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White House Opposes Hate Crime Bill

They're threatening to veto an expansion of the bill that will include attacks motivated by gender and sexual orientation.

Read the article. Their arguments against it are just fan-FREAKIN'-tastic. (Undermines freedom of religious expression?! Of what? To harass gay people?) Fucktards.
Vegan parents guilty in infant murder
Atlanta Journal-Constitution ^ | 5/2/2007 | Beth Warren

Posted on 05/02/2007 1:32:55 PM PDT by Turbopilot

The parents of a baby that died of starvation after being fed a vegan diet have been found guilty of malice murder, felony murder and first degree cruelty to children.

Jade Sanders, 27, and Lamont Thomas, 31, will get an automatic life sentence for the death of their 6-week-old infant, Crown. After being fed a diet largely consisting of soy milk and apple juice, he weighed only 3 1/2 pounds when he died.

The Fulton County jury deliberated the case for about seven hours.

Prosecutors said it was a chilling case of murder by starvation, a painful and prolonged death. Attorneys representing Sanders and Thomas told jurors the first-time parents did the best they could while adhering to their vegan lifestyle. Vegans typically live free of animal products.

"They're not vegans, they're baby killers," Fulton prosecutor Mike Carlson told the jury Tuesday during his closing arguments.

The couple's attorneys said they didn't realize their baby, born at home, was in danger until minutes before he died.

*bangs head against wall* for both.
Well I can see new parents being naive enough to think a baby might be able to survive on a vegan diet, I find it hard to believe that they didn't see any sign of trouble in a 6 week old that only weighed 3.5 pounds. Crazy.
Why are they feeding a baby that young anything but breastmilk and/or formula? They're not vegans, they're just idiots.
Seriously, those parents were morons. One of my nephews was allergic to regular formula, so had to be given Pro-Soybee a soy alternative. If they had done a little research they could have raised thier child vegan without harm. And what the hell were they thinking giving a 6 week old juice? Thier little bodies can't handle that.
I don't understand why they didn't do a little research beforehand either, or why the mom didn't breast feed the baby (I can understand if she couldn't, but even then, they could have found some vegan baby formula). It's just senseless and stupid.
I don't even know what to think. Other than, What the fuck were you thinking?
that just makes me cry, seriously. sad.gif
Kansas' newest sociopath
A couple of winners in yesterday's Dear Abby.

WTF is wrong with people????
WHY WHY WHY????? Yes university and college are hard but so is raising a child! and and and *is at a loss for words* the end result of school is worth it.

How someone could be so selfish I don't know.

*bangs head against desk*
all the more reason for me to get certified to teach Health !
Seriously, missladyj. This is what abstinence-based sex ed gets us. Um. the pressure of school is too much, so I'll pop out a kid instead.
What about raising the kid? I wonder when these women will start to regret this whole getting pregnant on purpose at such a young age?

*bangs head against desk. Again*
Maybe I'm completely in the dark - but do you think this is true? Prom babies? I remember people being so anxious and trying so hard to get into higher ed, I can't imagine someone trying to get out of it by having a baby. Do you think they were playing a joke on mom, sharing untrue gossip or that the woman who wrote in is just trying to get parents to watch their kids closer.

It just seems so wrong...
i don't know if this is about teaching absinance, to me this sounds like a very affluent school (lacross team?), and my guess would be that the pressure they are feeling is from parents that micromanage their children and put too much pressure on their child with no time for them to 'just be kids.' you know the type. the parents schedule every second of their free time, and went out and bought baby einstein, had them on waiting lists for the 'best schools" before they were even born. the result is a pressurized life where the only out is to do something to get out from under their parent's control and assert their individual identity. previous generations would elope, or some such, but i can understand why this would be their solution, it makes sense in a highschool logic kinda way....
What evs y'all, staying up all night cleaning baby piss and shit is WAY easier than studying for finals.

*I hope you can tell this is sarcasm*
Yeah, the thought that this is an urban legend or just a line these kids are telling their parents did cross my mind. I think GT's theory is pretty close- like a Lorelai Gilmore situation. Maybe Gilmore Girls is what's caused the trend! Damn you, Amy Sherman-Palladino! A generation of stupid naive teenagers out there!
Where do these kids come from that they would assume raising a child, another human being, could be so much easier than going to a great college?????!!!!!

