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Full Version: I'm Holding Out For A Hiro!
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it was a bit of a let down, but i have to echo what maybe said, peter could have flown, the charecters who knew the nuclear man could have told him to burn bright, not hot, like they did with ted, and all the 'lectronics in new york would have fried. skylar couldn't have snuck up on him cos he would have absorbed his super hearing too. he had to have absorbed skylar's ability to move things mentally, as well as that razor cutting stuff and cut skylar's noggin off, and he couldn't regenerate. he could travel thru time like hero. if you're going to have a charecter who can absorb powers by being near other charecters, keep track of that shit!

i hate when writers write something in, but then they forget. especially in a show like this. it just bugs me. i know they have different writers, but isn't there a story editor? how hard would it be to keep a list of each charecters powers? isn't that oh, a little important? i'm sure the fan boys will give them what for, but that sort of sloppyness is what makes a person lose interest in a tv series (i, too am looking at you, stupid LOST).

i don't think that skylar thru hiro back in time, i think when he was being thrown, hiro used his power (so as not to go splat against a building) and went back in time too far.

i liked the charecters, but i am looking forward to a new crop. part of the fun was seeing what sort of powers they could come up with and how they were going to weave them into the story (or, annoyingly, not work them into the story).
but i am sure lots of them will come back. that's why that little girl had that ominous warning about the guy worse than the boogie man/skylar

blanche: laugh.gif

Watched the final 3 eps last night: the nuclear explosion was anti-climactic but I enjoyed how everyone came together and Nathan's redemption. I also think Sylar escaped down the manhole as it was too obvious a shot to be anything but. Looking forward to finding out Mama Petelli's powers (will that be shown in "Generations"?) and how the first generation Heroes fit together (Hiro's dad, the Petrelli parents, Simone's father, Linderman...) I suspected Simone's dad was a part of it because of the flashback at his apoartment when Hiro and Claire were children and because most things seemed to be focused there (Claude and Peter, for example); I was surprised that the final showdown didn't occur at Simone's father's place.

Does anyone else thing that it was Hiro's dad in blue in the past and that his ability is immortality? that would explain the cryptic comment he made to Hiro about waiting for a Nakamura to ascend.

Also looking forward to finding out more about the new big baddie Molly mentioned.
First monday night without a new heroes sad.gif
did anyone (kittenb, I'm looking at you) realise that DL was Forest (Riley's friend) from season 4 of Buffy? I knew I recognised him and it was bugging me.
bunnyb - I have to admit that it took me a week or so to figure it out.
Bumping thread:

I'm glad that there's going to be new comics throughout the summer, and I'm also role-playing on the 9thWonders message boards when I can.

Anyone else on 9thWonders?
Hey-o! A late joiner here... I just got through the episodes so far online before even starting to read this thread ('cause I didn't want to risk spoilers).

I figured they left it possible that both Peter and Nathan survived. Nathan could have let go of Peter once almost out of the atmosphere, letting his momentum carry him until he could explode safely. I figured Peter couldn't muster the control to fly because he was concentrating on trying to contain his radiation. Also, Nathan would have reason to let people believe that he was dead, especially his own family. He was, after all, just a tool for motives he was never let in on.

I took that Samurai in blue to be Hiro's fater, too. Cool immortality theory, BunnyB smile.gif

I was wondering for a while where Peter's dreams were coming from. I was starting to guess that they were part of his mother's power until that last episode with Simone's father in the dream.

Also, what does all this have to do with the eclipse? I guess we'll find out in feudal Japan or something. The eclipse is in the show's logo, yet we're still not clued in about it.

Something I thought was a mistake, and luckily it's unlikely to show up again, was how that alternate future Peter had a huge scar across his face. He can heal without scars in seconds. What's up with the scar?

