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i wish i would have this baby already!
shiny, when are you due?

I wish I could figure out what I want to do with my life, professionally.
i wish she could bathe, go to the bathroom, get dressed, and eat on her own.

i wish the chemo would work.

i wish the drugs didnt make her loopy.

i wish she wasnt in pain.

i wish she was her old self again.
I wish I knew what the hell was going on.

I wish for guidance.
i wish i had 20/20 vision into my future in aspects of work, love, and life....
I wish I was at home in bed right now.

I wish it would cool down a little.

I wish me and DKS could hang out this weekend.
I wish it wasn't so swelteringly Africa hot right now. I can't even go outside long enough to enjoy my plants after I water them. I'm afraid to walk home from the bus after work. GOSH GOLLY! I can't wait to get to the mountains.

I wish I would have more space to put my yard-sale items before the yard sale.

I wish I wouldn't just drink wine and smoke and watch movies when I'm home alone... I do have a love for reading, too.

I wish I had my parent's sewing machine already so I can make my sock creatures more efficiently.

I wish for a more functional, simple, and clean living space with a friggin washer/dryer.

I wish I was thrift/antique store shopping right now.

I wish I was with my bruce leroy.

I wish I could go get a pap and a dental check-up for free.

I wish I could get and pay for an appt for just a physical in general and perhaps some happy pills to stave off anxiety.

uh...... sheesh. sorry... blink.gif


I wish for a place to live when my lease is up in two days!

I wish for PrettyBoy to like me and make a move on me.

~*~*~*~*~*~good luck wish vibes for busties~*~*~*~*~*~*~
with the most due respect to our N.O busties..

I wish for a hurricane named after me.
a full-blown wild & wicked down in the history books for all time storm...
I've always seen hurricane's as nature's metamorphosis of my personality in a literal sense.

I also wish for those things I know I'm not supposed to wish for right now, or for the way to get around the Not part to make itself known already.
oh- and I wish for not more one-more-person to tell me to "save my work & submit it later." !! mad.gif

I wish for this week to go by faster, I'm tired of being lonely.
sleep i wish for sleep.
I wish for a smooth drive home.

I wish Stephen Harper and George W Bush and big C conservative powers that be would go away and die.
I wish for a new car stereo to soothe my near constant road-rage.

I wish the mr's # will come up in the next 4 weeks or so so that we can have a real and bonafide actual Promotion Party for him before..

I wish for a friend in the new place.

congrats shiny!! ( sleep is overrated anyway! ) biggrin.gif
i wish for my lil to sleep much more at night.

i wish for mr.'s class to go well today

i wish for 20 lbs to drop off magically
I wish for perspective

in lieu of that, I wish for intervention.

I wish my girlchild a happy, positive & academically successful year, free of threats & surrounded by great teachers who care & friends who will encourage her in the best ways.

I wish to never have another nightmare that has me unable to remember what I was dreaming about, that made me jolt upright throwing up.
I wish my dear sweet wonderful friend didn't have breast cancer.
she is married and has 3 beautiful young daughters. sad.gif

I wish (tho it seems so insignifigant now) to find my design book.
I wish I could come around here more often.... I miss being able to see what's up with everybody.

I wish I had more money to comfortably move into a decent place when I move.... 2 more months!!! EEEK blink.gif Change is so surreal. Almost total lifestyle overhaul is even weirder...but I got's to do what I got's to do to get my butt educated.

I wish or hope that I will be happy with my decision when I get acclimated.

I wish I wasn't so smitten with same Bruce Leroy boyfriend... but I'm so grateful to have him during this transition. wub.gif

I wish my cramps would beat it. dry.gif

Alotta Errata
i wish that I didn't have to work so that I could focus on my education and do what I really really want to do, now that I know what that is.

I wish that the jiggly fat that has found its way to my tummy would migrate around back and beef up my pancake ass so I could have a real booty.
i wish for fast and easy baby weight loss
i wish i had told you all my secrets, and i wish i knew all of yours.

i wish you were here
I wish for a miracle.
I wish for today to go really well.
thank you ( I'm pretty sure) for today being so frawkin' awesome !!

I wish, maybe probably ? for that puppy.
I wish most desperately to help a friend find a no-kill shelter or good home for her hyper yellow lab asap!
(not the same puppy I was wishing for last week, sadly,this dog is much too much even for me)

please let one of the shelters have space & able to take him OR please let her have the patience to wait a few more days & run an add to find him a good place.

I wish for her not to just dump him or call animal control bc that is as good as signing his death warrant. sad.gif
I wish for courage, grace & stregnth right now.
I wish that I will do well on my LSAT's tomorrow.
I wish the newest troll would GO AWAY.

