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Full Version: I'm Holding Out For A Hiro!
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What I meant by the melty face thing is that by nightmare man putting Nathan into the dream, we could see that it was just a illustration of his fear about the if bomb actually went off. It was his "greatest fear" in that sense I thought it was someone explained...maybe I'm reading too much into it.
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Oct 22 2007, 10:45 PM) *
Forgive me, but I don't understand all the hoopla over Kristen Bell joining the cast. So she used to be on a show with a cult following. Big deal. She isn't the first person to join the cast with old fans.

Now RoseViolet, that just hurts me. rolleyes.gif Seriously, I know that for me when I fall in love with a cult classic show (far more than when it is a standard successfful show like ER or something, I get bizarrely attached to the actors and I love to see them continue to work. For example, I am so happy for Nathan Fillian being on Desperate Housewives even though I kind of hate the show. And there is guy from Stargate whoes IMBD page I'll check once a month to se if I missed something. It's embarresing but true.

QUOTE(roseviolet @ Oct 22 2007, 10:45 PM) *
Why was Niki/Jessica trying to kill Ned Myers? Am I forgetting something from a few episodes back?

I was thinking that it had something to do with the plague thing.
Kitten, I definitely understand the love that we feel for stars of our favorite culty shows. I guess I'm just curious why they advertised so heavily that she joined the show. Why didn't they give Christopher Eccleston the same treatment? Or George Takei and Nichelle Nicoles from Star Trek? You don't get much more geek-culture-y than Star Trek.

Maybe I'm just bitter that Christopher Eccleston didn't get more screen time. wink.gif
I thought he was coming back at some point. I can't believe his story is over. Maybe he'll be on Origions or something.
I'm really annoyed with Claire -- why would she pull a prank like that when she could have been seen?

After that heart wrenching season 1 episode where she and her dad work together and show how much they really love each other, you'd think she'd have learned to be more careful than that because she knows the consequences.

I couldn't get into this show for a while because I was always too behind to get what was going on. I caught a mini-marathon the other day and while I'm still sorta behind and confused, I'm totally hooked.
oh! I double posted. Eh, I still like it now too. tongue.gif
I know that many people think Season 2 is in a slump but I am really enjoying it.
I cannot believe that Claire is not totally skeved out by West right now. I mean he showed up and met her mom after he was told not to. STALKER! Serves him right that he is scared of Bennet. Bennet will have that punk for breakfast pretty soon.

Am I totally oblivious or was everyone else suprised that Adam = the British guy from Japan? You can be honest. I tend to miss the foreshadowing.
I think season II was slow at first but is really taking off. The writer actually made a statement about this:,,20158840,00.html

Re kitten b: I was also taken aback by who Adam was, but I can't believe I didn't see it coming. I really hope that Peter's character stops being so damn conflicted and just becomes good or evil.

I really want Sylar to get some screen time, he makes the show so much darker and more interesting. Although I could do without Alejandro and Maya dry.gif

Speaking of dry.gif , Claire is going to get her dad killed. Good going. Maybe if she would stop thinking with her vajayjay and start thinking big picture she wouldn't be in this mess. Although, I'm starting to question Noah's motives.

I'm also glad that Parkman has finally gotten a little more control over his powers, maybe he wont look like hes going to think himself into a coma every time he reads someone's mind...
Yay, I finally caught up with this season! For some reason, just wasn't working for me. But Netflix is carrying each episode, just on Wednesday instead of Monday. Woot!

Yep, didn't see the whole "Adam" thing coming, totally should have. Now I just want to know how he talked Peter into being bad, although I'm betting Matt's dad screwed up Peter's mind and helped Adam put him in the shipping container. And I totally cracked up that the worst nightmare Matt's dad could come up with was "stay at home dad". Seriously, you've got monsters, bloodshed, etc. to be afraid of and what's your worst nightmare? 70's linoleum! AAAAAAHHHH!

Did anyone else think Nikki's performance felt a little....forced? I kept waiting for her to be Jessica, since that's who I assumed the Company wanted. It just didn't feel like Nikki, even when she stabbed herself with the needle.

And rose, I'm with you on Maya getting a suck power. She's gonna be pissed when she meets the others! Flying, super-strength, healing, and what do you do, Maya? I weep death. Oooo-kay. I wonder if her brother can only balance her out, or if he can absorb other powers too, kind of like Peter.

Oh, and I totally love that the New Orleans chic got a PDA thing to pull up any video she needs. Can't wait to see that in action!

