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i think most busties already have him on ignore. smile.gif just ignore him. he's an attention whore, nothing more.

Now back to the news! Hmmm, what's new? Newfoundland is digging out of a very bad snowstorm. John McCain said that Rummy was one of the worst secretaries of defense ever (yay), but it was b/c he didn't put enough troops in Iraq in order for success (boooooooooooo!). How many troops are there? Clearly things are not working out.
Great Article, I am passing it along, vess.
thanks ves.

from the APA... nice! here's the link to their site.

maybe CNN will report on it in between beer commercials.
That was a really interesting article. Unfortunately, does this come as any surprise? The second question is will it ever stop. I have to admit, that when I go to the mall or to a movie, anywhere really. I see these 12 year old girls done all up and staring me down! I'm thinking WTF? Why on earth are your parents allowing you to leave the house looking like this? (Unless of course, their parents don't know), and why on earth is a child staring me down? It's crazy!
those are both great articles yes, and the more peole we can educate to NOT ACCEPT It, the better. Society as a Whole needs to change.

as a parent of a girl, it's long been a battle I've been fighting, but it's tough, when virtually most things she comes in contact w/ are geared to a pre-shaped perception.

I do think you/we can counter it, by providing strong and exciting "alternative" ( how sad to have to be the counter in the first place!) female role models, but also by doing the same with men who take a stand against it as well.

I am fortunate that my kid really despises the likes of the brittany's of the world, none of that appeals to her whatsoever, but positive body image is still a difficult area to navigate.

ginger: that article was just plan frightening.
QUOTE(aviatrix @ Feb 19 2007, 07:19 PM) *

WH-what th?!

where do these freaks come from?!

QUOTE(culturehandy @ Feb 19 2007, 07:43 PM) *


I couldn't have said it better myself!!
gkitty - blink.gif weird.

ves - i think that's a great article. no-one will pay attention to it, though, which is really sad.

this is interesting, i was reminded of it when reading that.
I just want to point out that alot of research about effects of media do not deal with the fact that audiences negotiate meaning. And usually are correlations which does not imply causation. There are researchers like David Buckingham in the UK who have found that young people are critical of the images about sex and relationships that they see in the media.

Which is why I am huge proponent of media literacy in schools and in sex education to encourage more young people, not just women, to examine media images critically as well as compose their own responses to them.
why do i watch the nightly news??? a kid born at 21 and 6/7 (LOOK, almost 22 weeks, which they neglect to mention) is 4 lbs now! abortion is wrong!

...nevermind that fact that this kid still faces a shitstorm of health and medical problems in the future and is still not out of the woods, let alone out of the hospital?

and, what does this have to do with abortion again?
cocl, I read about that case and knew the pro-lifers would start citing it as an example, but it was a miracle and one in how many million.

o/t: Prince Harry likely to be deployed to Iraq. Hee, no wonder Blair is withdrawing troops.
catlady, i saw that... the kid is going to have all sorts of developmental/mental problems, if she ever survives infancy. it has bugger-all to do with abortion; she's one lucky, lucky kid. and she's a wanted kid.

maybe going to iraq will knock some sense into harry. he's lovely, but my god that boy is slow on the uptake. and he needs to grow up.
I thought that it was extraordinarily difficult to get an abortion done that late, anyway. In my old home state, the latest anyone could get an abortion was 12 weeks.

I know this is kinda three-days-ago, but in response to the librarians who have a problem with the language in the new book that won the Newberry Award, this website has a list of other books aimed at kids that contain the word "scrotum".
rosev, i still find it amazing that there are librarians out there getting their scrote in a bunch over trivial shit. i love newberry books, they're always great choices, "dirty" word or not.

and, before i make it over to the 'choice' thread, that i know of, people in my state are getting elective terminations even later (~28, 30wk) for multiple fetal abnormalities/medical reasons. i still want to hear the pro life arguement on that one. are they ok with letting that fester only to die in utero anyway? and they're sooooo concerned about the mental health of the women who get abortions, but not those who are carrying severely malformed non-viable fetuses?

goddamn, they just mentioned it on the news again, why do i keep watching???

sorry, derail...
this reminds of a Lewis Black routine where he talks about how we don't allow our children to see a vagina or penis, but let them see other things (he actually goes on about spray on hair, but that's besides the point smile.gif )

"sure honey, you can play Grand Theft Auto and watch movies where a man gets his heart ripped out of his chest"

later on;

"Mommy, Daddy, what's a vagina?"

Parents freaking out ensues, makes perfect sense!

Crazyoldcatlady, I totally agree about the fetus thing. It's like the prolifers only care about the fetus in utero, but once born! FUCK IT! Let's cut back on social programs and spending, to hell with those little bastards now that they are outside the uterus!
China = a bad place for busties
The world is a scary place.

