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hopefully this thread is about finding, sharing music, and what you love about it. there is a thread about new music here: new bands

i'd like this thread to be about encouraging busties to listen to explore music differently-- in an old school kind of way.

about exploring thrift store finds, LPs your parents had, records you find yard sailing, or at a record store, and sharing it.

that said, i have to up everybody on, which is a place you can upload and share your records. super easy, and free. they just opened their free membership again, so sign up now. it's FREE and easy. and a good way to share some of the music you find.
here is my site so you can see what it's about:

also you can download audacity, which is also FREE (, which, with a cord from radioshack will let you convert lps from your turntable into mp3s. (warning the mac version is not very stable.)

hopefully, we can have a gang of busties recording and sharing some amazing goofy music and we can explore different themes, genres, artists and covers.

there are a lot of great records out there. it'd be cool to hear what vinyl other people buy...

that said the last few lp's ive listened to are:
    devo~ freedom of choice
    lou rawls~you've made me so very happy
    liberace~here's liberace.
    tom jones~help yourself

my favorite new/old discovery is "los tres sudamericanos" the three south americans... it's fantastic 60's/70's pop in spanish. pop is so much fun in other languages. i am thinking about uploading some "international pop" i have a couple of things, but i think it might be funner to do some weird movie music. i have barbarella, manah manah, and some and two fantastic covers of the odd couple. the newest one sounds more like it's a james bond theme.

anyways, to start this off, we need a couple of questions:

what are the last few lp's you've listened to,

and what is your best find?

what is the weirdest song you found on one of your lps?
Last few listens:

Rolling Stones - Hot Rocks
Ramones - various
Smiths - Meat Is Murder

Best find:
A *HUGE* stack of mood music with everybody from Martin Denny, Esquivel, Jackie Gleason, etc. For five bucks about five years before the whole space age bachelor pad music thing was hip. A copy of Sargeant Peppers in mint shape with the insert with the moustache & badge intact inside. A 7" of the Doors Hello I Love You. Oh, & an original copy of Nancy & Lee.

Weirdest LP Song:
The Cowsills - John the Baptist. Most people associate the Cowsills with hair & as being the basis for the Partridge family, but they were crazy religious. The chorus is all about, "Six is the nunber, six is the number of a maaaaaaan," & there's a weird sort of sermon of sorts in the middle.

Weirdest 7" song:
The Crusher. I can't remember who it was by, some obscure stomp rock 60s band. It's a dance song dedicated to their local fave wrestler. It's sung like the guy is constipated with lots of grunts & groans. They offer such dance moves as "the hammerlock." Like, "Do the hammerlock, ungh! Do the hammerlock, UUUUNNNNGGGGHHHH!"

Favourite record cover:
The Many Facets of Roger

Have you ever heard the soundtrack to Vampyros Lesbos? QT used "The Lions & The Cucumber" on the soundtrack to Pulp Fiction. Sexadelic Dance Party it's called. Worth tracking down.
OMG! you have some great stuff. i would kill for esquivel.

and i love the cowsills-- not so much for the music, but just that their story was sooooo fucked for crazy religious familys i have this great rock-opera osmonds record about the apocolypse. hilarous!

as for vampyros lesbos, i have a re-issue copy of it. it's awesome!
i have been hunting for a spanish movie called Torremolinos 73. it's a newer movie (2003) but it has a similar soundtrack....
Thanks! You're no slouch yourself! I have a few greedy DJ friends that are always trying to get their slimy hands on my wax, but I gots to say the nay-no. I'll not risk destruction/desecration.

Best garage sale ever! Muy treasures. You should have seen my poker face! I didn't want to rip them off, but they had no idea what they had. I started idly flipping through the records & nearly shat myself. I started pulling things out to buy, but eventually decided that it would be easier to toss the things I didn't like. I kept the tiki records, the easy listening, some Ray Charles, & a buttload of comedy records. Roger Miller, some *blue* Redd Foxx, & my personal favourite, the Bill Cosby one with the "Chicken Heart That Ate New York."

There was all kinds of cool late fifties early sixties stuff, not just music. I got a vintage shadow plaid smoking jacket with satin lapels/cuffs, barware, & tchotchkes.

