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= Bump=

I wish for a phone call w/ the date to come tomorrow, and the date be soon, very soon (but not too soon, bc I do still hafta clean!)

I wish for a gentle time for the mr once he is back and begins to mourn the loss of our sugarboy;
(we lost him mid-nov Moonie, but I could not bear to write that here at the time, thank you).

I wish that when the time is right, our sugarboy guides the right new fur-baby to us and us to them in the same way that he came to us bc it was just such an amazing blessing.

and I wish that 2008 be a wonderful, empowering, self -actualizing and amazing year for all good Busties and their loved ones.
I wish I could have sex this evening.
i wish for a positive pregnancy test on monday.

also, a good 2008 (and portions) for all busties
one of my wishes was already granted - thank you Wishing Lounge ! biggrin.gif

I wish for broken kneecaps, or something horribly painful, to befall a pregnant friend's future ex;
what kind of scumbag stops payment on rented furniture so that it gets repo'd when she is supposed to be on medical bedrest now??

a curse of a thousand plagues befall him! mad.gif
my wish has been granted too! thank you Lounge!

i wish for a healthy pregnancy this time round

HUGE CONGRATS BECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! biggrin.gif

((((((((Beck & Little Beck Bean )))))))
i wish that mr. hotbuns would move to africa

i wish that i could motivate myself to exercise

i wish i had more energy
I wish for time to speed by the next 3 days!!

I wish for the safe return of my mr & that he is totally knocked out by the whole new me that will greet him soon.

I wish for my mouth & teeth to stop hurting, or at least for me to finally conceed it and go back to the dentist & her find something simple and easy.

tesao- exercising will (eventually) give you the extra energy that you desire; ~signed, former couch potatoe but recent convert tongue.gif
I wish that my man's ex will not be so much of a bitch this year and stop using the kids as a weapon. I also wish that they get to come visit soon too cheer up my poor bunny.
I wish my boyfriend would stop being a jerk...and that someone would do my assignment for me so i can sleep all weekend
I wish for my presentation to go well today.
i wish that i could get motivate to work out again, because going from 100mph to sitting on my ass 24/7 is like hitting a brick wall, literally
I wish that I didn't hold in my feeling so much and that I could just say whats on my mind instead of being a jellyfish!!
I wish that tomorrow, I start bleeding.
I wish it wasn't so fucking cold here.
I wish that everything goes smoothly today
I wish today is better than yesterday.
I wish my cramps would go away, and I had the willpower to work out again this week.
I wish that I start my period today or tomorrow
please let it be the flu and ditto on what sandee said unsure.gif
((((tankgirl, sandee, sassy, CH and ladyj))))

i wish for a scan date very soon, and for the bean to be as it should

and i wish for karmic retribution for dog owners that don't pick up the shit - that they tread or fall over in it, and it gets all over their carpets and ruins their shoes. ha!

i wish

that my sister wasn't hurting so much

that i could do something to help

that she will find some peace and closure sooner rather than later.

I'd like to have a good weekend!

I wish he knew what's going on. I wish he'd do something about that.
I wish for an uncomplicated & pain-free iud removal.

I wish for a peace-of-mind granting tubal or the like, also pain-free if at all possible.

I wish the mr would genuinely mean it when he says he is willing to get snipped so I could call his bluff and support him to do it, rather than with the great duress and irritation he says it now.

I wish he recognized that after 16 years together and me literally making myself physically sick over & over again, sometimes quite seriously, it's His Damn Turn to carry the weight of non-reproduction.

I wish that after I get 'whatever' done, we'll have a rockin' hot sex life again. (le sigh)

I wish for frecklette to improve her grades.

I wish to finally get the much needed structural issues with our home repaired and it cost only what we get back in taxes and not more. less would be better yet.

and I wish for the puppies to hurry and house-train.
I wish for a new temp assignment to be offered as soon as this one is finished.

I wish for a peaceful, positive resolution to the banjoboy situation.