Yes, I DO theorize a lot... Can't wait for more HEROES episodes smile.gif
I think the reason that Peter had the scar in the alternate future because it was an alternate universe where he never met Claire and so never got the regenerative powers.
I figured it was a battle that was so big he couldn't fully recover from it. Kind of like when Buffy was scarred in an AU episode.
Did they ever clearly say what Sylar is doing with the brains? I thought they had promised to explain it by the end of the season.

I know he is eating them. I just want the writers to confirm it.
I think if Sylar was eating people's brains, they would have at some point shown him with blood on his face, dripping from the corner of his mouth. Something like that. I think there's another explanation. There was a scene in one episode in which he talks about examining the inside of a watch and seeing how it works. I thought they were implying that he does the same with people's brains.

By the way, I've seen some promo pics from the new season & they feature Sylar. So I guess he isn't dead afterall(?). Or something? At any rate I CANNOT WAIT for the new season to start!!!
Supposedly Kristin Bell (Veronica Mars) is joining Heroes! Her character is names Elle and she is linked to Claire somehow and may be evil. This excites me.

I understood Sylar with the brains to be him opening up the head to see how it works (like a watch) too.
I was coming in to say that I had heard that Kristen Bell said no to the part but I was wrong. Here is the story.
Season 1 comes to DVD on Tuesday! I just spent a shitload of money on textbooks but I'll buy it anyway.
I'm really just bumping this b/c I don't want to loose this thread b/c the show starts soon!!!! WooHoo!

I am sad that we have not seen Nathan in the previews. On Adrian Pasdar's IMDB page it looks like he will be in at least one episode, though. Maybe it is all a careful trap leading us to not know what will happen next? Hmm? Possible spoiler in white: I did read that one of the main characters will die in the first episode. My guess is that it is Mohinder as the actor is in a different show this season. Bye bye pretty faced pretty voiced man. unsure.gif
Did anyone else watch? Are we ready to talk about it yet?
i watched! ready anytime...yummy mohinder.
I watched it! And I'm sooooo confused now. But that's part of the point, right? smile.gif It's easy to see what's going to happen with Hiro's story line & I'm looking forward to watching it play out. But what's this about a virus that's killing people off? Huh? Did I forget something?
The virus is new. That will be a big part of this year's storyline. I really thought that Mohinder was going to die. Not that I am sad about it, but I swear I saw him in another show this year.
What suprises me most about HEROS is how it manages to be fun and new even though it is one of the most derivitive (sp) shows out there. I mean, amnesia? Really? Who hasn't done that story?
Anyway, I liked what I saw with Parkman. Molly seems like she has some scarness in her that will probably come out soon. I did not like Claire's new love interest but I get turned off whenever anyone tries to tell me how much of a non-conformist he is. I really hope that Nathan shaves that hidious beard soon.
And I am very curious about DL, Nikki, and their son...
Agreed that Nathan's beard is hideous. Honestly, I think it looks laughable!

But Mohinder? Yum! He gets more delicious all the time.

Glad to hear that the virus thing is new. I was so afraid that I'd missed something major. But is it real? Is there really a virus that has killed some of the "special" people or did Mohinder make that up in order to attract the attention of the new bad guys? If the virus is real, who has died from it? Well, other than Mohinder's sister, I guess(?).

I'm very curious about (and suspicious of) Mr. Midas' Touch.

I liked Parkman better last night. I think I just like him better when he's interacting with children like Molly.

Watching Claire's dad working at that copy store was freakin' hilarious, thanks mainly to Mr. Manager Mustache.

But as for Claire's potential love interest ... well, it annoys me that she might have to have a potential love interest. rolleyes.gif And yes, his whole "I'm a rebel 'alien'" thing is crap, but it sounds like typical teenager-y crap, so I can let it slide.

I noticed that when Peter was found in that shipping container in Ireland that he was wearing a necklace that had that "S"-shaped symbol on it. Hmmmmm!
No! New potential spoilers for autumn 2007!

Once again, I have to hide my eyes until Heroes arrives this side of the atlantic...