Ever buy the collector type records? One offs, European prints, picture discs? I have a beloved David Bowie picture disc from about ten years ago that's really cool. I used to be really avid until I had to move & haul the bins around. That shit is heavy, yo!
i did check out your website girltrouble. once i'm done with this internship thingy, i will have more time to devote to all of these programs. awesome.

i actually inherited my father's record collection. he was telling me how he had some albums appraised and how he could get $200 for an album. it hit me. he's gonna sell his albums. my response, "why are you gonna sell 'em?" his response, "you want them?" "yes!" i know alot of it has to do with my favorite childhood memories with my father include him playing music for me. my father's alive by the way...we're just estranged. i realized the last paragraph makes him sound like he's dead. blink.gif

i remember i briefly dated a guy who was an avid record collector with a great collection. i think that is why i really like him. *giggles* i mean, he did buy me a record player for christmas. i got something out of it.

i haven't shopped for vinyl on my own yet. i'm looking forward to it though. AP and is cool to hear your varied tastes in music.

last lps i listened to are led zepplin's houses of the holy, something loungey that i can't remember the name of, michael jackson's thriller

weirdest find...well, i haven't searched for this lp...but, i would love to find this lp my uncle had when we were was an lp with all of these "space" songs...elton john's rocket man, david bowie's space oddity (excuse me, ziggy stardust)...i just remember the album cover being cool....

weirdest song...i have to think about this one...

you know, there is alot about music i don't know about...i like to get turned on to new music...i guess i'm really sensitive to how it is brought to my attention...i like it when people can articulate what they like or love about certain music...i mean, i gotta be seduced people...i'm not that easy!! tongue.gif of course, there is some music that i just listen to and i like it. that easy. there's that word again!

i can certainly understand records having a lot to do with childhood memories. i started because my mom was getting rid of hers, and while she never had the biggest collection, the record she did have mean an awful lot to me. it's how i got into roberta flack and diana ross, donnie hathaway. my sisters records played a part too. last week i was really getting into rick james' album, "stone city band" and while everybody else remembers mary jane, or, if you know soul, you and i, but the songs that really bring me back are "sexy lady" and "dream maker" which lead me to rediscover tina marie.

the cool thing is the places the music takes you. i love hunting down songs that i just remember like steely dan's "peg", david bowie's "fame" switch's "i call your name" or the blackbyrds' "rock creek park" just for cause. or even better was player's "baby come back", which was such a guilty pleasure, that i never played it in my dj sets, and then going over to a friend's party where a couple of us record addicts always dj and my friend threw it on, and we all talked about how much we loved that song, and 3 out of the 4 vinyl addicts had it in our collection. i was amazed. but we all remember hearing it as a kids and connecting with it.
anna k
My dad had an old record player, and gave it to my sister, who played a lot of punk rock on it. When she got tired of them, I took them, and added stuff like Mabel Mercer and Billie Holiday and my grandpa's swing records. Now my brother has the record player, and is a huge collector. The only record I saved was Hole's Retard Girl:

IPB Image

It features 1990 classics like "Johnnies in the Bathroom" and "Phonebill Song." I liked the old scratchyness of it and the raw, messy quality of the songs.


I have: from my parents: all on ORIGINAL VINYL RELEASE!

Roy Orbison
Roger Miller
Johnny Cash
Herb Alpert and the Tiajuana Brass!! Me and my sister would come out and dance wearing crinolines that looked like spanish girl skirts!!

the Chipmunks Christmas album

and OOOOOHHHHH Anna K! The "racy" Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gormé records!

and Harper Valley PTA by Jenny Riley and These Boots are Made for Walkin' by Nancy Sinatra.

My dad was into "Spanish Eyes' by Perry Como and we would play that on the Juke box at the pizza place or at the rod and gun club where we shot pool!!

And -- Elvira by the Oak Ridge Boys!

And I had my sister's Tommy James and the Shondells -- still have them on Roulette 45 -- the original Redbird records version of "Give Him a Great Big Kiss" by the Shangri-Las.

Jimi Hendrix "Are You Experienced" All the original Led Zeppelin and Alice Cooper.


OH, Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers, Let It Bleed, 12 x 5, Out of Our Heads, and Exile on Main Street.

Aerosmith Get Your Wings, and the First one

All of early Bob Dylan through Blonde on Blonde, Electic Ladyland Jimi Hendrix, all of the early Velvet Underground and Lou Reed.

All of Iggy and the Stooges.

Mott the Hoople, the Undertones, the Lyres, Gang of Four, Magazine, Black Flag, Stiff Little Fingers, X, Patti Smith,

the Flex Your Head and Decline of Western Civilization and Repo Man

Pink Flag, Chairs Missing and Snake Drill by Wire

Orchestral Maneovers


All five first five Roxy music records on Vinyl AND CD

the first four Eno "song" albums.

Um-- Neil Young "Harvest"

All of the KINKS

LKJ and Bob Marley

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five! the Sugarhill Gang and Kurtis Blow!


Freaking -- Arlo Guthrie, Hank Williams

and Seventies lesbian folk singers Lavendar Jane Loves Women, Betsy Rose and Kathy Winter, and Libana.

