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Full Version: I'm Holding Out For A Hiro!
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Oh, why wait until January. There seems to be enough to talk about in the "Television" thread.

So let the talk begin!

To start things, is there anyone else kind of hoping that Peter and Claire get together, despite the 12 year age difference? There is so much chemistry there!
Oh, nononono. I don't want those two to get together. It would feel too pervy to me.

I am really looking forward to the episode with Hiro and the dinosaur! That's gonna be great!

Have any of you checked out the graphic novel that the show has on the NBC website? I tried to read it once about a week ago, but it wasn't working correctly. I thought I might give it another chance this weekend. Here's the link.
Anybody know when this goes into re-runs?? I missed out on the show the first time around and need something to distract me from my hiatus from Jericho on Cbs
Yay for starting this thread!!!!

And Claire and Peter can't get together, that's just icky. I want them to be brother/sister! The Wonder Twins!

Don't know about re-runs, but all the episodes are up on NBC's website, so you can catch up on missed episodes there. (it's the only place I can watch them, I'm always at work when they air).

And I just love watching Hiro--he's just so freakin' happy about everything! And he claps when he's happy, it's soooo cute! biggrin.gif

Way to bring it B Kitty. I happen to be obsessed with this show to the point where I emotionally invested. Like I once was with LOST. Heroes has tons of characters, ambiguous villians, a sexy nurse mimic/empath, and the best part...PLOT DEVELOPEMENT!

But these programers are SO fucking balls out with the monkeywrench and the continual beatings until morale improves, it is all just one big cock in the sumptuous and roomy purse called the poosay.

Anyway, Go Team Heroes! activate! Annihilate! And Save hot jail bait cheerleaders!
Sci-Fi also rebroadcasts episodes on Friday nights. Looks like they're showing the pilot this coming Friday, so if you have US cable...

We are CRAZY about this show in my house. I am on pins and needles every week and spend a lot of time talking to other people who watch it about their theories on what's going to happen. It's insanely engaging, despite the fact that it's a bit of information overload.

Mostly, I'm trying to keep myself from seeking out spoilers...I'm desperate to know what comes next, but I ruined Veronica Mars for myself last season, and I swore I would never do the same (to VM or any show I love).

There is also more hotness on this show than I think there has been on any other show, *ever.* Pretty much the only major characters who aren't smokin' are Niki's kid and Evil-Type Dad of Horn-Rimmed Glasses. I love the scenes with Peter and Nathan...not so much how asinine Nathan is to his brother...but Milo Ventimiglia and Adrian Pasdar...mmm.

Speaking of the hott that is Milo, I leave you with this for a touch of visual enjoyment.

*dashes out*
*dashes back in and whispers*

I actually *would* (in a "future" timeline, when she's not jailbait) really like to see Peter and Claire as a couple.

*dashes back out, dodging thrown objects*
I thought Peter and Claire had chemistry, too.

And Adrian Pasdar is totally the hotness.

Milo has great hands.
Yippee! My Peter/Claire theory is catching on!
Delurking for no other reason than to say damn, Kitten - that is one bad, bad thread title... so bad, I adore it...
I am so glad we have this thread! Thanks Kitten!

I agree on the chemistry between Claire and Peter. I secretly hoped they would hook up, after she visited him in jail. I don't know......

I adore Hiro, he has the best lines!

Don't like Peter's brother or the psychic cop....but I can live with them. I used to love Lost, but ended up sick of always why things were happening on the show. That is the great thing about Heros, they tell you why events are going down/ people are doing what they are doing.

WOW I got alittle excited there.

Monday night was weird. I kept feeling like something was missing. I hate TV executives! I hope they all get a big stinky turd for Christmas or Hannakuh.

I miss Heroes.
I can't believe no one has posted this yet - Masi Oka (I think that's his name - anyway, Hiro!) got nominated for a Golden Globe!!!
Jan. 22nd! Yattaa! I really want to see what Claire is going to do about her father.
Yay! Jan. 22, Monday, I can't wait! I wonder how it will all play out.

Did you know you can see all the episodes here?
10.5+ hrs and counting!
it's the only thing that's going to get me thru this crap day.
I'm most excited about the new episode because my TV boyfriend, Christopher Eccleston, joins the cast tonight. Honestly, under all that scraggle, he's totally hot!
Christopher Eccelston! YAY!!! This show needs a Dr. Who.