/viewer jealousy of north american TV owners
Hey everyone on the other side of the Atlantic gets Dr. Who and Torchwood. You get no sympathies from me!

The virus in new and I am pretty sure it's real. Spoiler: Nikki has it.

"Mr Midas Touch" Hee! When I saw him, all I thought was, "It's Ned! Ned the Head!" (from Groundhog Day.)

I am not saying that I want Mohinder dead. I've always liked him, though his story used to booooooore me. Whereas with Matt, I never cared much for him until the end of the season, but I loved his story line.

I noticed the necklace too.
what, is this show on again? i thought it was just reruns... and there was going to be a spin off... can i catch up watching online like last time? damn it, i'm so television deficient.
Season 2 premired last night. Yippee!

One thing I forgot to mention, did anyone else notice that the person who attacked Hiro's dad really strongly resembled Peter?
Pepper, I think I saw on-line that they're going to re-play the season premiere on Saturday night. If that isn't convenient, I think they plan on having them available on-line again just like last year.

And I agree with Kitten re: Dr. Who & Torchwood. There are so many great British shows that I have to catch on YouTube or wati forever to see, so I feel a wee bit of sympathy for the Heroes fans across the pond ... but not too much. biggrin.gif

Back to spoilerage!

Kitten, I think you're on to something! I couldn't get a good read on who it was who attacked Hiro's dad, but it would make sense if it was Nathan! First of all, I think Nathan bumped into Ando when he was bringing the newspaper to Hiro's dad, so that would be a good time for him to slip that photo/death threat into the newspaper (if you re-watch it, I think you'll see Nathan in all his bearded glory in that scene for just a sec). Also, that would explain why Ando only saw the body of Hiro's dad on the ground & there was no trace of the attacker. And then remember how Nathan & Peter's mom found her photo/death threat? It was on the wall outside Nathan's apartment. It would have been super easy for Nathan to have put it there. Ooooooo! You've earned your gold star today, dearie. smile.gif

Sheff and I were trying to figure out what happened to Peter and Nathan after the big explosion at the end of last season. I can understand how Peter survived, but what about Nathan? How could he have lived through that blast? Peter could have made it because he has absorbed some of Claire's ability to regenerate. But Nathan has got som 'splainin' to do. Or maybe he isn't really Nathan. Maybe he's somebody else ... somebody else with shape-shifting powers or something. Did Sylar kill shape-shifting girl? I forget what happened to her.

And yes, Ned! Ned Ryerson from "Groundhog Day"! At some point they need to make him say, "Am I right or am I right or am I right?". Or at least make him say, "Bing!" a couple of times laugh.gif
RV - I think the attacker looked more like Peter than Nathan but I did not notice that Nathan was in a previous shot. I'll have to watch it Saturday night (who needs a social life?)

So...(spoiler) do you think Nathan may be Sylar?
I think Nathan dropped Peter...I mean, he would have been burning up, and no matter how much Nathan wanted to hold on to him, he would have had to drop him. That could also explain why he's all cliche sad (stopped shaving, started drinking, etc.), because he blames himself.
question here... what are the powers of Nathan and Peter's mom and Hiro's father? just moneybags? can't be.
and kittenb.. thanks for the 'ned the head'. that was bothering me... smile.gif
Did you ladies notice that Nathan looked in the mirror at the bar and was horrible scarred? I am thinking he was burned when he flew off with Peter and thier mother used her powers, to fix him or make him look normal. And remember when Hiro's dad sad he was marked for death for helping his son, and asked her what she did to help her son? Not sure that's just how I took it. ( I am such a dork for overthinking things)

I was kind of bored with the new brother and sister duo. And I thought that kid that kept asking Claire if she was a robot or an alien, was a bit creepy. All and all I thought the premier fell a little flat, but I was so curious at the end when those men found Peter, handcuffed.
You mean Peter was horribly scarred?
I remember him having a pretty serious facial scar in that flash-forward/future scene. I was confused because I knew he had Claire's regeneration powers, so I was like, "Well, how'd he get a scar?"