Back to Prince Harry for a moment: bunnymama made good point (IMO) in saying that it is irresponsible and putting others in danger by sending Harry to Iraq as it would be a major coup for terrorists to capture him and hold him hostage; they must be imagining how much power and effect they would have videoing Harry in orange pleading for his life. When put like that it's not so funny or so much about character-building.
I was thinking about that bunny, when I was watching CBC this morning. I though that this is a wet dream for those against occupation.
on the harry thing, they aren't releasing exactly where they're sending him - all they're saying is Iraq. It's also going to be hard to spot him; he's not exactly going to walk around with a big neon sign, and once he's in uniform he's just another face. Also, while they'll send him there, I doubt they'll send him where it's most dangerous.

And... he wants to go. Seriously. Good for him. I don't want him to get shot, but I do think sending him to the army was the smartest move buck house could have made.

on the chinese internet addiction... I am very, very glad I'm not living in China.
imo, sending harry to iraq is just stoopid.

he'll require ( I would think) an inordinate amount of security in and of himself, unless really & truly he is treated as a regular joe? otherwise, it's irrisponsible to those tasked out to protect him.
this is how it always is when there is a diplomat that wants to "play soldier" over there, already stretched-thin forces are pulled away from their regular jobs there.

again, just my opinion though, but there really are no "safe" places anymore there, unless he just goes as far as kuwait ( a launching point for all alli forces and when the soldiers are still there, the family's know they are still safe; it's once they forward move that it's gets dicey.)

going to check out the china link~
once you take the alcohol away from Harry, he's actually a fairly pleasant person - and I think they are making every effort to treat him like yet another soldier (as much as that is possible).
such poor taste
thankful not live to China!
I don't think 100 years is enough.

When I heard that story this morning on the news, I couldn't understand why he will be eligible for parole in 10 years? It seems almost they gave him a really long sentence to apease the public, then slipped the parole thing in the small print you might say. I seriously think parole shouldn't even be an option in such a brutal case.
Does Kentucky have a death penalty? (The "ringleader" who actually fired the shots will be on trial there.)

Here, rapists (no matter how brutal) are seldom sentenced to ten years, let alone be paroled in ten.

I don't think I posted this (I meant to in the feminist outrage thread) but I recently heard of a man who is now out of prison and living in his home area who raped his mother. Evil doesn't cover that.
Since this crime took place while these men were soldiers on foreign ground, it is in the hands of the Military/Federal Courts, not the State of Kentucky. This man is most likely from another state, anyway.

States have jurisdiction when the crime is committed on their soil.
What do you think about this?
sinse it doesn't say what the terms of the negotiation are, it's hard to say.
I saw this story on CBC Newsworld this morning. I'm unsure of what to think, honestly.
seems like uncle sam is always trying to break up fam.... wait, this is canadian?

never mind. there a canadian = to uncle sam?

You know something is making news when... but that in itself opens up a whole differny can of worms, when something like this is news, and the world yawns at Robert Pickton's murder trial of 6 women right now (and another 20 to come). GRRRRRR.
is there a british =? mother england? feh, you're right.
Dow has worst day in 5 years

Stocks tumbled across the board Tuesday, with the Dow industrials sinking about 500 points at one point. It closed 415 points down -- the biggest one-day drop since the stock market reopened after the September 11th attacks. The New York Stock Exchange tried to limit declines by imposing trading curbs. The selloff is on the back of a nearly eight-month rally.
Mother England would be England, not Britain.

Anyway, it's been a huge story here; I don't know what to make of it either. The mother said she wasn't neglecting her son because if she was he would not be fat; it struck me as an incredibly asinine thing to say.
wow. you guys sure know how to make someone feel like a dumb american for asking a facetious question. so is there an equivalent to uncle sam in canada, britain? i suppose that's what i get for being a wise ass. :/ and since i've already made an ass out of myself i might as well go the whole route: whats the difference between britain and england? who knew there was one? i suppose it's no worse than a friend who had some brits come visit him for 2 days in colorado and them asking, "where should we drive to first, la or nyc?"
This was in the paper yesterday:
`Monologues' is moving off Notre Dame campus

Associated Press

February 26, 2007

SOUTH BEND -- "The Vagina Monologues," which avoided being banned from the
University of Notre Dame last year, won't be performed on campus this year
because student planners couldn't get an academic sponsor.

"We asked several departments. Some declined, and some didn't respond at all,"
said Notre Dame junior Lisa Rauh, one of the organizers of this year's

Instead, about 25 students from Notre Dame and sister school St. Mary's College
will perform the play at an off-campus venue, First Unitarian Church. All
proceeds will benefit the YMCA of St. Joseph County.

Rev. John Jenkins, Notre Dame's president, last spring declined to ban the
performance and other events that may go against Roman Catholic teachings on
campus on the grounds that universities should be places where debate is
promoted. The school's trustees later passed a resolution expressing confidence
in Jenkins.

