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Ok, well, I am totally hooked on Ugly Betty starring America Ferrera! Who else is in? Join my "I *heart* Betty" fanclub! smile.gif

I love America Ferrera - I thought she was fabulous in Real Women Have Curves and The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. She is absolutely adorable as Betty!

I also love that Salma Hayek is producing this show, and seems to be bringing some feminist sensibilities to it.

Has anyone seen any of the other Betty series from around the world, maybe even the original?

Also, who do you most love to hate on the show?

(If you are posting plot spoilers, please post a SPOILER WARNING first! Thanks!)

ETA: I just got a sudden urge to make t-shirts that say "WWBD?"
I love the gay little nephew. He is so funny.
i'm upset she didn't date superman. he was so dreamy. i hope that's not the end of that.....her current boyfriend is so annoying. and bad for her.
Thank you, Doodle! I am also hooked on this show. I don't always get to watch it when it's normally on, but thank goodness you can watch it for free at ABC's website. I hope they keep that going!

America is great as Betty. Smart, sweet, and genuine. I don't even notice the bad clothes anymore. And the nephew, Justin, is great! Best Week Ever had a little segment devoted to him last week. Very cute. And I love that Selma is back on the show. It was great seeing her on that cheesy soap opera in the first episode, but it's even better thinking that she's a real character on the show now. I wonder how long this will last!

Mouse, I don't think Superman-the-accountant is going away. He will return. And honestly, I hope Betty stays away from him, but my reasons why may be spoiler-worthy so I'll post 'em in white.

Remember a couple of episodes back when Betty and the other personal assistants went to that party and accidentally leaked the idea for the Mode Christmas photo shoot? At the end, Willamena spoke with the guy from the other magazine who scooped their idea and she said that she admired his underhandedness and basically offered to hire him or something. Remember that? Well, I think that SuperAccountant is that guy! In disguise! And that Willamena hired him at Mode so that he would get closer to Betty and use her to defeat Daniel. Does that make sense?
rosev: NAH-AH!
Mouse-my-love, I hope I'm wrong! But we'll see. smile.gif

By the way, what about the HUGE news that was dumped on us at the end of the last episode? Wowza! I'm so afraid that Betty's dad may be locked up or deported or whatever. I wonder what will come of this. Eep!

And Doodle, I saw something someplace where they showed pictures of all of the different Betty's from all over the world. I wish I could remember where I saw it. I'll poke around a bit for you, though.
Yay! More Betty-ites!

rose, I don't think speculation is the same as spoilers, so you don't have to put it in white. By spoilers, I meant if you know something about future episodes (i.e., ones that haven't aired yet) that isn't public knowledge. I think speculation is half the point! smile.gif

So anyway, the guy who plays the "spy" Wilhemina hired (Carl Medina, I think), and the guy who plays the accountant (Henry) are 2 different guys. I've got all the aired eppies saved! smile.gif

I agree the accountant (Henry) with the secret Superman suit (did you notice the S was a $ sign??) was adorable, and PERFECT for Betty! I think he'll be back.

I hate Walter. Well, I don't hate him, but holy hell, what a cling-on!

The little gay nephew (Justin) is adorable, too. I've read some people speculating about whether he'll "come out" officially, but I kind of hope he doesn't for a long time....not only because he's too young, but also because having him come out "officially" while still a child would give the right wing a huge reason to boycott the show and launch a boycott against the advertisers, which could kill the show. And I love the sort of subversiveness of many gay kids have ever been able to recognize themselves in a TV character? (I sure did love the scenes between him and Evil Mark when Justin was at Mode.)

Why did they dye Eric (Daniel) Mabius's hair from red to dark brown? I hate it. Speaking as a redhead. But also, it doesn't suit him at all.

