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With the impending results of match day for internships on Friday, I find myself alternating between singing the Smith's "Please let me get what I want" and "I hope I get it. Gosh I hope I get it..." from a Chorus Line.

I'm lame.

I wish I get placed with a training site on Friday.
I wish the woman who's been chasing me to work for her for a year calls me tomorrow after all this telephone tag.
I wish it won't be as awkward as it will be.
I wish she could help me get my dream i'm angling for it...
I wish the library was open

That's it for now, I'm pretty content today.
I wish for the shiny new big white vehical.. yes it's bougie but it would look great w/ orange,green & white Irish frame & plate I plan to get AND wouldn't clash w/ my hair. rolleyes.gif

I also wish that the private school I am eyeing for frecklette turns out to be great as well as affordable and she is happy there.
I really really really wish I can sell my car for a decent price! I wish I can do it soon. I wish I can get enough that I can quit my job and have enough time to get my ducks in a row before I leave the country for a year. I wish for sanity and serenity until this plan swings into action. Every day is one day closer.
I wish to be happy and not dwell on past mistakes.
I wish everything will work it's way out. This is killing me.
I wish I had some gum.

I wish to not be called to serve on a jury this week.

I wish for all good things in the near future.

I wish for clarity.
I wish it would stop snowing today.

I wish my order would be cancelled and refunded.

I wish I get my new card by Friday.

I wish that I can get a new ipod covered by my warranty for the one that's in for a possible repair.

I wish said ipod is the 120GB.

I wish I could get the job I interviewed for.

I wish for him.
I wish my team to win the President's Cup.

I wish to find a vacation rental that we can all afford to share w/ our bff's.

I wish to go to the Metallica concert in October.
I wish she finds happiness

I wish he would work out all the frustrations and not be so hard on himself. I wish he saw himself through my eyes.
Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease let this summer prospect be as good as it sounds.
Call me call me call me call me! Suspense. Killing me.
I wish Raisingrl will hear back from mysterioso job potential so she can share her news with us.
ditto the wish for raisingirl: she deserves a break!

I wish for a good, stress-free visit w/ the friend I haven't seen in 20 years that is arriving today
and I wish for our Tax Refund to arrive so I can at least get the papasan I've wanted, if not the vehical too.

oh oh oh ! most of all I wish the mr's Jump today is good & he lands safely!!
I wish that my little sister will be able to fly out a day early, before the rest of my family, to help me prepare for the visit. It'd be awesome to have the little accountant in charge of the actual number portion of figuring my students' final grades. And it would free up a considerable amount of time for me to finish grading final exams. please.
I wish for my visa. Today. So I don't have to get into a shit fight about my car insurance.
I'm still wishing.. rather desperate-annoyingly now, for our Tax REFUND !!!!! mad.gif

thank you Wishing Well, for my other wishes granted.
My wish for all of us looking for a break, for the universe to throw us a bone, so to speak: I hope we get that break, and soon.
I wish so much desperately sincerely, that my therapist is ok/gets better asap.
it's not just that I need her, or that I like her so terribly much, but that she's such a fantastic person w/ who does so much genuine good for people & has such an incredible capactity for caring.
please wishing well, this one's a biggee but please don't let me down.

I also wish that her procedure tom night comes w/ sedation after all!
Christine Nectarine
i wish i could get a new job!

i wish that A will be feeling huggy when i get home wub.gif
I wish my fucking Ipod would get returned and repaired already!! I really, really hate having only a 4GB ipod as a backup. I want my 80 back!!

I also wish the other stuff would work out, the work stuff, then I can get on with not being such a basket case anymore.
i wish i to have more love and friendship in my life.
i wish for better health and less worry.
i wish for the opportunity to use my talents and explore my potential: i wish to find a way to use my voice and have it be useful.
I wish I could find a damned job and stop feeling so depressed and blah.
I wish for good news in the near future for myself and my family, especially the younger one and the soon-to-be-born one.
I wish for Ziggy to come home. I hate the thought of never getting his sweet kitty-boy lovin's again sad.gif
I wish Yuefie's furbaby comes home soon because momma is worried about you!

I wish for a short labor for the baby en route.
i wish for a good deal on a new phone. (my little one put my blackberry in my full coffee cup this morning. Gah.)
I wish for my stomach to settle down asap so I don't have to worry about my stomach acting up (it's a cycle) during my beach weekend & that I might enjoy it. it is after all, themed: Women's Wellnes: Mind, Body & Soul.

I wish for good weather next weekend.

I wish frecklette & the mr & the fur kids get along peacefully & really hang out & have fun together while I am gone.

I wish the mr would try (harder or at all) to get why I'm in therapy & just how incredibly hard it is to try to piece together the fragments of the darker possibility and work the splinter of whom it might have been from deep in my soul.

I wish for peace & love & financial largess for all my beloved Busties here; they all deserve it more than I can say.
I wish for this overload of work to ease up sometime very very soon. I am going to have a breakdown if it continues and I'm not just using "breakdown" as a figure of speech, or being overly dramatic. I don't get paid nearly enough for this shit, and I'm starting to look bad because I can't keep up with any of it.

and no suggestions please, I've tried them all. it's not me, it's the load my work has slammed on me, and I've already gone to them to rectify the situation and it's not happening.

I just want this next month to be fucking over.

I finally got a request for a showing of my condo....buyer fall in love vibes are requested'd allow me to move to my favorite neighborhood in this city! smile.gif
~*~*~vibes for all in this thread!!!!~*~*~

I wish for everything to go as planned as I attempt to break the lease with my current apartment. Letters have been sent, just waiting for replies. If things don't go as planned, I'm in deep, deep shit.
I really want that job. It would be the best one possible. Please, please. And I want to get laid--you know who you are. It's time. And I want to be able to cope with what comes, to write this thing, and rock my own successes.
I wish I had a workout partner.
Thanks! I need the job now...
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