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AP I really like that! I used to journal all the time- it's been ages though now... I do keep a blog. But being a grown up I don't so much qualify anymore smile.gif But I'd be interested in seeing what comes of this project.
One thing I did do is blog to my 10 year old self.
Sometimes I really wish I had been able to do this, or someone else would have written me a letter as an adult to my 10 or 15 or 18 year old self- It's incredibly likely that no matter what someone else would have said, I wouldn't have listened, but maybe I would have done some things a little bit differently.
I realize that's kind of what we're doing on this forum- but I wish there was some way to present some of this to teen girls/preteen girls now...
I wish I had known as a teenager that no one is going to give you the love you want if you beg for it and change yourself to suit who you want to love you. It wasn't until I had my heart ripped out at 21 that I put my foot down with myself and spent the next year searching for ME rather than for the Next Mr. Right Now Maybe Probably Not. I could have saved myself a lot of self-destructive behavior had I only tried to realize my own self-worth instead of changing whatever I thought was wrong and was the reason the person I wanted didn't want me.
That a firm, loud "No" and a smack with a rolled-up newspaper work just as well with people as with dogs. tongue.gif Partly it's the element of surprise!
if it doesn't feel right, it's most likely not.

if a guy is into you, he will leave you with no doubt and no inconsistencies. If you're led to doubt so much by him, cut your losses and cut him loose. You'll feel much better without the burden of craziness. People don't change, he wont.

You can't get played if you're not playing. The minute you see fucked up cycles repeat, get the fuck out and stop the game. You're only hurting yourself if you let the play go on - cause girl, your gut KNOWS.
I love that advice Zoya. It should be in every girl's coming of age greeting card or something, or her first needlepoint excercise or carved somewhere.
Yeah, your words dovetail with something that's been on my mind for the past several months. I was thinking about coming in here and putting it out there:

Listen to your misgivings, especially about sex and romance.

(My current situation is really good on the whole, and I'll keep re-assessing over the years, but I've been thinking about this a lot, and the shit that literally fucked up my health and that I still have to guard against means, frankly, that lately this relationship is in the red, as far as what I've put into it and what I've gotten out of it. I wish someone had told me to listen to my misgivings. I might not have listened to whoever would have said it, but I might have.)

Quoting Zoya for truth:

Your gut KNOWS.

You don't have to wait for a logical, rational reason to surface before you get the hell out.
This organization is cool. I wish there'd been something like this when I was growing up, so it would've been easier to practice networking, public speaking, activism etc before adulthood.

Girls For A Change is a national organization that empowers girls to create social change. We invite young women to design, lead, fund and implement social change projects that tackle issues girls face in their own neighborhoods.
The easier choice is usually the wrong one.

Facing pain is better than avoiding it.

Breakfast really is as important as everyone says.
I second the breakfast advice!

I am currently obsessed with porridge.
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