ETA: oh, I loved when Salma's character (is it Sofia?) handed Daniel a cup of coffee at the moment he was finding out exactly who she was. Hah! LOVE! And that her book is called "Making Your Man a Bottom."
They're different actors? Oh, good! I couldn't tell, what with the glasses and all. As for Walter ... not a real fan. But I think we're programmed to dislike him a bit, since he screwed up and left Betty before the series began. Maybe he'll grow on us in time. Like mold or something. wink.gif

Ugly Betty in other lands.
This isn't the page I originally saw, but it's something. You can find out more about the other versions of Ugly Betty on Wikipedia.
i feel like those pictures were on HERE, rosev......maybe pherber posted them, since she's in germany? not sure.

i think henry is perfect for ME.

couldn't really care about daniel. i kind of love mark, especially the way he was with justin. but the girl assistant who's in love with daniel....give it a rest. i have no sympathy for her. and yeah, i guess we are programmed to dislike walter, still don't like him.

i like how the show seems like a regular american sitcom and then all of a sudden something so telenovela-esque gets brought in. what american comedy would have an illegal murderer father and a boss who (speculation?) killed his lover?

what did you all think about nico?

ETA: maybe this should go in the feminist outrage thread, but has anybody else noticed that since ugly betty started there's been a trend for "news" shows to "uglify" a pretty female newscaster and send her into situations to see how people react to her? i've seen this happen on two DIFFERENT shows in the past two weeks. all they do is put a fat suit on the girl, muss up her hair and clothes, and put braces on her, and then their hidden cameras show men patently ignoring her and they call it an "outrage! expose! you've never seen this before!". first of all, it's common knowledge that attractive women have privelege. secondly, fat doesn't mean unattractive. these "ugly" women aren't ugly, they're totally unkempt. any smart fat girl is gonna know to wash her clothes and brush her hair. yes, we kind of keep our distance from people who look like bag ladies, your "expose" proves nothing!

mouse, I haven't seen those stories, but I think they've been doing stuff like that for awhile...I remember a story about 10 years ago, where they sent a plus-sized woman and a "normal"-sized woman to different temp agencies, gave them the same qualifications, etc., but the "normal" sized woman always got better opportunities and higher pay. I don't know what the numbers are now, but at that time, it was statistically true that plus-sized people earned less money than average-sized people, much in the same way people of colour earn less than whites, women earn less than men, etc.

But yes, it is true that you are going to be treated less respectfully if you are not neat and tidy!

I saw one on...was it Entertainment Tonight? Where they put a woman in a fat suit and had her walk around town...they took it so far that she needed help tying her own shoes! She walked around looking confused, slouchy, rather like a hunted animal. I mean, she was obviously genuinely freaked and disoriented. But then, as some people were still nice to her, she started feeling okay about being "fat," and surprise, even more people started treating her better. I mean...we are animals after all, and I think in the end, we still have a "sense" of when someone is a weaker or stronger member of our species...and it doesn't always have to do with looks! I think it has a lot to do with the energy or vibes or maybe even the smells we give off.

Anyway, that's a bit O/T!

I'm so glad we have a Betty thread!!

mouse, I actually think Henry is perfect for you, too. biggrin.gif

Thanks for the link, rose!

From what I've read about UB in other countries, Betty WAS often a weaker character than the American one - weak in the self-esteem sense. I think that may have a lot to do with America Ferrera and Salma Hayek. I mean, America Ferrera does really shine with this underlying strength...I sense it in all her roles. And I think she brings that to the character.

Nico is interesting...I hope she comes back more!

Does anyone else feel like Wilhemina really should be the one in charge of the magazine? I mean, she's got the skills and the knowledge, and (speaking of Nico) she did great damage control over Nico's little media stunt! Not to mention the injustice of a qualified black woman being passed over for a position of power, in favour of a the nepotistic appointment of an unqualified white privileged male! I really liked what Salma's character said in the last eppie, something about how he was the only person in the room "born into his job." Are we supposed to be cheering for Daniel??

I love that no character is inherently good or inherently evil on this show (except Betty, who may yet show cracks in her goodness)...they are very well-developed and well-rounded, even when they're being "evil."

