick, she was wallowing in her own filth. The floor in front of her chair had a good inch of crusty cod knows what on it. Instead of cleaning it, she just laid down a towel that she shook out every now & again. It was just easier for her mentally to hide it rather than deal with it.

It's why I came home to care for her. She wouldn't have ever allowed a nurse to help her because she was ashamed & worried that people would talk. She pissed herself a few times whilst in bed & rather than get up, she just asked me to lie down towels over the wet spot.

Plus there is a control thing. It sounds weird, but they control their environments if they can't control anything else. Yeah, it may be filthy & they may have conflicting feelings about it, but at least they are in control of something.

Has anyone been following what's happening in Llasa, in Tibet? I think it's sickening: the Tibetans are peaceful and the city is a place of pilgrimage. I think the Chinese will find global public opinion has turned against them, which will concern them with the Bejing Olympics coming up this summer.

Exactly. The sucking up to the Chinese govt through this is nauseating.

I was heartened to hear that Chinese in Sichuan were protesting in favour of the Tibetans; I think many Chinese people support Tibet's desire for independence. It's just the official party line in China basically discourages conversation about the three Ts: Tiannemen, Taiwan and Tibet.

It's encouraging to hear there could be sizeable protests in SF. I'm not in the US so haven't been as aware of reactions there.
i, too, am encouraged to hear about the protests in the usa (like sybarite, i'm not in the us, and there is some coverage on BBC, CNN, France24, TVGlobo, but NONE in the local news)

Rougge and the IOC are cowards.

i hope that countries boycott the games and don't send their athletes. sad, frustrating and totally unfair for the athletes, yes. but the only way that i think that china might be swayed. their chance to show the world how "perfect" they are foiled.
Check out this story:
I think that couple is amazing, the amount that they have gone through is incredible.

I'm so horrified and disgusted with what people said to this couple. His own brother saying the children were going to be monsters? And the doctors? Disgusting.
fascinating story. really fascinating. and how wonderful! they should relocate to another area where they are not so ostracized - san fran, eugene, oregon.....

i'm shocked by the doctor's reactions, and receptions laughing at patients in any facility i managed would be given a severe dressing down and warned not to do it again unless they wanted to look for new jobs.

i'm not surprised by the brother's reaction though. people are still pretty much in the stone age as far as transgender rights go. one of the many many reasons that this little community of ours is so fabulous - we are for the most part non judgemental and can discuss things rationally.

big hearts for all busties!
In yet another case of using prayer instead of going to see a health professional.
Ugh, that was all over the diabetic communities yesterday, CH. As someone who has experienced diabetic Ketoacidosis, I can tell you that would be a horrible way to die. You can almost feel your body shutting down until you eventually go into a coma.
To get back on the trans pregnancy thing, I didn't see the special on them but I did read the story. I have been in a relationship with a trans boi before and during his transition, so I'm very sympathetic to trans rights. The thing that struck me wrong though is that he was able to go through with the operation even though he said clearly, that he "didn't feel he should have been born a man." I sort of find that him going through with it without having those feelings is an insult to the trans community or maybe I'm partly ignorant to their specific situation and am missing something?
i'll admit it-- i'm stoned and loopy right now, so forgive me if this seems like the dumbest idea ever, and if my post makes no kinda sense.

as i said, i'm stoned. of course i come up with a crackpot idea-- gender madlibs!
read the list below and put your selections in the fast reply box. each line represents a different blank space.

2 gender role/types (like butch, firewoman, etc), and one sexual orientation.
a fetish(messy food, abrasion(a fetish for sandpaper, btw))
a body part
a gendered person (step mother)
a life event (a skydiving jump, graduating nursery school)
a gender role/types and one sexual orientation.
a body part

i dunno.

i can see what you mean, tank girl, but i think it's very cool.


personally, i really think-- hope-- the trans community moves away from binaries. it's kind of the thing i hope the next generation of queer kids do-- rework the whole idea of gender. a while ago there was a debate online about the use of gender neutral pronouns, and many were against them, and thought them useless. i spoke up for them. the idea is not to have words and systems that are immediately adoptable, but to make prototypes, to have the ideas for those after us to make them workable, real.

i am a rather outspoken critic of doctors being the gatekeepers for anything trans people want, whether it's hormones, operations or a different letter on their ID, and pathologizing our being different, turning it into an "disorder" or calling us "dysphoric." making us jump their hoops, the most obvious of which is parroting a transwoman trying to explain how she felt, saying that she "felt like she was born in the wrong body." in making us ape this otherwise innocuous comment, have conspired to constrain all our experiences. while i have no doubt there are people for whom that phrase is quintessentually true, i don't think it is true for most trans men and women. the human experience is way too deep, too varied, to complex to be reduced to black/white, either/or. i admire all of those who find themselves anywhere on the gender spectrum, and then find themself somewhere else.

so if using the word "ze" or "hir" paves the way for some next gen(eration) next gen(der) kid to call themselves a ____________ who likes _____________ and who decided they wanted their body to have ___________ and date a___________, but that after a ___________ who they were evolved and now understand they are a __________ and want _________. we tell them that isn't just ok, it's freaking beautiful. and fuck 'em if they don't get it yet. fuck 'em if they can't wrap their head around the totality of who you are 'cos you're ahead of your time. say that then. speak your truth, live that truth.


But isn't it an insult to the trans community to assume that everyone have the same experience? That's like saying that trans folks have to pick a gender, male or female, when some people don't want to identify as either, including fabulous folks and activists like Leslie Feinberg. There's no wrong or right way to living a transgendered life. Everyone, whether trans or not, experiences things differently.
not to change the subject, but i saw this and thought y'all might like to see it as well.
You know, I think I'm in a place now that I could wear one of these.
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