I wish for smooches from browneyedboy tonight.
I wish Mrs. Rouge's dad would admit he's an alcoholic and take responsibility for all the pain to his family he's caused over the years.

I wish that Mrs. Rouge finds some closure before her dad dies.
I wish I could find some paint that matches.

I wish my comforter would get here soon.

I slightly wish he would get feelings, then I could let my barrier down and reciprocate.
I wish for karma to visit my ex-boss in a way that I'll know it's happened.

I wish that the spot on my new baby's ear is just that, a spot to be drained and nothing more.

I wish for the motivation to get back to the gym again.
I wish to get some much-needed LOVE and ATTENTION from my so-called boyfriend.

I wish to feel better when and if we finally talk. Rather than more doubtful.
I wish that we will get more rain this spring & that this drought will be over & I'll finally get to water outside again and be able to take a long shower without guilt and be able to flush the damn toilet every time I use it.

I wish that all of the work I've put into the yard this week will turn out better than I can imagine and that this summer we will have a lawn instead of dirt (which is mostly what we have now).

I wish I knew what to do with my life. I feel that my passion for things has died. I'm simply not interested in doing things that used to make me happy, yet I don't think I'm suffering from depression. I feel content just working on the house & hanging out at home, but sometimes I feel like I'm missing something out there ... but I don't know what it is.
I wish my back would get better on its own and I won't need physical therapy for it.

I wish the mr would open up about what's going on w/ his health and stop being such a tight-ass about it.

I wish I had more patience and compassion to not get mad when he clams up and instead respond lovingly, instead of pissily.

I wish my daffodils in the backyard will bloom instead of the tragic demise they seem to be heading for yet again this year.
I wish that my grandmother would go home.... I know that's mean, but she is so rude and I have tried so hard to get along with her, but I am starting to think it will never happen
I wish that today Please go painlessly & quickly !
I wish that today's Vet appointment w/ both puppies on my own go well. please!
PS: the mr was able to meet us up there & it did go well. both babies were exceptionally well behaved and we can now take them out & about in public. - hurrah! happy.gif

i wish that my emotional-disaster self would smooth out a little. enough with the hormones already!
I would love to win the lottery and not have to work any more. And Mr. Dusty could do whatever he wanted too. But I disapprove of lotteries. What to do?
I wish UPS would deliver my lap top when I'm at home.

I wish for him.

I wish for the nice weather to continue.

I wish for my performance appraisal (and ergo, a bump up in pay).
i wish for a quiet weekend.
i wish jackaroo would learn how to sleep through the night. i wish for the strength not to go pick him up and rescue him.

I should have wished for sunshine today, yesterday.
I wish that meeting with K will be excellent.
(I wish he would kiss me.. soon. Or for the courage
to kiss him.)

i wish that elle's baby "rufus" will wait until i am there to be born!
i wish that the block would be less hot.

I wish that I can get my final project together on time and finish this degree!!!
I wish for my friend to be wildly crazi happy when she gets married again tomorrow morning, bc the first one was a Jerk!

I wish for my back to heal already.

and I wish for M to call me or the other M soon, bc we're both worried about her & M is getting married & I know wants to be able to share that with her.
I wish badsigner would stop praying for my soul and mind her own damn hooey.
I wish I could go back to the beginning of 2007.

I wish I had never left.

I wish that I could be more vocal and passionate about things of the faith. I wish that I could touch more lives, and help more people - fulfill my purpose.

I wish that I was more disciplined with reading the Word and able to apply it to life. That would be nice. I feel like I dont get it sometimes, like my level of committment has dropped. Its frustrating. I need to see some growth here. No need to be going through all this mess in my life and not let it be a benefit to someone else who's hurting. I wish I could lead by example.
I wish to continue feeling good about myself and ward off depression.
I wish for the job I am applying for.

I wish for a money tree, or at least an end to the worrying, for falljackets.

I wish for a ray of sunshine for roseviolet.

I wish for an amicable resolution to a bad work situation for kittenb.

I wish all good things, happiness and great portions for all BUSTies.
i wish for clarity and cojones
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