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Me, too! They'd work great as a garnish to some truffles I'm making.
ok, i will try to post the recipe tomorrow. must go feed the baby now.
Shiny's oranges are the BEST! Lately, I'm lucky that we live close enough to each other that I get to eat the 'mistakes'. Tasty mistakes.

as i get older, i def think it is better to give than to receive. i will be donating this holiday season for sure. thanks all!
every time I write a letter or postcard, I feel that exciting gift-giving-anticipation thing that is almost like adrenaline.

I LOVE giving people things that I know they'll like, and i guess that writing for me falls under that catagory.

Christmas is coming, and as always I am stumped for most people I know.
my candied oranges

ten or so large and very pretty skinned oranges. (valencia oranges are good but they really do have to have nice bright orange skin) wash oranges and slice in rounds at about 1/4 inch slices. in several large low pans place the orange slices flat and only slightly overlapping and cover completely with sugar. dribble just enough water over the oranges and sugar to make it moist then slowly heat it till all the sugar melts and begins to boil. turn heat down to a simmer for about 15 min. then remove from heat and let stand for one to two days. the add as much sugar as can be saturated in the syrup and bring to boil again then simmer low for 45min to 1 hr. remove from heat and let stand again over night. the oranges will stay suspended in the syrup as they are saturated with syrup. pour off the syrup and lay the slices on wax paper and let them dry this way one or two days. then temper your favorite dark chocolate and dip each slice in the chocolate half way. set on clean wax paper to dry till chocolate is hardened. then eat them, give them, share them. yummy yummy yummy.
Those oranges sound awesome! I might make them for gifts.

I wanted to paint oranges for gifts last year (wouldn't that be cool?) but I wasn't sure what type of paint to use- does anyone know?

I read somewhere that back in the day, Christmas stockings were supposed to have 5 gifts in them, and that each of the gifts appealed to one of the 5 senses.
everyone know they get oranges from me every year.
I'm going to crazy lengths to get a t shirt for someone special.

There's a band t shirt that's only available in XL and XXL which basically I need for a medium sized man. I am pirating it. I see this working out expensively, but who cares.

Otherwise, and this is a bit mental....

The Coat
Out of my office window, which is four storeys up in the office block, my colleages and I can see a tramp sitting on a bench, and it's getting mighty cold at the moment. He sleeps outside a bookmakers in the town centre, I've seen him around before. We sent two kids outside to give him some coffee and soup (it's free in a Klix machine in the office), and he said thanks. After this the tramp got up and walked off for a pee, and then we watched in astonished horror as some chavs who were blatantly on crack (Brit speak: chav = white trash) picked his coat off the bench and stole it while he was gone. You've got to be a real bastard to rob a tramp. There wasn't a lot we could do because we were quite a way off from the situation!

He's not been around for a few days but I'm going to get him a coat. There are at least 3 second hand stores in walking distance of the office, I can pop in there and it will cost me about four pounds. That's my christmas present to him.

/cheesey, perhaps

Garlic, that's awful about that poor man! But at least you're doing something nice for him.

So far I have almost all my family gifts figured out except for my grandfather because he is the hardest person to buy for.

So, for my mom: Lush stuff.

Dad: something from my university, kind of as a token of how much I appreciate his support. I'm thinking a coffee mug, I'd love to get him a t-shirt but he's really big.

Brother: some cop shirts, I'm guessing I'll have to go for Kensington market for those.

Grandmother: probably some Laura Secord chocolate covered ginger. It's so gross but she loves it.

And then their is my grandpa. Every year he just asks for socks. Seriously.
I don't have a lot of money this year - I'm thinking of making homemade jams, chutneys and preserves for my family.

I'm starting a new job on Monday (been unemployed, hence the lack of money) so I might wait and see how much time I actually have. I saw a book in the store on small batch preserving - but I've never done it before. I'm worried that if I buy the book, all the supplies, etc. it might end up costing a lot and not work out.

Hmmmm... I also wonder if this is more a gift I want to give because I think it will be fun to do rather than something for them...
Garlic, my bf is smaller than a regular mens small and i have often gotten him shirts and sewn them in. if you already know how to sew, that is awesome, and if you don't, sewing in shirts is how i started sewing. for guys it is even easier since you dont have to put in any curves to fit them--just straight up and down smile.gif

QUOTE(Garlic @ Nov 15 2007, 04:20 PM) *
I'm going to crazy lengths to get a t shirt for someone special.

There's a band t shirt that's only available in XL and XXL which basically I need for a medium sized man. I am pirating it. I see this working out expensively, but who cares.

/cheesey, perhaps

Le' Watcher
Helloooo Busties!!