I saw a teaser that had Sylar in it so I guess he's coming back?

For some reason, Hiro's (as much as I love him) storyline annoyed me. Maybe just because, like someone said, it's obvious where it's going.

I saw a new cast member on the red carpet at the Emmy's with the actors who play Nathan, DL and Hiro. She's young like Claire and supposedly has electric powers or something.

Speaking of new female cast members, what is Maya's (the immigrant in the truck with her brother) power? I imagined that she changes into an animal or something...
No, mermaidgirl, not Peter. Nathan, he glanced into a mirror and the reflection looked as if he had been horribly burned just for a second, did anyone else catch that?
ginger-kitty, in that scene, I thought it was Peter's face looking back at him, as if Nathan was seeing his brother not his reflection.
Oh, no, I didn't catch that at all.
I noticed that too! I couldn't tell if it was a burnt up Nathan or Peter but it definitely looked like Peter.
I think its definitely possible that Nathan dropped Peter, and feels guilty about it...but when he dropped him, Peter used the power he absorbed from Claire to regenerate. I think the reflection in the bar might just have been a guilt thing---we'll see!

I am also curious about Maya's power. Its obviously very violent, and she doesn't seem to be in control of it.

I was also surprised to see Parkman's wife left him, I mean, she understood he had powers. I wonder what that is all about?? But I think its hilarious/cute that he and Mohinder are raising the little girl. Too bad Sylar is encroaching on that.

As for claire, I think that kid somehow knows she has powers, and you all noticed that he was hovering at the end, so he has them too. He seems creepy though.

Anyways, I am rambling. But, tonights show should clear up a few of these issues.
I think that the writers knew that the Parkman/wife story was boring as f%&k and decided to give it a painless death. Just my theory. cool.gif
I confess: I had to cover my eyes during the scene with the pinky toe. I'm such a wimp.

I feel so sorry for Maya. What a terrible power ... whatever it is.

So, how do you think Claire's family can afford that huge house on her dad's salary at the copy store? Is that a clue that he's mysteriously getting cash from elsewhere or is it just the stupid unreality of TV?
I don't know why but the new brother/sister story bores the hell out of me.

I can't believe what's going on with Peter right now! He seems to have a lot of cool new powers this season. (maybe Nathan is just riddled with guilt.)

I think it's cute that Parkman and Mohinder are raising the little girl, too.

Roseviolet, I was thinking the same thing about the giant house, and the dads job not really fitting. I thought it was awesome that Claire chopped her toe off. If I were her I would tell the new stalker kid to buzz off though. I would me annoyed by being followed around so much.

Claire's cutting scene: my son was chanting - cut it cut it
and I thought Mr.Muggles was gonna grab the toe and start gnawing on it.
dude...i totally thought the dog was gonna go away with the toe...and drop it at HRG's feet!

Anyway, they had to come up with SOMETHING that topped the garbage disposal scene from last year, eh?

Did anyone realize that the actor who plays Nathan was in TOP GUN? Yep. IMDB to the rescue. He was hella attractive then, too. Non-beaded, of course.
I had a realy hard time watching the toe-cutting scene. It is just gross!
Not loving Peter's storyline. I tend to dislike amnesia as a plot device.
Also not loving Hiro's storyline, but I don't know why I find it boring. I'm sure, in the end, it will all be connected to the major story but I just don't care so much, yet.
I am really enjoying Mama Petrelli and the way she slapped Matt right out of her head. Still want to know what her power is.
And, while I may be the only one, I like the Mexican Wonder Twins. It seems that the power is split and he got all that is good and she got all that is bad. Kind of cool.
Still hate Pretentious Fly Boy. Blegh.