Sweet Honey in the Rock, Toshi Reagon.

Oh you know you're gettiing laid at my place if I bust out a Roxy Music record.

Things I inherited when my dad died & all are an artists original issue, full repertoire (Unless a lot of it sucks like Rod Stewart!):
Zepplin, the Who, Jethro Tull, Aerosmith, Queen, Mott the Hoople, Thin Lizzy, the Kinks, Blondie, Talking Heads, Jimmy Cliff, Bob Marley, Santana, Marc Bolan & T.Rex, Lynard Skynard, CSNY, Pink Floyd, Bowie, Parliament Funkadelic, Deep Purple, Warren Zevon, J Geils, Stooges, Tod Rundgren, New York Dolls, Montrose, ZZTop, the Cure, the Stones, Robin Trower, Edgar Winter, Supertramp, BOC, Three Dog Night, America, Staples Singers, Isaac Hayes, DEVO, Traffic, Mountain, Big Star, the Nuge, Joe Tex, ELO, the Cars, KISS, Springsteen, Marvin Gaye, Bad Company, Foghat, Molly Hatchet, Commodores, Clapton, Earth, Wind & Fire, Alice Cooper, Janis Joplin, Curtis Mayfield, the soundtrack to Carwash, Al Green, Elton John, Steely Dan, Patsy Cline, Sabbath/Ozzy, Tom Petty, Joan Jett, Neil Young, Elvis Costello, the Atlanta Rhythm Section, AC/DC, Stevie Wonder, the GOOD Rod Stewart, Heart, Roberta Flack, the Stylistics, Sly Stone, CCR, Rare Earth, Jackson Five, the Temps, the Tops, Bill Withers, Grover Washington Jr, the Sweet, WAR, the Average White Band, Shocking Blue, the Knack, the Clash, the Police, Gladys Knight/Pips, the Chi-Lites, Faces, the Small Faces, Alice Cooper, Frank Zappa, the Doors, Allman Brothers, Cheap Trick, etc. I've got the late sixties through the mid eighties covered when they switched to CDs. I suppose the diamond of things is a two record set of Otis Redding that my dad saved up for weeks for when he was a kid.

Things I have that I don't like: Kansas, Fleetwood Mac, Buckingham Nicks, Stevie Nicks, Foreigner, Carly Simon, Jackson Brown, Bob Seger, Linda Ronstadt, Simon & Garfunkle, Paul Simon, Jim Croce, Journey, Styx, Doobie Brothers, Chicago.

Don't even get me started on the eighties, my blues collection or my own buys!

Music was an integral part of my childhood. My parents used to put me to sleep with glam rock. I had a particular love for Slade, I dunno why. They used the Doors to coax me out of my room. I got my first record player from my grandma for my third birthday. A blue denim number. It came with Disney records & books. I still love Peter & the Wolf to this very day. The Tigger song, too. My mom hates Snow White because of me! I loved the Steve Miller Band (I was FOUR, sue me!) & my Disco Duck record. Every time we went to the local pre-Walmart store, I got to pick out a few new 7". I played 10cc's I'm Not in Love for weeks. Badfinger's Day After Day, too. Later I got the Smurfs & Pac Man Fever. I still have that record player & it still has the pennies my dad taped to the arm.
Oh, lordy!! We've got all of PFunk, all the Doors, some Temps, no Tops, Clash, Bad Brains, mixed feelings about Fleetwood Mac, complete Bowie, Robert Johnson, all the T. Rex, all the Queen, Dead Boys, Pere Ubu, Tom Verlaine, Pattie Smith, all the Talking Heads. some Sweet, earl AC/DC all on vinyl.... the other day I played "Fat Bottom Girls" for the new generation. A classic..


and more.

too awesome.

Hah! Party at Aural's house! Party at Aural's house! The biggest balls of them all! That are always swinging to the left and to the right!
just to celebrate this thread, later this afternoon i'll put up "man-ha, man-ha" diana ross doing a cover of "come together",
lord sitar's "if i were a rich man" and a fantastic steel drum cover of santana's "oye-come va" and maybe a couple of other gems on my waxdj site.

i'll keep em up for download for the weekend....

um.... drool....?

wombat: the shangri-las? i LOVE the shangri-las. i could listen to remember (walking in the sand) for days... and jeannie reily is great... have you heard "satan place"? she kind of got me into that era of country, and my favorite singer song writer bobbie gentry (i adore bobbie gentry...oh!), and if you love the tiajuana brass, you will love the lord sitar @ my site. it's hilarious. sitars+ that tiajuana brass sound doing "if i was a rich man." it's a riot!

