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Hey ladies,

Miss you all and am wishing you all peace, harmony and tasty cocktails.

Hugs not drugs,

I really wish Hanna would just go away. She's coming right for us. The rain has already started here on the northeast coast of fl. I really wish wish that she goes away in time for my dad to have a safe trip on Monday to come pick me up. I wish everything will go as planned for us on Tuesday without heavy rain.
My dad is taking a blood pressure med that makes him feel lethargic. He needs all the sunshine and ease for this trip.

I wish that my dad's melonoma (we think) would just go the beep away. I just can't deal with having my dad's sick. It breaks my heart.

I wish for a speedy and relatively organized move. I wish the rain wouldn't be here on Monday cause I'm going to the beach even if I have to stand out in the rain. I will see the ocean in it's vastness (not the port) before I leave.

I wish good Great things for all the busties!
Queen Bull
I wish that i had the strength to keep going through all of this that has happened to/because of me this past year, i feel that the worst is yet to come, and i hope like hell i can do it.

I wish that this interview would come through for me today.

I wish my best friend wasnt shipping out to god only knows where, and i hope that we are just as close when he gets back.

I wish my family understood what exactly was going on in my mind so they would quit asking. i know they love me, but there really isnt anything they can do.

I wish well on all the other busties, especially those that are going through tough times in the form of hurricanes/tropical storms, and sickness. I wish strength to those that are hurting because of a loss.

*hugs to all*
I wish that gt's heart will mend gently.

I wish that moonie will soon be through the worst of her stuff and can enjoy her walk on the beach as a final respectful salute to the life she gave her all to and can move on strongly and with her head held high.

I wish that all good things come to those who truly deserve it.
I wish for things to go well for archegonia.

I wish for the new med to work and my memory of the past to return and gain some control and peace over it finally.
I wish that certain people would get a life.
I wish for a vaporizer button in my car to eleminate all the bad drivers in my area that get in my way

I wish for the new medicine to work well & w/ no icky side affects.
I wish for confidence.

I wish for the gym-sock smell to leave my car.

I wish I had a better slipcover for my favorite chair.

I wish this cold would clear up soon.
I wish for my husband to find a new job. He got canned yesterday for "not being enthusiastic enough." What kind of shit is that???

I wish that he doesn't get into a rut and become depressed like he did the last time.
I wish for productive packing and completion of the task today.

I wish for a successful move to London on Saturday.

I wish for a dazzling interview on Monday and that I get the job.
i wish for bunny to dazzle them and get the job.

i wish for rubberd's husband to get a new job. (what was his last job? cheerleading? jeesh, what ass hats)

i wish ALL cars came equipped with evaporizer buttons such as freckle explains. come to think of it, i wish that voting booths came with them, too.

i wish - i really really really wish - that someone without a life would lose all access to computers and the internets.

i wish that it was october 6 already and that my sister was here and we were in the bush where none of this other crap matters.

I wish my apartment would clean his damn apartment but who am I kidding? This isn't the Bust Miracle Thread. rolleyes.gif
Kittenb, huh? hehehe... did you mean a person?
I hear ya though!

Oh yeah to let everyone know... wishes do come true. My husband got a job today!!!
Tesao, amazingly enough no he wasn't a cheerleader but you'd think the things they wanted him to do he might as well have been! I was like what the f*, for cheap wages who asks their employees to do that shit? They practically wanted him jumping out of the walls at people in excitement as they walked through the door!
Shoot = the first apartment should read "boyfriend."

They practically wanted him jumping out of the walls at people in excitement as they walked through the door!


I wish for a happy and stress-free reunion

and to figure out what to wear beyond my pink chucks! laugh.gif
= thank you for wishes granted = biggrin.gif
Unfortunately my sister was in a car accident the other day and I wish that my poor little nephew makes it through this without having to get surgery on his poor face. He's fine but he's got a fracture in his cheek and the doctors are deciding if they are going to do surgery or not??? He's such a little trooper!
I wish to get on top of everything overwhelming me and telling me to shut down and curl into a ball in the foetal position.
QUOTE(rubberdollz @ Oct 16 2008, 09:28 PM) *
Unfortunately my sister was in a car accident the other day and I wish that my poor little nephew makes it through this without having to get surgery on his poor face. He's fine but he's got a fracture in his cheek and the doctors are deciding if they are going to do surgery or not??? He's such a little trooper!

I wish that rubberdollz wee nephew comes/came thru his surgery well and he & his Mom are soon ok.
(((((rd & fam))))))

I wish that telling the boy that it really is over goes as well as can be expected. Hell, I wish for the balls to do it sooner rather than later.
Hey thanks FF7 for the thoughts, I am happy to report that although he does have a fracture on/in (which one???) the doctors have said no surgery! Poor little guy is still recovering with some massive swelling. My hubby decided to tell him that maybe he can be a crash test dummy for Halloween. Nice.

Llamas... good luck! You just gots to be strong girl and the longer you put it off the worst it will be. Wishes to you!!!!
Forgot to update on this one, but said telling really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. And everything is fine now. smile.gif
I wish nohope would shut up.

I wish that this work thing would work out.

I wish he'd just fuckin' reply to my texts already.