I think Salma's character is going to try to poach Betty away from Daniel!

Oh and Judith Light as Daniel's mom was fabulous!
yeah, doodle, they've been doing that for a while, BUT it seems like now it's because of the show. the most recent one i saw actually used graphics that were obviously "betty"---the pink and green, the sliding matching up with the different parts of faces, and titled it "ugly _(whateverhernamewas)_".
Oh...I haven't seen any of those...but I don't watch much TV.

Can I just say how much I hate the whole "fat suit" thing? It's incredibly offensive, for one, to anyone who is fat (reminds me a lot of "blackface"). And for another, I'm sick of hearing skinny celebrities talk about this "empathy" they supposedly develop, which they clearly don't. Who was the one who said, apparently trying to be empathetic, "Being fat is hot!" (meaning temperature-wise)? No it's not! OTOH, wearing the equivalent of a couple duvets under TV spotlights probably is pretty warm.
I'm enjoying the show too, but I thought this was an interesting commentary though I don't necessarily agree with every point he's making. I think it's still too early to tell on a lot of these issues.

Doodlebug, I was thinking the same thing about Wilhemina - she's portrayed as both the evil bosslady so prevalent in pop culture and yet, come on, she's totally right. She should be running that magazine!

But again, I think it's too early to tell what the creators are going to do with that storyline. On the one hand, she's the "older woman" desperate to retain her youth (which might be more of a critique of the industry than women in her position in general). On the other hand, she is incredibly sexy, competent and a genuinely hard worker. It's not so black and white.

Justin is awesome. I remember listening to the commentary on School of Rock, and Richard Linklater was saying that he thought his film might be the first to feature a practically openly gay child. But to bring that kind of character to a prime time tv show? That's amazing. I think they're only getting away with it b/c enough people haven't caught on yet (though it's hard to imagine how they'd miss it).

Salma's awesome, but I wasn't really buying her as that character.

Debi Mazar rocks as the lawyer who's (probably) gonna save Ignacio!

I didn't like the way the Henry/Walter storyline was handled. Not b/c she didn't dump Walter right away to be with him (where's the fun in that?) but b/c that whole "I'm not a butterfly - I don't flit" rationalization didn't really fit with her personality. I mean, yes, Betty is supposed to be intelligent but inexperienced in the ways of love, but they just haven't built a convincing enough case for why she would stick with Walter at all even if it's just for awhile longer. Does she honestly thinking that people who leave their first boyfriend/girlfriends turn into "manwhores" (love the Fashion TV commentary wink.gif ) like Daniel?
Yay for Betty!
Yay for this thread!
Yay for America Ferrerra!
Yay for Doodle for starting this thread!
Yay for Justin!

Boo for ABC and NBC for scheduling this opposite My Name Is Earl and The Office.

I'll write more later. I love this show.
Thanks for posting that, snaf, it was indeed interesting. I guess it's true, we can only wait and see where they take the storylines.

The only reason I can think for Betty's rationale for sticking with Walter (aside from how she saw Daniel's style as hurtful and shallow) is that she thought her father and mother were each other's first loves (which turned out to not be true), and assumed that's the way it was done. Now that she knows Mama Suarez was previously married, it might change things for Betty. Plus, I wanna see more Betty/Henry scenes...they were SO cute, flirting with one another!

Part of me is secretly rooting for Wilhemina! I admit it. Part of me rooted for the evil bosslady in Prada, too. (Actually, most of me.) The thing about Prada was that if Streep's character were a male boss, her behaviour would have been considered normal...lots of male bosses are considered mildly sociopathic, and it's accepted. Okay, Wilhemina is more over the top with the meanness and the conspiracies, but it IS a soap opera, basically - based on a telenovella. Or a dramedy. Or whatever they're calling it.

I love FashionTV. "We make others feel bad so you can feel good." Heh.

Welcome also, kitten!