aural i would kill for some of those records... i've been dying for some thin lizzy, new york dolls, rare earth and otis redding is a god.

if you don't want your journey, i'll take it. and chicago is actually good if you listen to their early early stuff, it's actually good. saturday in the park? yes, please!

i love that story about glam rock. too funny! music i heard when i was a kid like mickey mouse's factory put me in a trance...

hey, of the albums that you have, have you heard these hidden gems (if you're asking me?)
    staples singers (you've got to earn it),
    isaac hayes (hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedaliymistic)
    marvin gaye(i want you/after the dance)
    curtis mayfield (kung fu-- this is an easy one-- you can hear it at my site)
    roberta flack(reverend lee, sister jones)
    bill withers (sweet naomi, better off dead)
    gladys knight+pips (cover of bill wither's who is she and what is she to you?)
    average white band (school boy crush)
    jackson five (blue skies)
    commodores (slippery when wet, sebu, shotgun)
i am so jealous of your record collection! drool! the guiding rule for my collection-- so i wouldn't lose my shirt-- was that i never pay more than $5 for a record, but more often than not a thrift store find price of $1-2, if it was more than that, i had to be looking for it forever (barbarella sound track, lord sitar's full album) or something i lost and loved (the atomic tom jones) or at an estate/garage sale.
I forgot the Kraftwerk collection!

We bought reissue of the Shangri-Las album and wish I got Ronettes. wow! I will check out your waxdj site!

I like early Chicago too!

OMG! We also have Chic!

You both have some stuff I don't have. This is why I think they should not be against MP3 swapping (or the cassettes we made!) because if you like music you will still buy a lot!

I hunted down a cheap copy of "Performance" movie soundtrack on vinyl -- people dont know how weird it is. It's the Stones with Jack Nietsche and Merry Clayton Thomas.

I would almost kill for early Ike and Tina Turner.

ok, so i get to eat crow... i can't seem to upload my songs, so.... i dunno best laid plans... i'll post here when i do get them up... sorry...
well, maybe you shouldn't, girltrouble. Being just one person running a site -- they could sue you so you don't have a life any more. People only get away with doing it anonymously or giving a few of their own songs away to get an audience.
i'm not worried. most of my up load music isn't on cd anyways. i have a lawyer friend who does a lot of civil liberties cases, and i think because we are talking about vinyl transfers, i think there is a case to be made that this is not much different than making a tape for someone since the inital recording is less than digitally pristine. besides,

there are kazillions of blogs offering downloads of songs way less obscure than mine...
That's good.
i was thinking how i would love for us busties to get together in here so i could hear all of these albums live. that would be so lovely....
Oooh I love this thread! I actually just did this yesterday:
IPB Image
IPB Image

My records were previously in crates on the floor so I finally got a shelf and alphebetized and got the records off the floor! We have sooo much more floorspace now. I'm going to make a list (I love lists) of what we have and I'll post it here.

The shelf is from Sears by the way, it was $45.
yay for vinyl lovers!

do post your list kayte! i'd love to see what you have...

i am so glad i am not the only one.... lol... i thought it was just gonna be stargazer and i.

so do you have favorite album covers?

IPB Image

i got this one a couple of mos. ago. the back and inside are just as full of cheezy goodness.

this however, is my least fave,
IPB Image
although i think it is hilariously disgusting. it's even more gross in person. ugh. only in the 70's. i used to have it displayed in my bathroom. everybody would come out of there talking about how awful it is. he really ought to be ashamed of himself.

well, i still can't get my mp3's loaded up, so if you are interested in them drop me an im on these here boards with an email adress and i will mail them to you as attachements till i get this figured out...

thrifted these records yesturday:
jo stafford ~ jo + broadway
seals + crofts ~ takin' it easy
" " ~ diamond girl
laura nyro ~ nested
ferrante + teicher ~ listen to the music with...

i am most excited by the laura nyro. i kind of discovered her after i bought her "gonna take a miracle" album. she sings with the band labelle backing her up. i love labelle, athough i am not the biggest fan of patty labelle. i really had only heard of laura nyro before then, but when i started noticing she was credited on another of my favorite albums. on bobbie gentry's "fancy" had BG doing a cover of nyro's wedding bell blues. not my favorite song of hers, but enough to make me curious. since then i've picked up any record of hers that i find.

the other is the ferrante and teicher cos it has them doing the barbarella theme.

i was thinking about how important bobby gentry's fancy was to me. does anybody else like doing musical geneology things with their favorite albums? i usually do this in my head. like the song "ode to billy joe" here's a simple version of what i mean:

"ode to billy joe">>bobbie gentry>>the album "fancy">> "wedding bell blues">>>laura nyro(4)
>>"delta man">>>leon russell (1)
>>""rain drops keep falling on my head">>bacharach+david/butch cassidyST

ok.... i'm a vinyl dork. and i need


The Mr. and I just a got a record player a last year, so we don't have a ton of records yet. But we have the beginings of what will undoubtly turm into a mass collection.

