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Full Version: I'm Holding Out For A Hiro!
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VacantHippy, I think you're right about Wireless Lady. I saw her in that scene, too.
*shakes her fist in the air*

damn you nbc with your split season bullshit!

another great episode...

and wireless lady is supposed to have her own comeek on so hopefully there is an explination there.
shit, i missed it AGAIN!!! recap anybody? i'm such a loser. i don't even know what day it is anymore!

who's wireless? right, the celery phone lady. i didn't see her last time... cause i MISSED IT!

le sigh.
tvwop's recaplet. you can also watch it on


grandma petrelli knowing who claire was was a total shock. for a second there, i thought she was linderman.

poor poor peter. this is like his 3rd death, isn't it?

sylar can't kill peter. then The Explosion or The Apocolypse or whatever won't happen. doesn't he cause it?

mohinder CANNOT be dead. i won't allow it!!!

nathan is too easily swayed by the promise of power. i'm not liking him right now.

i heart malcolm mcdowell, but that scene was sort of a let-down after all the hype.

i LOVED ando coming to hiro's rescue!

and did isaac paint his own death or was that peter's? isaac painted his own death already, right? it was in hiro's comic book, in the future, right?

wireless lady is not-hott-enough nor is she a good enough actress to carry off that depth of evil.

i'm aghast that it's not back until april 23rd. i fucking HATE this shit!
but i'll watch every.single.repeat. this i know.
awwww... i liked "lady celly" the crazy tech power lady. an' thought she was plenty hawt.

le spoilin':

as soon as i saw missy p's power i knew she was going to play claire's mom n kill dad.

but i was still waiting for her to do some freaking gymnastics

mohinder isn't gonna die, neither is peter.

sniff- but sassy simone is.

i nearly crapped an suv when i saw mcdowell. awesome!!! blanche, i'm with you. that crazy, evil elf is great!

i hated the "send us your theory" thing at the end, but that's cos i don't theorize about tv shows. as lost has shown us all too well, television makes it up as it goes along. how can it not? they have a different writer every episode.
So sad we have to wait until late April to see more!

I love that I can watch this show, see a scene and be like wow! So many shows are predictable, it's awesome to feel surprised by a twist. Claires grandma shocked me. And the scene where Mohinder druged Sylar's chai, I was like yes!!

I am I the only one that was happy when Mohinder was torturing Sylar? Can't wait to see the show down between Sylar and Peter.

I realy dug the new shapeshifter lady. She was way mean. Also starting to really like Nikki/Jessica. I got the feeling DL knows Jessica is in control not Nikki.

McDowell, kinda cool but I felt a bit let down. I was expecting Linderman to have a bigger presense, if that makes any sense. But we will see how it goes....
In our house, we shut off the TV the very moment the show ends because Sheff doesn't want to see any spoilers. So that means that I missed that the show is on hiatus until April! Uuuuuugh!!!!!! How infuriating!!!!

I'm a bit disappointed in Mr. MacDowell. Why does the bad guy always have to be a well dressed man with an English accent? Such a bad stereotype that is seen in TV and movies over and over again.

I don't think that Nathan has gone evil. I think that he didn't shoot Linderman because he now knows that this whole thing is much bigger and much worse than he realized. If he shot Linderman, Nathan would be killed, too, but Nathan's family would still be in danger. I'm sure that Nathan feels that as long as he stays alive, he may find a way to protect his loved ones.

And I hope that Peter somehow absorbs some of Sylar's powers & fights back or something like that. Or maybe Dr. Who will help them somehow. I get the feeling that he may still be folloing Peter around a bit.

As for Claire, it was soooooo obvious that she was going to try to find Peter. She really shouldn't have been surprised to find the Haitiian there. But grandma was a surprise! Wonder what else she knows.

So what happened to Claire's mom (the adopted one I mean)?! Do you think they killed her? Or maybe they kidnapped her & they're trying to find out if she knows anything about Claire. Certainly they aren't just going to let her go.

