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I live in Indiana, and horrible experiences everytime I went to planned parenthood. They treated me like I was a piece of meat. And the doctor's there were usually women. Needless to say I was thrilled when my insurance kicked in and I found a gyno.

polly, I was just about to post a link to that story. I guess we don't know the whole story, but it seems like she was treated horribly unfairly. I am not understanding why they threw her in jail overnight for putting a fake tag or whatever in her window? Why ignore her and refuse her medical treatment?

aural, I read the story in the paper yesterday and was similiarly horrified. Just b/c she had an outstanding warrant she was still a victim! "Flawed system", gee you think? I can't imagine the psycholical damage this may cause her.
This is off topic from the Planned Parenthood stuff, but since this is the news thread, I thought I'd better post it here. Below is an interesting CNN article about a culture that is located off the west coast of Africa. The way in which they marry is particularily interesting. Check it out!
pollymorphism I read that too!

interesting.. very interesting!!
Here's a CNN article about the embarassing situation in Boston. Here's the part of the article that intrigues me the most:
"Turner said the devices have been in place for two or three weeks in Boston; New York City; Los Angeles, California; Chicago, Illinois; Atlanta, Georgia; Seattle, Washington; Portland, Oregon; Austin, Texas; San Francisco, California; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania."

So let's say for arguments sake that these items were an honest threat. That means that it took between 14 and 21 days for authorities to spot these dangerous items. So no matter which way you look at this, the authorities in Boston come off looking totally incompetent.

As for picking a gynecologist, I find that the doctor's credentials are far more important than the doctor's gender. I've actually had far better treatment from male OB-GYNs, though. It was a man who diagnosed me with endometriosis after years of suffering (and years of misdiagnosis from female doctors). But I'm not going to hold that against all of the female doctors out there. Education and competence and bedside manner are my top priorities.
And I'm curious if they were found at all in the other cities- I live in Chicago and I haven't heard anything about it. Did anyone see the press conference with the two brainacs they arrested for this? I'm all for a sense of humor and all, but not when you're being brought up on federal charges. I heard someone from Turner Networks apologized- are they or the ad company being held responsible at all, or just the two dumbasses they already arrested?

Either way, it sounds like the Boston authorities didn't handle this well, but it was still a stupid idea.
Just read this distubing article:

This is a letter to send to your governor concerning the lady in Florida that was raped and refused proper emergeny contraception.

I like to think every little bit helps. Maybe we can help prevent it happening to other women.

The Boston thing was kind of laughable. Talk about a bad idea. Kind of scary that they took so long to discover!
Woo-hoo! They're actually doing something right in Texas. Why wouldn't you want to protect your kid against cancer? Who cares how they might get it? If you have issues with vaccinating your kids at all, that's one thing (and it's a very loaded issue) but I just think this "getting this shot will make our daughters become sluts" argument is ridiculous. What's worse- your kid having sex or your kid dying of cancer???

ETA: Oh, and I did that PP letter, ginger- our governor is pretty good about the contraceptive laws. It's officially illegal for a pharmacy to deny contraceptives (doesn't mean they don't try to get away with it, though) but I don't know if there's an official law on the books about EC in government facilities.
I am just waiting for the vaccine to be offered by our insurance for my girl, a short matter of time I hope!
I don't know why I was shocked by Bush's new budget plan. But it was just appauling!! Here's in an article discussing some of it:

I wish I could find it itemized, I saw an article in my local paper which broke everything down.
This is rich.


Some people should be tarred, feathered and dragged through the town square, whilst onlookers scream "VAGINA" at them.
Thanks for the chuckle, girlygirlgag.

Am I evil if I laugh everytime I hear the phrase "Astronaut Love Triangle!!!!"

The facts of the story are not funny at all -- it's just -- the whole thing is RIDICULOUS beyond belief.
hey europe! eat my florida!

seriously, atlantic beach: oh, PUH-lease.

oh good cod. leave it to my freakin' hometown to do be afeared of a vagina.

ok, so technically atl beach is just a beach suburb of jax but still. it doens't surprise me at all. i'm shocked that the people putting on the play would stand for it actually. i swear, the first baptist bank runs this entire town. why do i live here again?
seriously. it's not like the neice is gonna go "what's a vagina, auntie?" and then the aunt is gonna be all "i don't know how to tell you this!" if she is old enough to read, she's HOPEFULLY old enough to KNOW WHAT A VAGINA IS. christ.

although i like that the venue's take on it is wholly irreverent.
neice "Auntie, what's a vagina?"
aunt "It is what your uncle likes to have for desert."
anna nicole is dead.
QUOTE(walkingbitch @ Feb 8 2007, 06:17 PM) *

my mind immediately jumps to " the trimspa killed her" but I might be wrong.

personally, I thought she looked stoned or otherwise drugged in speach & appearance the last few times I saw her on tv. I think it is a sad situation all around.