I didn't think I could bemore excited but I totally am.
Yay, I'm so excited! Can't wait to see tonights show. smile.gif
As far as I'm concerned, every show needs the ninth doctor. /derailment smile.gif

hmmm. not much happened last night. alot of jumping around. still ecstatic it's back.

and how fucking gorgeous is barechested, sober issac?!?!?! rowr!

favorite hiro line, pointing to himself in the comic book: "only my face isn't so round." hee.

any theories as to how linderman is connected? i'm thinking he's claire's dad's boss. i don't think 'primatech paper' is a gov't op, either.
I just saw this show for the first time last night!

I figured if Busties made a thread about a show, it must be a good show.

I love the visuals, and the characters are charismatic.

I have NO idea of the storyline, beyond the basic premise of the show. Time to go find it on the interwebz.
Wombat, you can read all of the episode recaps on, or aliasnwonderland posted a link below to the NBC site where you can watch all the past eps.

Yay for new episodes!

"Linderman" always makes me think of Carl Lindner, the Cincinnati businessman/gazillionnaire who has his fingers in pretty much every pie and was (among lots of other things) the guy who spearheaded the anti-Mapplethorpe-exhibit group in the 90s.

Count me among the Christopher Eccleston admirers. One of the things I most love about him is how different he can look from role to role.
After watching the show last night, we determined that we hadn't gotten nearly enough of Mr. Ecclestone, so we watched some episodes of Dr Who. smile.gif

I agree that Isaac sans shirt is hottttt!

I'm with VP in regards to Linderman. And I suspect that the "paper" company may have some government ties ... kinda like a secret Halliburton.
Hiro always steals the show! I loved when he saw Peter's bro and exclaimed, "Flying man!!"

I am wondering when do we get see this mysterious Linderman?

I kind of dislike the cop and his wife. I find them a bit grating on the nerves.

wombat, you definately need to catch up on last season so you understand what's going on.

Nikki plays crazy well! That character is a bit scary.

I think my favorite part was when Nathan told him to settle down, so he did the quieter version of "Whoosh." So cute. The Petrelli boys were pretty adorable this week, what with Nathan being a concerned sibling.

I didn't feel there was enough of Mr. Eccleston either. Maybe next week...

I love Greg Gruenberg, the cop, but they have not given him nearly enough to do. I should care whether his wife leaves, right? Right.

I like that Linderman theory!

Okay, I was totally feeling stupid thinking I must be the last person on earth to think that Liberman was Claire's dad's boss (it didn't occur to me until this episode). So, what do you think his motives are? I'm wavering between he's an old man looking for immortality among the special powers, or he has a special power himself and wanted to genetically engineer himself some company.

And my favorite part too was Hiro's tiny whoosh after being shushed! I so love him! Tina Fey in 30 Rock (which I was forced to watch online while waiting for Heroes to come back) had a funny line when she was feeling awkward at some party and blurted out "so, what do you think of Heroes? I really like the Japanese guy....."

Is the ninth Who the invisible guy? I totally haven't watched any Dr. Who in at least 15 years, so I always picture Who as Tom Baker....
Sidecar - I am not sure how you can say that Christopher Eccelson is your boyfriend when he promised to love me only?

That cad! I can agree to share him, I suppose.

Yeah, sixelacat, the Ninth Doctor is the invisible guy. I never watched the old series.

I wonder if you're onto something with Linderman being Claire's dad's boss. It looks like a lot of stuff goes down next week, so I'm looking forward to that.

Am I the only one hoping that Simone blows up? Because I do.

i fucking FORGOT heroes was on, until 9:47!

so watching it tonite on!

SPOILER: claire's real mom (?) is crazy gina from nip/tuck! aieeeee!
i was wondering where i remembered her from! crazy g-na!
Pretty good episode! The end killed me though, I wanted to know more right away not wait an entire week.

Invisible guy is very intriguing. Nikki's son, is cute but evil!!