I love punk rock on vinyl! It just sounds so much better than cd.

We have the Clash, Ramones, Meat Puppets, Cheap Trick, the Dead Kennedy's in our little collection so far.

We also lucked out, and discovered a bunch of Johnny Cash records at a flea market in mint condition for like a quarter a record.

*bows to the collections you all have amassed and relurks*
IPB Image
i think i was a perverted kid (who turned into a perverted adult), but there was something about this album cover that was sexy to me. i would always look at it. and on the back side...if i remember correctly...i have to check the just saw her feet with honey being dripped on her...

musical geneology? oh, you're not the only dork. i do that myself too. or, i like to see what some songs remind me and go off from there too.

wow. i remember too much sometimes.
I am SO IMPRESSED, go-kayte! We got nice new matching milkcrate-y things, all clean and all the same color, when we moved, but I have yet to alphabetize the albums. We just shoved 'em in. We've got some vague categories. It has to be me because my guy refuses to have a left brain.

smile.gif kinda smile.gif

Ginger-kitty: Oh yeah, I remember thinking punk rock sounded great on a cheap-o Radio Shack tape recorder!

Stargazer and y'all-- One of the casualties of the new media for music (esp. those effin' cassette tapes!) has been the cover art! And lyrics big enough to read - and fun stuff inside!


and it's *very cool* to like a musician, find out the influences, and trace it back! Yeah!
lol... i love that you put up the ohio players. tell me that you love the song "fopp" on that album. it is so kick ass. it's like soul horns, crazy vocals and metal guitars... didn't soundgarden do a cover of that song? i remember hearing that in some store like express, and just cracking up. i freaking love that song!!!!

this one etched in my brain.
IPB Image
childhood album. i just can't stop looking at it.
it's got two of my favorite RF songs, "go up moses" and "sunday and sister jones".

wombat, i am sooooo with you on that. i try so hard to have the same experience with cds but well, it's just not as satisfying. i don't want extra songs or videos, i want the big album sized art that lps had. its like a bunch of little posters. i have mine leaning against a wall, and i am always aware of which ones are facing out. it's like more eye candy in my apartment. and i love apartments where there are all kinds of little things to look at.
girltrouble, the first thing I thought of when i saw that hairy man one was this:

IPB Image

It's "Balls to the Wall" by Accept. They're kind of like AC/DC. The music's not great but that album cover...! Haha.

I also love this cover... this is what I'm listening to right now.
IPB Image

Kraftwerk -- yeah.

and, what is it with men in leather? Hi there, hot stuff.
we didn't think of our fav christmas cover art! of course, i don't have one at the moment....
Beauty & her Bass
IPB Image

I must have stared at this album (cover, inside and back) for HOURS as a kid. In all honesty, I have never been a big Moody Blues fan (I played Dark Side of the Moon out) but this album art just amazed me.

I still have nightmares about a Ramsey Lewis record. He was all painted up & had braces. My dad used to leave it out on purpose to freak me out. I'll find a link & post it...

Maggot Brain used to scare me, too.
I have a few hundred records, most of which I picked up at church bazaars and hipster record shops, and some of which came from my Dad (classic rock like CCR and the Stones) and my friend who became a Buddhist and gave his stuff away (jazz- mostly bebop).

My favorites right now:
Bo Diddley "His Greatest Sides" (although "Mona" skips!)
the Stooges "Funhouse"
Ella Fitzgerald sings Cole Porter
Screaming Jay Hawkins "Frenzy"
Sonic Youth "Washing Machine"
a compilation called "Last Kind Words" (20s blues)
Leonard Cohen "Songs from a Room"
Supremes "a Go-Go"

My boyfriend has a few that I'm jealous of- Cat Power's "The Covers Record", Joanna Newsom's 1st album, and "Sister" by Sonic Youth. And he has a lot of punk stuff like Fugazi that I don't really know.
any of those johnny & edgar winter brothers albums scared the bejeebus out of me! those albino guitar playing freaks!

oh, and this one KISS album with Gene Simmons face on it.

edie~wow. i envy your bf. fugazi on vinyl. awesome.
What a great thread!