Does anybody know the diffrence between Zune and an IPod? I want to give my cuz a gadget to store her music files, pictures, am/fm radio capabilities and podshows on...Im not at all techi savvy please!! Ayuda!!!
le'watcher - check out CNET for electronics reviews
my mom's birthday is early january, and she's difficult enough to shop for at christmastime, so i'm trying to think (relatively) early of a birthday gift. i want to make something sentimental. i'm thinking a scrapbook or video with old photos, but somebustie's gotta have a more creative idea than that. help please!
I need help toooo! 10 year old boy, lives in Montana, will most likely be the next Tiger Woods (majorly into golfing)...but I'm thinking, even though it'd be really easy to get him some personalized golf balls or something...that's probably ALL he gets is golfing stuff and maybe he'd like something different.

Any ideas that don't involve him shooting his eye out or banging on drums?

It'd be really cool if I could find a remote controlled golf cart or something...but I don't have much faith in that possibility.
Remote controlled golf cart!
did i hear drums?

electronic drumsticks or drum roll-up both look fun.
Treehugger- These Mario and Luigi electronic golfers are cute , but you might want to look into more classic toys, This is a great source for classic toys. He might enjoy an old fashioned balance or building toy.

nicklick- scrapbooks can be very creative and sentimental, if you want to put a whole lot of time and effort into it. Similarly, if you're into fiber arts (knitting, crochet, quilting, sewing, etc.) You could create something one of a kind with a special meaning. You could quilt a family tree, or crochet/knit a shawl "hug", or any number of things that might have a special meaning to you and your mother.

ETA: I have a good friend from highschool getting married over Xmas break. It's going to be a small family-only ceremony at her parent's house. I would like to get her something that is wedding-gift appropriate, but matches her personality. She is casual/sporty, hyperactive, and wicked smart. Both she and her fiancee are engineering majors. They plan on living in her brother's house after the wedding.
Does anyone have any ideas?
thanks crinoline, she might like the scrapbook. when i'm home for xmas i'll steal some old photos to copy.

for your friends' wedding... how about tickets or lessons for something they've never done that would be fun to do together? ski, golf or dance lessons, massages/spa day, etc. also, i love to give cookbooks or other nice coffee table travel/photo/art books.
My husband's family draws names every year (blechhhh)- My family doesn't do that at all. I'm very new to his family so, I just so happened to get his aunt's name. Well, she's one of those women that has everything, she is very picky, she is very stuck up, and very very "uppity" as my grandmother would say. I don't have a clue what to get this woman. The gift has to be $25.00 or less. I'm sitting here freaking out because if I get her something and she hates it or says something bad about my gift, I'm going to go the hell off. LOL Or i just won't participate next year. I am unemployed so, I could just save my money and my time and just not buy her anything. LOL

What do you get a wealthy woman that has everything??? We're trying to get in touch with her kids to find out what she likes.

go to your local specialty food shop and get her some nice tea and a tea cup. or maybe some chocolates or tartlets with lemon curd, or a painted martini glass, or some such thing. this is what i always go with if i am unsure of a gift that will please an uppity person.
What do you get for boys aged 12 and 9? I'm not a kid person and I didn't grow up with any brothers. These are my only 2 boy cousins and I hardly ever see them anymore (which I think kinda bugs my family as I'm the oldest by several years and they still think I'm 13 and have time to go to family functions, which I don't). I was thinking I'd give them big jars of candy but that seems kinda cheesy. I also have 2 girl cousins that age who live closer so I see them a bit more often and they're girls so I know more about how to shop for them anyway. But if I give the boys candy I'll have to give the girls the same.

My mom already got all 4 of them a mall gift card so that option is out.
QUOTE(shinyx3 @ Dec 19 2007, 12:30 PM) *
go to your local specialty food shop and get her some nice tea and a tea cup. or maybe some chocolates or tartlets with lemon curd, or a painted martini glass, or some such thing. this is what i always go with if i am unsure of a gift that will please an uppity person.

Nobody could tell me what she likes, and plus, she has EVERYTHING already so I just got her a gift card to JC Penney. I did find out she likes that store. So VOILA... picky lady is done. LOL Now to find a gift for my mother in law. Another lady that has just about everything you could imagine.
hellotampon, what about movie gift cards for all of them?
hmm good idea. I may do that. I wanted to get them each an endangered species chocolate bar, which would go with that.
I have $50 and I have to get a present for my three teenaged brothers (18, 16, 14), I need something affordable, and I have no idea what. CD's? A DVD?
QUOTE(lananans @ Dec 23 2007, 10:05 AM) *
I have $50 and I have to get a present for my three teenaged brothers (18, 16, 14), I need something affordable, and I have no idea what. CD's? A DVD?