I'm not sure about Wireless Lady now because she looks so much like Shape-shifter Lady. Maybe it was actually Shape-shifter than I saw in the background 2 episodes ago. Hmmm.

Hooray for Ando! Hooray for Hiro using his powers again! My only problem is I feel that they're starting to use Hiro as comedy relief (much the way they treated Gimli in the latter Lord of the Rings films). It'll piss me off if they cheapen him, so I was glad to see that they ended with him on a serious note. Hiro deserves respect!

Mandi, I think Isaac painted his own death. The person in the painting had a short beard.
Sorry Roseviolet. In sci-fi British accents always equal villain.

I only saw the last 15 minutes and I was totally screaming. Although, I thought that the overdramitic fall of a lock of Peter's hair was a little too much. I know the actor hated his haircut and they would not let him change it at all. So I guess that moment was why.
unless you're doctor who. i'd agree, kitten. there's something diablolical about that accent.

it's deadly.....deadly sexy!!!!!

lol... sorry. i couldn't resist rv.
Add me to the Malcolm McDowell OMGW00t! bandwagon. Seriously, I want to eat one of those pot pies.

What I thought was cool about Mohinder drugging Sylar is that it showed that Mohinder wasn't a complete idiot that was going to let Sylar tag along on more hero-finding missions and the free brain buffet.

And the Petrelli matriarch? Went from not-interesting to complete badass in a split second.

I totally want to see more Clea DuVall. My ideal scenario would involve her storming Primatech, guns blazing, to save Matt. Because Clea is awesome and poor Matt deserves a break, ya know?

And more Wireless and more Claude wouldn't hurt either.
WOOO! Just saw the ep. and luuuuurv McDowell as Linderman! And yeah, le Izzard does a bit about British accents being evil in American drama. Blame the Revolutionary War. (Note the heroes that speak French....same reason.) Sorry Sheff, we still love you!

And I only watch online, so I didn't know about the hiatus until I came in here! NOOOOOOOO! Maybe I'll spend the time catching up on all the online graphic novels.....

Simone is dead dead dead, and I'm not sad (sorry gt). I also think it might be Mohinder in Issac's painting, but I really hope not. Of course Peter's not going to die (yet), but I don't think I can wait 2 months to see him kick Sylar's ass!

And yayayay! for Hiro (and Ando) finally using his powers again. They better not turn him into comic relief, he's the only one trying to figure out why he has powers without being all angsty. Peter's just a bit too emo sometimes, I keep expecting him to start belting out Dashboard Confessional or something.....

'kay, off to read Wireless' graphic novel and figure out where the heck she went.....
I don't want Mohinder to die!!! He's soooo cute!!!

I don't want Peter to die either. Gahhhh!

Stupid Split season, now what am I going to do with my Monday nights?
I think Linderman really wanted Hiro to steal the sword, and that's why Ando was allowed to get a job there as security. There's no way Ando could have gotten in under Linderman's nose. Linderman just didn't want to make things seem to easy.

I'm okay with Simone being dead because it establishes yet again that people that die stay dead (unless you're Claire "Miracle Gro" Bennett). It means that we won't see any freakishly convoluted Jean Gray style resurrections.

The hiatus pisses me off, but at least there's the graphic novels and fanfiction to tide me over.
You know, I've been thinking....I bet Ando works for Linderman. He may not even realize it, like Hiro's dad probably told him to keep an eye on Hiro, and got him that position as casino security. I bet Ando's been telling Hiro's pops every move they make, thinking it was for Hiro's own good.
I think Ando's been talking to Hiro's sister, to both protect Hiro without betraying him and also make an impression her.

I kept joking that Linderman was going to be Kenny Rogers, from the preview clip that was shown. I was much happier it was Malcom Macdowell--I hear you on the British=evil thing being crap, but come on, this was Malcom Macdowell! That guy is always up to no good.

I can't wait to watch Peter kick Sylar's ass because you know that's what's going to happen! Also, I'm totally scared for Mr. Bennet, and even more worried for Mrs. Bennet and Lyle. I thought what he said to his "wife" right before she turned out to be Claudine was so heartbreaking, like he felt he could finally be honest about his life with someone, and it turned out to be his downfall.

