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Jerry Falwell's hell would be a place where gays can marry, abortions are legal, people have pre marital sex and there is birth control. He could be in either Canada or The Netherlands. Hee.

AP, what a fucking asshole that police chief is. I hate it when cops are in the position where they abusie power and say no one will believe you that this happened. Fuck off.

the bullshit quotes about him in newspapers and scrolling across all the news stations absolutely disgust me in their thoughtlessness, hypocrisy, and out-and-out lying. for example:

"Jerry lived a life of faith and called upon men and women of all backgrounds to believe in God and serve their communities. One of his lasting contributions was the establishment of Liberty University, where he taught young people to remain true to their convictions and rely upon God's word throughout each stage of their lives.'' - President Bush

yeah, just like you, he cared about people from all backgrounds and communities, and encouraged people to think for themselves. way to think, george.

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the onion rules, as always
polly, that is so sad; especially not long after her mother. She looked so like her father.
QUOTE(nickclick @ May 16 2007, 03:55 PM) *
yeah, just like you, he cared about people from all backgrounds and communities, and encouraged people to think for themselves. way to think, george.

more here


the onion rules, as always

He did. So long as you were white, straight, and 'knew your place'. Yup, a real open minded one, that Falwell.
I just heard that the Fred Phelps group is going to pickett his funeral because JF wasn't anti-gay enough.
My favourite was the woman from The Onion who asked how fuckwit Falwell was going to blame the ACLU for his death.

Fuckwit falwell not gay enough???
Huh? I don't get it.

guess I'm just a wicked ol feminist. Sounds like something I should print on a t-shirt

wicked feminist
misslady, this site is for you

thanks catlady! Theres no wicked feminist t-shirt though!

and it takes the sun 250 million years to orbit the center of our galaxy which contains a black hole. I only smoke joints with people who get their facts straight. I am a stickler for the facts. and science, and reason and logic.
Sounds like a poster child for NOT doing pot.

Reminds me of Slater from Dazed and Confused!
Rory Cochrane is teh hawt.
Oh, definitely, AP! ggrrrrooooowwwww!
hey, at least he actually did some sort of personal explanation, instead of just posting scripture..
well, that vid was a bunch of propaganda. yes, the children are upset - why? because their parents exposed them to a crowd of angry adults.

that poor couple; it seems as if they were trying to escape the mass of people shaking their van and shouting at them (notice the video has edited that out).
It's been discussed in Winnipeg message boards because Critical Mass is a big controversy here. My general feeling is that the CMers were being stupid in this case and causing unnecessary problems, but for the man to start driving forward was also pretty bad. The whole thing seemed like one big mess.

I've participated in CM a couple of times, but I find it too dangerous and I'm not willing to get arrested. However, in the last year or two, there have been a lot of positive changes being made in regards to biking.

Rudderless, that's exactly the same thing people say here; if you're going to act like idiots and cause those kinds of problems, no one is going to take you seriously and listen to what you're trying to promote.
looks to me from the video that at least one of the cyclists deliberately put their bikes in front of the van and tried to prevent it from moving forward. i have all the sympathy in the world for cyclists who get screwed by idiot drivers that don't know how to legally and safely share the road (being that that cyclist is quite often me), but asshattery like this makes us all look like fuckhead extremists.
This is disappointing:

I would like to think, people working at home shelters had bigger hearts and wouldn't be petty about who they let in.
Thoughts on Larry King Live with Al Gore from last night?
I don't recall if this has been brought up yet.

Prophecy_grrl posted this really great piece written by Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, etc.) in the Buffy thread, and even if you're not a fan of his, it's an excellent piece that everyone should read.
Ginger, what was the article you posted? I couldn't read it because I don't have a subscription.
erinjane, that's wierd I don't have a subsciption either, but the link works for me. Anyway the article is about a woman in Chicago who (allegedly) was refused a bed at a homeless shelter(in the dead of winter) b/c she was lesbian.

I vaguely heard about the girl who was stoned, but I didn't get the details. That is just sad. I don't understand the honor killing thing. And how people could just stand there, watching and not try to help her.
That shelter issue is vile. *grumbles to self*

Don't even get me started on honour killings.
argh!! as if the "hoohah" monologues weren't enough, my xtian-ridden hometown goes and does the most disturbing thing yet. seriously, if you can help yourself, don't watch the video. it's actually been removed from the public area of youtube.

people are saying that this is what happens in nature and that the kids should learn that this goes on. ok, yes. snakes DO kill and eat live bunnies. but the BUNNY HAS A CHANCE TO ESCAPE!

i want to serve this guy's penis to a pack of angry rats, while still attached. mad.gif
Here is my suggestion;

To borrow a line from the Simpson (and this is aimed at the fuckwits ONLY); I'm going to staple a flag to your ass and mail you to Iran.

Seriously, let's see what would happen if I baited this fucker in front of, oh, say a Crocodile and waited forthe croc to ambush him, I'd say it was only "natural". I get that this is what happens in nature, but there is a difference between nature and nature with human manipulation. I am wondering what exactly a fundamentalist biology teacher teaches (cuz isn't that an oxymoron?)

Here's a bittersweet story that brought tears to my eyes! (Crossposting in Bustie's Best Friend)
Fucking hell, that pisses me off about that poor rabbit. What a sin. It *is* different in the wild where the rabbit actually does have the chance to escape. He was practically feeding it to the python, which hardly classifies it as "nature".

What a douche. I agree with you, Falljackets, that punishment would be just.

And good idea about the croc, CH.