YAY! I'm glad I'm not the only one who *hearts* Betty!

ETA: just wanted to add...I think spoiler warnings should also preceed plot spoilers from other Betties, b/c this one is probably going to loosely follow them (or at least, the original). This shouldn't mean that general info about other Betties needs a spoiler warning, though.
Doodlebug, that totally makes sense. Still, I don't get the way her family is giving him a free pass - people, he cheated on her! And he's whiny and unsupportive.

I like what they did with Wilhemina in this episode. . .and the way they pointed out her parallels with a successful businessman, i.e. that she hasn't been the best parent and not specifically a bad mother.

Re: the other Betties, I agree re: spoilers, but I've heard they've changed a lot already.

Santos is hot.
I haven't seen tonight's yet (but don't let that stop folks from discussing it!). Had a meeting. Hopefully tomorrow.

Yeah, I don't get Betty's family when it comes to Walter....ESP. now that we know what lengths Ignatio is willing to go to in order to protect those he loves!!

I hope Wilhemina gives me more reasons to empathize with her. Who knows what will happen? Because...

***SPOILER WARNING*** (spoiler in white)

...I know in the original, the male boss really WAS a jerkoff, who did a lot of nasty and/or bad and/or criminal things! And treated Betty very badly, too.


I kind of liked Daniel at first, b/c he seemed like he was willing to try and overcome his badness...but I guess if they are going to drag it on for a few seasons, they can't have him redeem himself too quickly.
I feel like an ass for wanting to join this thread, because I kind of bitched about the show. (Yes it was me, who posted the international Betties in the CoF thread, mouse! laugh.gif )
Well, the German Betty (or Lisa, they just ripped off the concept without crediting the original) was so cringe inducingly awful, with terrible actors, cheesy 1950s style portrayal of women, Lisa being the most annoying goody two-shoes, and a story, where nothing much happens for almost one year...
well, I was curious, what the US Betty was like, and found a teaser on the ABC webpage and got hooked, then I found the shows on YouTube (yes, terrible quality) and fell in love with it, especially America Ferrara is so gorgeous!!! wub.gif

There's only one thing that puzzles me: are the shows really only 6-7, or 8 minutes long? Are there so many commercial breaks? It didn't look like there were holes in the plot, that's why I'm asking... unsure.gif

PS: thanks for starting this thread doodle!!
Pherber, I think you can download full episodes on the ABC website. I bet the quality is better and I know that the show is longer than 6 minutes.
QUOTE(kittenb @ Nov 11 2006, 10:37 AM) *

Pherber, I think you can download full episodes on the ABC website. I bet the quality is better and I know that the show is longer than 6 minutes.

I'm actually really happy that ABC has started doing some free distribution of its shows, especially since Ugly Betty deserves all the attention it can get.

There's one woman I discussed the show with who hates it, and is convinced that Betty will at some point be subject to a makeover. I suspect, if anything, there would be a gradual, polishing change over the seasons, but not some drastic "oh, she's a hottie now!" type revelation.

I'm also hoping Walter gets kicked to the curb permanently. First, I'm not thrilled with her family pushing her to forgive him, and then Walter getting all jealous as she tries to expand her worldview. Cheating in a closed relationship is unconscionable and likely to be repeated. The way it plays onscreen to me is that Betty doesn't love Walter, and Walter is forever badgering Betty to settle for less - to settle for him, when in fact she's capable of entire planets worth of horizons more than him. I really hate the Walter character because he completely devalues Betty's character.

That said, I suspect the writers may think we're actually supposed to sympathize with Walter, because he's her anchor to "normalness" over the illusional glitz that is Manhattan. He's "real," and a schlub, and possibly meant to remind us of our own ordinary lives and who we are as beautiful, unglamourous, screw-ups. Unfortunately, the way he comes off is as a whiny, clingy brat that has yet to do anything to redeem himself...and the few attempts he does make, he turns it all into being about him. He's unsupportive of Betty's job, he's boring...and the butterfly net thing? Creepy.