I'm glad Simone kicked it, too. She was cute, but about as charismatic as a wet cardboard box.
OK, has anyone else typed the word "Heroes" and ended up mistakenly typing "Herpes"? Just curious.
I have not but I have decided that it is something I need to do before I die.
Woot! Just a few more days until the new episodes! I'm going over to the boy's place Monday night to celebrate.
I am so excited a new episode, tonight!!
Soooooo, did anyone watch it this week? I finally saw it on-line and it was amazing!
I think the way they are moving five years ahead without filling in gaps is a really interesting method of telling the story. THe only flaw I can see is that we know who is alive and dead so if they choose to go back and tell the story from where they left off, some of the mystery is gone.
I am most interested in Hiro's transformation from innocent and exuberant to dark and menacing. He seems to be getting more and more disillusioned as the show goes on, but seeing future Hiro this week was sort of sad. I love Hiro's personality as it stands, and the future version does not resemble him in any way. It will be interesting to see character development in "fast forward". Who do you guys think will change the most???[font="Franklin Gothic Medium"][/font]
Wow, that was a great great episode. I'll admit that seeing where some of the characters end up is really depressing though. I thought the episode before was a little lackluster, but this one sucked me back in hardcore!
I totally agree, MS - This one was good! Too bad we couldn't watch that fight between Peter & Sylar that was happening at the end, right? The only thing that really felt wrong to me was Peter & Nicki. I just can't see that happening, even in an alternate universe.
Yeah the P/N connection just seemed weird. Although what it really was was two desperatly sad people hiding from a lot of pain together. If it was less of a family type show, one of them would have been doing heroin or something.

I thought the episode was great, totally fantastic! Scary to think that Sylar could hide that long.
I was secretly a little glad Sylar wasn't dead, he brings so much to the show! Watching the actor who plays Nathan emulate Sylar's diction and personality was great too, he really pulled it off and you could immediately tell who was speaking. As for P/N, I wasn't very surprised, they are two of the most intense characters, and it only made sense to me that they came together after the explosion....even though Peter was the cause. Guess he forgot to mention that to Nikki in the lapse of 5 years tongue.gif
What great episode! Everyone changed so dramatically. Poor Claire ending up a waitress. Peter was very badass in the future. I agree, I don't see the Peter Nikki, relationship ever hapening. (I still want her to hook back up with Nathan.) The Sylar thing shocked me, I just didn't see it coming. I normally hate the mindreading cop, but he was way more interesting in the future. I wish I knew what turned him and the Haitan evil.

Can't wait for next week.
Is anyone here on the 9th Wonders message boards? I just joined.
Is it just me or was tonight's episode kinda ... lame? I don't know if it was the writing or the directing or what, but this episode was kinda crap. The bit with Sylar & his mom was absolutely cringe-worthy. Bleh.
Yeah. I think tonight's episode was just filler before the finale.
Double post, whoops!
I actually really liked the back story for Sylar, although it was melodramatic at times, (especially the mother) the actor who plays Sylar is incredible and I enjoyed watching him.
Plus, it was nice to get a little more info on Mohinder's sister, and this new girl is interesting. Plus, whats going to happen to Micah? Even though I'm not crazy about him as a character, it will be interesting to see what Linderman wants with him.
I am also sick of Claire whining about "Being Different", get over it. I mean, there are lots of others like her and she should stop wallowing. I don't blame her for being sad about being away from her family, but this whole "I want to be norrrrrrmal" is a little old. Other than that, good episode, in my opinion---not in the top 5, but not bad either.
See, I really enjoyed tonight's episode. What I saw was a lot of children asking for the acceptence of their parents. Both Sylar and Nathan were telling their mom's "Why can't you just love me for being me? Why do I have to do something more to get your love?" And the mothers kept reinforcing "No, I'll be proud of you when you do this one thing." Never mind that in both cases, doing that thing would cause people to die. The mother's wanted better children. And we saw that Mohoinder had been concieved only to create a cure for his sister. And then we saw the one parent who loves his child for who she is, Bennet w/Claire.
As for Claire being whiney, well considering everything that has happened to her very vast, she is only 16. Nice to see her acting like a normal teenager.

