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anna k
The original thread seems to have been eaten, so I'll restart:

I saw Sam Rockwell at the NYC Upright Citizen's Brigade theater during the Sunday show led by Amy Poehler. My sister recognized him, but didn't know his name. So she had her friend ask him if he was an actor, and he said yeah. My sister asked his name, and he said it, and she went, "Right! You were in that movie where you played a game show host." "Yeah, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind." My sister said she didn't know him from anything else, and he teased her, saying she should go to the video store and rent some of his movies. Then his girlfriend came over and looked annoyed at the girls bothering him. He was average-looking, in black glasses and a ski cap. Me and my sister ended up walking near him and his girlfriend as we left the theater, then went in different directions.
This is a vicarious encounter, but apparently Eric Bana has just moved in to the house next door to my brother-in-law's partner in Melbourne. My b-i-l has been 'accidently' throwing his ball over the fence to try to set up a meeting. Will post any developments!
I met Deborah Harry while I was workin' at a convenience store acouple years ago. She was in the area for some skiing and the great winters here in upstate, NY.

whoa, what did she buy? peroxide and some cigs, i'd imagine.
A couple of weeks ago I bumped into (a sober) pete doherty, and then about 10 minutes later was pushed by anneka rice while she was trying to get on the tube.

And I think I'd die if I met Debbie Harry.
I stood next to Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins at an anti-war rally a while back. I got goosebumps (I love her madly.)

He is WAY fucking tall.
I saw Jeff Goldblum buying cowboy boots (or at least trying some on) at a shop on Melrose the other day. That was pretty cool.
I saw Keri Russell Shopping in the Banana Repulic in SoHo! and I met Jay Z the other day too!
My friends and I used to hang out with Sara Gilbert when she was in town for a few months doing a play at the Ensemble Theater. This was 13 years ago.

My Cabana at the Hard Rock in Vegas was next to Vince Neil's , who is fat and gross.

Had dinner next to David Spade at Rocco's restaurant in NYC during that reality show. (He is very short and that restaurant was NOT very good.)

Saw Michael Clark Dunkin at the Vegas Hard Rock Pool, in a SPEEDO!

Briefly saw Mss. Spears, being escorted out of the Hard Rock.

Saw Ben Affleck walking to his room at the Hard Rock.

Ate at Nobu at Hard Rock next to Michelle Branch.
(If you want to see celebs in Vegas, go to the Hard Rock)

Ran smack into Jacob Dylan walking out of a game room, when I was walking home from the grocery store (which was weird, because I live in Cincinnati, he was playing that night in the city)

Used to wait on Vidal Sassoon a lot. He lives here.

My step family is friends with Pete Rose (ick)

Hung out at a bar with Billy Joe from Green Day, where we had a conversation in marker on the bar table.

Stayed at the same hotel as the Beastie Boys, met them.

I am old.
Am I the only one who thinks that "makeover" they gave to Vince Neil on MTV or VH1 made him look like a 40-year-old soccer mom? That wispy layered hair? Who's idea was that? And he thinks it looks good. Not that he looked great before or anything, but at some point, as they get older, the best haircut for a guy is to just buzz it all off. Or at least mostly. Of course, he may not have looked so good with that either, now that I think about it.
I agree. I also think that Todd rungren looks like Kirsty Alley, a la Veronica's Closet, (dark layered in the back and white blonde in the front.)

You should have seen the fake booobie action going on at Vince Neil's cabana! It was awe inducing.
I hadn't noticed that this thread is back!

ggg, I highly envy your encounters with Billie Joe and the Beastie Boys. And slightly old news, but I think I was in the same bar with Zach Braff and Chris Klein on Halloween.
I had a brief "groupie" phase. blink.gif

I have met a bunch of band d00ds. I met Ice T, he is very short.
I went swimming at the hotel with Rancid and Sick of it All.

Plus others.

I am old.
I guess I am old, too, 3G. I met Def Leppard back when Steve Clark was alive and Rick Allen still had two arms.
Oh, I got into a screaming match with the big ugly guy from Rancid years ago. Lars or Sven or whatever. He was jerky & made some poor girl cry, so I ripped him a new asshole. Yr real punk rock, pal making high school girls cry. I got kicked out, but the Lunachicks got me back in. Huzzah!
I hung out with Eric Stoltz at a small gathering at a friend's house in 1993. He was cool. At the time Pulp Fiction hadn't been released yet but he was discussing the role. He is a genuinely nice person.

A friend of mine was Shannon Hoon's (Blind Melon) longtime girlfriend and they eventually had a daughter together in 1995. He was a nice guy when sober which, unfortunately, wasn't very often.

I've met Dusty Baker, baseball manager, several times. At the time he was the coach for the San Francisco Giants. Big ego.

A friend and I were invited by Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain to an NBA All-Star Celebration party in 1994. We went and took our boyfriends 'cause we're sure Wilt had something else in mind. Eeew!
Wait a minute ... Vidal Sasoon lives in Cincinnati?
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Dec 23 2006, 09:43 PM) *

Wait a minute ... Vidal Sasoon lives in Cincinnati?

