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I wish for a job that pays as much as my current one, with slightly better benefits. And I wish for this job to show up before my current company goes belly-up.
I wish for our a/c to work again & without us having to pay $$$ to get it fixed.
I wish for my brother and his fiance to have a lovely wedding, and for my racist family members to suddenly and unexpectedly come down with the plague.
I wish to not be so lonely.

Very slightly related, I wish for a cool second job for a few nights a week.
I wish to not be so lonely.

((llamas))... me too. as a side note, i'm a former c-bus girl. i miss the hood.

*i wish for this month to not, um, FUCK me at work.
i wish for the apartment management to suddenly decide that we really do need central a/c this summer.
I wish my dog wouldn't eat my trashy harlequin super-romance novels.... I know they're trashy, but I get off on silly romances by the sea, especially with a pirate theme... so please don't shred them to bits. thanks.

I wish I just had a job.. then I could move on to other things in need of some TLC.... aka my new overgrown yard! hooray!

I wish computer games weren't so fascinating to some people. derr....I really need my own addicting hobby...reading m. duras, journaling using a pen, crossword puzzles, and gardening alone ain't going cut it. I need something completely intoxicating!
I wish that the government would stop aerial spraying in my neighborhood so much. Is it too much to ask that they not bombard us with poisons? I have just seen the biggest one so far, it looks like a giant tornado.

I wish this big green fly would fly his ass back outside. I don't wish to harm him, but I will if he doesn't find his way out NOW!
I wish I could really truly tell the difference between my taking things too personally or reacting too sensitively or if my man is really just being an insensitive prick and I have every right to feel the way that I do.

I wish I just had a job and felt more secure within my life and self and didn't solely blame my feelings on just that... aka... maybe my man IS really being insensitive?

fart unsure.gif
I wish for no more anxiety-related ickiness, finding a good therapist who is cool and helps me work through that, the mr to remain safe & (get better/be) healthy while he is away, and for frecklette, the fur-babies and myself to be ok while he is away as well.

((((moonie))))) glad you are back, you were missed !
I wish for courage and calmness and no more depression.
QUOTE(Moonpieluv @ Jun 20 2008, 04:59 PM) *
I wish I could really truly tell the difference between my taking things too personally or reacting too sensitively or if my man is really just being an insensitive prick and I have every right to feel the way that I do.

I wish for what moonpieluv wishes for.
I wish for peace and strength for my friends who are facing the funeral of their newborn daughter on Saturday, and for all who share their grief.

I wish it didn't take tragedy to remind me not to take things for granted.

I wish decisons about how to time/finance buying a house and having babies were easier.

I wish for a car that isn't noisy, stinky, polluting, expensive to fix and embarrassing when stopped at lights.
I wish for the motivation and determination to start working on at least one section of the yard.

I wish the previous owners would have better planned out the landscaping. the randomness of everything is so annoying!

I wish my arm fat dimples weren't so visible... or even there in the first place!

I wish I had a pool in the backyard cause I'd be floating about with an ice cold corona in my "real women drink beer" coozy.
I wish Mr. Pixie would get an interview for the job he really wants!
i wish i would get a call from my boss calling me back to work next week. not working sucks. i feel like such a loser.
I wish for bullit/bomb/everything else proof protection for the mr.

I wish for the mr to not worry about us & be able to focus on his job right now.
I wish to not lean so much on frecklette and for us to soon find a good distraction to keep us occupied.