So yeah, I'm all on the Walter hate.
Pherber, go here!
Click on "Watch Ugly Betty online now" over on the upper right. From there you can watch the last 4 episodes with very limited commercial interruption. Their player can be a bit annoying, but it's worth it. You can also find some of the earlier episodes on YouTube, but they're broken up into chunks.

I gotta admit. I didn't really want to like this show. The idea of watching people put Betty down for her looks week after week sounded annoying and insulting to my intelligence. Luckily, the show has turned out to be much more than that. The early episodes focused a lot on her odd fashion sense, of course, but they are certainly moving past that.

What's odd for me is that there is this light, confectionary feel to the show. And yet, some quite serious story lines are being introduced. So the show feels kinda schitzophrenic. And yet, I like it! It's like a soap opera without the painfully over-dramatic acting. There's a touch of camp to it all that makes it fun.

I think Doodle nailed it when she said that one of the things that keeps the show interesting is that no one on the show is purely evil. I like the conflict that develops when you start to think, "Well, maybe Wilhelmina really did deserve that job promotion. And watching Marc talk to Justin was sooooo sweet! And Amanda may be an asshole sometimes, but maybe that's because she's just a softy who wants to be loved but is afraid to make herself vulnerable." The characters each have their one distinctive note that they consistently hit (and they hit 'em well), but as the show goes along, they become far more human and interesting.

So yeah. I'm hooked. smile.gif

But Walter. Ugh. If he would just support her more, I could feel more sympathy. But his behavior at the restaurant in the last episode was soooooo annoying! Why couldn't he have just played along? And then they could go out for burgers afterwards. Big deal. But instead, he complained. Loudly. So that he embarassed both himself and Betty. He came off as a whiny baby. Bleh.

I am worried for Betty's father. I don't see how that can end well.
Re: Ignacio, I think - and this is speculation, not a spoiler, so I won't white it - it's going to be shown that he didn't actually murder him - he just thought he did. . .and then the man comes back to hunt him down! Or at least make his life a little more miserable. It is a telenovela after all. wink.gif
Just to can't actually watch the shows on the ABC website unless you're in the U.S. I've tried....that's what it says at the website, that you have to be in the U.S. I've tried watching through a proxy, but so far no luck. I do manage to get the eppies via *ahem* other means, but it leaves me about a week behind.

(In my part of Canada, you can't get the eppies on TV unless you are a cable subscriber or have a satellite dish.)

The eppies are about 42 minutes long w/o the commercials.

snaf, that's what I thought might happen with the Ignacio story line, too!

One of the things I really love about Ugly Betty are the visuals. It's sooo well thought out, from the set designs to the coordination of the clothing colours/styles...and the scenes are usually beautifully framed by the camera. I like it when TV shows pay attention to details so carefully, and this show does - not just the visual ones, of course, but those are the kind I appreciate most! It's such a treat for me.

ETA: Walter...annoys me b/c he's deliberately trying to hold Betty back. I hope maybe they are just using the Walter character to show her character flaw is her choices in lovers. It is true that some people can be brilliant and successful and still make hideous relationship choices...
Aah, that's it, I remember having tried this on the ABC page, but already forgot why I couldn't download it.
So the YouTube things must be the chunks between the commercial breaks. I have a lot of catching up to do then. Hope they'll put out a DVD soon.
Doodle, that sucks that people outside the US can't watch the show on-line. Grrrr!!! I wish you could just change the country selection on your computer to get past that, but I bet it's connected to your ISP address. Such a shame.

On YouTube there is a user named "falaful" who has put up most of the UB episodes. Too late. They've already been taken down.

Doodle, I gotta second you on the visuals. Their set designers and costumers do an excellent job.
I'm in Canada, and I was able to watch them. . .not without a fair bit of crashing, though. tongue.gif

It's possible that it's because I use ao-hell as my ISP - I think it may show up as American anyway.

