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(((((((((princess dander))))))))))) You are a strong and fabulous lady
wishing i am not miscarrying. wishing the blood would stop. wishing i could sleep, wake up and still be pregnant.

I wish you all a merry Christmas (sang like the carol) and hope that all of your wishes and dreams come true.
Oh ((((shinyx3)))) I wish everything somehow works out for the best for you.

M. Cha Cha has a job interview today that could make a huge difference for him in terms of job satisfaction, creativity, opportunity, and challenge. And the money's better too. I wish him lots of luck.

I would really like a far less roller coaster ride type of financial life, myself, soon. I wish I were a lot more secure there. Those are my two big wishes.
(((shinyx3))) (((all the wishful busties)))

I wish my X-mas bonus from work will cover the presents I want to buy.

I wish making friends was easier for me.
((((wishing busties))))

I wish the decision we have to make today about where we are going to live could be easier and clearer.
I wish moving weren't so expensive & I wish we didn't have so much crap!
I wish that my boy will pick a good Christmas present for me when he goes shopping tomorrow night!
A happy, healthy and prosperous new year for all BUSTies.
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shinyx3 - good luck sweetie! my prayers to you!

Wishing that I can pass all my classes this spring semester and show everyone that I can do what I put my mind to and not fail like they are all expecting me to.
Wishing all the Busties a really good year in 2007 where we all reach our potential.

Girltrouble, long time no see you gorgeous thing. How ARE you?! Our children must be getting tall.
Good to see you venetia! Your concise and witty posts are missed around here!

*pees herself in sheer happiness!*

ah dew de-clayah! ah aym thuh ha-yippieyist girrl en thuh hawl wiiiiiiyiiiiid whirld!

ok, that was my xmas present... yay!
yeah, the wee ones ain't so wee. lil' v has been doing quite well, but she doesn't care for school though. she audits university courses for fun just so she can contradict, heckle and annoy the profs....

how is the lush land treating you?
I can get approved financing for the 2006 Pathfinder that I want/need.

That T***** stops being an asshole and that I stop thinking about what he is doing, and worry about all the things that I need to do.
I wish I could disable the #)^&@#!! "ins" key, which is right next to the "del" key on my tiny laptop keyboard!!!
rolleyes.gif Wishing school was over and my man was off so we could stay in bed all day and be bad!! wink.gif

Wishing he'd stop leaving me dirty messages on my voicemail and driving me crazy. blink.gif
wishing that this new pre-relationship would get off the ground and go somewhere. soon.

I wish for this report to be finished.

I wish for my board to like my report and not have any big changes to recommend.

I wish for a really great job to come up for me after this one.

I wish for a certain boy to find me. Soon.
I wish I will get a good raise at work tommorrow!

I wish I could focus more on the things I want to accomplish.

I wish to have the courage to believe in the gifts I have... bc I feel I am on the verge and just need a good hard PUSH!
i wish my car isn't damaged so i don't have to go spend all the money i finally managed to save on a new one

i wish a fantastic, challenging, great paying job would appear
I wish people would just shut the fuck up

I wish everyone would get over themselves and realize that they are not as important as they like to think they are

I wish everyone would mind their own fuckin business.

I wish I didnt agree with Bukowsi so much.

A bunch of writers in the same room is like a bunch of flies on the same piece of shit.


The days run away like wild horses over the hills.

We got a bunch of writers here in the lounge....

eta: Waaaah, mousie!!

here's hoping a great new car and a great new job to drive it to both come into your life.
Wishing, wishing, wishing for snow, snow, snow so school is canceled.

God I need to grow up. I know, I know…
I wish I weren't such a dumbbutt sometimes sad.gif






me too freckle. I wish i had a better memory. i have this new job, and my brain has the hardest time retaining anything that isnt art/movie/music related. sad.gif i think i'm getting old....
Ok, so the weather channel says snow is coming at 12 and it's 11:30 now.

1. Wishing that my body will allow me to stay up just a half an hour more to see if the snow really comes.

2. Then wishing that it sticks long enough for school to be canceled tomorrow.

3. Wishing that if school is canceled tomorrow Mr. Pug will stay home from work (cause the parts guys can't deliver car parts in the snow right?)

4. If it snows tomorrow, and school is canceled, and Mr. Pug stays home from work, wishing that he won't be in a lazy mood and will play in the snow with me and our two pug dogs who just love the snow.