It sounds like an urban legend to me, maybe the girls in the mother's car were just trying to get a rise out of the mom because I doubt anyone could be that blind.
I'm sitting on the fence here. Some things surprise me some things just don't.
I am way more shocked by the stabbing ducks thing.
How are we not SERIOUSLY concerned? Hasnt there been enough cases to made it evident that children who VIOLENTLY kill animals grow up to usually rape and murder humans?


Stabbing a duck and her two babies with a pencil indicates some sociopathic tendencies. Then the community will be shocked when it turns up in 15 years he has stranged 10 women.
the vegan couple that starved their baby both got life in prison.

I can't find the link right now, but the man is quoted as saying something like " every day in there {prison} I die a little more; an appeal could take up to 3 years"

not quite as good as the death penalty, but maybe there is some justice after all?
they're more for the 'general population' area in my opinion, bc we all know what happens to inmates that hurt kids there.
they ought to put them on 1/2 rations too.

and yah, that kid that killed the poor mama ducks and her babies?
scarey as anything we've ever posted here.

Daisy it's true. Those who are serial killers, sociopaths often start on animals. animals feel pain, and when you hurt them or whatever it shows that disregard for life.

I wonder why people turn out like this. I really do.
I don't know how true the "prom baby versus university" stories are, but I think it's true that some young women don't think about what the true consequences of young motherhood are, so they embrace it willingly. My BFF is a foster parent of teen girls, and through her, I've met MANY young women who've take on young motherhood, for a number of reasons - they don't know what else to do with their lives, or they want to be perceived as "grown ups" and/or attain more autonomy as an "adult," or they want some kind of unconditional love because they feel alone, or they are trying to make a romantic relationship more "permanent," and so on. Probably a combination of things. I'm sure the young, system-dependent women have different reasons from the more affluent young women (if the stories are true), but I suspect the thought processes wouldn't be too dissimilar.
Now for something completely different

Oh, I should say this has nothing to do with Monty Python, I just thought it was fun.
Hah Sassy....

Im 23 now but back when Sassy first got started (88) i was 5, my mom ordered me a Highlights Subscription and we got Sassy instead and I remember wanting to know what Sassy was and being like "oooooh" but I got it taken away and the next week I got Highlights for Kids.

This is tragic for all involved
Wow, that is sad.

Damn, high school rugby? They don't mess around in Canada, do they?
Not breaking any laws
now in all fairness.. I have thought about getting a gun.. but on the premise that if it's in our home, frecklette MUST learn how to use it and handle it as I would, w/ classes and practice at a range.

however, frecklette is a TEENAGER, not a Two year old!!!!
and the mr (who is the one who opposes frecklette having anything to do w/ a gun period (pot- meet kettle!) is not some sort of wacked out I don't even know what you'd say about this man??

did anyone else see this last night?

sad and disturbing .
G-d how I loved Sassy magazine. I was in high school during it's heyday. Le-sigh
QUOTE(freckleface7 @ May 12 2007, 06:11 PM) *
now in all fairness.. I have thought about getting a gun.. but on the premise that if it's in our home, frecklette MUST learn how to use it and handle it as I would, w/ classes and practice at a range.

however, frecklette is a TEENAGER, not a Two year old!!!!
and the mr (who is the one who opposes frecklette having anything to do w/ a gun period (pot- meet kettle!) is not some sort of wacked out I don't even know what you'd say about this man??

did anyone else see this last night?

sad and disturbing .

I'm pretty sure there's a difference between teaching your child the proper handling of a firearm and handing them one, telling them they can mow everyone down. The first is a supreme responsibility of any gun owner. The second, while apparently not illegal, is the reason that those in favor of gun control can gain ground. People like the father in this story just piss me off to no end.