Re: the visuals, I've heard that the costume designer is Patricia Field of Sex and the City fame. Some people are saying that's why Betty wears the potentially iconic Anne Boleyn necklace, a la Carrie's nameplate.

I think Walter is supposed to represent this awkward transitional period. She can't totally break free from her past (nor should she - that's why she has her home and her family and her roots), but she can eventually break free from the some of the lingering doubts that are holding her back. Walter is that nagging voice of doubt that she counters every day with Salma's mantra (I love they way they tied that together, btw).

Again, though, I like that it's not completely black and white. I'm pretty sure Walter's being set up for the fall, but we're not supposed to think he's an evil character. And some of the issues he raises aren't completely self-absorbed and needy (just mostly); if it weren't for him, Betty wouldn't have written the article that she wanted to write. I think the idea is that she still needs him right now in order to feel grounded, but once she finds her own balance and she's confident that she can be herself and still be successful, she'll kick him to the curb.
Another UB addict here.

I, too am counting down the days until Betty and Walter break-up. I don't care what purpose he serves, he's totally wrong for Betty. mad.gif

You know, it's just not Thanksgiving in America if a TV show character doesn't get entombed alive somehow.

Welcome, nappysco! Always glad to see another member of the I *Heart* Betty Fan Club!

Exactly, Doodle. What a disturbing way to end a show! Here's a guy who's going to slowly suffocate and die a miserable death ... Happy Turky Day from the folks at Ugly Betty!!! Wha?!? Hopefully in the next episode they'll show someone rescuing him.

What did you all think of Hunter? He gives me the creeps. But then again, I've never liked blondes. I certainly don't think Daniel is emotionally ready for the whole picket-fence-and-babies scenario, though. Mainly I'm just sad that we may not see Salma on the show very much after this.
I think they're trying to force a character change in Daniel, and Salma's character was the way to bring it out. Did his calling Betty all the time over a frickin' shirt remind anyone else of that movie Two Weeks Notice? I was so glad to see her kick his a** for that while staying sweetly Betty.

As for the entombed's a telenovela. He'll get out, one way or the other, and hopefully it won't require a chicken sacrifice to accomplish it. (this is not intended to be a derogotory comment to anyone practicing Santeria, etc. It is a comment on the sort of stuff I see on some of these shows).
Ok, I just caught up....Daniel at the Suarez house? Possibly my favourite thing ever.

Betty taking charge at the office and telling off the famous stylist? Also possibly my favourite thing ever.
I thought the episode was great. I love that the sister (can't remember anyone's name at the moment) was like, "That's my son and I am happy with who he is."

Daniel needs to grow up but I really liked that he bought a tree for the family.
Ok, seriously....Henry reminds me so much of my high school boyfriend that it's really starting to freak me out.

Leaving that aside, WTF is up with Hilda promoting Walter like he's the greatest thing since Herbalux? 'Cause if *I* were Betty's sister, I'd be shaking her by the shoulders and saying, "Oh honey, if you have to ask, he's not the one."

Plus Betty and Henry have seriously good on-screen chemistry. Definitely 100X more chemistry than Sofia and Daniel.

And didn't Ignacio just get arrested? I'm confused.

So is Betty really going to go work for Sofia? Won't this ruin the whole point of the show? How are they going to resolve this one?

Damn, next ep is a repeat of the pilot.
I think maybe Hilda feels that when you follow your heart (or your sweaty palms), you end up with a deadbeat homophobe like Santos. Or something.

Salma Hayek is only doing a guest stint, right? I'm guessing that when she leaves, the magazine storyline will go with her.