I really wish for emotional mental support from the busties here.. I know a lot of you are anti-war but
the mr just left again & I am teetering ever-so-precariously on the edge of a cliff..

gt: I so hope you get your wish sweetie, your boss would be a dumbie to not call you back.

pixie: ditto for your mr- I hope he gets the interview and the job & it Rocks (w/ a big fat pay raise) smile.gif
freckle consider yourself supported (((hugs))) i might not like the war that we got into or the politicians that got us there, but that does not detract from the bravery that the troops show every day out there. i might think mistakes were made but that doesn't stop me appreciating the hell out of the people in the armed forces, i know it is a necessary job and i also know that i would not be good at it.

i also know i would not be as strong as you are managing on my own the times when the mr is away, i think you are very strong. you should be proud of all of you - the mr, you and frecklette. i hope you and frecklette find a good distraction soon! crafting does it for me but not sure if that is so much your thing?

i wish for a healthy ten more weeks of pregnancy and for no more drama
and aside from the last week, thanks for a good pregnancy so far.

beck- I really appreciate that, thankyou.
I hope your pregnancy continues to go so well and you have a joyous & happy, healthy delivery.
((((((beck & babe))))

I wish to be ok again.

Freckle - consider yourself supported lady. (sorry to take your words beck but they sounded so strong)

*huge hug* to ya Freckle!!
anytime freckle... for real.

I wish I had started working out months ago so I could feel better about the many pictures that will be taken next week while on vacation.

This sounds bad, but I do wish for a plain ole 9-5 job so I can establish some real routine in my life... and a real paycheck!
With that said, I wish to have a chosen career path/focus and the path was actually being walked upon.

I wish I could buy up all the cool art I've found on Etsy lately. I wish for amazing antique frames to magically appear with coveted art, as well. In other words, I wish I won one of those Metropolitan Home Makeover prizes. or the lottery or something.

what beck, pugsy and moonie said. add my name to the freckle support crew. i love the hell out of you, freckle. anything you need.

i want this job thing to work out, but more, the art thing. it would be nice to see something come from it, to see that bloom. to get the freedom from that that i need. oh and some amazing creativity would be terrific, oh and the unemployment bs to straighten out...
I wish my work would start the day shift up again soon, very soon.
Dear Beck & Moonie & Pugs & Gt..
y'all are just too much and I so seriously appreciate the love & support, bc in my outside life, it's different & I feel like I am whining or complaining bc so many other spouses have it much worse than I do.
it just sort of feels I have hit a brick wall face first w/ this latest deployment and we still have another 4 years to go till it'll stop (w. the mr's retirement at 20 yrs in) which means several more deployments ahead yet, which is overwhelming me in a big way right now.
.. it's like you can't ever fully relax even when he Is home, bc you're constantly counting down towards the next one, like you're always waiting for the other shoe to fall. and really bad things have happened the last few times he's gone too, which heaps the anxiety level to the sky.
gah, - see? lol

anyway, thanks thanks & More thanks.

if any of you ever need anything, I'm a short pm away.


love freckle
I just wish there wasn't anymore deployments period for freckleman.

I wish I didn't feel like Stay-Puft woman. I wish Mr. Luv would just tell me how beautiful I am, even though I know that I am essentially... it just be nice to get a little reassurance. other than "I think you look just fine" just fine... not the response I was fishing for. derr...

I wish I didn't feel so friggin bored right now. same ole' shit for a wednesday... I watch ghosthunters (dork, much!) and twiddle about, while Mr. works or plays with his puter. I wish an engrossing hobby would fall into my lap.

ummm.... Moonpieluv, I think you have been reading my mind!

So far everything you are wishing for are things I think about. Kind of weird. I totally wish my hubby would say something other than, fine. You look fine. Yeah that's fine. Sheesh man give me something else to work with here?

I totally wish for the motivation to work on my yard, I'm so lazy... I had plans to pull out the weeds and make the yard look nice. Nothing and summer is coming to an end. Looks like a friggin jungle in our backyard.

"I wish I could really truly tell the difference between my taking things too personally or reacting too sensitively or if my man is really just being an insensitive prick and I have every right to feel the way that I do."

This one is the best wish. I think sometimes that maybe I'm being way too sensitive when it comes to the hubby but then I think... no maybe he's being a jerk! Who the hell knows????