I realized watching this show that only about 5 weeks have passed in storytime since the beginning. ohmy.gif
I feel kind of stupid that I didn't realize that little Molly is the girl that Parlman rescued early in the season as well as (apparently) the radar system that Bennet/Parkman/the other guy are set to kill.
mmhmm, i didn't love that the 'tracking system" is a sick little girl so much. that one bites but i'm sure it makes for good story.

whew, well i finally caught up. only had to watch about 8 episodes online, dang i get no channels! glad to be near a computer but it's Exhausting watching all that at once! it was good though, can't wait to see what happens...
great post kitten. it never occured to me about the parental thing, but as soon as you said it, i realized the whole thing about nathan's mom reminded me of the manchurian candidate... hey, what is the mom's power anyways?

the thing that bugs me about the "tracking system" is that it's just another page taken from the xmen playbook. in x2 it was cerebro. as much as i love heroes, it would be good if they were a bit less derivative.
i thought about the parental thing a bit late last night. both of those men are adults, not children and they are both aware of what their mothers are like, it's not a secret. asking them something to which they already know what the answer will be and behaving as though that answer is the definitive hinge on which their own personal decisions balance is, well... it's a bit of a cop out and an excuse to keep on doing what they are doing and Know is wrong. it certainly doesn't absolve either of them of their wrong-doing, their mommies can't be responsible for that.
it's kind of odd that there are Two characters with the exact same conflict going on, is it supposed to be a parallel reflection thing or is it just laziness on the part of the writers?

yes, what is the mom's power, aside from being a colossal manipulative bitch i mean?
Maybe her power is manipulation, kind of like Eden's but less obvious.

GT - You are so right w/the Manchurian Canidate comparison!

QUOTE(the_geiger @ Feb 22 2007, 10:42 PM) *
Girltrouble, I loved the recap. You could give Television Without Pity a run for their money.

For fans of Hana "Wireless" Gittelman I definitely recommend reading her story in the comic book on's Heroes site.

I hope we see more of Claude, and I hope that we haven't seen the last of Ando either. I mean, why go back to the office once you've tasted real adventure?

And I think I may be losing my already tenuous grip on reality, but there's a guy in one of my classes that looks kinda like Sylar. And yesterday as I was walking to the store I swear I saw Hiro and Mr. Bennet too.

girl KILL YOUR TV!!!!
meh. there's two things i can't stand: people prosthelitizing about food (usually vegans/vegitarians) and televison. i'm an adult. really. i don't need your telling me what to do, and what not to do. you have your life, i have mine, you live the way you want and i'll do the same.

but don't tell me how to live.

grr. i'm sorry, it really does bug me, and at my last job i had an vegan asshole who would go on for hours about the evils of non-vegan life, and televison, and then talk about how everything was a gov't conspiracy, and we never landed on the moon. yeah. thanks but no thanks. and i am not one of those people who can suffer a fool lightly. i took every little stupid anti tv point on bit by bit. so, do me a favor, serenity, i know you are new here and all, but keep the preaching to yourself, k? especially in a televison thread. it's just bad form, and won't win you any friends.

where was i?

yeah, the other thing is that heroes loves dopplegangers-- peter and skylar are two sides of the same coin, peter is a form of reflection of nathan, the new tracking girl is a reflection of the doctor's sister, and of course there is nicki.... the two hiros; the different futures.... etc etc....

so what did you think of that episode? the deaths of linderman and whatever eric roberts charecter's name was were awesome, but the hiro bits were.....useless. am i the only one who is annoyed that they haven't really developed his powers? they showed so much promise when he was chasing that woman with the stolen money, but since then, it's like they forgot all about what they wrote...

but on the upside, the v.o. for next weeks episode quelled my fears when they called it "the season finale." although, there are too many loose ends to end the series next week, they did give us the 5 years later ep. so it was feasable. but...

i can't be the only one who thinks next week's ep will be a nuclear cliff hanger....harumph.
I really don't know if the bomb is going to go off. Maybe that will be the developement of Hiro's power. He will turn back the blast or something.
The creators of the show admitted thatv Hiro's story got a little misdirected. I think they needed to kill time. However, with his dad's support, Hiro is now ready to be what he was in the first episode only with bigger powers and a mission!

