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Full Version: Let The Bettification Begin!
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I agree. Great episode. I really felt bad for Daniel when he was yelling at Alexis about how her death affected the family. And the smirk on Hida's face when Betty found her and Daniel making out was priceless.

More Henry please! He looked so cute in his sweater. I loved that it was pulled down tightly, instead of casually baggy. So much more geeky.
Last night's episode was a good one, nice and juicy. I would've liked to see more Tim Gunn, but I guess he'll be in next week's, too. "Alexis" totally threw me for a loop, I thought it was Fey that was going to resurect. And I absolutely adore Gina Gershon in everything she does, most especially this delightfully obnoxious character. Thought it was cute how Justin was able to rattle off specific designer pieces to Wilhemina. I didn't care much for the ending, though. Alexis just standing there basking. Do people actually do that? And arresting the head guy all at the same time? What other shockers are going to be left for the rest of the season?

Mark makes me wish I were back in that time during college when all my friends were queeny gay boys. It was really fun while it lasted. I love how everyone embraces Justin for who he is instead of trying to make him straight. That's such a great message.

i dunno, i love the soap operaticness of it all
I, too, am super psyched by the easy portrayal of different sexualities/lifestyles, and I really love young justin. but I have to say I was disappointed in tim gunn's role -- I just think other people's words coming out of his mouth don't have the same flow (and definitely don't have the same wit -- let the man write his own dialogue!).

p.s. how tiny did daniel look next to his renovated sibling?
aunt agonist
loved the most recent show. i am developing a crush on Justin's dad. so cute on the subway 'and you better clap!'
loved it.

also-- when will henry and betty get it together! i love them so!!
"My son's gonna tell us about the Hairspray."

LOL, I loved that!
anna k
I've just started watching this show, and I like it a lot. Betty's not the main character as I had thought, and I like a lot of the characters. I like Rebecca Romijn as an addition, she works well, and I felt bad for Alexis when that dude laughed in her face.

It's never been actually said that Justin is gay, right? He's more flamboyant and a gay stereotype, but he doesn't know what gay is. The kid who plays him does an excellent job.

I'm glad to see Vanessa Williams getting good work. She excels best at high-achieving alpha female roles.

I think he's definitely a coded gay male character (and not just b/c every single boy I've known like that in my own life ended up gay wink.gif ).

I taped tonight's episode - I'm going to watch it over the weekend.

ETA: Justin is supposed to be twelve, no? Old enough to have sexual thoughts and ideas and definitely old enough to have been exposed to the concept of homosexuality, especially being obsessed with fashion and fashion designers, an industry crawling with out men.
Bumpity, bumpity....

I finally caught up on the Ugly Betty episodes over the weekend, can I just say how much I LOVED the writing on the fashion week epi? It really cracked me up. I like the show more and more.
Hi there - so I don't usually post in here, but I thought I'd drop in and let y'all know that there's an interesting conversation revolving around Ugly Betty in the latest issue of Girlistic Magazine. (It's online and it's free). It talks able tokenism and if America's win is really a win for minority actresses or not. Thought someone might be interested.

While I am not familiar with the magazine, it seems like an odd choice to pick an actress who is not associated with the show to discuss it. Especially considering that the actress makes a point of saying she does not watch TV. Has she seen Ugly Betty?
Not a clue, kittenb - I only skimmed it, to be honest. I'll go back and read it more carefully.

I think they were talking about it because the actress is a minority and so, I suppose, has a stake in the success of other minority actresses.

I'm bumping this thread up! I love Betty! I also love Justin, Hilda and Claire Mead and, for some strange reason, I'm taken with Amanda. Just got to the episode with Henry's gf showing up - arrrggghh! He really needs to be with Betty, but I'm loving that they made Charlie this amazing, cool girl that Betty really took to. I'm addicted!
the first time i watched Betty, I couldn't figure out what the hype was all about. i found it campy and sugary moralistic.

so why do i love it? the writing is spot. on. the dialogue is super witty, the casting was sexcellent, and it's just *different*.

america ferrera is my hot slut of the day.
Wow. I just watched this week's episode and I have to say the ending was heartbreaking. Poor Marc.
aunt agonist
the last episode made me sad too. i loved marc! ah well. he'll rise above it. also, can i just say that i love america ferrera but i am kind of tired of her delivering a hokey speech in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. i like her. i like that she makes mistakes and stuff, but i'm tired of her making hokey revelations for everyone. i wish that if they insisted on the cheesey speeches, then someone else would get to make one once in a while.
I think this show does a lot to blow some stereotypes out of the water and humanize characters. So why oh why are the only two black women on the show becoming such problems? One (Constance) is a love-starved, psychotic sexual predator and the other (Whilemena) is having to use her body to get the job that is rightfully hers, thus putting her in the "Jezabel" role. If she seemed even a little hesitent or put out that she was forced to seduce Bradford it would be a little better, but I think this story line is a real problem.
Since the new season started tonight, I thought I'd resurrect the thread. If you have not seen the first episode of this season, run away! Flee!

Mkay. Spoilers begin now.

