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Maybe this is posted elsewhere (Maude, I hope it's posted everywhere!)

I can't believe the ugly that's about to happen in Uganda. It is truly terrifying that this monstrosity is even possible in this day and age. And I feel like an overprivileged shit that I get to live in a place where I have the luxury of signing a little petition as my only contact with this kind of issue. Oh, and that I'm allowed to fuck whoever I like and have a life and be treated like a human being. That too.

Here's the link to the petition, please pass it along after you sign it.

This week, Uganda is considering a law that would make being gay punishable by prison -- even death.

The President sent the bill for review, following initial international criticism. But vocal extremist lobbyists are pushing for the bill to pass -- threatening targeted persecution and bloodshed.

Only a tremendous wave of worldwide pressure could tip the balance in Parliament towards tolerance: Let's get 1 million names on the petition to stop this brutal law . We have just days left -- send the petition on for friends and family to sign and it will be delivered to Uganda's politicians, donors and embassies around the world:
Thanks pepper. I posted this article to my FB page so I hope we can get alot of signatures. I still am speechless when I hear about people being mistreated for their gender and sexual orientation. I know I am extremely privileged in that respect.
QUOTE(stargazer @ Jan 30 2010, 11:12 AM) *
Did anyone watch the 20/20 episode with Former John Edwards Aide, Andrew Young? It is just amazing how everyone involved in this situation was stuck on stupid. I'm still scratching my head about why the Youngs are crying foul and victim with how they were treated by Edwards. Um, you expected a man who was cheating on his wife, lying to his family and the be honest with YOU? blink.gif

And now Mrs. Edwards is suing Young for contributing to the demise of her marriage. Apparently NC is one of the few states with an "alienation of affection" law still on the books.

Now do you see why I call Earth the insane asylum for the universe???
bob, yeah, Mrs. Edwards is being poorly advised right now and should be focused on her kids. Her husband started this thing, not the Youngs.
Now Malawi is getting in on the gay witch hunting.
AP, just read the article you posted. Uh, it seems like Christian missionaries are doing more harm than good nowadays. Look at Haiti.

I came in here to post about the Tiger Woods press conference held today. Uh, why do I need to know about your affairs, Tiger? I mean, really.
There was even a poll on FB, "Do you forgive Tiger?" The fuck for? He didn't cheat on ME. He doesn't owe me dick, there's nothing for ME to forgive him for.
Sea World Orca Kills Trainer
How sad. It's sad that these animals are kept in captivity, and it's sad that this woman was killed. Bad deal all around.
jsmith, not only that, but this is the third trainer that this particular whale has killed - one was killed by this whale and two others in 91 and a man who snuck into the tank was killed in 99 by this whale alone.
Earthquake in Chile- one of the teens I used to work with is there, and another one of my kiddos is in Hawaii which may be hit by a possible Tsunami... Send prayers/love/good vibes please... Tyler (in Chile) and Mary (in Hawaii)...
Thanks Busties.
I hope you hear from these kids you worked with, sageykins.

*~*~*be safe vibes for Chile and Hawaii*~*~*
Looks like the tsunami is expected to hit Hawaii at 3:20p Central. It's great, though, that they have warnings so far in advance.
Hawaii-kiddo ok- they heard from someone who oversees the group she's with- they're safe. No word from Chile-kiddo though.
I'm always amazed by my kids- the things they have done with their lives and are doing now.... Mary (Hawaii) is 19, and Tyler (Chile) is 18. Unbelievable to me they are where they are now.
(sorry, random aside).
Both of the kids (teens) are ok! Thanks for the positive thoughts and vibes, they've talked to Tyler in Chile- his dad said he sounded a little shaken but ok. Mary in Hawaii is also all right- no big tsunami to worry about. Thanks busties!

Hopefully this will open the door for more female directors!
for those filling out the US census:

the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force wants us to "queer the census" by adding a special sticker . . . to seal the back of the census envelope. The sticker allows a person to record their LGBT status. It's also worth noting that there is a box to tick if you are a straight ally, so even if you aren't LGBT yourself, you can record your support for the LGBT people in your life - your brothers, sisters, parents or friends - and their right to be counted.
Thanks! That's so cool. I just sent away for mine, I just got my big bad scary census form today.
Does the US census not provide any data on same-sex relationships? I think our 2001 census was the first to start collecting information on this.