I know it's a lot to wish for but one can only hope right?
i wish that i would stop obsessing so much.

i wish that mr. hotbuns would come and live with me in africa.

i wish that all of the mean people in the world would suddenly get it and stop being mean.

i wish that people who have AIDS would understand that they have to keep taking their anti-retroviral meds for the rest of their life or they will get even sicker, because they will develop resistance to the first line therapy and the second and third line therapies aren't always available.

i wish that congress would approve our budget. people are DYING here, yo!

i wish that my cat would sit on my lap and lie on my chest like she did with mr. hotbuns when he was here.

i wish that people would just say what they mean instead of tiptoeing around the thing that is really pissing them off.

i wish that plat could come and visit me.

i wish that i could dye my hair pink and purple and that people in the US government would still take me seriously.

Beauty & her Bass
I wish happiness and good health to everyone.

I wish this weekend will go well.

I wish that I will get to talk to Mr. B&HB tonight before I fall asleep.

I wish I wasn't jealous.

I wish I would have heard this Plain White Ts song a week ago.
I'm wishing for the butterly that's climbing out of the fuzzy caterpillar to find the very sweetest flowers, gentle winds, and companionable critters waiting.

And for Kramer to realize that the more he yells SERENITY NOW, the more frantic he gets smile.gif
I wish to be better, to not be sick anymore, to not have to have anymore surgeries, to be myself again.
I wish for people who are cruel to others for the sake of religion, like our pal who's putting up abortion photos in the quote boxes, would realize that life is not that simple.

Sometimes, "the lesser of two evils" concept really does apply.
I wish the client who I just finished bad mouthing in the sin bin thread doesn't come and see me.
I wish for those two dreams I had to come true.

Then I will be able to find something else to worry about , like that thing on my neck that the doctor said was not cancerous and I asked for him to remove it but he said no. but I want it gone because I am vain. oh so very vain.
I wish that vh1 would have a pop-up video marathon today and play only '80's music so I can lay on my couch (sick) and be happy.
I wish the drive home goes well, and I wish that my appointments this afternoon go well.
I wish I pass my Algebra/Trig test today.
My sudoku skills are off, I wish they would come back.
I wish CH back her sudoku skills.

(I hate when mine are off too)!
I wish I would get better soon, I have been sick for going on 2 weeks.
I wish there were a way to repair glass mirrors, bc I cracked our big bathroom one yesterday when I left a candle burning right under it and apparently, judging by the burn mark on the wall it hangs on, almost burnt the house as well.


and might I add.. oh shit !
i really wish that my two appointments witll SHOW UP this evening and that they'll BUY! i really need this to prove to myself that i made the right decision. with them showing up, it'll mean that my income will have prgressed each pay period and that i'm n the right track.

oh i wish, i wish, i wish!

i wish for this to work because i need to be able to work from home when the baby gets here!
I wish it was the end of the day.

I wish my back would stop hurting.

I wish le man would call me from his soccer tourney this weekend.

I wish all the BUSties wishes would come true.
I really wish my dental insurance covered braces. (discovered today when I went to an ortho for a consult to get them.)

they do.. but only if you are aged 23 or younger; so what are people MY Age supposed to do if they have super crooked teeth? my girl child's braces are more (by almost twice) than my 1st car,, and that's WITH the insurance!

so.. I wish my teeth would stop shifting and getting more crooked, and while I'm at it.. I wish they'd straighten themselves out back to lovely post-braces when I was 17.

I wish I had known back then I needed to wear my retainer for the rest of my natural adult life.

and finally I wish time would **hurry hurry** bc I am missing the mr and Spring has arrived here and it is lonely as hell to be so intoxicated by the blooms and without him to share everyday life with in the only season I actually enjoy in this miserable wasteland of an area.
I wish I didn't dislike my hair cut
I wish my hair would grow out soone
I wish for a new hairdresser who always makes me look fuckin awesome
I wish for a good night sleep tonigh. none of this up hourly bullshit
I wish for one pair, maybe two of Christian Louboutin shoes.

I wish I wasn't such a material girl, but we ARE living in a material world
I wish that the professor permits me to take the class I need so that I may graduate with a double major this spring!
I wish my income tax return would be in the mail today when I get home.

I wish I was on my way home.

I wish I could have wild, hot, raunchy sex with le man tonight.

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