What a moron. Some people should really not be allowed to teach.
Polly, that just about made me cry.
Oh Dear

"if you don't take a stand on a literal Genesis, eventually you'll see Christianity collapse." wtf? it just seems to be a whole new level of stupidity going on.
uhhh.......i'm sorry but i don't get a: what the python eating a rabbit has to do with fundamentalist christianity, and b: why it's a big offensive deal. yes, in the wild a rabbit would have a chance to escape a python, but that python was captive. it, like any other captive python, was going to be fed rabbits whether it was in front of kids or not. is the food chain only not offensive if you don't see it happen? and furthermore, how is feeding a rabbit to a python any different from feeding your dogs canned meat-based food?

can someone explain this to me, please?
well... I've only just read that (and at first I thought you were talking about culture's post and got far too confused). But I think firstly, the rabbit was live. We had a python at school, and we used to feed it white mice. dead ones. Kids are aware that animals eat other animals, it doesn't need thier teacher feeding a live rabbit in front of them. Show them a bloody nature video and they'll get it pdq. The rabbit didn't need to be alive; it was cruel to the rabbit and needlessly so.

secondly... they were allowed to videotape it. That just stupid.

I probably wouldn't have had a problem if the rabbit was dead, and it was presented as feeding time; something normal. My problem is that it was needlessly cruel, and a big fuss was made about doing it.

I'm not entirely sure what it has to to with christianity, other than the school was a faith school.
Why the hell did the teacher have a python in the classroom in the first place? I don't think he really needed to go to the trouble of actually showing the students how a python eats a rabbit. We all know how nature works.

As for that Genesis museum thing...I don't even know what to say. The earth is more than 6000 years old!!
finally, cindy sheehan does something honorable for her son;
I only hope that now she can begin to trully mourn him and move on with her life.
Culture, at first I thought that article was talking about the Creationism Museum opening in Alberta near the Tyrrell Museum. Have you heard about it? This morning on the Current on CBC they were talking to the guy who owns it, and a scientist in Edmonton. Crazy stuff. The scientist thought it was pretty laughable (as do I).

The political tornado over creationism has touched-down once again in Canada.

The latest dust-up is in a picturesque place called Big Valley Alberta.It’s about 200 kilometres northeast of Calgary.

Next week, The Big Valley Creation Science Museum will officially open.It is billed as Canada's first, permanent, creation museum. It's also controversial, having evolved out of a trend in the US, with several such galleries opening over the past month.

Michael Caldwell is a paleontologist at the University of Alberta and he joined us from Edmonton this morning.

Here's the "museum's" website.
I fed live mice to the snake in my classroom and let my students watch all the time. And yes sometimes they bust out their cell phones and filmed it. Why ?because it is fuckin cool to watch a
snake eat other living animals! No video can compare to watching a predator in action.
How is allowing an animal do what it is supposed to do cruel?

Get over it. Unless you are vegan who doesn't wear leather get over the poor little bunny being eaten by a snake. Circle of life people. Circle of life.

I only switched to frozen mice after the rat I had purchased to feed the snake survived overnight in the tank with the snake. The rat is still alive and living in a tank in my classroom . The snake has passed on.

Oh and I actually work with other science teachers who believe in Creationism. Dumb asses.

I just think it's a bit weird to have a snake in a classroom, that's all. I've seen snakes prey on stuff on nature shows so I don't really need to see it in real life.

And science teachers that believe in creationism? Isn't that an oxymoron?
Erinjane, oh dear. Oh my. *bangs head against wall*

Tho other segment on the "re-virginizing" of women was interesting as well. I'm glad that someone is speaking out against the procedure. Plastic surgeryon your vagina, eeep.
i was just catching up on the news and ran across this very disterbing article and thought i would post it here. maybe some of you alreaddy know about it.

no trial
I think I'm going to go vomit now.

I wonder what the DA would think if that was their daughter. I am also curious waht kind of evidence you need. I am so fucking sick and tired of rich white male college and university students getting off because of their class destinction.
Here'sa fucking surprise.
shiny, that just doesn't make sense. But on the other hand, this has been all over the news but II was about to post this article anyway to see what you ladies all thought.

To me makes no freaking sense, either. Actual child molesters get less time than this poor kid.
Upon first reading I thought he was 21 and she 15, but when I realized he was 17 when it happened and she was 15 - wtf? They would both still be in high school when it happened!! How the hell? But it did make me wonder if the girl was white AND if the others who were accquited were white as well and or wealthy socio-economic background with parents who could afford good lawyers. What a way to screw up someone's life.

With these new "tough sex offender" laws it's almost like they are trying to legislate underage sex in some cases....I mean making him register as a sex offender?
Fired Wal-Mart pharmacist awarded $2M: A pharmacist who claimed she was fired by Wal-Mart after asking to be paid the same as her male colleagues has won a nearly $2 million award against the retail giant.

*cheers* Good for her! I freaking HATE Wal-Mart.
Good for her! Fuck you wal mart!
i saw that! she fuckin' rocks.

and, as a side note, a big fuck you to the veto pen and bush for the stem cell research bullshit that went down today.
Yay, for sticking it to Walmart!! I giver her props!

Two stories I came across today, this seems sad, but I wish I knew more details:

And the next one is talking a "Gay bomb", and seriously makes me scared of our government:

a gay bomb??? Bwaaaaaaaahahahahaha, that's wacky, to say the least.

Banning bottled water seems retarded. Why not enforce mandatory recycling? I think companies should be forced to recycle or fined. I am ashamed by the amount of waste thrown out where I work. I have tried (many times) to get them to recycle but there is no money in recycling paper, cardboard, or plastic so they aren't interested. Maybe some the government could come up with some sort of tax break as incentive. I don't know....
I thought this discovery was kind cool....
QUOTE(ginger_kitty @ Jun 26 2007, 05:16 PM) *
I thought this discovery was kind cool....

It looks like Paul Bunyan's sewing needle.
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