Love the stickers.
Well, you can indicate the sex of each person in the household is and they ask what the relationship is (can't remember how it's worded exactly) and there's an option for "unmarried partner" as well as "spouse" and "roommate" (as well as some other options- I don't have the form in front of me) so it could be deduced that two same sex people, who list themselves as married or unmarried partners would be gay.
Hmmm...I'll have to look at what the options are on ours. I'm curious now.
Photo of human remains? It isn't gruesome, so don't worry about clicking the link.

The photo was taken by snorkelers. They think that the mass to the right is human remains, and they allege that everyone to whom they show the picture agrees.
But I just can't see human remains... all I see are rocks and marine plants. What about you all?
I guess I see what could be a skull on its side in the upper left quadrant of the photo (there's sort of that round part with what looks like a jaw bone coming out of it.) Not sure I see an entire skeleton, though. Still worth checking out, though, and I hope it turns out to be her, just so there's some closure for her family and maybe a solution to what happened to her.
Sounds like a big stretch. I mean, MAYBE that's a skull, but really, what are the chances that you would just happen to accidentally take a picture of a body. I would highly doubt an in tact skeleton would even be found since fish and animals were probably taking bits and pieces over the last 5 years.
QUOTE(ketto @ Mar 20 2010, 04:09 PM) *
Sounds like a big stretch. I mean, MAYBE that's a skull, but really, what are the chances that you would just happen to accidentally take a picture of a body. I would highly doubt an in tact skeleton would even be found since fish and animals were probably taking bits and pieces over the last 5 years.

See, that's what I think. It's a long stretch, a very long stretch. And no matter how I look at it, if I turn my head sideways and squint my eyes, I still can't impose a human form on that image.
Ricky Martin is a homosexual. Just thought I'd give you all the 411. rolleyes.gif

In other homosexual news, Fred Phleps & the Westboro Baptist Church have pretty much mastered the appeals process. It really, really bothers me that these hateful "people" share my oxygen.
Hah! Next time your fella asks you to fetch him a beer during a game you can regale him with this: Ancient Mesopotamian broads brewed the first beers.
Great. On more thing to worry about with our lady parts: micro tumor on woman's ovary makes her insane in the membrane.
Okay, this is NOT new news, but it's new to me. Did you guys know that Depo Prevera has been given to sexual predators (mainly child molesters) because it can effectively take away their urges and fantasies...Psychiatrists claim that some of their repeat offender clients have begged for it. We do not use it in the US to treat sex offenders (at least according to the dated article I read), but apparently it's been used in other countries with some success for decades.

What do you guys think? Since these crimes are largely about violence, anger, self-loathing, etc. I wonder how treatment works...maybe the perp is given the medication, then continues seeing a psych to work on the mental compulsion aspect. I'm sorta intrigued by this; I always thought that you could do little with child molesters except keep them locked away from kids...

Opinions, anyone?
This wiki entry is helpful, at least in terms of understanding why it's not utilized in the USA.

Also, from my understanding, it *can* work, but is by no means full proof. The flesh may be unwilling, but the spirit can & has turned to object rape to fill the void. And really, any schmuck can get testosterone off of the internet to counter the effects of the Depo.

I hold little hope for paedophile rehabilitation. Basically, what gets you off gets you off. If you are a paedophile you are always going to be one. You may be able to channel it into a sexual relationship with a grown person to keep your ass out of prison, but you're still going to be thinking about what really gets you off: kids.
Thanks for digging up that info, Aural. While I certainly am not in favor of our courts/governments using this as a part of the penile code, I don't see why an offender who WANTS to take it in a therapeutic setting should be denied under medical supervision. I don't think it's the greatest thing for men's physical health but if it works for some men and they don't suffer from the possible side effects, why not?