Okay, back after Wednesday!
MaybeSparrow, thanks so much for that link. I feel much better about the show now. It's so refreshing when people can stand up and say, "Yeah, we completely understand what we did wrong. Sorry about that. We listened to the fans & we think we've fixed it now." It's so much better than hearing a line of excuses, you know?

Sixel, Nikki's performance has felt really forced to me, too. She feels more like Jessica pretending to be Nikki. Of course, now it looks like the virus is supposed to kill her, so maybe it doesn't matter.

Your comment about Parkman's dad is hilarious! "Oh nose! I is trapped in '70s style apartment forevers! Halp!"

Well, in Papa Parkman's defense, that was some pretty scary wallpaper.

I just had my second Sylar nightmare in a week. The first one, I was some kind of hero and he was dismembering me. Last night, he was chasing me all around a boat. It wasn't fun. sad.gif
Kitten, I think the best way to end the nightmares is if you watch some episodes of "So NoTORIous". The guy who plays Sylar played Tori Spellings' gay best guy pal on that show. After a few episodes, you'll find it nearly impossible to see Sylar in the same, scary light.

laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
Thanks. I'll have to YouTube that tonight. I need a good laugh.
Okay, I have to say I liked this episode much more than previous episodes. They are definitely on the right track with the plot and tempo.

Having said that, I spent half the episode imagining a Peter and Adam sandwich! If they want to pursue a love story, forget Claire/flyboy and Hiro/princess, build up a Peter/Adam plotline! Holy Maude, that would get them ratings, strike or no!

Other than that, I am *meh* about the Nikki found another personality plot, she could do better.

And what the heck is Bob's special power already? Surely he is not generic no-power schmuck, if he was on the "hit list". What can he do, super-human book keeping? Out-geek mere mortals? Is he God's Button-Down Short Sleeve On Earth? What?!?
Bob makes gold. LIke king midas.

What is Angela Petrilli's power? I think she offed Mr. Petrelli.
Hey all!

Angela's power is ultra-primness. She makes other people feel under-dressed. You can see it in their expression whenever anybody leaves an encounter with her.

Mohinder's power is ultra-obliviousness.

Wouldn't Peter have absorbed his mother's power as well, whatever it is? Plus maybe the power of the guy Peter was caring for in the wheelchair. There seemed to have been something about Peter being able to talk with that guy despite him being dead, but it's not something they showed us often, probably saving it for later.
Maybe Angela's power is just sheer awsomness. I just find her so terrifying in such an awsome way. I think she is the leader here.

Was anyone else distracted by the hideous silver boots Niki was wearing in the hospital scene. So ugly!
QUOTE(lorewolf @ Nov 15 2007, 02:03 PM) *
Hey all!

Angela's power is ultra-primness. She makes other people feel under-dressed. You can see it in their expression whenever anybody leaves an encounter with her.

Mohinder's power is ultra-obliviousness.

Wouldn't Peter have absorbed his mother's power as well, whatever it is? Plus maybe the power of the guy Peter was caring for in the wheelchair. There seemed to have been something about Peter being able to talk with that guy despite him being dead, but it's not something they showed us often, probably saving it for later.

This is so funny. Dammit Mohinder!

BTW, Kittenb, Nikki's boots were awful. They were the first thing I noticed when the camera moved out.....ughhh, its a good thing she is so pretty, no one else could where those things.
Ah HA! A theory on Mama Petrelli's power, from Television Without Pity:

Hospital for Heroes. Ma Petrelli enters Nathan's room and sees that his wife Heidi is there, looking extremely worried. She apologizes and leaves, but Heidi runs after her. Once out in the hallway, Heidi tells Angela that Nathan told her the truth about everything; the flying, the car crash, the bomb, all of it. Heidi thinks it's the pain medication, but she has a look on her face that suggests she's thinking it might actually be true. Angela steps forward and puts her hand on Heidi's arm and starts spewing all that crap about delusions of grandeur and paranoia like she did back when Peter was yammering on and on about being able to fly. It's pretty clear that as Angela continues to touch Heidi, Heidi is somehow being brainwashed or something. This convinces me that Angela's power is like mind control, and that she has to be touching the person in order make the suggestions come to fruition. Remember how she used to touch Nathan and Peter all the time and how weird I found it? This explains EVERYTHING. Angela touches Heidi's hair and arm and asks her to keep Nathan's condition a secret. Heidi nods her head in silent assertion.

Also from TWoP:

The doctor shows up and asks Niki to step outside. She walks out into the hallway, and I almost can't concentrate on the scene because HOLY SHIT WHAT IS SHE WEARING ON HER FEET? What are those, silver cowboy boots? Worn on the outside of her black jeans? Really? Is this what it's come to? Is she attending the gay rodeo later on the back of her My Pink Pony?