I'm not buying the whole "You're a Queens girl" shtick. Living in Manhattan is so expensive, the entire city including the burroughs has been undergoing major gentrification for a long time now. I mean, I guess Queens isn't up there with Brooklyn as far as the hipster quotient is concerned, but it's not so "wrong side of the tracks" either. There's no way all the assistants at places like Mode can actually afford to live in Manhattan on their salaries.
I agree with Snafooey re: Hilda. I'm sure Hilda sees Walter as a sweet guy with a stable job & a lot of love for Betty and who has actually shown an interest in Betty's family. When has Hilda ever had that? And I gotta admit that Hilda's thinking isn't all wrong; the "sweaty palms test" is not the best compass to use on life's path. That being said, I agree that Henry's personality is a far better match to Betty's.

I think something is going to happen to Sophia. She's going to disappear or die in a horrific accident or something. And since she won't be around to take the helm at the new magazine, the whole mag will be cancelled. So Daniel will be heart-broken, but will go back to his womanizing ways. And Betty will stay his assistant.

And what is going on with Ignacio? Why wasn't he deported?

Did you notice that Marc's inhaler is covered in swarovski crystals? Such a perfect little touch for his character!
snaf, I don't buy the Queens girl schtick, either. But I guess neighbourhoods have certain if you were in Vancouver, a "Surrey girl" would be stereotyped as being a certain way...which sometimes would be accurate! But it's not the only type of person who lives in Surrey.

rose, I didn't notice the crystal-covered inhaler! I'm going to have to go back and check that out.

I think you're probably both right about Hilda's motives. Still doesn't make it right, though...but I think it will come back and bite her in the bum. I mean, the girl's 22, why do so many neighbourhood folks expect her to settle down with one guy so young? This is where I find the whole Queens thing annoying, b/c I don't buy that neighbourhood ignorance-of-the-world shit at all. I don't think it exists in metropolitan communities anymore.

I think I'm falling for Henry.
I think something is going to happen to Sophia.

Oooo, good idea. Considering it's a soap, she will probably be beheaded but come back a year later.
"He has no head! I can't write for a character that has no head!" (Soapdish)

I really love Henry. I watched it on my computer on Sunday and I damn near cried.
Ah! I have only recently begun watching this show but it's fast become my guilty pleasure of a show.

I was happy to see the Pilot being re-aired because I am late to the UG love and have only seen the last 5 or so episodes.

As for Henry .. if she doesn't want him, I'll take him. ;p
If Betty doesn't take Henry, taligator, then the line forms to the left!!! biggrin.gif

I think most of us are pretty well in love with him already.

By the way, everyone, Christopher Gorham got made an "official" cast member. That means we'll be seeing lots more of Henry!!
Betty is back! A new episode will be airing tonight. Hooray!
Is it just me or was that Gucci bag fugly?

I kept waiting for some kid to pop out and say, "The emperor's handbag looks like a rug!"
the bag wasn't the greatest. and it pissed me off that the wardrobe girl (what's her name?) could say all that redeeming shit about fashion while still mantaining that there was nothing that would fit either her or betty, and that labels get you respect.


i honestly was expecting betty to sell the bag and give the money to daniel so he could take oshi out to dinner. but seriously, how unrealistic was the whole "white tassel" thing (and i'm not even going to touch on how lame it is that they couldn't either have a) splurged for the rights to use the name cool.gif thought up an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT NAME or cool.gif thought up a better plot rather than just change one consonant and expect us to suspend our disbelief that far--then again, i get pissed off at all the 555 numbers too)?? that would never have flown.


I LOVE HENRY. i have from the very beginning.
and i love mark. and i really think that wilhelmina should get what she wants. seriously. i don't like daniel, he's a baby and seems to have no desire to work OR really understand his privelege.
Definitely not my favorite episode. First of all, the whole idea of them jumping back in time to tell this story was such a disappointment. They KNOW we were expecting more, but they threw this pathetic bone at us after a month of re-runs?! Why? The story wasn't very interesting or believeable & didn't even add any character development. Even the sexual tension between Henry and Betty was completely absent! I just don't understand why they threw this story in at this time. And everybody knows that flashbacks are only used by desperate, untalented writers. Such a disappointment on so many levels. Next week better be a whole lot better.