I just wanted to jump in and say that I had a major score at a thrift store a couple of months back. I always look at the vinyl section and hope for an oldie but goody. Well, it was my day. I saw a stack of maybe 10-15 albums in hard plastic sheaths. I flipped to them. Red vinyl Jane's Addiction, import Smashing Pumpkins, blue vinyl Aphex Twins, first Pearl Jam album with a full size poster, the list goes on and on. Well, needless to say, I snatched those up for $1.69 each. Flew home, hit the web. Some of the records are worth nearly $200 each for a collector. My score for the day: almost $1,000 in vinyl for $20. I've listened to them all, carefully, and enjoyed every moment of the music. I have no intention of selling them.

My most prized album in my collection is Joni Mitchell's The Hissing of Summer Lawns or one of my Howling Wolf albums.
just wanted to post the rekids i found this weekend. 25 cents to a dollar for all...
  • danny kaye, danny kaye:choice song:i've got a lovely bunch of cocoanuts
  • jo anne castle the ballad of jed clampett song:title song,
  • enoch light far away places :istanbul (not constantinoble), ching ghing chow
  • cal tjader cal tjader's greatest hits :america, night in tunisia
  • brass ring only love :mrs. robinson, odd couple theme, rosemary's baby theme
  • the church starfish :under the milky way
  • les elgart les elgart on tour :?
  • henry mancini the versatile mancini : bali hai
  • the guitars of dan & dale moonlight memories :?
  • the saddle tramps country gentlemen : milk can blues
  • instrumentals country style :foggy mountain breakdown
  • zeke clements the man from music mountain :me and my big loud mouth
  • jim reeves jim reeves and some friends :?
  • sammy davis jr. lonely is the name :uptight, all that jazz, up, up and away
  • sandy posey born a woman: born a woman
  • sandy posey single girl : see ya round on the rebound
  • jazz sampling :sarah vaughn, lover man; sidney bechet, sweet lorraine; dizzy, blue n' boogie
  • eydie gorme here's eydie gorme : frenesi
  • wayne newton wayne newton-now!:l-o-v-e, danke schoen, after the laughter
    and one of my favorite records of all time... i can't not buy it if i see it. i think this is my 4th or 5th copy:
  • bobbie gentry fancy:fancy, delta man, rainmaker, he made a woman out of me, raindrops keep falling on my head
you can hear eydie gorme's frenesi, and a song by bobbie gentry not on the album fancy on my website
I finally have some records of my own and some of them are really great. The crazy thing though is that since I moved, I no longer have anything to play them on. Does anyone have any suggestions for a simple turntable that I can hook up to my stereo?

And some of my favourite records that I've got:

The Beatles: Abby Road
Breakfast at Tiffany's soundtrack
Artie Shaw

I really want to get some Ramones records and Elephant by The White Stripes on vinyl.
Candycane---- I would call around to pawn shops and see if they have any... or antique stores possibly? This may not be as efficient as purchasing a USB turntable, though.... and the problem can be the needle or finding a new needle with an older model. I was diggin round cause I need one too, and they seem to go for upwards of $100.

Ebay has a lot of postings...

I had a portable vintage one that also had Mic and Aux inputs... but the internal belt or something was starting to wear out and wouldn't play at the speed it needed to. sad. sad.gif

I'm turntable-less right now.. and my vinyl is just sitting there... staring at me.
moon pie has got something there. pawns are great. thrift stores should always be the first start for me. you can also check craigslist's electronic section. round here you can get one for about 20$ or less, sometimes they still have the needle in them. occasionally you can find a gem. i bought a marble based direct drive pioneer turntable for 15 bux. trick is to keep looking, keep upgrading.

to find a place that sells needles, you can check any audiophile stereo place. look in the phone book, they often sell vintage turntables too. you can buy needles on average for about $40. worse come to worse, if you have a decent turntable you can always replace the head and cartridge at a dj shop, considering turntablism is doing strong, you can talk to any dj and ask where they get their records/turntables/needles at.

as for usb turntables, you can do a work around at radio shack you can get a part that plugs into the left and the right aux out and into a earphone jack. which you put into your computer. it costs around 12 bux if i'm not mistaken,
what you are looking for is a dual rca on one side of the cable and a 1/8" jack on the other:
(this is two dual rca) 1/8" jack (on the left.)

and you can download audacity-- the program some usb turntables include as their software-- for free. it's shareware.

so the trift store route you can get the equipment to record your records turntable on down for under $100.

but do become familiar with the thriftstores around you. new music can be bought for $2 or less. i'm spoiled. i have a hard time paying more than a buck for a record unless i've been looking for it for years. you start to realize certain parts of the country are good for different kinds of music. here in the pacific nw, lounge records are very easy to find, soul is rare. in the bay area, it's the inverse. denver was a good cross section, more country.
any luck with the turntablism, candycane?


more rekids!
$1 thriftstore.

hank crawford, don't you worry bout a thing; title track, all in love is fair, sho is funky, groove junction.
--meh, this and the beach boys below will probably get thrown out. inspite of a great line up, this record sux. the cover songs are bland, and the 2 songs on the b side, only slightly funky, do not merit 12 minutes. too bad. i pretty much buy anything associated with creed taylor. his labels cti and in this case kudu are almost always good, and have given my some of my favorite jazz, (like a great guitar version of paint it black that always wows them), many of them were sampled the fuck out of, with interesting beats. but not this one.

