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Full Version: I'm Holding Out For A Hiro!
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I love this show -- I got caught up by watching the episodes on the net. To consult TWOP would take a shorter time, but sometimes I think that site leaves out too many details.

This show is all about nuance. In fact, I'm not even trying to figure out what they're going to do next. I just enjoy watching them.
I'd agree with that kittenb. I loved the look on Claire's face when she realized something had happened and adopted dad had wiped her adopted mom's mind.

So, I have to admit, the reason I thought it was Nathan was the shot of the expensive watch in the previews last week. The reason I thought him and not Linderman is that we haven't seen Linderman at all -- which makes me think that the reveal of who he really is will be very interesting. (I bet Linderman's a woman! Wouldn't that be something?)

I read this television blog, What's Alan Watching, and he noted that he likes how Peter and Sylar have been set up as opposites and that Peter's emotional nature is what helps him harness his powers, and I like that too. I also agree with him that Peter will probably teach some Very Special Lessons about love to Doctor Who.

And then the show can bring in Captain Jack to ask Doctor Who to shave. And then they can make out.

Sidecar my dear, you are a genius!!! laugh.gif As after-school-speacial-y as it sounds, I think you're right about Peter teaching Invisible Guy about the Power of Love. And I think he'll still be able to teach Peter about controling his power. Oh, what a beautiful friendship they'll have! And when Johnny Depp shows up, what a beautiful sandwich they'll make!
Actually, I think sidecar was referring to John Barrowman, aka Captain Jack Harkness of Doctor Who and Torchwood fame. But Johnny Depp can play along as long as he brings the rum.
[smacks forehead] Oh yes! How could I have forgotten Jack?!? Of course he's perfectly welcome to join, too. smile.gif

Any theories on why Nikki was set free? What does Jessica know that we don't know?
nicki was set free cos there was no where to go with that plotline. *shrugs* if we were dealing with reality she'd be right back in for assault of the therapist, as well as the corrections officers....
When Hiro called Hope a "bad person," I had to pause and think about it because what I heard was that she was a "butt possum." Which, if you think about it, is a way better insult.
Ha ha!! "butt possum"

I was getting sick of Claire till I went to and saw some of the backstory, also, this latest episode she seems a little kinder.

It seemed ridiculous to me that she was bitchy bitching about not getting hurt -- and then hurting herself and healing over and over again.

Okaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy -- finiding limits is one thing, but, do you GET IT now?

Other news -- I'm developing a crush on Mohinder.

Now, maybe I've missed this?? but, we still haven't seen Linderman's face, right?

And am I the only one creeped out by Claire's father?
Crap was there a new episode on this week? I completely spaced it! Is thesci-fi channel still running the re-runs?
I too am itching to find out who this Linderman is. Could it be Clair's dad?
Last night my friend and I went to see the Dixie Chicks documentary "Shut Up and Sing," and I totally did not know that Adrian Pasdar was Natalie Maines's husband, so when I saw him onscreen I was like, "OMG! It's Nathan Petrelli!"

You know, as much as I don't want the weekend to end, I really can't wait to see the next episode of Heroes.
Just discovered THIS -- Heroes producer/director's blog. Apparently some people I know are people HE knows blink.gif

Poor Peter sad.gif

But it's cool to see Matt Parkman embrace his wild side! Hana/Ted/Matt is my new OT3.
omg...that was such a good episode!!!
maude damn-it! i'm travelling and missed it on monday. what happened? somebody please recap?? i'm addicted, which is saying a lot 'cause i don't watch so much tv!
You should check out They recap episodes better than I ever could. With more humor and snark too.
what did you miss? omg! so freaking much! see if i get everything...:

***********spoiler alert**********

the nuke dude is in a cabin and gets a strange IM, that talks to him about his powers, the scar and shows him specs of a gun the person on the other end says gave him powers. suddenly there is a woman in the room who he discovers has the ability to tap into electronics/internet without a computer. and she seems to know a lot about the powers and how to find people who have them. she wants to team up....just like...

the indian scientist dude and psycho sylar pretending to be zach-- a guy who can melt things. they find dale-- a woman who has super hearing. later psycho kills her and steals her power, but there is a downside. she heard things too well and now normal sounds hurt psycho sylar. sniff. so sad. the indian doc finds dale dead the next day, he and sylar flee...