And I agree that the bag was ugly. Couldn't Gucci have given them something better?
That bag was pretty ugly! I know I wouldn't pay $4500 for a silk bag. For that, the very least they could do is make it out of leather. Then it would be believable.

I think the wardrobe girl was just being realistic. They work at a magazine where all the sample sizes are probably no larger than 4s, or maybe a small 6. That's just the industry talking. I wouldn't go into the regular ladies' department in a store expecting them to have anything for me at a size 18. And the fact of the matter is that for them, labels do get them respect. It's cruel, but it's probably the reality at what looks to be the TV version of Vogue.

But yeah, they could have chipped in a little for the rights to use White Castle. "Tassle" was just dumb.

I hated that designer's music. What a pompous fucking ass! Who the hell needs walking music!? I'm sure glad this is made-up and not a real designer, though I'm sure there are plenty out there like him.

Anyway, this is now my favorite show on TV. It's like candy.
oh i the apparel company i work at, we often get to pick through the leftover samples but they're all "medium" which is probably 6-8, and rarely fit me unless it's something loose like a hoodie.

i guess maybe it should be refreshing that they're not bitter about it?
*sticks head into thread*

woo! ugly betty starts tonight! ooh, how i love thee channel four.
I too hated Oshi's music, but I loved that he had someone in his entourage carry a little player around so that it was always playing, wherever they went. Oshi's not just some designer, he's a whole brand name concept complete with tagline, "look and feel", and soundtrack. I love that!

Oh, yes, that bag was truly hideous. But I find a vast majority of what's shown as "fashionable" on Betty to be pretty darned ugly. Like the long white boots Marc was hitting someone with in the closet (why did he want those? White boots remind me of Disney theme restaurant waitress uniforms), or the dress shorts Amanda constantly wears to work.
The Betty's bubble coat is pretty ugly too, but it's still a notch above that Gucci bag.
mornington, what did you think? I watched it too - yay for terrestrial TV for once!

I agree with divala - the show is like candy!

snaf, Patricia Field being involved makes so much sense ... I got a SaTC vibe from it, it reminded me of the ep where Carrie goes to Vogue and is in their closet and when she models but maybe that's just due to it being the only comedy set in the fashion world since SaTC.

I have high hopes for Betty and Daniel, he seemed very cute to me in the first ep when he stopped being an asshat. I see from skimming previous posts (I don't mind it being a little spoiled) that nothing has happened between them yet but I'm thinking it will...

For you Lost fans too: do you think Alan Dale will still have opportunity to film a few scenes for Lost? Why is it he always plays the rich businessman (was Caleb Nichol in The OC too)?

The cruelty of people to someone else just because of their looks/unique fashion sense upsets me, there's a huge difference between citing someone as a CoF and laughing at them (I'm thinking of the scene where Betty goes for lunch for the first time at Mode and everyone else is a black sheep, not her [they're all dressed in black!] and when she stands in for the model at the photoshoot and is mocked). A good portrayal of the superficiality of the fashion industry, nonetheless.
Alan Dale plays the rich business man because he easily looks like the rich business man (or someone's version of the ideal rich business man, instead of the short, balding, greying, chubby and poorly dressed aging rich business man who exists much more prolifically in real life). He does not look like the aging, squalid, broken down playboy musician alcoholic, and he does not look like a sickly old grandfather who is ailing. So rich business guy is it for him.

Although I think that, given the right wardrobe, he could easily play Betty and Hilda's father, if he could speak Spanish convincingly enough. Maybe older male actors are just as easily typecast as older female actresses.
holy moly what a great episode!! gawd i love mark....every episode i love him more. and i love how justin is training to be mark. and i LOVE that a huge percentage of their main characters are gay (and transgendered! holy schmoly, prime time television--we'll see if they do this well or not) and i LOVE henry and i thought this was a great episode. woo.
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