Okay, I thought he was dead and I thought I was gonna cry.
I think we agreed that spoilers are okay but since the show just aired, I'll play it safe.

Wow. What a great episode! I just love Elle and all the villians on this show!
i love hiro. very touching, last night. *sniffle*

but how come mr sulu and mr isaac had to die, and bennett gets to live? my jury is very out on bennett. i get the protective father thing, but he's getting a little insane.

i hate parkman. they can turn him evil and kill him off, that's ok with me. and his whole relationship with the little girl sort of creeps me out. how did he get to be her "dad" all of a sudden - like, legally?

i'm getting a little lost in the storylines. i have to watch the repeats on saturdays. i hope they don't go all psycho-convoluted like they did on lost.

Angela's power is ultra-primness. She makes other people feel under-dressed. You can see it in their expression whenever anybody leaves an encounter with her.

Mohinder's power is ultra-obliviousness.

She's gonna be pissed when she meets the others! Flying, super-strength, healing, and what do you do, Maya? I weep death


Really? I was loving that stuff w/Matt. Letting him see how easy it is to go evil. So fun!
Yay! Just watched it. I'm meh about Parkman so far, he's more a schlub than anything else. Mohinder needs to be bitch-slapped, though. Dude is really starting to get on my nerves....I'll shoot you! Or not. But then I will! But first, more angsty whining.

And Veronica Mars is so hyper-sexualized I'm starting to wonder if Bob didn't engage in a little "bad touch" at some point. He's creepy enough to.

Does anybody think Mystery Photograph Woman will end up being Claire's flying boyfriend's (wes?) mom?
I also got all choked up with Claire's dad. Then, DAMMIT, they got me again! They did the same thing last season, and I fell for it then too. I also think Noah is a little bit crazy, but he is so so bad ass! He is one of the only characters who actually gets shit done without any powers. Horn-rimmed glasses are hot in my book.

Mohinder needs to go be a professor somewhere and stop fucking things over royal.

I am dying to know who that damn lady in the photo is! Mama Petrelli made her damn nose bleed trying to keep it secret...I've never had a secret in my possession even close to that good!

As for Veronica Mars, I agree that they've let it get a little Taxi Cab up in there. She is so over-the-top.

I'm pretty pumped for tomorrow night!!! laugh.gif
I don't think that Noah i crazy just "morally flexible." I find it interesting to see how much his wife looks older than him. I don't know the ages of those two but I think they are trying to show that marraige to him is very hard, esp. w/all of the brian wipings.

How did I not realize that Matt actually went ahead and pulled the mystery woman's name out of Mama Petrelli's bleeding head? I though he stopped. Thank god for TWoP. I miss everything!
Is it just me or did that episode kinda blow? I understand that the writers have to hurry things along & wrap up the season by next week. I wish they'd just progressed along as usual and left us hanging until the end of the writer's strike rather than give us crap for the sake of "wrapping it up". I don't completely blame the writers because I'm sure they were taking their cues from the producers, but still. After last week's fabulous episode, this was quite a letdown. dry.gif

I didn't think it was bad. My only complaint was that I wanted to see the beginning of the moment that ended with Mrs. Bennet holding a gun to Bob. That was some fun stuff!
And I really liked the moment b/w Claire and Elle (who was cracking me up with her Big Gulp.) Although it made me think of a Buffy line: "I'm getting tired of super-strong little women who aren't me!"

How the hell did Sylar get to Molly in New York? Where is Matt?
Crap. Missed last night's ep.

OK, just for fun, who knows where we've seen Mr. Bennett before? (I stumbled over this a while back but kept forgetting to post it here.) Think way back... like 1980s... nighttime soaps... conspicuous consumption... catfight in the pool...

Yep, he was the original Steven Carrington on "Dynasty." Doesn't that blow your mind?
Finally got the NBCdirect video player working so I could see the ep today! Although, I tend to agree with Roseviolet. It did seem kind of...rushed. You could almost hear them checking off their list of plot points to be covered before wrapping up the season. BUT, the giant slurpee/key fumble was funny, if a bit forced.

What are they rushing for, really? I mean, Origins was cancelled because of the strike, so it would seem their best bet would be to just carry on as usual even if we were left hanging. They could pick up the rest of the season after the strike was over, and we'd have that to tide us over until the next season. Not as good as the original plan (to have Origins to bridge the season gap), but audiences would understand. It's not like they're the only show affected by the strike.

The only thing I remember about "Dynasty" is that since I share a name with one of the characters, adults endlessly asked me if I was named after her. rolleyes.gif
Heroes is my all-time favorite tv pleasure. I'm so glad to see it being discussed here.

