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Full Version: Glossy Girls...a Magazine Thread...
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i miss the old magazine thread that the lounge used to have... there are so many new cool looking magazines, and of course, there are articles that no one should miss....

so what are you looking at glossy girl?

i don't always buy any particular magazine, but the one i buy most is juxtapoz cos the art in there is more street-artish, and like my paintings, but i would buy other art mags if they weren't so expensive.

but other magazines i always look at and debate buying are:

giant robot
mass appeal
harper's bazaar

i look at tattoo magazines, because i day dream about being a tattoo artist, most of them are cheaply produced, but charge a lot. i do like the new inked cos it's slick like zink, and their first ish. had a great look at the interiors of some beautiful tattoo places. not the cold clinical ones that are the norm. one looked like graphic design studio, another was super retro.

i just got a new magazine the drama which is an interesting art quarterly. it has pix of artists in their studios, which i always love. a how to section featuring "how to make a beer bong baby" the back part has a bunch of one page comeeks. my favorite is the laura park one with a cat singing "the sunny side of the street", a favorite song of mine. i love their taste in art. it's julie doucet/gary panter ish... i like this mag a lot!

i wanted to get made: which looks fantastic. it's a do-it-yourself'er that runs the gamut from craftsy to electronics. it's thicker and it's range is wider than most of that genre. they have i website i've wanted to check out at made magazine but the hard copy is too expensive.

i found out that a girl i went to college with is the editor of readymade another diy mag. i keep meaning to build the loft they had in there....

i always want baseline which is a great typography magazine. they always have terriffic things about typographical history. i like it better than emigre, which, is more modern, but it seems like they are always trying to sell their fonts. but both are too expensive.

i used to obsessively read film mags. i loved film comment cos i love film theory, and could care less about interviews with actors. but i haven't a clue what's out there now.

last night i had dinner with an old friend and discovered her bf does horror-scopes for a tween fashion mag, but better than that, he writes a cat horror-scope column. which i think has got to be the best job ever.
anna k
I like Nylon and I flip through Tokion. I also like Dazed and Confused and BlackBook. I like the hipster stylish magazines that interview the "cool people."
Pretty cool stuff, you two.
Hey, I just bumped up Mag Mama, in case you feel like taking the party over to the original thread.
To add on to what raisin said if you check out the bust community forum anyone in there can you usually tell you if there's an existing thread or if there's enough interest to start a new one. smile.gif
i should have known better, actually. i started the mag mama thread umpteen years ago when i went by the handle "butta."
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