I adore Hiro more each show.
aww... i liked nikki's son. he wasn't a jerk till last night, and i think that was more because of bad writing than anything else....
ANOTHER SPOILER: and what about MR SULU!!!!!?????

i'm only warning about those two things because they're pretty major. i don't mean to start the whole spoiler thing again. we drove each other crazy about that in the lost thread last year. my feeling is, if you haven't watched an episode, maybe you should not read the thread until you do.

thank god for running the episodes online.

i think i have a crush on claire. i think she's a very good actress.

invisible guy is very intriguing.
I had always just assumed that Linderman was the Big Boss behind Claire's dad.
I really liked seeing George Takai as Hero's dad. It really seems that coming out of the closet totally revived his career. Good for him!
sixelacat is the only way I get to see the episodes! I'm always working when they air. And don't worry about the spoiler thing, mando, I make sure I don't come in here until after I watch the latest episode.

Speaking of, Hiro just keeps getting funnier and funnier! "That's how we roll..." laugh.gif Can't wait to see what his dad does....

And I agree, Claire is a good actress. I'm waiting for her real dad to turn out to be Leiberman or something.

I didn't think Nikki's son was being jerky, he's just an honest, very bright kid. His dad had been such a wanker about being able to single parent better than Nikki, the kid was pointing out how hard it really is.....

I want the new episode NOW! I haven't been caught up in a really good show in a long time. I have been spoilt by DVDs!!!
Oh no, I like Nikki's son, too! *spoiler * Sorry I've forgotten how to do the white text. sad.gif

I just thought it was kind of an interesting twist that he is so sweet and adorable, but he used his power to rip off the ATM. And it was kind of cool when he basically told his dad to get his shit together.
Darn it! Sixelacat stole my thunder. I am convinced that Linderman is Claire's birth father.
I think Nathan is Claire's father. Mando, Martini and I were both shouting, "TAKEI!" at the end because we were so excited. We knew from press reports that he was playing Hiro's dad, but we didn't know how it was gonna be revealed.


Is Nathan old enough to be Claire's father?! I thought there was maaaaybe 10 years difference between them.....besides, that would ruin the chemistry between Peter and Claire for me. I think I'm still going with Leiberman, but I'm always up for plot twists!!!
Nah, I bet he's more than 10 years -- she's 15, right? I would guess Nathan is probably mid to late 30s. Peter, it would be a stretch. But I do hope it's not him, I did like that chemistry she and Peter had. Linderman (or is it Lieberman?) would make sense, too.
Congrats, Sidecar! You were right!

You were so right... I was wrong... but so awesome. I liked her with the zach kid anyway.
poor niki...
that is so cool that peter collects the powers... i thought he had to be near the person.
I love this show!
Aw. I Heart Peter! Is it me or did he get a little haircut? On Television Without Pity they are calling him 'Peter the Repeator'. Hee!

And I looooooooved Takei! So much better than his cameo on Psych.
You called that one, Sidecar. I hadn't even considered the possibility.

Re: Nathan's age - Adrian Pasdar was in his mid-20s when he did Profit in 1996, so he's in his mid-30s now. I think Claire's 16 or 17, but Nathan could easily have been a youngster himself and still only be in his early 30s. when Claire Momma got pregnant.
Now I feel skeeved out that I was really hoping for a Peter/Claire hookup some day.

I laughed at Mama Claire's line "I'm not sure you remember me but OUR CHILD..." I guess that is one way to remind someone who you are.
*pinches Hiro's chubby cheeks*

Wow, Nathan as Claire's father shocked me. I'm admitedly bummed that Peter his her uncle, though. vesicapisces, The Profit was a creepy show, I really liked it. Peter definately has the best power on the show!

Claire's fake mom is so naive, for trusting wierdo Siller. I wonder how many times she's had her memory erased? Poor woman. I kept thinking Siller looks a bit like the lead singer of Weezer.

I was a little annoyed by the therapist trying to help Nikki. I kept thinking have your read her file? Glad she is out, it'll make the story better.

I can't wait to see lots of high quality Peter/Claude fics, and I tell my friends that if Russel T. Davies was the executive producer of this show they would be so canon.

Does anybody else want to call child services to get Micah out of that home? I really feel sorry for him.

And Ando, considering his obsession with Niki and with Hiro's sister, has just earned the nickname "Ecchi Ando."
I really think that Claire's adopted mom is so ditzy b/c her brain has been whiped one too many times.
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