hiro is held at gun point by the guy who had the bag. they go hunt down the baglady and hiros friend. the man tells hiro that having a partner is nothing but trouble. they find the woman and it's shoot out at the ok coralle. hiro's friend gets wounded, missy pyle-- the bag lady fires point blank at hiro. he closes his eyes and the bullet goes back in the gun and explodes. the cops arrive and hiro figures the gun just misfired. he gets on a bus (driven by stan lee) and leaves his friend behind with a ticket to tokyo...meanwhile....

last ep, claire's mom didn't know who she was (or her little dog, toto, either), clair gets her brother and mom is suddenly normal. later mom collapses and claire freaks out and calls her papa, who is out of town cos...

he's in NYC with the power dampening hatian trying to hunt down peter cos....

the painter dude's latest painting showed him peter can be invisable and was watching him and the art dealing woman. papa gives vangogh a gun to shoot pete if he comes back. which is fine by picasso cos he wants simone back. and when he sees her later they fight, she realises he's been lying to her to get her back...... later....

the invisible doctor who dude is attacking peter to make him use his power. after a good whooping, peter takes the staff telekinetically and breaks it. he remembers he got it from sylar. just then dr who is tazered by daddy dearest, when the hatian mr clean fires his gun, peter stops time before the tazers reach him, throws dr. who off the roof and then follows him, catching him and flying off. later dr who blames peter for papa john hunting him down, and tells peter he's a lame boner and his on his own, turns invisable and checks out of the roach motel.....

the cop gives his wife an engagement ring with a diamond from the last episode. she gets it resized and realises it was stolen. she reads 'dirty harry' the riot act. just then he gets a call from duke nuke'em. who he meets in a graveyard. he's got internet betty with him and they tell him about the gun and how she's traced it back to big pappa. they talk him into joining them....just as...

claire is told by a doctor that her mom has brain dammage. the doc asks if her mom is in a abusive relationship. claire confides in the doctor who says she'll talk to her dad. when big papa arrives, claire has had enough and she goes off on ward cleaver. they head home, only to find that the new trio of the cook, the thief, his wife, and ...sorry... nuke, cop, and lady electric are waiting for them with guns. they take claire's mom and brother hostage. and they want answers.....just like...

peter. he shows up at warhol's paint factory and confront's the artist dude. they get in a fight and when vangogh busts out the gun, pete turns invisable, and throws things at him telekinetically. vangogh gets pissed and, hearing a sound, turns and shoots......simone.

the end!
I think that might have been the best episode, to date! I had to watch it on the internet, b/c I forgot to watch Monday, but it was awesome!

I love that Peter is learning to control his powers.

Siller gets creepier and creepier. I kept thinking figure out who he is Indian guy.

I really want to know more about Claire's adopted dad, and what exactly it is that he does.
I could not belive about Simone. I mean my jaw just dropped.
I don't think that Simone is going to die. I'm hoping that Peter will somehow use his powers to heal her. Think it could happen?

Watching Peter fly was my favorite part of the show. Sorry that Dr. Who ran out on him, though. I'm sure he'll be back. He's got to come back.

I am sooooooo damn curious about this new lady (the one who found Radioactive Man). She seems super cool!
OMG I just saw Monday's episode! I've been avoiding this thread until I had time to see it and it's been torture!

I love Hana, I hope she sticks around (that is a kick-ass power, I wonder if she can hear cell phone conversations and stuff?). Simone was kinda gettin' on my nerves, so she can totally go. I wonder if Isaac will realize he's hooked up with the bad guys now, or if he'll just blame the whole thing on Peter....who's got an awful lot of control over his powers all of a sudden. Guess he just needed to get really mad....

And speaking of the bad guys, I wonder if Matt/Ted/Hana will actually get any info out of Claire's poppa, or if the Haitian will show up and make everybody forget anyway.

Hurray for Hiro using his power again! Stan Lee driving the bus was a riot. laugh.gif

Oh, and much belated props to Sidecar for figuring out Nathan as Claire's bio-dad, I keep thinking she's 18 and he's like 32 or something.....

yay! thankythanky! i'm SO super sorry that i missed it though, POOH!
i do find it a little unbelievable that the cop didn't think to FENCE his stolen diamonds and buy his girl a new ring. i mean, hello, he IS a cop right? it's not like the keeping the evidence after the whole fiasco job wouldn't have been obvious to him. stupe.