I need some info, though. I think I missed when Bennet remembered Claire. How did his stuff come back to him after the Haitian wiped him clean? What actually happened to his wife?
I definitely think that the season will end with the explosion and we wont know much else. Although the Heroes spin-off is a somewhat disconcerting. I mean, they have only had one season and already there are spin-offs? Who knows, maybe they will both be good. But they hint that lots of characters will be gone next season which sucks.
This is definetly one of thoes shows where main characters will die. I think we might be losing DL right now.
As for the spin-off, my understanding is that it is only a six episode prequel. Maybe we will learn what Mama Patrelli's skill is?
Aw, MAN! I love Adrian Pasdar, and there's no way he's coming back after that... sad.gif

I thought it was a pretty good wrap-up, and I loved how everyone (at least everyone who was left!) was there in the square at the critical moment (and that Nikki got in on the Sylar beat-down).

Honestly, I could easily have seen that be the series finale as well as the season. I'd rather they did that than drag it on for several years, getting more and more lame as time goes on (I'm looking at YOU, Lost.)

But poor Hiro! He's going to have his hands full...
I was a little let down by the episode as well, I gotta say. Nice to see that Nathan redeemed himself, though. That, even more than the blast, is what makes me think that he is not coming back. His story arc is done. Right?

Anyway, when I say let down, I just mean that I wanted more of an emotional "boom," not just the physical impact. Why was Claire so calm about the explosion? After all, she is a very talented actress who could have pulled off a full-on mental breakdown of grief. I wish they had given her the chance.

How the hell did Sylar throw Hiro into the past?
well, that was disappointing. after all the effort to keep up i feel let down. claire could have shot peter and he would have regenerated, the bros didn't have to both die, what was that for? and sylar died way, way too fast and easy. meh. can't say i'm really interested in watching if it comes on next season.
I did feel a little let down, I thought the season would go out with more of a bang.(literally) But all in all, I still liked it.

I am glad Nathan did the right thing at the end, but I always see him as a bad guy, so I was a bit surprised by his selflessness.

Having never liked Parkman, I was delighted to see him get shot. I hope it means he won't be back. Wish Nikki could have beaten Sylar down a bit more! That part was really cool.

I liked the twist, about Simone's dad. Just thought it was a cool detail.

I really want to see this guy that the little girl said she couldn't find, "because when I try, he can see me" That was kind of freaky.

I'll quit going on and on, but I still really like the show, and I am excited to see where it might go.
Pepper, I don't think Sylar died. There was a shot that gave me the impression that he "escaped" through a manhole. So he may still be alive, creeping around in the sewers!!
I got the impression Sylar was a live fo sho. Otherwise, why would they have shown the blood trail into the sewer from where his body had been. I also was a little disappointed at how schmaltzy the scene with Nathan and Peter was. My first thought was why didn't peter just fly away himself? He has that ability. I suppose he was too overcome by the radiation.
As for dead characters, I was really really happy that Mohinder and Mr. Bennett aka "Noah" lived I think Noah was an obvious choice for Mr. Bennett since he was trying to round up a lot of the Heroes in order to save them. Overall, I really enjoyed the entire season, and I am sooooo pumped for the new one!!!
"Uber-Evil-Sharon-Osbourne." hee. love it, blanche!

i loved last night's finale.
i'm glad nathan turned out good. and hiro found his dark side.

i completely didn't understand the shaft ... erm, richard roundtree ... scene.
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