Thanks Moonipieluv... those are really great wishes.
Hey, it makes me feel better that there are others out there who wish the same things I do...I'm sorta getting beyond a couple of those wishes, for it doesn't really make a difference now. I will say that there are times when I know for a fact that I am/was taking something too personally or being too sensitive. I know that I can jump off the handle with self-defense, making assumptions that he is pointing his finger at me when something goes wrong. Half the time, if not more, he is pointing his finger. It's mainly to deflect any responsiblity he may have for a situation. Sometimes, I'm just wrong and just need to apologize. Ha! that would NEVER happen with him.

I wish that he could be the man I need him to be to me, and that I didn't have to make such decisions.
I wish I wasn't so broke and carless.
I wish for a full time job so as not to be so broke.
I wish my life was pressing forward already... into grad. school and settled in.
Being settled, I wish to be settled.
Queen Bull
i wish that i hadnt taken a semester off school. im so going back ASAP.
i wish that i wasnt feeling useless and becoming exactly what i bitched at my ex for being.
i wish that this whole unemployment thing would just get its kinks out so that i can start making money and being a marginally productive member of society again.
and finally i wish that i knew how *you* thought of me. not what, but how. thanks for being cryptic J.

I wish the long distance boy was here RIGHT NOW because I'm in a really horny mood, I've been fantasizing about him for 3 days, and I want to have sex with a PERSON.

...Ok, not that I'm not a person, but I think you all know what I mean.

Gah! Dammit, Janet, I need a screw!
i wish:

for freckle to be whole again

for beck and beckbaby to have a healthy pregnancy

for girl trouble's art to take off, because it and she both rock

for chatrouge's work to start up the day shift again

for queen bull's unemployment thing to work out

for moonpieluv to have everything that needs to happen in her life to happen so that she can feel settled

for rubberdollz to have all the motivation she needs

for mental calm, insurance to kick in fast and for beeps police training to rush by fast for rudderless

for thirties girl to have a great toss in the hay with ld boy

i also wish:

that all people were as cool as busties

that my desk office who left in march gets hired back on

that the asshat husband of my deceased SIL would back off and let the family keep the damn farm without us having to buy back his third, the slimy cocked fuck chop douche nozzle TICK

that i didn't have to worry about having the money to buy back the third of the farm so that mr. hotbuns could come and visit me

that this idiotic proposal that we shouldn't be bidding on in the first place would write itself!

that my sister who lost her husband could start healing

that my sister who is being an asshat and hurting her family by seeing another man while she is still married would get a grip and snap out of it or get divorced and leave me and my thanksgiving plans OUT of her handfasting plans

that we could all be as happy as the people singing outside my window
Awww... thanks for the wish of motivation tesao!!! You are wonderful!

Oh if I was Dorothy and could click my heels 3 times, all women would be happy.

I wish that there was a moment and place where all busties girls could come together and meet up! The ladies here are wonderful, so full of information and knowledge. To know such strong women only makes other women strong!

I wish to get through the last two weeks in one piece.
tesao, words don't say it, but thank you. and I wish that all the things you wished for for yourself come true and quickly. ((((tesao))))

I wish to re gain the progress that I have made the last weeks and not be throw right back to where I was, nearly unable to function bc I have Got to be a Mother to frecklette & take her school shopping & to Orientation & all other things related to school sinse w/ the mr gone, I'm all she's got

I wish the Damn Doctor will call me back & give me a prescription, or even 2 or 3, for new meds to try so I can get a handle on things. I know now that I probably don't need them long-term daily, but when I do, I need them to work w/out worser side affects. how ironic is it that that it's meds for anxiety and that every day, hell every Hour that she doesn't call back, it makes it worse & worse?

I wish for frecklette to not be scared of starting high school, that she has wonderful, non-predatory teachers, makes new friends that are every bit as good and sweet as she is and finally settles into acadamia successfully.

I wish to know what my life's work is supposed to be and to get to it, instead of perpetually floundering as I have done for so long.
Queen Bull
aww. tes, that means so much. thank you. i hope your wishes come true as well.

and of course all the other busties


Thanks Tes.
I wish even harder that I can make it through till the 30th, survive today and tomorrow.