I really don't have much hope for these wackjobs who go after kids either; and god knows they just keep finding victims, some of which grow into perps themselves. The sick cycle goes on and on. I once did some research on this issue and it seems that the problem is NOT universal. There are and have been cultures where this problem is virtually unknown to the point that members of such societies cannot even fathom/comprehend the anthropologist/interviewer's questions about it. Naturally the status accorded to women and children in a given culture is often a primary indicator of the degree the incest/pedophilia taboo is violated. Speaking of which, I see that the incest cases known to the Catholic church and Bishops are back in the news. I'm still waiting on a Bishop to end up in jail as a rape accessory, but to my knowledge this has yet to happen.
Oh, yeah. They're back in the news again all right. I know that the Catholic Church is one of the wealthiest groups of people on the planet & that they can keep throwing money at things for a long time, but shit is getting out of hand with hiding, transferring of kiddie diddlers. Some responsibility needs to be taken. I mean, the whole celibacy of priests thing had less to do with chastity than it did with priests having families/children that demanded church funds. They set up an abuse hotline in Germany that did a LOT of business the first day it launched. And a new letter from 1963 claims they wanted to start some sort of pedo/homosexual island. Bonkers. Just bonkers.

And I forgot to add this from Gawker.
We'll just shift the blame to Vatican Number Two.
Sadly sometimes the parents of these victimized children looked the other way. I remember my mother telling me about a priest who was always putting his arm around her shoulder and the shoulders of her friends so he could fondle their developing breasts. When my mom complained of this to my grandmother, she was sharply rebuked with a "Don't you dare say such a horrible thing about a man of God". Fortunately my mother went to one of her friend's moms and told her about Priest Grabby Hands. Her friend's mom had the wherewithal to raise some hell and major stink. I've never known what possible reasoning my grandmother had to ignore my mother's call for help. I guess the Devil can manipulate innocent children to tell lies about priests. Or something like that.

Have you seen this letter, Aural...I think you will enjoy it very much.
Oh, cos I bet this totally works: "corrective" rape.

I'm always kind of amazed by the way parents & people who should know better look away. This is NOT church related, BTW, so you may wanna skip it. There was a substitute teacher when I was a kid, Mr. B. Complete ephebophile literally known as "Chester the Molester". He was a last resort sub when they couldn't find anybody else, he'd been diddling teenage boys since my father's older brother was in junior high & EVERYBODY KNEW ABOUT IT. My first class with him he'd been rude to me, so I mentioned it during dinner to my parents. My dad started laughing & was amazed they still let him teach. Of course my parents did/said nothing, he wasn't diddling me. A few days later he was gone because he'd propositioned several boys & one turned him down & went to the admin. 7-12, he taught me numerous times. It was never more than a week before he'd get caught & shuffled on, only to be called again when needed

Not too long ago, a guy from hs made some ref on his FB page about molesters & I brought up Chet. The only reactions? Came from WOMEN. Women that actually thought that he was their boyfriend's "Uncle Chester". They never questioned why he gave them money, let them borrow his car, he did their laundry, etc. etc etc, & was always hanging around. They were all horrified, not a guy said a fucking peep about it.
I have heard any amount of stories from guys about the 'creepy' priest they all knew about growing up. The onus was put on the kids to keep away from him and protect each other from him... all without actually coming out and accusing the guy because any accusations would be met with a similar response, koffeewitch.

My dad says the same thing happened when he was growing up--indirect ways were found of keeping kids away from priests that everyone knew would fondle anything in their path. It's endemic, institutionalised evasion of all accountability. It was countrywide in Ireland but even now a comprehensive investigation has yet to take place; the Church is still hedging. It makes me sick.
Catholic bishop blames the God killing Jews for current criticisms on the church's record of kiddie diddling.
So the official list of fault runs thusly:
The Devil
The Sexual Revolution
The Media
Feminists (okay, I haven't seen this one in print, but from experience I know it's somehow our fault)
and now: Christ killing Jews and Zionists.

I know I'm missing some; this is just working from memory.

Edit in: The Freemasons (How could I miss them?)
But the Pope forgave the Beatles! wink.gif
Here's more on that.

Last week, retired Bishop Giacomo Babini of the Italian town of Grosseto told the Catholic Pontifex website that the Catholic pedophile scandal is being orchestrated by the "eternal enemies of Catholicism, namely the freemasons and the Jews, whose mutual entanglements are not always easy to see through… I think that it is primarily a Zionist attack, in view of its power and refinement. They do not want the church, they are its natural enemies. Deep down, historically speaking, the Jews are God-killers."