I have 3 sons 23, 21, 17 so this might be good info for you. Even thou boys love music, video games, sports stuff or really cool things that cost a arm and a leg, they might not cherish as long as this simple gift. I found sleep pants will last forever and also the memory of the Christmas they got it. I also see in my case that if their not wearing them their girlfriends will so it seems to me they are the gift that keeps on giving.
That's a great idea! I'm going to the mall tomorrow so I'll probably pick some up.
QUOTE(MOM@ODDS @ Dec 23 2007, 10:57 PM) *
I also see in my case that if their not wearing them their girlfriends will

ha! so true.
yeah yeah, giving's better than receiving.... what'd you get this holiday?

i got gorgeous earrings from my favorite crafty jewelry store, a nice local history photo book, candy and hello kitty stuff galore, and gift cards, which are actually my favorite gift because i the love guilt-free clothes shopping.
So the picky aunt loved the gift card, and said she would be using it today at the after christmas sales. KEWL! We ended up giving my mother-in-law a gift card to her favorite store as well since she'd already bought the gift we'd planned on giving her.

The entire family pitched in and raised some money for another aunt that takes care of their 83 yr old grandma; and when they presented it to her, one of the uncles blurted out "What about my wife? Yall better not forget about her, she contributes alot too!" -- this is the husband of the picky lady. But according to her sisters and the rest of the family, she doesn't do anything for the grandma except an occasional meal. The kicker is, she lives right down the street whereas the other sisters stay across town-- she doesn't even come to visit her unless the whole family is there. He pretty much ruined the moment for the aunt we were showing appreciation for. Then again, he was being RUDE all night.
Time to resurrect this thread!

I have a gift recommendation for anyone, kids or adults, who like puzzles: 3D Maze Ball We bought two for the office for patients to play with in the waiting room and it's so much fun. You have to run the little ball around the maze on those little tracks. We're constantly printing out that page so people can buy their own. I haven't finished it yet- there's a spot I keep getting stuck at, but we've had a couple patients almost finish it.

I know it's a foreign website, but it's the only the only place that has it (there's one that makes noise -ugh- on Amazon, but they're indefinitely out of stock) and we've ordered several toys from them with no shenanigans. Shipping does take a couple of weeks, so order with plenty of time. I'd say it's probably good for kids 6 or 7 and up- they need to have some co-ordination and attention span.

ETA: I just watched the video on there, and just wanted to note that the maze is longer than what they show. The person doing it in the video just doesn't finish it.
Good idea, polly! wink.gif

I've been participating in the Season of Sharing through the Chicago Sun times for the past decade. I truly feel the spirit of Christmas when I participate in this program. I'm also considering taking part in the letters to the troops program too.
I'm in a couple of board game secret santas again this year. Well, I'm running one of them.

For the international one, we have over 1100 people in something like 50 countries, all exchanging gifts anonymously. My Secret Santa and I set some kind of record when s/he (in the US, I think) placed an email order with my locally-owned game shop. The owner then emailed me to tell me Santa had left something for me. Within 24 hours of the original order, my family and I were playing Stone Age here in New Zealand. My favourite part is the Love Hut, were two of my little cavemeeples go in, and at the end of my turn, three come out!

My Hanukah Harry (hey, that's just me) target was in Texas. I sent him and his family The Settlers of Catan with a little bonus thrown in. He said (in a reply-to-santa thread) that it was the perfect gift, because he tends to buy gifts for him and his buddies, and this was something for his family to play!

I'm running one as well for the NZ/AUS region. It's a lot smaller, with 23 participants over the two countries. The bonus is that some people are close enough that they can deliver their 'Secret' Santa gifts in person. No shipping means lower costs (and therefore better gifts), lower emissions, and the inclusion of yummy baked goods!

Finally, as a gift to my wider family (including faux-siblings whom I've known since elementary school), we have started conceptualising creating an intentional community where we can all live together. This past summer, we spent 3 weeks in Europe together (about 12 of us), and we realised that while right now we live in San Fran, Auckland, Belfast, Iowa, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver; we'd all be happier living in one place together. We all have fairly low-paying (or no) jobs, and have moveable skillsets (hotel/restaurant mgmt., nursing, teaching, sales, engineering). So we're exploring how and when to make it happen. The where has already been settled: The Netherlands. Contributing to something so communal really has my energies fired up. Happy holidays!
I like giving gifts that last. One of the best gifts I ever got someone was a season's pass to the local IMax theatre. I got one each for my brother and my dad last year, and they were thrilled. They cost about the same as four regular tickets - such a good deal! This year I'm getting my bro a season's pass to Playland, an amusement park in Vancouver that's open 4 months a year. It costs less than three day passes. Magazine subscriptions are also great as a gift that "keeps on giving." You get a new Christmas present in the mail every month! I got my girlfriend, a passionate foodie, a subscription to two cooking magazines for her birthday this year. I got her a fancy, glossy one full of specialty features and obscure gourmet-type stuff, and another one that's much more basic and accessible but that's packed with recipes. Also very cheap - a one-year subscription costs less than three magazines at the regular retail price.

I actually have a gift list a mile long this year, but no time to write - I'll post it later.
Hi there- I'm totally new to the forum, and I'm looking for some advice on shopping for new mama's. Three of my best friends are newly prego, and I've never shopped for a hip mama before. I've been digging through the girl wide web links for some cute handmade maternity clothes, and so far no dice. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks and happy holidays to all!
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