I'm pissed that we're getting a short sophomore season. PISSED. We dvr it every week and my husband and I sit and get rapt.

That said, I'm sick to death of Sylar. I'm over it. Kill him off already. I hate annoying and obnoxious antagonists. And the Maya storyline is tired for me as well...totally tired. Her character is so completely a sad little puppy dog. I think they got to NY so quickly because in the scene at the hotel, they were in Virginia. That's only a few hours drive. And it was nighttime in NYC. Makes some sense.

I have been so distracted and busy I have missed the last four or five episodes, sad.gif I think I am going to have to wait until it comes out on DVD.

*runs out before I read any spoilers*
Well I am going to miss this show until it comes back. sad.gif Did anyone else laugh when Sylar just yelled out "Ouch" when Mohinder stuck him with the needle? Big bad serial killer, felled by needle fear.
Nice to see Peter start thinking and stop behaving like such a himbo. I now wonder if Adam was manipulating his mind or something. Adams resting place just freaked me out. I cannot belive that Hiro did that to him. You know he will be getting out and I guess that Hiro just isn't a killer, but god did that just mess with my head!
I kind of thought that things were going to end for Nathan the way that they did. It seemed that his story was over and now it is time for Peter to be the head of this crusade. As for Niki, well dammit, I actually liked her and would have liked to see her do more. And poor little Micah. What is he going to do now.

And when will Nichell Nichols start doing something? They cast her for a reason, right?
I can't believe that was the season finale. Sniff. We need more! Here's hoping the writer's strike ends soon.

I think Niki will survive simply because we didn't actually see her body. I'm always suspicious of explosions on TV anyway. wink.gif

During the whole incident in the safe, I knew that someone was patiently waiting from the sidelines (and that was before they even showed the blinking hidden camera). I mean, when you've got a vault hiding stuff that important, you're bound to have a camera or three on it. And I had a feeling that they were just going to sit back and bide their time & decide what to do from there. And I knew that they'd find a way to stop the press conference. But I was still shocked that Nathan was shot. I know I should have seen it coming, but I didn't.

In my opinion, it didn't seem very Hiro-like to leave Adam in that grave. I don't know ... I can't put my finger on why, but something about that felt very thrown-together-at-the-last-minute. Another writing decision influenced by the writer's strike? Who knows.

I'm upset that Mr. Bennet is back with The Company. I thought he had a stiffer spine than that. I wonder what they said that changed his mind. Dammit, there's too much secrecy. It's annoying!

Sylar is also annoying me. He's being too stereotypically evil. "After you, [heavy pause] Doctor." Ugh. Gimme a break.

Here's the thing that really confuses me: Peter's girlfriend, Caitlin, is stuck in the future where the virus has killed most of humanity. But now that version of the future no longer exists. So what does that mean for Caitlin? Is she still stuck in the future, but in a new non-virus version of the future? Or what?
damn damn damn!
i can't watch episodes in canada, or at least i can't find them online. and it's been forever since i went to my mom's in the states.
i downloaded some torrents but they are the burn and view kind and i am just not that technically inclined i'm afraid.
so i Won't read all you've written here, as much as i am tempted. i'll exercise some patience and wait 'til i figure out how to watch what's on my computer.
i don't usually like tv but for this dark comic-book-come-to-life i make an exception.
tell me, was it at least good? and how many episodes were there? i found 6 so far.
In response to ya'll

--I also thought Sylar was getting a little cliche in his evilness, I hope that they fix that. Peter is the cliche trench coat wearing bad ass...when hes feeling really bad-ass, he pops the collar. Yuck. dry.gif
--Why doesn't Hiro just effing KILL Adam...stop being such a baby and cut his head off already!
--It does suck that Bennet went back to the company but...hes way smarter then them and I think he will find a way out, or bring them down from the inside. He is my favorite character by far at the moment.

As for my own thoughts,

--I feel bad saying this, but I was excited when Maya was shot. Her story is so boring to me, and I was glad they were ending it. How funny would it be if she married Mohinder and they raised the little girl. You heard it here first ladies!
--How hard-core is Mama Petrelli, I mean, even her own son is a line shes willing to cross!
--I am sick to death of Claire's "almost crying" whispery voice....and how Smallville is that bf of hers...

Anyways, just some random thoughts. I'm really pumped for the show to start back up.
Apparently Adrian Pasdar keeps a YouTube account with little short clips that he makes while episodes are filming. They are really cute and funny.
Watched the last four eps over the festive period.