does isaac not remember big bad daddy? did the H-man put a spell on him and erase the memory of his time in the hole? otherwise HOW in the world would they be able to convince him to trust them with anything? big baddy is a fright.
But pepper, they weren't bad guys to Isaac, remember? They helped him stop chasing the dragon and harness his powers. Even though he didn't care for their methods, he thought they were okay, hopefully until now. He hasn't seen them be really nasty. 'Course, I have a feeling he's going to continue to think they're okay, and just blame Peter for Simone's shooting.....
i was just talking to a friend who pointed out that the actor who plays sylar was tori spelling's gay best friend in "so notorious" which just fucked me up. although he was a different type of evil in that show....
after he got clean big baddy made him shoot up again though. terrible. did they make him think that was his idea? i forget now.
I didn't think he shot up again, I thought what's-her-name used her "persuasion" voice to get him to paint something about Claire.....I don't think Isaac knew the bad guys wanted him to shoot up again....hmmm, may have to go watch that episode again......

aviatrix, that is just not right! Now I'm going to be picturing Sylar as Tori Spelling's gay best friend....actually, that's not much of a stretch (I can hear him saying as he opens their skulls "you don't deserve powers in THAT outfit!")
OMG SIXEL... so funny. my friend also pointed out that what sylar is doing is paralell to peter's power. which *smacks her forehead* was so obvious. but never occured to me. so sooner or later there is going to be a showdown betwixt the two of 'em....
I'm thinking "pink bag villain guy" <--- great name or what? ----> is "Linderman"

Anyone else think that?

Also, notice how close the name Linderman is to Linden and Linden Labs? As if these folks are living in Second Life?
Girltrouble, I loved the recap. You could give Television Without Pity a run for their money.

For fans of Hana "Wireless" Gittelman I definitely recommend reading her story in the comic book on's Heroes site.

I hope we see more of Claude, and I hope that we haven't seen the last of Ando either. I mean, why go back to the office once you've tasted real adventure?

And I think I may be losing my already tenuous grip on reality, but there's a guy in one of my classes that looks kinda like Sylar. And yesterday as I was walking to the store I swear I saw Hiro and Mr. Bennet too.
Yeah, true, aviatrix, but I think Peter must have the advantage b/c Sylar has to do whatever sicko "medical" procedure he's doing with their brains to get their powers, but Peter just has to have been in their vicinity. I thought the fact that he was just near Sylar and summoned that telekinesis power last episode was verrrry interesting.....does that mean he actually has the all the other powers Sylar had stolen up until that point? And if they did go head to head, wouldn't Peter automatically have access to all of Sylar's powers, plus what he'd absorbed on his own? Maybe meeting up with Sylar is what makes him "go nuclear".....

oooh, and thanks geiger for the tip about Hana! I'm off to read (and secretly pine for her power, hee! I work in a wireless store, I would have soooo much fun with that......)
I think Sylar is eating the brains of his victims.
That's how I took it too, kitten.
See, I'm not so sure, he's eating them. Because his "power" is that he can see how things fit together (remember the watches) So he can see the parts of the brain that affect the power and how it fits, like a jigsaw puzzle. So maybe he's eating them, maybe not. I dunno.
*averts eyes from potential spoilers*

Okay, I just saw the first 2 episodes of Heroes this week (other side of the pond). So far I'm intrigued. I like that everyone's kind of flawed. I like the japanese guy best, followed, oddly enough, by the cheerleader. Will try to DL the rest...

*jealous--again--of stateside viewers...*
sybarite, welcome to the cult! but it will be a little hard to keep away from the spoilers in here. can you watch past episodes on

last night was probably the best.episode.yet. even without hiro. and peter. and issac. geez, i'm crushing on, like, the entire cast!

who knew claire's mom could act?

i'm a little skeeved about eric roberts. and his new 'do.

so is sulu linderman???? except in the previews, they showed a white-haired dude, and, i think, said something about linderman. he was half-turning, and i thought he looked like donald sutherland.

i cried at the end. and i'm not even pms-ing.

i LOVE that they're actually putting pieces together and giving answers. unlike lost, who's premise still seems to be hmmmm, how hard can we mindfuck our audience?
Srsly. smile.gif Claude used to work with Bennett! The Haitian used to be mute! Sulu is even more of a bad guy than we suspected!

For about a minute I thought that Ted was right and they were the subjects of some sort of experimentation, but then I realized that didn't account for everybody's gifts. Although they could still have been the result of experimental gene splicing... Dunno.