Copyright © 2007, Chicago Tribune
There is a difference: America is one country/continent and that Brit underestimated its vastness and discounted all of the beautiful states between and around NY and LA; Britian consists of four different countries, each with their own heritage and nationalism: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. It pisses off most people living in those other three distinct countries (under the big umbrella of Britain) to be called England.

eta: personally, I don't care much for saying Great Britain and prefer UK (although there is no nationality equivalent so it's back to British).
only the english will ever actually call themselves british, too (unless you're talking about passports). one of the more significant things is that england, ireland, wales and scotland all have thier own languages (although there are/were gaelic languages in parts of england too) - although i think it's only in wales that welsh is actually taught in schools and used on road signs.

the equivalent to uncle sam on the pointy "we want you for the navy" or whatever poster is Lord Kitchener, he was a general back in WWII (might be WWI). Other than him, I don't think we really have a similar figure, unless you count the bulldoggy blokey thing whose name I can't remember.

back to the child... i heard her on the radio the other day saying he refuses to eat vegetables and she "can't starve him". I wanted to shout at her. He has all sorts of health problems, she should have grown a backbone and not given him any option.
Avi, I was thinking about a Canadian equivalent to Uncle Sam, and I've never heard of anything. I did a google search and all I could find was how the current Canadian government was cozying up to Uncle Sam.

I always equated British and England as the same thing. UK, not so much.
culturehandy, I had to google the Robert Picketen murder trial, b/c I wasn't sure what you were refering to. I was shocked when I read the details of the case. But I don't think it's really getting any publicity here in the states, your mentioning it was the first I'd heard of it.

Back to the child in England though, I am not sure how I feel about either. With rising obesity rates across the world, it seems like something must be done. But I am not sure taking a child away for neglect is the right way to handle it. I think I read recently that 30% percent of child in the US are obese, so I am thinking some kinds of measures need to be taken, but it's such a difficult subject. I wanted to smack the crap out of that particular mom, for letting admitting that she lets him snack all the time and saying 'what can I do?' But I am curious how do you convince/educate kids to live/eat in a more healthy manner, when thier parents are doing little to in terms of setting limits and boundries?

polly, I'm not surprised about the Notre Dame thing they are notoriously strict even amoung Catholic colleges. Yay, for the students on finding an off campus venue and going ahead with the production anyway.
this kid has a lot of health problems, though, and she's been told again and again that he needs to loose weight. Apparently he has trouble dressing himself, and simply attending school. He's grossly, morbidly, obsese, and something really has to be done to help his mother see that. I never honestly thought they would take him into care though.

is the picketen case the one where he murdered all these women and no-one noticed for years? I think I heard it on the news when the case started, but nothing else since.
The boy doesn't always go to school b/c he can't walk that far and needs help. CBC also said that he had difficulties washing and dressing himself.

Robert Pickton is suspected of murdering somewhere in the range of 50 women. He is currently on trial for the murder of 6 of these women, he is set to go on trial for another 20 soon.

The women worked in the sex trade in Vancouver's Lower east side, which is a low income neighbourhood, and many of the residents had addictions issues. Many of the women Pickton is accused of murdering had addictions issues.

He owned a pig farm, they are often only using DNA because foresnsics teams couldn't find the remains. They had to get physical anthropologits and archaeologists, students of the disciplines and forensics specialists in to help because the scope of the search was so large. has daily coverage on the trial.
Regarding the obese kid, I'm torn on the issue. A few weeks ago in my Women's Studies: Mothering course I read an article about a woman who was charged when her 13 year old daughter who weighed over 600 pounds died. It discussed the media circus around the mother and how she was a "bad mother" and how her daughter was anti-social and mean.

The author of the article, however, found that the mother had brought the daughter to the doctor over 50 times by the time she was 2, and the doctors found that dieting made her gain faster. She was taken out of school because she was harrassed and died when her mother went out grocery shopping and left her home alone for 30 minutes. The papers however, ignored all the facts and speculated how the daughter had been found surrounded by fast food cartons but all that was untrue.

Anyways, makes you think about how much of the story you're really getting.
I totally agree with ya erinjane.

News is just spin.
ok, this is not even remotely interesting or newsworthy, but this happened in the town I graduated high school in, probably one of the most exciting events there, Ever.
this is just sick and makes me CRAZI ANGRY!!!!!!!

I can't even think of appropriate profanity for how this makes me feel....but I certainly think that the same thing ought to be done to Him as he did to the poor bear.
and to think that he was one of the few country singers that didn't nauseat me.
.. the article says he lives in tennesee, no doubt in the nashville area... and so do both sets of our 'rents.
I really think I may be up for some peta action in response, next time we are there.
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