So... who's the shooter? any theories? I am DYING to know!

Mama Petrelli is indeed hardcore and her power is extreme persuasiveness.

Pa Bennett returned to the Company because they threatened to take care of Claire (shoot her through head?) 'Nuff said.

I love that he was Stephen Carrington! (psst, sixela: your namesake is my favourite character in a soap EVER!)

I adore Elle smile.gif.

I think Maya is going to start kicking ass and stop being such a sniveling sap.

Agree with the writers' strike but damn it to hell! I want the rest of the season, not to mention Origins.
So, did anybody else watch the new episode last night? I think it's available on the NBC website in case you missed it.

Here are my thoughts ...

I can't say I'm surprised that Mohinder shot himself up with the serum. I could tell that he would jump at any chance to be special like everyone else. I hate what it did to his personality, though. Did he have to have sex with that death-eyes chick? Please.

I found out over the summer that Peter was the shooter. Now I wonder what's going to happen to the real Peter from this time period? And how did the scarred-Peter "hide" him in the body of that other guy?

I caught on quickly that no one else could see Mr. Linderman but Nathan. I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that Mr. L might be able to bring himself back to life since he could do that to everything else he touched. But why & how is he invisible?

Nikki may have been the biggest surprise for me. Not the fact that she survived the explosion or that she has a new personality & can't remember her old one. Rather, I'm surprised by that freezing power she has now! What a gruesome way to kill somebody! I totally did not see that coming.

I'm annoyed with Hiro for taking the forumla out of the safe. What a dumbass thing to do. The super-fast chick seems cool, though, so I'm not terribly upset at this twist in the storyline.

Mrs. Petrelli can see the future ... or potential futures or something. Right? But here's the thing that really gets me: did she say that she is Sylar's real mother?! What the hell?!?!?

All I have to say is: thank the heavens that Peter Petrilli is back in my life.

I may have gotten my fella hooked on the thanks to last night's episode. biggrin.gif

Anyone else getting a sexual vibe between Peter and Claire? Umm, they are niece and uncle, remember? I know they are dating/living together irl, but still. Leave the sexual chemistry at home and off the set. Unless Nathan isn't really her father?!?
eileen, I soothed my Peter Petrelli needs by watching old episodes of Gilmore Girls. biggrin.gif
I loved that man on GG. I knew he was going places when he left (though I was so sad). Bedford Diaries was not good enough for his acting nor stage presence.

le sigh
Very Bad Reception ruined my viewing pleasure. i can't watch online because i am in canada. i missed the whole last season so i am totally confused about EVERYTHING! *pissy*
So apparently the theme for this year is, "That was one seriously fucked up episode!" I am really liking it, though. Although I wish Peter would regain some of his sense of humor. He is just boring as hell when he is all moody.
Yatta! Currently watching...
Kitten, I totally agree. This show is becoming a little too fucked up.

So, what happened to Sylar's super-duper-hearing power? Has he somehow lost some of his powers? And why doesn't he have that so-called "hunger" to cut into people's heads lately?

That thing with Ando & Hiro ... seriously. Shit like that makes me want to give up on this show. I'm sure it'll all be okay, but please. Gimmee a fuckin' break.
So I know that this thread is all but dead (as it hasn't been written in in over a year!) but I have to say - I just started watching Heroes this year and I've finally caught up to this season and I LOVE IT. It seems like some of you were becoming disenchanted with it this year but I can't help it. I think it's such a kickass show! I've been watching it online and I can't wait to find out what happens, ever. I watch many, many episodes in a row - good thing I'm a pretty boring person in my everyday life, hehe.

Also - I love Sylar. L.O.V.E. him. I think ZQ does a great job with him and he's delicious (see Starfucker thread, haha).
Rogue, I'm currently catching up on season 3 and am almost done, so I hope to join you here before too long... I find the Hiro/Ando stuff a bit too goofy and I am beyond sick of Claire's angst, but on the other hand I'm always curious about what Mrs Petrelli is up to and it is always a pleasure to watch the Sylar.
Hi Syb! I hear a lot from people who find Hiro/Ando goofy. I don't mind them but I get it - sometimes I'm like, okay guys, what tomfoolery can your get yourselves into now? But I can't help the love because I find James Kyson Lee ridiculously attractive. Like I said in the Starfucker thread, I'm not usually into Asian men but Oh Mah Lawd, he's delicious.

I definitely have love for angsty Peter Petrelli, too. Milo Ventimiglia is awesome. Loved him as Jess on GG and love him now. He can do no wrong.
I have to admit that I lost all interest in this show after last season. Maybe watching it all at once would be the better way to do it.
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