I can't help but say, tho', that the neighbors must have gotten an eyeful of Regenerating Claire. Would be helpful to have a Neuralyzer handy so they could just "flash" the whole neighborhood...
Sybarite, I hope you find a way to download the rest of the season! Since you're on the other side of the pond, I don't think the NBC website will let you watch the episodes we've already seen.

What a great episode!!! Wow! Usually during the commericals, my husband and I will chat about what we just saw, but for most of this episode, we were absolutely silent during the commercials ... just waiting for more!

I suspect that we have not seen Linderman yet. I think they're going to keep that particular character from us for a little while longer. Oddly enough, I wasn't terribly surprised to see that Sulu works for the company. I kinda saw that coming.
After that episode I don't hate Claire's adopted dad as much. He's still a creep but at least he loves Clair. I want to know more about the company he works for.

mandolyn, I am so glad I wasn't the only one crying at the end.

That episode ROCKED! It was several things I did not see coming. I was not surprised about The Invisable Man, although I can't wait to see his side of the story. I was really surprised about Takai. the ending. OMG!!!!
what wigged me out was the talk about "the FINAL CHAPTERS" WTF? i doubt nbc would kill it's golden goose-- i have a feeling there will be spin offs-a-plenty. but maybe thats me...

glad to see simone coming back....she's foxy....
Just watched it, WOW!!!

To my surprise I got a little teary at the end, myself.

I love evil Eric Roberts, he plays bad guys so well.

Takai, surprised me, I just didn't see it coming. I definately want to know more about the company. Sounded like they might keep the cop around, to do thier bidding.

I have so many crushes....adding the Haitian to the list.
vesicapisces, he has just been pretending to be mute since he was a little boy.
eric roberts has never really gotten his due, but he looks weird now. :/ like he's undergone some sort of mickey rourke-ization
I just watched it; definitely best episode of the season. I, too, wept at the end, when he not only agreed to get shot but had everything about Claire wiped from his memory to keep her safe. So heartbreaking. I also hope it's not the last we see of Jack Coleman as he was great in this episode.

Also: Isn't Doctor Who hot with a shave and a haircut? I'm looking forward to seeing stuff from his side, too.

Takei was also a big surprise.

Oh, and I'm kinda bummed that it appears Simone isn't actually dead.
I second the simone thing. She rubs me the wrong way.
I think Simone is really dead and we are just seeing some sort of nightmare vision of her.
Sybarite: You can find all the episodes so far on this site Fanpop: The Heroes Spot

Here are some of my favorite Heroes fanvids on youtube:

Cake--Hem of Your Garment--Sylar/Mohinder

Snow Patrol--Somewhere a Clock is Ticking--Sylar fanvid

System of a Down--Chop Suey--"When Heroes 'Deserve' to Die"
someone explain to me Please how sulu can't know that his own dang son is one of 'them' already? either he does and is tracking him to find out all the stuff about the others or there's a big, Huge gap in the writing. something's up there.
hope i get that channel where we're staying 'cause there's no computer and i'll go bananas if i can't ever watch it, yipe!!
Finally watched this week's ep last night! I'll admit, I got a little misty at the ending, too. Even though Claire's dad from 15 years ago was seriously Ted Bundy creepy. And I think Sulu knows Hiro is special, and doesn't want the company to find out. Hiro's power isn't as obviously demonstrable as most of the others, so he's easier to dismiss as a "crank". Besides, isn't Sulu his bio father? Wouldn't he have powers too (like Claire and Niki's kid)? Maybe Hiro's dad is one of the "special" people working for the company, like Dr. Who did.

What happened to Wireless? She was with Ted and the cop at Claire's house at the end of last week, but nowhere to be found this week. What gives?
Sixlacat - I don't think that a parent of a kid with powers necessarily has them, do they?. I know Claire's do, but I'm not sure its a given.

Also, didn't wireless turn up working at the paper factory right at the end? (looking over the cop with a clipboard), thought that was her - I took it to mean she was a double agent, not working for Claire's dad but for his boss (Linderman or whoever it turns out to be)
I'd say Simone is someone who hasn't come into her own yet. She is trying to "behave" and balance the other characters. But there has to be some reason she found them/is associated with them in the first place, so there is mystery there.

Yeah, the Linderman in the previews looks like a comparatively small man.

Well, one good thing about this show is that I get DELIGHTED when it's MONDAY AGAIN! That's an accomplishment.
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