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I wish something would fucking work out in the next couple of days. OK, so mercury's retrograde--but does it really have to suck this much? To be more specific, I wish for: a safe place to live for the month, enthusiastic people, data, to gain some weight, for my dad to either get better or a decent diagnosis. Please!
double post.
I wish I will win that Tourist Trip to Indiana Beach so I can take my girl and the mr to a place I had many many happy childhood summer memories.. stay at a cheap hotel and re-live to share with her what a wonderful place my homestate really is, bc it makes me very sad that she has no feeling for it.

I wish that things will be resolved in a good and quick way for my m-i-law, to release her from the current situation.

I most especially wish for resoultion and an end of pain w/ my tooth. a year is far too long to hurt and continue treatment .
I wish that til that happens, I can get some better, stronger pain relief that won't knock me out or cause my stomach to bleed.

I am very thankful for some answered wishes as well.
I wish this work day was over.

I wish for a good lunch hour today.
I wish that I could tone up my middle section so that it would be slimmer, but still keep my ass and boobs the size they've gotten.

is that too much to ask? wink.gif

I wish I would feel better. I feel like ass today.
Zoya, welcome to my world. If you discover how to do that please let me know...

I wish we could find a house asap.
I wish for my staying true to myself, and taking care of myself more.

I wish for solitude with myself and being okay with it.

I wish I had money to buy arts and crafts supplies.

I wish I just did me and didn't cause myself so much anxiety, and wasn't so disenfranchised with my town.

I wish for nachos with extra cheese but with 0fat, carbs, etc.

I wish my roomie was more reasonable. But I'm still moving out within the year anyway.

I wish freckleface's tooth could be healed with a touch of the tooth fairy's wand.
I wish i had more confidence in all aspects of my life

I wish i could meet some new, interesting, and quality friends without being afraid to put myself out there

I wish small things didnt make me so upset

I wish things were back to the way they were last year

I wish my mom wasnt sick
I wish for my air conditioner to make it through the summer.

I wish for a fabulous job that doesn't suck up all my energy but lets me pay my bills on time and not have to stretch my grocery budget so carefully.

I wish for a bass guitar.

I wish for real love.
I wish I wasn't so damn broke and didn't get my fanny in trouble with overdrafts. dry.gif

I wish my crush could come with me to my new city of residence.

I wish to live in a newer apt. with a washer and dryer and a living room all to myself where I could masturbate if I friggin want to. haha.

I wish I would get started on my crafts.

I wish I had a car. sad.gif
wishing my basement is done soooooon!
wishing i had the crib i am supposed to be getting already or that they would tell me otherwise so i can buy one.
wishing for cooler weather and rain
wishing for less sciatica today
wishing for fabulous, educated man to come along for snarky
I wish for a good lunch with some approaching by them.

I wish for a good work out.

I wish it was Saturday and I had my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

I wish that I get approved for the loan so that I can fix my car and pay for grad school and not be such a neurotic mess worrying all the time about how am I gonna pay for grad school.

I wish my advisor would get his shit together and tell me if the THREE classes I need to complete this degree are okay.
I wish for a bass guitar too. smile.gif

I wish for at least one of my coworkers to be able to go to the huge Harry Potter release with me on Friday.

I wish for a good weigh in tonight at WW. unsure.gif

wishing my insurance would quite trying to pull the preexisting condition bull shit!

wishing for a cool day and a good rain

wishing for hubby to finish his grant review.
I wish that everything would work out.
(((((wishing busties)))))

I wish I had money so I could buy Mr. Pug the 11 year anniversary present he deserves. As it is, I'm not working and the money he gives me for gas I'm trying to stretch so I can buy at least a little something. He might just have to make due with a great homecooked meal and me for the whole night.
I wish that my copy of Harry Potter would arrive nice and early tomorrow!

I wish for a nice dinner this evening.

I wish that my dog would stop trying to herd random strangers at the park!

i wish the vessle faucet would come in so the plumber can put it in on monday

i wish they would finish grouting the shower

i wish they would finish the touch up paint in shinyboys room NOW! so we can move stuff in.

i wish for hubby to have a great time surfing and come back refreshed.
I wish Canada Post would deliver my copy of Harry Potter already! I paid for express shipping!
I wish I didn't have horrible credit. I would have a new car, be able to move, and just be happier overall.
wishing i had less swolwn ankles
I wish my roommate would be a reasonable adult about all this.

I wish for a smooth transition into new city.

I wish my cat didn't have to be shut in my room cause my roomie is too lazy to have his ac vents fixed.

I wish my work was more interesting so that I would be more motivated to complete my projects and responsibilities.

I wish I was sleeping soundly with my crush in his all white bed with just the white noise of the AC.

I wish I had a chicken bisquit and some pickled garlic right now.
I wish this work day was over.

I wish that it was so fucking bloody hot here! It is 39C, that would be 102.2F, freaking rediculous.

Because it's so hot, I wish for a bad thunderstorm.

I wish for some air popped dill pickle pop corn with a diet rootbeer!

I wish that things would fall into place in romantic relationships for me as easily as things have fallen into place in work & living situation.

I wish he'd call me and say he wants to pick up again, and that he wants to see me. And then come and spend time with me. fearlessly.

I wish that typing things here would actually make them come true.
i wish for hubby's friend to get better and for hubby to have a safe trip home

i wish for a smooth delivery

i wish for the nursery to be done

i wish for the basement to be finished too.
I wish for more wishes!!