ETA: Moxie, that would have been hilarious if the toe had been taken to HRG. I can just see the episode ending with him rolling his eyes and then giving a sitcom-worthy "CLAIRE!"
exactly! I'm hoping things pick up a bit tonight. I think they will. Certainly next week...I'm a spoiler fanatic...what can I say?
So ... Sylar is back, but without his powers. Interesting. Although the writing for the scenes featuring him sucked the BIG one. "JAPAN!!! [angry thrashing]" Dude, even with her powers, you wouldn't really be able to send yourself to Japan, mkay? It's all an illusion! And why did you think you could get her powers anyway when none of your other powers were working for you? rolleyes.gif

I hate that Claire kissed Pretentious FlyBoy. I saw it coming a mile away, but I was hoping they'd put it off until the next episode.

What's the deal with Hiro's cheesey letters to Ando?

And how could Peter NOT want to know about his past?!?!? Uuuuuuggggghhhh.
I am not entirely sure that Sylar isn't living in that girl's head. While she was offering him exotic sex, I looked at my friend and said, "All he wants is power." So maybe Illusion girl figured that out and gave him what he wanted.

Peter's story is becomming too derivative of every soap opera/sci-fi/fantasy amnesia story ever. I mean, they had the same "What if I don't like who I was?" conversation on Stargate SG1, fercryingoutloud. When you are ripping off Stargate, you should be embarressed.

I still don't like Pretentious Fly Boy, but love the twist that Claire is learning of her father's sins. That is going to get fun.
Seriously, how could Peter not want to know his idenity? I think it's crap that he spent the enitre last season realizing be was a hero, then spends this season not realizing his powers. And the love story is cheesy.

Glad to hear I am not the only one disappointed Claire kissed what's his name. What a jerk, for asking those Lizard girl questions in class.

I was a little bummed that DL, was killed off. I know he was all shot up, but so did Parkman, and he is alive and well.

All the same can't wait for next weeks show.
Now that was an excellent episode!
Well, we finally got a gander at Nathan's partially-melted face. But why-oh-why can he only see it in the mirror? Hmmmm ...

The cliches keep coming in Claire's story line. Bleh. The Hollywood sign? Seriously? Oh well. I guess she's really just a teenager afterall. I still want to know how the Bennets' can afford that enormous house on the salary of a copy clerk.

I'm wondering how Sylar got in the middle of that road. I never got the impression that he was in northern Mexico, did you? I was thinking he was down further south in the middle of a rainforest. At any rate, it gives me the creeps whenever he says "golly" because it seems he always kills somebody not long afterward.

The biggest surprise, of course, is that Parkman's dad is the Boogie Man! Wooooooo!
Sooo the nightmare man explains melty-face nathan?! That was a pretty interesting scene, with them fighting each other, it really reminded me of when you are dreaming and know you are dreaming, but can't wake up!

I really like the 'nawlins girl, if I could pick a power, I think hers would be my top pick. Its so practical and awesome.

Annnnnd, we got to meet Veronica Mars---her power is a little boring though, but now we know where peter picked it up...and now hes going to Montreal! *Shoutout to Canadian Busties*

Parkman's dad is some scary shit....
Parkman's dad is some scary shit.

I don't think Kristen Bell's powere will be boring for long. I was reading an interview where the actress said that her character likes causing pain.

How did the Nightmare Man explain Nathan's burnt face? Did I miss something?

All in all, another really fun episode tonight!
Forgive me, but I don't understand all the hoopla over Kristen Bell joining the cast. So she used to be on a show with a cult following. Big deal. She isn't the first person to join the cast with old fans.

Parkman's dad is an asshole! Wowza! But I don't think that explained anything about melty-faced-Nathan ... or did it? Did he say something that I missed?

Why was Niki/Jessica trying to kill Ned Myers? Am I forgetting something from a few episodes back?

The whole "Letters to Ando" thing is annoying me. Is this supposed to be some kind of diary? It just feels like a sucky writing device to me.

But thank god Peter finally opened that damn box! And I hate to admit it, but it was nice to have a break from the Claire/Flyboy romantic nonsense.
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