I wish my friend R's Immigration/Visa issues would be resolved POSITIVELY & quickly. please please.
I wish I could just find a roommate in the next few days so I can still have a place to live. I wish I could just find a job good enough here that I won't have to rely on other people for 1/2 the rent.
i wish that everything goes well on monday. and her reocovery is a speedy one
I really wish I don't see him tonight.

I really hope that tonight goes smoothly.

wishing for the loan to go through.
wishing for the numbers to hit. we could really use it.
Wishing that my hunch is right. That I will finally get that service van.
I wish for a speedy recovery for my mom and that she gets out of the hospital soon!
I wish my teeth would magically stop grinding against each other when I sleep and I stop waking up with a sore jaw.
I really wish he would call.

I wish it would warm the fuck up! This cold is bullshit and I'm tired of it! I don't mean six months from now, but something other than -40 would be divine. Even -20 would be a okay with me!
ch please don't hate me, but,
I wish it would snow.

not w/ arctic temps like ch is getting, but a pretty picture card scene, where x-mas day we could bundle up w/ the layers of hats & scarves & mittens I've been consistently stockpiling as a habit of growing up 'Up North' & taking the fur babies out for their Very First Snow.
and maybe for a little while, we could forget about war & suffering and all the internal stuff that's plauging us this last year. a sort of White Winter truce.

raisingirl: you can buy mouth-guards at most drug stores, and boil them to custom-fit them to your mouth; or, your dentist can make impressions & make one for you as well.

I wish for the courage to call my sister back in a minute, and for it to be more than a cursory q-a- hangup robo-call & for it to be the start instead of the end of our cold war. who am I kidding though? sad.gif

I wish for all busties to be happy & safe & know they are loved, bc they are, by me here.
(I know, Freckle, having my dentist make me a mouthguard is on my list of things to do in 2009. It sucks to suffer in the interim, though.)
thank you for wishes granted wishing well ; my sister & I actually had a conversation yesterday, the first in over 3 years.

I wish for a peaceful day for everyone.
Freck, I got not beef with snow, I like snow, I jsut have the damn, stupid crappy mother fucking COLD!

Sorry, that was a little angry. I've had some booze, and I want to smoke a big fatty later. Hmmm.

anyways, YAH on speaking with your sister! Did the other wishers get what they want? I know I didn't. at least not yet. Hmmm.

Raisin, maybe you have TMJ? Best thing to do is try and relax your mouth while you sleep, you might wakeup in a giant mass of drool (SEXAY!), but I feel your pain.
I wish with all my might for our dear friend's surgery to be as smooth and painless as possible.
And I wish her a speedy recovery and to be surrounded by nothing but absolute love, warmth and support.
Making love with Soulman is very intimate, spiritual, and highly erotic......but I also wish he would just push me up against a wall and take me sometime. Sometime soon.
I wish the bleeping blinking light on my voicemail would go off by itself w/out me having to do it, bc that would mean having to hear things I do not wish to think about & repercussions thereof.

I wish that my current but best don't-be-crazi medicine will start working right as I am So LOATHE to start on the new drug merry go round. sad.gif

I wish for a few flakes of snow to fall tonight while the mr, frecklette & I are all 3 home so we can throw coats & silly hats on over our jammies & run outside & spin & dance in it. it won't feel like winter to me until that happens.

I wish for frecklette to recover fast from her anxiety, and w/out the help of drugs. I am very fearful she'll have to go through what I have in search of the right one. my guilt on this is big.

i too wish my teeth would stop grinding down when i sleep
i wish lots of love and comfort to my friend who just lost his father
i wish i find a good daycare that is affordable
i wish for the health and happiness of my baby
i wish i could snap out of this postpartum hell
I wish for my hair stylist to call me back ASAP w/ an opening w/in the next few hours today bc I am ready to take the leap & cut my hair short Right - NOW.
I wish I didn't have have a sleep disorder.

I wish there wasn't 2ft of snow outside so I could ride my bike everywhere, instead of having to spend money on bus passes and wait in the freezing cold for bastard buses.

I wish I was a personal friend of Lily Allen and MIA.

I wish for the "damage" to the car I rolled into to be very very cheap, like $50** out of pocket & all is well cheap.

I wish to hear from the mr.

I wish to sleep better at night.

I wish for that new vehical I've picked out & only have to test drive.

I wish for courage to follow my heart with my marriage.
I wish my life would go more smoothly then it does.

I wish my boyfriend was more romantic with me.

I wish i could fly so i can traval the world whenever i want!
I wish I pass my driver's test. I've put it off for 7 years and that is insane.

I wish I don't throw up on my tester because of how anxious this situation makes me.

I wish that they don't give demerits for vomit.
i wish to be employed at a job i will like if not love by the end of the month.
i wish that his friend's wife doesn't come over for dinner tonight.
i wish for more than one bra that actually fits.
i wish sit ups were easier.
I wish my cervix would co-operate with my plans.
I wish we could take a holiday.
I wish the kitchen would clean itself.
I wish I could use the bust "block" feature on my work emails and voicemails
I wish someone would come make an offer on our house
I wish I was back home
I wish the stock market would stop tanking so I wouldn't have to worry about the security of my job.
I wish I could be a student again. Learning instead of working.
I wish people would stop asking me when I'm going to have a baby.
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