Yup, in Mt Adams. Wierd, huh? There are a few celebs that call that hill home, half of the year, or whatever.

He is good friend with a lady named Katie Lauer, who is an old bluegrass gal. They used to come into this coffee house I worked in, to listen to jazz.

He came in one night, but there wsn't any music that night, so before he left he slipped me a twenty. Just cuz.

I like Vidal.
Sean William Scott was staying at the condominium complex I work at. He was really nice and not at all what his "Stifler" makes him out to be like. He would go running in the mornings and come back with these gawkers following him. A coworker of mine said to him, "Aren't you worried about getting spotted like that?" and he replied, "There's more to life than movies man."

Overall, a really cool dude.
anna k
Seann seems cool. I was surprised by how different he sounds in interviews than he is as Stifler.

I saw Criss Angel do a book signing at Borders in midtown Manhattan. He was posing for pictures with people. I don't know if he did any magic tricks.
I had no idea Vidal Sassoon lived in Mt. Adams. I was raised in Cincinnati...home of George Clooney, Nick Lachey, Sarah Jessica Parker, and who else?
I had no idea that Vidal Sassoon was an actual person!
anna k
I was raised in Cincinnati...home of George Clooney, Nick Lachey, Sarah Jessica Parker, and who else?

Halle Berry, Dorothy Dandridge, and Carmen Electra.
Whoa, Halle and Dorothy. The connections abound! I knew about Carmen and forgot her. Gee, I wonder why?
i thought halle was cleveland...
anna k
You're right, Halle and Dorothy were from Cleveland. They had other similarities (looks, ethnicities), so I thought of Cincinnati for Cleveland.

Nick said he and Carmen went to the same arts school. Carmen would've been known as Tara back then.
I served Cate Blanchett (an Australian actress) at a shop. She was nice, quite hyperactive but very down to earth.

The shop offers a 10% discount for frequent shoppers, and she asked for it. I thought she could probably spare the $8, but hey, who am I to judge the economic situation of others.
Carmen went to Princeton High School, the Performing Arts, though I think she graduated before Lachey. I know a lot of people that were at SCPA with Nick and Drew Lachey.

I had no idea Vidal lived here or was a real person until I started waiting on him! PEter Frampton Lives here, Natalie Portman's Grandparents live here, (I saw here pumping gas at a BP in Hyde Park) Doris Day was born in Over the Rhine, Jack Lawrence and Partick Keeler from teh Raconteurs are from here and are also in the Greenhornes.
My second cousin, Landon Donovan (MLS soccer player, LA Galaxy) married his gf Bianca Kajlich (Boston Public, Dawson's Creek) on NYE.

I have been trapped inside a celebrity encounter for the past couple of days! Corey Feldman and Corey Haim are filming their reality/improv show in my office building!

I touched Corey Felman's back, he touched my arm, I told Corey Haim not to smoke in my office, I've witnessed covert meetings, had in depth conversations with members of The Feldman's band AND had Corey Felman apologize for not holding a door open for me.

I've been busy blogging every thing at My Livejournal

Today is the last day ... I wonder what will happen today!
wow! hahahah

(did you used to be sassygirl, or am i losing my brain?)

this is not unusual considering it's LA, but last night on my way home from work traffic on the freeway was backed up so i decided to take my secret fourth-street exit shortcut through downtown and the second street tunnel. i'm all breezing through, congratulating myself on having skipped the traffic on the 101, when i hit a roadblock and a sign up ahead "RIGHT LANE CLOSED" fucking construction grumble grumble, but of course it wasn't, it was an entire goddamn film crew taking up the entire right lane of one of the skinniest streets in downtown LA. they were filming some scene through the window of a restaurant. i couldn't see who they were filming, but if it's not the traffic holding you back, it's the goddamn movie industry.

a coupla years ago i saw the gossip open for jon spencer at a bowling alley/punk rock bar in asbury park, and while waiting for my bf to pee i realized i was standing next to beth ditto. i said hey and smiled. that was it! if i had a time machine that's the exact moment i'd return to talk to her. and i still don't know what i'd say! um, you're cool and pretty and sing real good. yeah, she knows that already. i shoulda bought her a beer at least.
Haha, Mouse, you reminded me that my boyfriend's brother was in the movie industry for a while, and on one movie set he had to be "the guy" that told people not to walk on a street while they were filming. And they would film during super busy parts of the day, on huge streets. He freakin hated it.
Hey, Nickclick, I'm doing a portrait of Beth Ditto for an art assignment right now (er, or I should be doing that right now, instead of sittin infront of the computer, heh)

So, I saw Lauren Graham last night! She looked so cute and giddy, seems like a fun person. She was being ushered away from photogs so I didn't get to say anything to her,..but what would I say? "I love Gilmore Girls?" Yeah, pretty original.

cool project! post pics of your progress! i'm sure there ain't one bustie that wouldn't want to see it.
I once saw Jason Biggs in a pizzaria in LA