Was I the only gullible one? Was I the only one who gut sucked in and was then shocked and started crying at the end of the show? Because ... WOW. That was rough. Poor Hilda. sad.gif

And it sounds like Alexis has lost a HUGE chunk of her memory. Hmmm!

Interesting to see that Henry is back. Can't wait to hear what happened there.

The biggest disappointment was Amanda's "fat" suit. That was the worst atempt at a fat suit I've ever seen!!!! And I used to work in community theatre! Can't ABC afford something better than that?! Sheesh.

Actually, that wasn't the worst disappointment ... because that painfully-obvious plug for Victoria's Secret nearly made me puke. PuhLEEEEEZ!!!! The normal not-so-subtle plugs for Disney-owned programming is bad enough.
I know. I had a feeling something was up, but I just went along with it. That was dirty!
I wasn't entirely surprised by the Santos thing. See, what got me in last season's finale was that the cops showed up at Betty's door. And on tv that's always the sign that someone is dead. So then when tonight's episode started and the nephew said that his mom never comes out of her room I was like "Omg, he really is dead!" But then of course, they started the whole dream thing of Santos still being alive. I still felt like I was about to cry at the end though! It was just gut wrenching!
I didn't fully buy the Santos thing, either, mostly because of how Hilda acted when Betty told her about it in last season's finale. I played along, though, because it was easier. Still, it was made even more confusing because they didn't write in Justin grieving about it at all. I know they weren't terribly close, but this was his dad that was just killed.

Why didn't they have Hilda wearing the dress she got in Mexico?

I'm going to love this storyline about Alexis not remembering about the sex change and whatnot. That should make for some fun scenes.

I wish Henry would've been really back, not just a couple seconds at the very end with no lines.

Angela Bower rules!!! I love her and Yoga in their little Hamptons outfits hanging out in that house. Hilarious.

I liked the statement about how making over the victims of Hurricane Katrina isn't going to make anything better for them, but didn't like how it went straight back to shallow with a bullet. It seemed like a halfhearted effort at social commentary, but it went nowhere.

I want Ignacio back. He has the most delicious voice.

Amanda's fat suit was terrible. How is it that she "gained weight" but none of it went above her stomach? That was just cheap.

I need to take a shower after thinking about Amanda and Daniel possibly engaging in half-incest. And her parents as swingers? Ew, ew, ew!!! Now I need to take ANOTHER shower!

I want Angela Bower to punch people more often. That was AWESOME!

Marc is my new favorite.

I can't wait to see the facedown, if it ever happens, between Henry, Charlie, and Dr. Farkus. I just hope that baby is the orthodontist's and not Henry's.

I like Wili's new hair.

That photo of Wilhelmina with Dick Cheney was beyond fabulous. See, she IS evil! laugh.gif

And just so ya know, the guy playing her body guard is Vanessa Williams' ex-husband IRL. Freaky, huh?
Who else is excited that they finally seem to be giving Marc a love interest?
And not just any love interest but that love interest. I think it is wonderful! I am dying to see what Amanda says when she meets him. biggrin.gif

Just so we are clear, I think it's wonderful, but I can help worry that Marc will screw it up somehow.
Hooray for Marc's new guy! He reminds me a lot of a couple of my old friends.

My favorite moment so far this season has GOT to be that bizarre dream that Betty had two weeks ago when her evil teddy bear called her a bitch. Laughed my ass off!

What do you all think of Betty & Henry finally getting together?
I think Henry is going to break Betty's heart and they'll regret that they hooked up.


I can't believe Daniel fired Betty tonight. I'm anxious to see what happens next week. I also thought Bradford was going to be dead and that his ex-wife would show up at the wedding.
pssst, briana--there's a spoiler box option to the left of the text box when you post! it says "Insert: SPOILER" and when you use it, it looks like this: omg dudes betty is going to turn out to not be ugly LOL

i haven't watched this show since last season so i've missed out on a lot (i am fascinated by this talk of amanda in a fat suit--i want to see pictures!) and i probably won't end up having time to watch regularly again, but i caught it tonight...can i just say that marc's bf was so much hotter BEFORE he got "presentable"? yeesh.
QUOTE(mouse @ Nov 8 2007, 11:50 PM) *
pssst, briana--there's a spoiler box option to the left of the text box when you post! it says "Insert: SPOILER" and when you use it, it looks like this: omg dudes betty is going to turn out to not be ugly LOL

i haven't watched this show since last season so i've missed out on a lot (i am fascinated by this talk of amanda in a fat suit--i want to see pictures!) and i probably won't end up having time to watch regularly again, but i caught it tonight...can i just say that marc's bf was so much hotter BEFORE he got "presentable"? yeesh.

Thanks, Mouse. I saw that, but I wasn't sure how it worked. I agree that Marc's boyfriend was much hotter before he changed, too.
Nope, sorry. I hate scraggly beards that creep down chins like someone spilled hair (I am looking at you Justin Timberlake!) He looked better after, although I had no problem with his clothes. smile.gif
bump for freckle wub.gif whom i lurve.
thank you so much sweetness, you know I lurves you back too! biggrin.gif

I think the season got off to an interesting start and wilhemina is straight cruella diville but I have to say, I miss Gio.
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