7 records for $5 at an estate sale.

martin denny, primitiva: kalua, m'gambo mambo, buddist bells and bangkok cockfight.
-- yay! i love good lounge! and the cover is classic.

beach boys, 10 years of harmony, best of: ?
-- i don't really listen much to the beach boys, but i figured why not.

elvis , the legendary magic of...: suspicious minds, little sister
--i love these songs by elvis, and i love the covers of them by fine young cannibals and dwight yoakim, respectively.

bobby darin, darin at the copa: mack the knife, clementine, bill bailey, that's all and alright, ok, you win.
-- i lurves me some bobby darin. sinatra is smooth, but darin just swings. i love bd.

the supremes, i hear a symphony: ?
-- i bought a kick ass supreme collection with them doing tv ads etc, so i haven't bought one of their lps till last week or so. i can't resist the song, 'love (is like an itching in my heart). again, why not?

the supremes, .... at the copa: somewhere, the boy from ipanema, queen of the house, and an intro by sammy davis jr on the back.
--if you've heard 'king of the road' queen of the house was a reply/reworking of the lyrics into a house frau pride anthem. it's as good as the original, by jodi miller. somewhere is from west side story.

*, the hawaiian eye tv soundtrack: hawaiian eye theme
--i'd imagine this was like magnum p.i.'s forefather. i've never seen it, myself, i just had an old detective theme compilation record with a loungy version of the theme and thought it was hilarious (they chant hawaiian eeeeyyyyeee! do-do-do!) the actual theme is far better. it's more lush, but no less silly. but the doo-doo-doos have been replaced by tribal 'uh!' s.
my favorite of my new records on a pretty good hawl.
omg... it's like an episode of petticoat

thanks aural... toooo funny.
I do try to make your day, dear.
smart ass. tongue.gif
Oooo, GT, looks like you totally scored at the thrift store! I especially love Martin Denny and exotica. Les Baxter, Esquivel, etc. All that stuff ~ love it!

Last thing I purchased was Sigur Ros, Heim/Hvarf, the double cd with re-workings of some of their songs from their first album, Von (gotta love those 'mystical' Icelandic song titles) and other un-released stuff, plus a second cd of acoustic stuff. Haven't listened to it yet, but will get to it shortly. I kind of have to be in the mood for Sigur Ros. They're ethereal, majestic, chilling, spacey, etc, etc, but sometimes I find they lack a little substance in their songs. I'm not always into pretty without substance (apologies in advance to fans who may disagree w/ me), but sometimes it fits the bill.
anna k
I just got turned on to Margie Joseph, and I love her voice. She's an R&B singer who became known in the '70s, and her voice is rich and gorgeous and deep. What's Come Over Me is so beautiful and lovely and sad, and I found myself singing along, wanting to harmonize. She has an 80's dance-pop song called Midnight Lover that, while cliche as a remnant of the 80's, makes me smile and sing along, it's very catchy.

Jody Miller's voice doesn't match her looks. It looks like a funny combination.
well some of my music wouldn't load up, but i put a few new things up on my site:

wax dj:lady schick

just click on the music tab...

i'll try to put more later along with music info.
FINALLY heard the original of "Steal your heart Away" by Bobby Parker!! Is this the tune I've most been wanting to find, over the years? Could be. It turned up on You-tube (sp?), you listen while you watch the 45 spin. Better n' nuttin'.

The title is mis-read, so if you want to hear this, search for "Watch your Step" by BP. Killer 45!

Love those covers of Primtiva and Hawaiian Eys, G-T!!
Come join me beneath the waterfall... Huck honey...
*does a back flip that dolor is in the thread!*
i do so lurve me some dolor!
and i can't wait till i can hear that song, i'm crazy curious of what music you'd listen

QUOTE(girltrouble @ Dec 15 2006, 03:57 PM) *
hopefully this thread is about finding, sharing music, and what you love about it. there is a thread about new music here: new bands

that said the last few lp's ive listened to are:
    devo~ freedom of choice
    lou rawls~you've made me so very happy
    liberace~here's liberace.
    tom jones~help yourself
my favorite new/old discovery is "los tres sudamericanos" the three south americans... it's fantastic 60's/70's pop in spanish. pop is so much fun in other languages. i am thinking about uploading some "international pop" i have a couple of things, but i think it might be funner to do some weird movie music. i have barbarella, manah manah, and some and two fantastic covers of the odd couple. the newest one sounds more like it's a james bond theme.