I'll always remember the day that the power of a firearm was demonstrated to me. I was 7, and at the range with my dad, who was trying to teach me how important it is to never point a gun at something you don't want to put a hole in. He then took a milk jug full of water, set it on the ground, and shot it with a 12 ga. shotgun from about 10 feet. From my standpoint, the jug vaporized. Not once in my entire youth did I mess with a gun without his being there. On the other hand, a very good friend of mine was never allowed to go to the range with his dad, let alone be taught anything about the guns his dad kept in the house. I was spending the night one weekend at his house when he decided to go into his parents' bedroom and retreive his dad's revolver. He brought it back to his room and started messing around with it, twirling it and such like in Western movies. I asked if it was loaded, he said nah, then I asked if he had checked. Again, nah. I told him to give it to me, opened the cylinder to find 6 shiny bullets. I unloaded it and took it to his dad. I was sent home, he was grounded for a month. Looking back, it's very fortunate that's all that happened. Point being: own a gun, don't own a gun, completely your business. For the love of god though, if you do and have kids, teach them to respect it.

As for the Hamas Mickey Mouse, there is just something inherently wrong with being told by Mickey to fight.
It completely blows my mind that people handle guns, let alone children but guns are so completely alien to me and are not a part of my society or culture. Well, I don't think they are but then there was the sixteen year old brother who shot his twelve year old sister in the head by accident a few weeks ago. If emigrating to America was ever on the table I would decide on the basis of gun laws alone.
That parent is just scary. A toddler should not be handling a gun like that.

America is a gun culture. I used to hate guns, but my hubby came from a very gun oriented family. And he loves is guns. So I let him teach me how to use them, and he takes me to the range whenever he goes. I actually ended up really liking shooting and I'm not afraid of them any longer.

There is a hige difference between responsible gun ownership and all the others. You want to own a gun, fine, but why, oh why, does someone need an AK 47 in their home?
QUOTE(culturehandy @ May 13 2007, 09:47 PM) *
There is a hige difference between responsible gun ownership and all the others. You want to own a gun, fine, but why, oh why, does someone need an AK 47 in their home?

Honestly, there is no difference in an AK-47 and a hunting rifle that operates on a semi-automatic action, other than you can get higher capacity magazines for the AK-47. Full-auto versions of the AK are not legal to own without a special federal permit, which is quite expensive & difficult to obtain (as it should be). Other than that, most of the features that define a so-called 'assault weapon' are cosmetic.

Either way, there is a serious lack of common sense among people these days. It's really too bad you can't teach that.
See, I get owning a rifle if you, are, oh, a hunter! But to me an AK 47 seems just a tad extreme. But then again, I know nothing about guns.

Jerry Falwell died today. I will keep my comments to myself but anyway, here's the story from yahoo

Candy, I'll make them for you.

Oh darn. How upsetting? Woot!!!!
I wont keep my comments to myself - thank God! tongue.gif
we should all mark this occasion with a special moment of loudness...
QUOTE(falljackets @ May 15 2007, 03:14 PM) *
we should all mark this occasion with a special moment of loudness...

Will the Loud Prayer do, fj? tongue.gif
Is it okay to be elated that someone died? Either way, I totally am. If I ever go through the city where he's burried, I'm going to tap dance on his grave. What a piece of trash.
wouldn't it be funny if he wound up in hell because of the way he totally perverted Jesus's message of love everyone and that whole thing about judge not least ye be judged.
missladyj, that's exactly what i thought. if there really is a god whose m.o. is similar to what the majority of the bible presents (judge not lest ye be judged, love your enemy as yourself, turn the other cheek, etc.), well, that is one meeting i would love to witness. i can just imagine falwell going "but! but i thought....!" and god just shaking god's head in exasperation, like "no dude, you really fucked it up. let me show you"

at least, that's what i hope happens. i don't wish "hell" or the equivalent on anyone but if there is any justice in the spiritual world he will finally understand how wrong he was. all i want is just for him to finally GET IT.
SF is throwing an "anti-memorial"
Another asshole cop abusing his power to hurt women...
my friend said today about Falwell: "May his reception to the afterlife be much warmer than he expected."

I'm declaring some wild premarital sex this weekend, and encouraging all my gay friends to do the same. Although for them "premarital" is largely irrelevant : (

It's not *quite* as joyous an occasion as Strom Thurmond's death, and no where near as joyous as Fred Phelps' death *will* be (Goddess speed), but this calls for some kind of appropriate celebration. I have no shame.
Martin Luther King's daughter, Yolanda, died. That is sad. sad.gif
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