Weird Al walked right past me on Sunset Blvd

Frances McDormand came into my vintage clothing store about 6 months ago
eric balfour, at the bank. he's cuuuute.
anna k
I accidentally met Crispin Glover Saturday night. I went to the IFC Center to see East of Havana, and he was promoting his new movie and doing a book signing. I was told to wait in the adjoining cafe so the theater could clear out and I could see my movie. I read and stood by a table and a chair. Several minutes later, Crispin came around and thought that I was on line for the signing. I was surprised to recognize him (I assumed the signing was done earlier), and I just said something like, "Oh no, I was just standing here," and moved over. Then others came in one at a time for the signing while the queue was outside the cafe. He seemed all right, much more normal-seeming than his reputation is.
Crispin's a *really* nice guy. He's friends with some hipster friends of mine, so the last time he was through here with his film, we hung out. He signed my copy of Rat Catching & I took pics of him & my friends all night.
Noel one half of The Mighty Boosh with his shopping in Swaines Lane North London last Sat. My friend doesn't have a telly so completely disinterested!
apparently crispin is a regular sighting at the trader joe's in my neighborhood. i haven't seen him yet though.

my neighborhood is a hotbed of hipster hollywood types. jason lee, giovanni ribisi, zooey deschanel, shannyn sossamon blah blah blah blah. apparently melanie lynskey lives around here and i LOVE her, but i've never seen her. sad.gif
Okay. Now I gots to look up the Boosh on Youtube. One of my things has been talking up the Boosh, but being in the US, I had no idea what the hell he was talking about...
AP, you will looove the Boosh.

Russel Lissack of Bloc Party. He used to be my ex's flatmate. Bless.

Brad and Angelina came into my restaurant last week.
Pretty exciting, matter how un-starstruck you'd like to be. It was cool and exciting. Especially since Brad had to come to the bar to smoke his cigarette (I bartend). He wouldn't let me light his cigarette (just like Sean Penn) but he did come up to me and ask several questions about New Orleans. I was suprised to talk with him so one on one like that...over 2 mintues, no doubt. No matter how cool and normal I acted it was still disbelieving to look smack in the face the same bloke who's been in so many movies and magazines.
Cool guy. Angelina is beautiful.

Side note: there's only one pub in New Orleans that shows the footy (english football) and so when some old members of Sex Pistols came to town there was always going to be only one place for them to watch their Arsenal...Finn McCools. Anyway, I heckled them (because I hate Arsenal) and got a picture of Cooke and Jonny Rotten.

All in two weeks, these two encounters.
wo, doxy...this is no Brangelina, but Eric Benet (Halle's ex) came in with his daughter India to my restaurant last week. they're regulars, good tippers, very trendy and India looks like she's about 25.
anna k
Tonight at UCB's famed Asssscat 3000 show in NYC, I saw Martha Plimpton waiting in the beer line.
so i found out a friend of mine from HS is on a new reality show on bravo. weird. a mutual friend and i had a laugh, and then talked about how we would blackmail him with the pictures we had of him in silver pleather in hs

met the bassist for Phish a month ago at a concert. dude was totally high. i'm not a phish-head, so it didn't do as much for me as it did for my friend.

met/chatted with hilary clinton (eloquent)

met/chatted with alana davis (awesome, normal)

saw steven tyler (emaciated!) walking around the rock and roll hall of fame, as well as aaron lewis (lead singer, staind, portly)

met aaaahnold schwartzenegger (sp?) like 15 years ago when he was opening a Gold's Gym (wtf?)

i know i got more in there somewhere...
When we were in London in October we went to a really creepy theatre thing of Faust. It was done in an abandoned warehouse and you had to walk all the different floors of the scenes. We all had to wear greek masks while there. Really f-ing cool.

IN the middle of it, me and the 3 others i was with had to pee. So we found a really nasty trashed bathroom and went in. I peed, came out and there was a man in the bathroom dressed like sargeant pepper. (Halloween night btw) So my friend goes in my stall, one girl comes uot of the other (friends with sgt pep) and then this girl in pink goes in that stall (Dressed like a pink lady from grease) and then she asked my friend for TP and when she came out without her greek mask on, it was Natalie Portman. We chatted in a seedy bathroom in a warehouse in London.

i live in la so i see celebs all the time.
the last ones i saw were slash with his kids..
and mo rocca having lunch by himself at wolfgang pucks
i also used to work with joanie from americas next top model
and the owner was joe han from linkin park.
i also have met and hung out with ashlee simpson on a number of occasions
have run into adam brody. saw lisa bonet with actor jason momoa at ralphs
im not sure but im pretty sure i saw rob lowe this morning in his car as i was crossing the street.
seen jessica simpson. met nick lachey.
met and spoke with schuyler fisk, frankie muniz.
ummm who else....i saw drake bell posting lost dog signs with some girl in hollywood.
aaaanndddd....i dont remember anyone else. thats all!
I was so antsy all night at work hoping she'd stop in the bar on her way out of the restaurant, to sign me book and take a pic with me!

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