You might think that the 81-year-old Babini had already said more than enough for one day, but once some people pop, they just can't stop. "The Holocaust was a shame for all of humanity," the good bishop told the world, "but now we have to look at it without rhetoric and with open eyes. Don't believe that Hitler was merely crazy. The truth is that the Nazis' criminal fury was provoked by the Jews' economic embezzlement, by which they choked the German economy." He concluded that the Jews' "guilt is graver than what Christ predicted would happen to them, saying 'do not cry for me, but for your own children.'"

Analysis of memes:
1 Powerful attacks on the Church come from Zionists
2 Jews are natural enemies of the Church
3 Jews killed God
4 Jews embezzle money
5 Jews provoked Hitler
6 Jews are guilty

When this bishop heard about people attacking the Catholic Church, he used these memes to figure out who was guilty of the attack.

This is what passes for "thought" in his mind.
Oh, and lest we forget what Catholicism is doing for the Sisters in Africa.

On a lighter note, the Vatican says the Beatles are a-okay forty-odd years too late.

Really, Vatican?! You're in shit up to your fucking EARS & the Fab fuckin' Four is what's on your collective mind?! Seriously?!
And lest we forget the girls abused by Father McGrabbyhands.
More violent homophobia in Africa.
Even with the right paperwork in place the state of California screwed long term gay couple. This is just appalling. APPALLING.
Pope gives Maltese abuse survivors twenty minutes/crocodile tears, continues to shield their abuser. Oh wait, the child rapist can't say Mass anymore, but he's kicking it at a monastery near the Vatican.
Now, I recall reading that one of the main reasons the Catholic church kicked down the whole celibacy thing fer reals was to keep hands out of their coffers. It's still not working so great.

Great googly moogly. The crisis of faith this must be causing in so many people. I cannot even begin to imagine how this must feel for them.
All of the people I've talked to are denying that it's a real problem. I'm hearing things like "Oh, it's just a few of those priests, and people are making a lot of noise about something that really isn't that big."

Great googly moogly. The crisis of faith this must be causing in so many people. I cannot even begin to imagine how this must feel for them.

You'd THINK so, but then I remember the Catholic part of my own family. Ladies who never read newspapers and certainly not books (not even the Bible. The priests tell them they should not read the Bible without a proper priestly authority there to interpret it for them). My grandmother told me that this sort of thing happens in all churches from time to time, but the Catholics are singled out in the media. At this point I SHOULD have just started bleating at her like a sheep, but I fear even such an entire lack of subtlety would have gone right over her head.
Parents of disabled mom sue for her right to see her three kids because her dickhead husband doesn't want them to see her.
It's hard to say what she is and is not capable of. All I know is that there have been people who have been in persistent comas wake up and report what went on around them, despite the fact that the doctors insisted they could not comprehend such things.
What say you all?
I've been watching this situation since I first posted about it. As far as I am concerned, this man is cruel as hell. Abbie Dorn's in the condition she's in because of her desire to birth her own children & to be denied access to them is simply awful. If her asshole husband hadn't stopped visitation in the first place, I think this woman would be in a much better place than she is now. Just bringing the kids into her home & letting them sit on the floor & play in front of her would be beneficial. And from the footage I've seen, I do think she's still in there.
Since I'm puttering around on here and just read about that situation, I just want to weigh in with my little opinion-
I attended a conference this weekend where a traumatic brain injury specialist spoke about the injured and related it to how all of us sometimes have trouble with word finding or difficulty in expressing ourselves. Or when someone asks something of us and our immeadiate response is 'what?' and before they can actually repeat themselves, we have processed the request and are responding.
It can be very similar in the case of this woman, and those in comas- they cannot respond in the ways we may want nor can they respond in the time frame we may like to see- however it does not indicate they are unaware.
As well, some centers provide coma therapy- where a style of music, particular people, pets, and so on bring some sensory response to the injured- again, it may not be the same response an uninjured person may give to the same stimuli, but there is reception of the input (music, a voice, sight, etc).
I should be sending the husband that info, but anyway....

And a random addendum to that- the doctor who I heard this weekend was Dr Noble- a specialist in Phila. Excellent doctor and wow can he explain things in ways I grasp smile.gif
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