Part of me is not surprised Anna Nicole is dead. But I was shocked at the same timed. She is just to young to die.

ggg, haaahaa, I need that laugh! How absurd to change it to HOOHAA, now some little kid is going to be asking what is a hoohaa?

wombat, I have to laugh about the whole diaper part of the Astronaut Love Triangle. I love that she was like nothing stopping me not even bodily funtions!!
Anna Nicole has always sounded high to me.

I have taught human reproduction ( sex ed) to freshman in high school and took great delight in making boys say vagina. I once made a kid say it several times, each time louder.

student: vagina ( barely audible whisper)
Me: louder
student: Vagina!
student : VAGINA!
Me: Now was that so horrible?
Ha, that's so funny, missladyj- I had a friend in high school whose older sister was a Red Cross-certified AIDS educator and she was trying to get the school to let her come in with a bunch of bananas and teach everyone how to put on condoms. It never happened. I can only imagine how that would have gone.
(Cross-posted in What Do You Call Your Vajayjay?)
Here's the follow-up article to the Hoohaa story.
did anyone see this? I thought it was rather good.
that is great! and I have to say... I never much liked him, but that could change now.

I went to high school with a woman who became a cheerleader for the local CFL team here, and not a work of a lie, people just laughed at her, and they still do. She got really weird, and... it was her choice, but people judged her pretty harshly for it.
the whole hoo-haa thing bugged me. isn't the whole point of the vagina monologues not to be afraid of talking about your "fine china." i swear, i'm tempted to cuss her out. she hasn't heard anything yet....
good for crowe. i think i read a while back that one supposed obscure etiology of cheerleaders harkens back to war, where the "winning team" gets the spoils of the other, i.e. the women/cheerleaders
This kind of interesting:

To be honest, I really never thought about that.
There was something in the globe and mail yesterday and getting organic roses, which tied in with the whole fair trade, good labour thing. They did say that organic roses were twice the price of "regular" roses.
Not exactly news, but worth reading for the horrifying hilarity of some of the quotes:

New York fashionistas' thoughts and feelings on the U.S. role in Iraq
Al Franken is seeking the Democrat nomination for senate in Minnesota in 2008.

And Snaf, that was fucking hilarious! a rack, you mean titties? priceless.
QUOTE(snafooey @ Feb 15 2007, 03:26 PM) *

Not exactly news, but worth reading for the horrifying hilarity of some of the quotes:

New York fashionistas' thoughts and feelings on the U.S. role in Iraq

Um, wow.

I feel like I have just lost five minutes of my life to wallow in the drivel of the priviledged.....YUCK.
that's almost as good as BRAVO's promo for 'the real wives of OC' . one of the wives says something to the effect of, "i'm a republican. i mean i think i am. that's who my husband votes for, or atleast he gives his money to them, their.....ummmm... what's the word?"

yeah, i don't know what word she was looking for, but the words i thought were: spoiled, dumbass, and bimbo.... in no particular order.....
*laughing hysterically in the computer lab at school and disturbing everyone“

A rack? You mean titties? Like a really big rack?”




"My little girl will never go to Iraq. I’m sorry, she’ll go to Prada.”

Is there a war at Prada I'm not aware of? Do they use stiletto heels as ammo? Will their children be buried in giant alligator-skin purses?
"My little girl will never go to Iraq. I’m sorry, she’ll go to Prada.”

Nickclick said:

Is there a war at Prada I'm not aware of? Do they use stiletto heels as ammo? Will their children be buried in giant alligator-skin purses?

*laughing so hard tears are running down my face*


That just disturbed and made my day.
i think my brain just melted and dribbled out my ears.

rofles, nickclick
WOW! I am both dumbfounded and speechless.......

*bangs head on desk*
huh. that was really really funny, and yet really really scary. i'm speechless. please tell me these people do not exist (although i know they do...)
this just makes me sick. it's not the most heinous, or against a child or anything, but this man is one of the most incredible I've ever known about.. his works and life are just amazing.
That is fucking vile. That man who attacked Mr. Wiesel is a loathsome disgusting waste of skin.
This reminds me of when I was seven & my folks took me to see ET. As soon as we walked out of the theatre he looked me in the eye & told me I was not to ever call anybody "penisbreath".
I wanna go out and buy that book for every kid I know now.

Ms. Nilsson, reached at Sunnyside Elementary School in Durango, Colo., said she had heard from dozens of librarians who agreed with her stance. “I don’t want to start an issue about censorship,” she said. “But you won’t find men’s genitalia in quality literature.”

“At least not for children,” she added.

lol, I read about that this morning. Ridiculous!
I read that too and started wondering what is wrong with people these days. When I was ten I found a children's book at my library that had a drawing of a boy in a bathtub. Full-frontal nudity, y'all. Also, it's the name of a part of the human body, like vagina.

Maybe they could just do something like the theater in Florida with The Hoohaa Monologues- just black it out and say the snake bit the dog's nuts. laugh.gif

People are just to conservative, these days! It shocks the hell out of me.

I just read this and had to share, it's bizzare:
WH-what th?!

where do these freaks come from?!
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