I wish my neighbors, or the lawn care fairy, would come and take care of my yard from now till the mr returns in November. an anonymous Gift Certificate left in the door would be Fabulous, so I wouldn't have to know whom to feel indebted to and could just enjoy it fully guilt free.

I wish for all things to go well for frecklette starting High School this week and for me to let her go and help her fly~

and I wish for courage and stregnth as I dive ever deeper into the past and to remember that to really clean sometimes, you have to make a bigger mess first.
I wish my ex roommate will get what she deserves for stealing from me and owing me tons of money and ditching. Karma is a bitch and so are you. I also wish I will have better luck with a new roommate.
I wish that my friend's cat-baby Edgar will return home, or to a safe place where he can be reunited with his Mama (who is moving & he got scared & that's why he ran away, poor lovie) & he is safe.

I also wish that this hurricane will blow itself out to sea and not harm anyone.
I wish to give my sister the strength to leave the a*hole she has been dating for the past 3 years. She finally moved out and my parents helped her to furnish a townhouse she has signed a lease on. Unfortunately she told us today that the a*hole proposed to her and wants her back.

Ugh... I wish for her to see through the lies, to know that some people will tell you whatever they think you want to hear just to get you back and then never do the things they promised they would.
I wish Amelita and DJBizMonkey well in regards to the upcoming hurricane.
I'm actually riding out the storm. I have a safe and solid house, and lots of supplies.
I'm sure it won't be like last time, but, in any event good luck to you ladies!
Queen Bull
i wishing well to all the new orleans busties and their families, as well as the whole city/path of storms in general.

im also wishing to get the position that im interviewing for next week.

also wishing well and for wishes granted to all these other lovely busties.

Doxy, please take care of yourself. sad.gif

Amilita and DJBizMonkey, I hope you are ok. unsure.gif
ditto- bizmonkey, amilita and doxy, please keep us updated, k?

Rubberdollz, that's terrible! Did she accept his proposal? If so, that's insane. One day she left the abusive asshole & is moving on with her life, but then he proposes marriage and that's supposed to make it all better? Is she caught up in the romantic idea of a wedding? If she really wants someone to throw a party for her that badly, you can throw her a Freedom Party celebrating the fact that she finally shoved that guy out of her life. Best of luck to all of you.
Please keep us informed. I'm very worried about mah busties.
Well the good news for now is she did NOT except his proposal... BUT... she told him that she has 1 year lease on this townhouse and that gives them a year to work on their relationship. My sister has been married before so I don't think it's the idea of the wedding... I think it's the idea of being in love with someone. She keeps saying it's hard for her to give up because she loves him, but love does you no good when that person doesn't love you back or doesn't treat you the way you deserve.

I also have this wish that she doesn't tell him where she is living.

I think some people just aren't strong enough to see past the ones who can lie and manipulate so easily. The sad part is.... his 10 year old daughters know how to do this as well.
I wish I wasn't in all this drama crap. I am embarrassed that I even have to deal with this. That I'm in this situation in the first place.

I wish I didn't feel like everyone else gets to be all happy, and I'm left with nada. starting over again. alone. But on the same token, I think it's exciting and entirely necessary. I think it's my time to truly move forward ridding myself of past junk. And being the wiser for it.

Even though I feel it's all a blessing in disguise (im trying to be positive), I wish I didn't have to learn these lessons so hard. About the true colors of friends and mates.

I wish it didn't seem the universe is dumping all over me. Is this karma? or is it blessing in disguise? Is it that I have to deal with all this hardship and revelation and betrayal in order for me to truly commit to myself, move on, and achieve my goals?

(((bizmonkey, amilita and doxy)))

((rubberdollz)) I wish the best for her. Sounds like she's getting it together. ((strength)) vibes to your sis.
I wish for strength in dealing with my job this year and a job search with little or no hitches in the new year.
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