I saw this old thread and just had to bump the original post. Girltrouble, you're so eclectic! What kind of person listens to Tom Jones, Liberace and Devo?! You're crazy.

I agree with you about "international pop," it's so cute! Those crazy foreigners are just adorrrable; I just love the way they sound (even though I don't understand any of it- LOL!)
aw, thanks riot!

i just love music.

i should have been posting in here more. i should have told you about the best music search engine out there-- hushie. but well it got closed down thanks to the nazis at riaa suing them. hmph. hushie was dreamy. now it's gone. there are some other ones, but hushie was like the mp3 search engine that your friend made just for you. i'll miss it. now i check every mp3 s.e. by seeing if it can find songs by josie and the pussycats songs from the 70's, or rare bobbie gentry.

lately i've been surfing for international pop and found some great stuff. the newest is a sub genre called "ye-ye" which is a kind of 60's now sound composed of girl groups.

the french are always good, of course, and speaking of which, check out ex-go-go front lady belinda carlisle's album voila! it's a bunch of french covers. bonnie and clyde is good, but i am in love with her version of contact! which is so much better than the original.

and while i am talking about girl groups, in the words of the shangri-las (and quoted by the new york dolls), i am in LOVE, L-U-V..... with the pussycats. not of the cartoon. just the pussycats. no josie. they are right up there with the shangris in my book. favorite song: the rider

and if you haven't heard of the peanuts, check them out too. they were the two girls who sang to mothra in the japanese monster movies. they had a singing career, and they were brilliant!

i tried to up load some songs to my dj page on tues, but the website did not like it, so it did not work.

it's a pity. i had some pretty awesome stuff that's pretty rare. i've been recording some of the music i play in some of the dj sets i used to do. i'll p.robably find some other site and link the music here... when i get around here.
Girltrouble, you like the same kind of things I like! That's amazing! Yay! Devo's Freedom Of Choice is one of my favorite albums ever. (If I were ever in a rock band I would have to cover "Gates of Steel"). I have recently discovered ye-ye as well and think it is most fabulous. I have been listening to a lot of Frech pop lately, mostly Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot., so I have to check out the Belinda Carlisle covers! I recently found an obscure-ish track from the 50's that is sooo very kitschy and wonderful by the Teen Queens called "You Good Boy, You Get Cookie". It totally belongs in a John Waters movie. I have also been really digging 60's brazillian pop and have been listening to Sergio Mendes on my record player. Oh! And I always loooove old blues! I have Howlin' Wolfe and John Lee Hooker in heavy rotation at all times. Americana is always popular in our house and the older, darker and creepier the better. The husband and I both can't get enough Leadbelly. Yay! I am so glad I found this thread because it is so awesome!
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Nov 20 2008, 09:07 PM) *
lately i've been surfing for international pop and found some great stuff. the newest is a sub genre called "ye-ye" which is a kind of 60's now sound composed of girl groups.

I enjoy some ye-ye, and would recommend April March (this is a link to her myspace page), an American girl who sings in English and French, with French pronunciation so flawless, the French have adopted her as their own. She's also an animator (known most for her work on Ren & Stimpy), and married to Warren Zanes, the former Vice President of Education for the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame. Musically, she's probably best known for her track Chick Habit (video remix with clips from Russ Meyer's Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill). Quentin Tarantino featured the song prominently in his movie Death Proof, although April recorded it long before that. She's put out several great albums since then, some more electronic than others. Favorite tracks include the acoustic Cet air-la, and Mignonette (very ye-ye).

Another recommendation is France Gall, a true ye-ye French pop singer from the '60s. Here's her original version (in French) of Chick Habit, and her version of Poupée de cire poupée de son (sorry about the bad lip synching).

On a completely different note (no pun intended), lately I've been listening to Mercury Rev's new album "Snowflake Midnight" (which comes with a free instrumental companion album, "Strange Attractor"). You can see some video clips and live performances (none of them from the new album yet) here. I love these guys.
Hey, thirties! April March is awesome. Have you heard the record April March Sings The Makers? It's The Maker's backing April March singing their songs and she totally should have been their new singer. She does a better job than he ever did and I actually like The Makers.
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