I wish that my current situation would resolve itself.
I hope you do fantastically!

I wish to get the job I am going to apply for tomorrow.
I wish I knew what I wanted.
I wish the wee gecko/salamanders woudl stop sneaking into my home! mad.gif
I wish that when I submit my program of study, it is accepted and I finish my degree in the appropriate amount of time.
i wish for shiny boy to win at the tkd tourny

i wish for no more headache

i wish for hubby to not talk down

i wish for more sleep

I wish that I could get a better job, damn it.
I wish for the road trip to NYC to work out.
i wish i was 15lbs skinnier
I wish for no more ambivilence about my reproductive system.. why can't I just go ahead and know 100% that a tubal is the absolute way to go and do it?

actually I truly wish the mr would sincerely offer (instead of agreeing bc I am browbeating him) to get snipped, bc that is still reversible.

and I wish for no catastrophic injuries for me & frecklette when we ice skate on sunday!
I ditto freckles sterilization wish.

Just fuckin get snipped already Jesus!!! I hate to bring it up. I think hubby needs to talk to another male who has already done it. It is sooooo much easier. If he doesn't do it soon. I will !
proof that wishing here does actually work:

today I got the sign that I was looking for to decide one way or ther other, and I'm going to do it.
the mr & I talked about it and sinse I learned of a much less invasive option, it's only a matter of talking to the dr's and coordinating / probably waiting till the mr is back home again.

I feel good about the decision now too.
I wish my life really was a faerytale.
I wish that this time, the sewing machine repairman gets it right.

I wish for more free time.

I wish my son would start talking. Not just babbling, not just saying words, but really talking.
I wish that I would be contacted by my potential new employer on Monday and that we work out all details so I can officially go to work for them soon.

I wish I would feel better.
wishing my husbamd would slow down

wishing for snow, lots of it!

still wishing for sleep
I wish that I knew what I was doing.

I wish that last night had been more fun.

I wish that I had at least $500 more dollars than I had bills.
i wish my headache would go away

i wish i could go to the gym

i wish i had a maid to clean my house
I wish I had turned the car around and gone back to help the young girl I saw walking by the side of the road crying today.. the one w/ the (assumed) boyfriend walking several feet behind her w/ the pants to his ankles and his hat all askew talking on a cell phone & trying to look "cool" tho he could hardly walk at all w/ his pants like that.

I wish I could make up my mind to either Find Her or find peace with having to let frecklette's friend go last year bc this young girl reminded me very much of her and what her life might be like soon or eventually ad I still very much feel the need to mama her. sad.gif

I wish my dog would start eating again bc I don't know what's wrong w/ him.
I need all the Busties here to lend me some wishes please, bc we just found out that our puppy is very Sick and I need to wish that he will not suffer and that I will find the stregnth to do the compassionate and loving thing by him.

and I wish that he knows how very much we love him from the very second he came trotting into our garage and anounced 'Mom- I'mmm HOME!' and that frecklette will not suffer from this wildly, or my mr, bc our sugarboy is actually His dog.

I wish I could carry the hurt for all of them, literally and emotionally.
(((((freckleface))))) sad.gif
wishing harder than anything ever before with fingers and toes and eyes and bottom cheeks and .. BOSOMS (!!!!) that this is a tick bite and not the other........ P L E A S E !!!!

(thank you treehugger)
Wishing for snow BUT JUST NOT IN THE NEXT TWO WEEKS! The semester is almost over and we don't need to miss any days of school that we could use as "review for the final" days. I have four finals and I need every day of review I can get for all of them. Please Weather God don't do this to me. I love snow and I know there is only a 30% chance of it coming on Wednesday but please don't do it. There is a huge snowstorm in the North East looming over Delaware's head but for the love of all things academic please save it for when the semester is over. I'll have a month with nothing to do and being snowed in with Mr. Pug would make me the happiest Ms. Pugs of all times but just not during end of semester crunch time. PLEEEEEEASE!!!!
I wish for snow not hitting on the days that pugs needs her reviews.

I wish that freckleface's dog is okay. sad.gif

I wish I get this job tomorrow.

I wish I had a couch to lounge on.

I wish I could see my boyfriend....all the time.

I wish I wouldn't smoke in the house... or at all really.
I wish I could get laid, dammit!

I wish I hadn't crashed my car this morning. Stupid snow.

I wish that I can get my car back up and running first thing tomorrow.

I wish I had a job.

I wish I could see my baby nephew more often. He's probably huge by now.
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