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We are reviving this lost thread...

You know you are a Bustie when...

Having the Lounge goes down means you can't talk to 50% of your friends...

You have picked up new hobbies or interests or starting watching new tv shows just so you can talk in more threads...

You wish that at Bustie meetups people would wear name tags with their on-line names and avatars so you had some idea who she really was...
you know you are a bustie when...

... when the lounge is down you check it obsessively even though it wasn't up five minutes ago

... you find yourself wondering what to do when the lounge is down

... and yes, you can't talk to half your friends.
... you find yourself using arguments you've made in the lounge in real life.
kittenb become less interested in the Amy Sedaris book b/c you know that everytime you click an AcitvX for the ad your computer crashes! mad.gif
... you can't see the word "the" without seeing it as "teh"
... or "dirty" as "diryt"
or horny as honry...
...trolls make you hungry for nutella. And pie.
doodlebug go out of your mind with boredom when the Lounge isn't working. are so terrified about the Lounge disappearing, that you liken such a possibility to the sudden and mysterious disappearance of an entire nation of your own countrywomen and countrymen. KNOW for a FACT that Bustie Vibes are the most powerful magik in the world. get all excited when you see something IRL made with hot pink leopard print. have a hard time making serious decisions until you can "run it by the Lounge."
...when you think to yourself, "You know, if my bf and I broke up, I'd be okay. I have the lounge."
you find yourself refering to your family members by their bustie names IRL...
Ha ha, moxie, so true!!

....when you get anxious if you can't get to BUST several times during the normal course of the workday.

....When on a holiday weekend, and no one's hanging in the lounge, you feel a little lonely.

...When you can't make a decorating decision for your home without checking in with the Decor divas!
... you thought you were the only one who looked at photos of Johnny Depp to feel better during a crappy work day.... but you're not....
When you worry about falling behind and missing out on conversations.
When you reference busties and their opinions often IRL in conversations as intellectual authorities!
... when you come in here and find yourself going "oh thank cod it's not just me then"
... when you find yourself thinking about and missing The Lounge while on vacation.

... , while on said vacation, you try to find a computer just so you can check in on your Busties.
(God, kittenb, I thought I was the only one who has software problems with that Amy Sedaris ad.)

....when you agree with more than half the posts on this thread already

....when you regret not posting more and lurking less

....when you realize that you're more bummed about your boyfriend taking his computer when he moves out than with him leaving because that means you have to get your own or else spend more time at the library in order to bust safely
...when you actually spell out the word 'schadenfreude' in a text message. Using a numeric keypad.
laugh.gif llamas, that's classic!

when your boyfriend gets annoyed with you for using BUSTie speak and you get annoyed at him for not understanding.
when you wish the dingo hadn't eaten your profile because the number displayed for total posts should really be twice as high
When this is your favorite place to be when drinking red wine.

Ok, well , anytime.

When this is one of the most important places to declare Valentine greetings.

Ok, really, I am too drunk to be here at this point, am I?

Llamas, you rock my world beacause you are llamas. Llamas rock my socks.
when you almost refer to your significant other as Mr. or Mrs. (your handle) when your out and about in real life.

I almost refered to my fiance as Mr. Pug instead of his first name when we were with a bunch of our friends. WOW blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif
when you're at a store and you think of a product a bustie mentioned thats name you can't remember and you automatically think "ooh i'll just text the lounge"

(pugs, i'm lookin' at you and your clinique skincare! i was in sephora without a clue sad.gif )
when anything at all interesting happens and the first thing you do is open BUST...
when after a great round of sex rolleyes.gif instead of wanting to smoke a cigerate or go to sleep you want to go brag about it in the Let's Talk About Sex thread.

((moxie)) that is so true!!

((mouse)) I'm going to try to post a pre Clinique picture of me and a post Clinique picture of me perhaps this weekend if my dad will let me borrow his digital camera. I'm on my period right now and hardly a pimple to be found. I love Clinique. I know it's a little expensive but the products last a long time. One bar of soap lasts me three months easy. The other thing I love about it is that if you skip a day your skin doesn't go all to hell. Mr. Pug likes the post shaving healer cream stuff I got him from Clinique as well. Of course, he doesn't tell any of his friends that he uses Clinique cause it's not manly or something (even though it comes in a nice grayish black bottle). Whatever I say. He gets dry skin between his eyes above his nose so sometimes he uses my moisturizer.
When your favorite TV shows are influenced by what the other BUSTies post about. (I only started watching CSI because of the Slash thread, and the Heroes thread was a big factor in getting me to watch that.)
I totally second that. Half my popular culture references come from here...
When you adopt BUST lexicon into your everyday language and your SO knows it's a BUSTism.

When you eat something and say, must remember to log that in What I Ate.

Moxiegirl's post holds particular resonance: what will the BUSTies say?
I SO used CACK the other day when discussing moxette's birthday plans.
QUOTE(blanchedeveraux @ Mar 7 2007, 08:41 AM) *

I started watching Heroes because of the lounge. When Hiro's character came around, I exclaimed, "Oh, holding out for a HIRO! that totally makes sense now!"

... you begin to dread -a month in advance- being without internet access and consequently the lounge whilst moving house.
when you think about posting to ask if anybody knows where you've misplaced your Dresden Dolls CD
... when your period starts & you immediately think of the other Busties that are on the same schedule & wonder if their periods have started, too. laugh.gif
When you can hardly watch tv without thinking "mmmm wonder what the Busties will have to say about that..." (i.e. ANTM, Grey's or Ugly Betty) or you see an annoying ad and you think "ha! must go bitch about it in the lounge"

rose - i'm due any day or was that tmi? wink.gif
roseviolet, I was going to post that exact same thing!
mouse... I nearly did that too. bunny... ovaltine! in sainsburys!

when you start refering to your IRL friends by thier BUSTie monikers.
the ovalmatine thingy? *squee!*

when real names look out of place to you on the lounge as you are so used to their BUSTie monikers (SOs/family/friends).

when you find out a BUSTie's IRL name and think that they suit/look like/identify with their screen name more.
when your date goes outside to smoke and you hop on bust to quickly post how it's going in one of the threads in TMG.
when you have a dream about meeting a befriending someone "IRL" who ends up being a bustie
when loungelady mentions "down time" and you experience some palpitations.
maude yes.

when you start saying "maude" and "cod" irl
QUOTE(bunnyb @ Mar 9 2007, 10:41 AM) *

when you find out a BUSTie's IRL name and think that they suit/look like/identify with their screen name more.

Very, very true!
bumpity bumpity for kittenb
Thank you!

You know you are a Bustie when you are doing a training for collegues and you reference something that was told to you by one of your "on-line friends."
I have absolutely done this!!!! I'm a Bustie!!!
I mention the lounge almost daily to my friends. I call it my "forum." They think it's something very officious and whatnot.
You know you're a Bustie when the blue-and-grey Lounge had you so down that your heart skipped a beat when you saw the pink leopard was back!
you know you're a bustie when you lurk the General Knowledge Base thread just hoping, hoping that one day someone will post a question on the one obscure subject you know FAR too much about.
When you check the Okay...thread before you check your e-mail in the morning. And you are excited to post something new that happened to you as well.
...when you're holding out for EXECUTIVE COCK, but you can't exactly explain that concept to your real-life non-Bustie friends.
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