Oh... Has that been done already? Crap... Kay um...

I wish my sister would come visit me.
I wish my grandparents would stop volunteering me to babysit their neighbors kids.
I wish my mom wasn't a hypochondriac.

I wish... all of you a good day. *laughs*
I wish I didn't feel so incredibly shitty in the aftermath of having my bad tooth removed and in the next hour or so will feel at least 50% better.

Iish the spot would stop bleeding, it's been all damn day already now.

I wish the telemarketers woudl stop calling our house so much and that the Do Not Call Registry actually meant something to them, or at least they'd stay on the line long enough for me to harrass them back when they get attitudes w/ me.

I wish for no more weird dreams.

I wish for great things in my girlchild's future this scholastic year.
I wish for a smooth drive home.

I wish I could get over the after effects of this anxiety attack.

I wish that it would rain.

I still wish that it was so motherfucking bloody hot.
i wish for dinner out with hubby and maybe a movie too

i wish for rain!

i wish for a cool breeze

i wish for dumb plumber to finish already
Money. I wish for money.

I hope this wish doesn't turn into some creepy monkey's paw kind of thing....
yeah... I wish for money, too.

I wish my debt was paid.

I wish I had a hybrid car, or just wheels in general... but a hybrid specifically.

I wish for a better, higher paying, job when I move to gradschool town.

I wish these shoes I'm wearing wouldn't make my feet smell like dookie.

I wish for a renovated, charming, reasonably priced apartment or loft with a little balcony or outdoor patio area for my plants ALL TO MYSELF and my cat "nachos", of course...when I move.

I wish I could accompany "bruce leroy" to the beach tomorrow for a week.

I wish for a good workout.

I wish I cold find a great pair of comfortable dress pants, for less than an arm and a leg.

I also wish my debt was gone.

I wish for a lovely weekend even though "bruce leroy" aint' round.

I wish my cat could roam about my home instead of being locked up in my room.

I wish I had a friggin washer and dryer to clean my pee-pee cat sheets! dry.gif

I wish i had money to just go out a purchase a whole new bed set, and well... lots of new and vintage furniture for my new apartment.

I wish I would quit smoking!!!!!!

I wish I wish I wish.... dang, moon (speaking to myself in third person)... you got's lots of wishes, girrrl.
i wish for sleep that is sound and not dream riddled

i wish for my house to be done

i wish for shinyboy to learn to take responsiblity for his simple every day chores

i wish for hubby to help more

i wish for baby yo come soon

i wish for more peaches (we ae the whole box)
I wish for clarity.

I wish the situation would improve.

I wish I would stop feeling this way.

I wish I was ready to feel this way and so was he.

I wish I could be honest about it.

I wish this heat would stop.

I wish me and DKS would hang out today or tomorrow. Ideally, today.
I wish there was a fem mag for married women w/ (non-toddler/baby) kids that wasn't boring/condescending.

I wish I could reconcile certain things in my life to a peaceful place once and for all.

I wish my non- tooth would be done & the last stitch out & I could chew & fully brush there again.

I wish that the big spider that has taken up a webby residence by my glowing bulb windwhime would go away, bc I don't want to have to eradicate it myself but would like access to that 1/2 of the front porch again.
i wish mr shiny to put away all the fucking gear in the living room!!!!
I wish.... I wish...... I wish.
I wish I was more talented...or at least had the motivation to practice harder. *eyes tightly closed in wish-mode*
I wish I would stop repeating the same mistakes in disguise over and over.
Amen, dander!

I wish Bruce Leroy would come back from vacation! (selfish, i know)

I wish we were taking our lil' extended weekend vacation at Folly Beach or Sullivan's Island this weekend.

I wish I didn't feel in the dumps right now.

I wish I had a washer and dryer for fuck's sake and didn't have to sleep with the only clean, non-cat pee pee blanket in an apt. that my roomie keeps like an icebox.

I wish I find a better job that pays me enough to be able to live alone with my cat, and hopefully a new kitten.

I wish I wouldn't fuck around at work so much... it's just boring!!!
i wish for motivation and energy to get my house totally ready for my baby.
closer to the arrival of shinybaby, you may get a burst of energy mixed w/ motivation to clean and organize your place; it's called nesting, and it supposedly happens fairly often.
me- meh-the only "urge" I had was to stock up on library books bc I naievely thought I'd be able to read in the time I was recovering from frecklette's delivery.

I wish for a wonderful delivery for shiny, and for all the wishes of all the other busties here to come true, esp moonie's that she find a great place soon for her and her cat.
awww, thanks freckle!
I'm really really really wishing for a good interview in a couple of hours that will land me that job.

I wish for a really tasty donut with good coffee.
Thanks Freckle! You sweetsy baby marshmallow!

I second the wish that Shiny has a smooth delivery and all nesting efforts are perfectly satisfactory...

I also wish that I would get to work instead of farting around on the internet... I'm being so friggin' lazy! Bad employee!

I wish I would just quit smoking, too.

I wish for that great apt for me and my cat cause I have TWO shit-boxes in my room right now! Now that's sexy!

Faerie--hope the interview went well!
I wish for a place to belong w/in the working world.

sigh. sad.gif
I wish she would chill the fuck out.

I wish I knew what I wanted to do with my career.

I wish I was not feeling so inadequate in terms of schooling.

I wish I knew what I was doing with my life.

I wish all the wishes to come true.
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