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I wish this work day was over.

I wish I could get caught up.

I just wish...
I wish that I wasn't in the middle of all the family conflict

I wish everyone would just leave me the fuck alone

I wish the school year was over already.
I wish I was having sex right now.
i wish he gets the job in the town where i work, so we can live where i live now, instead of moving to where he lives now.

i wish it was september and his lease was up.

i hate wishing time away. i know when i'm 80 i'll wish that i never did that. heck, i'm almost 32 and i wish i didn't do that.

i wish i was 25, but living the life i live now. i wish had something more productive to show for all that wasted time, besides some fun, and credit card debt.
I wish I was eating pot cookies right now.

I wish that I was reading Harry Potter 7 right now, and my amazon order was in the mail...
I wish that while we are away..

girlchild will be safe AND have a load of fun w/ the friends she is staying with..

that dogboy will get along at the boarders well and play nicely & make puppy friends and not miss us..

that kittygirl will be just fine here in the house by herself and not be too terribly lonesone on her own and do spiteful things to our carpets and bedding..

and that the mr & I will have a fantastically wonderful and amazing time.

I also wish that all of the mr's former co workers will be safe and return unharmed from the deployment they are about to embarq on this week.. esp my sweet fake son V & our good friend C.

I know that's all a tall-ass order, but I truly believe in the power of wishes.
I wish for a good weekend.

I wish that things with work, work out.

I wish I could run into Navy Boy so he could see what he missed out on.
i wish my mom would do something with all that potential.

i need some good things in my life right now. wish friends, money, my dream job, or just something unexpected and wonderful would fall out of the sky.
I wish the third would come by boy 2's house tonight.

I wish that the useless fundie would have it's account deleted.

I wish to have fantastic sex tonight.
I wish tomorrow goes well.

I wish my car had new tires.

I wish some people would practice what they preached.
I wish I could have some busties here with me IRL. I'm out here on a work project all alone and I'm lonely and a bit sad.
i wish for this construction project to be done in record time and the money to pay for it to be a non issue

i wish for my husband to get the grant he is writing and so very much deserves as he is the hardest working man i know

i wish the ikea in portland would post a phone number so i can find out when they are opening.

i wish my son would take more responsibility fo rhis homework and chores

i wish i could have a baby shower
i wish mrfj were home.

i wish for another few weeks of pregnancy before the bebe decides he's ready to join us.

i wish i could just get comfortable for the rest of said pregnancy.
I wish for rain.

I wish to get more muscle defination.

I wish I knew BUSTies IRL.
I wish to stroll through nature with the one for me,
arm in arm.

I wish that my loneliness did not undermine my being and my will
-- as it does.

It's spring again,
and I wish that cupid would smile upon me.
I wish that my work would stop blocking and un blocking so I cant waste my day here.
This is the only thing getting me through and it was blocked all last week and now its not.
I wish the laundry would do itself.
i wish he'd just call me back and tell me he fucked up.

i wish i didn't feel like such a big prick for thinking and believing them when they said it was all going to be ok.
I wish all of falljackets and all the other busties wishes would come true.
I wish my kittens werent sick.

I wish I could just sleep.

I wish my boyfriend would treat me the way he used to.

I wish Kelly would call me more often.

I wish to be able to talk to my mom without getting frustrated.

I wish grad school was actually affordable
I wish I felt better and could rid myself of the sore throat until tomorrow afternoon, at least.

I wish I was more prepared for the interview tomorrow.

I wish I didn't have to work tonight.

I wish that the new windows weren't being fitted today and I had some peace to work in.

I wish I would stop BUSTing (read procrastinate) and do interview prep.
Ditto on the grad school thing. I wish I would just start bangin at GRE prep.

I wish I wouldn't procrastinate.

Falljackets: I also wish things with men weren't so f-ing surreal. I wish I didn't believe his words and paid more attention to his actions. I wish I just didn't care anymore what he thinks or does. I wish one day to strengthen my self-worth and accomplish what I WANT in life.

I wish I would just give myself a pedicure. My feet are busted.

I wish I lived in Georgia or even better, in the South of France.

QUOTE(missladyj @ May 29 2007, 06:45 PM) *
I wish grad school was actually affordable
i STILL wish this job would magically change direction and that everything would be great and that i could continue working it after the baby comes and that everything would work out perfectly.

i wish that these weird contractions are just practice and that the baby is not actually looking to exit stage uh, south...

i wish everyBUSTie got their wishes today and every day just by posting them here.

i wish my internet wasn't so wonky and that comcast didn't suck so much donkey balls.

((moonpie)) i have read your stuff in the crushie thread and it sounds like you know just what you're doing. smile.gif oh, and the "he" i was referring to was actually my employer. but yeah, surreal is right.
I wish I could feel comfortable in my body and accept its flaws instead of punishing myself

I wish I would take the initiative and redecorate my apartment instead of just talking about it

I wish I had time to read the heaps of books I want to get to

I wish I had more close girlfriends to spend time with

I wish cereal had no calories
I wish my life keeps going on the track it's on. I'm loving it right now.
awww (((kel))) I love happy wishes!

I wish for my mom's transition to assisted living to go just a bit easier each day, until the day comes when for her it is truly her new home.

I wish for a service vehicle when I go back to work on Monday.

I wish for this darned rash on my chest to go away.

I wish to reinforce all the other Bustie's help them come true!
I wish that the timeshare week will actually come through, even tho it's super short notice and the offer has come from the devil himself.

I wish that if it does come through, I can get dogboy into the kennel so I don't have to spaz about finding a place for him in the 11th hour.

I wish that I had not been such a dumbass as to only think NOW of the person to talk to to ask about fake- soldier-son's reassignment, and that if given the chance in the coming weeks, I'll have the balls to ask and he'll be kind enough to agree and my boy will be safter a little longer as he is still recovering from his injuries last tour downrange.

I wish that frecklette's former best friend that I tried to save this past year is doing o k and knows in her heart that she is still loved and wanted and missed and that I only had her best interests in my efforts.

I wish that I could be kinder to my frecklette when it comes to her grades; she's doing better, you know this, 2.5 days left.

I wish for More Wishes bc I know I am out on a limb here!!
I most sincerly wish my friend K could find a better new job, even if it means they dont' stay here.
and a super great one for her husband too, bc after 23 years of Service & a lof of bullshit, the man deserves more than to now have to pay for his "health benefits."
I wish I would just do the freaking laundry. or at least iron a work shirt instead of reaching for the frebreeze. ugh. dang.

I wish I would get back on ME track after a few weeks of having my head up my ass.

I wish I didn't like red wine and bloody mary's so much.

I wish I had like no sexual drive and didn't obsess over dewds. haha.
(((FallJackets))) thanks for that affirmation. Sometimes I feel like I TALK better than I do. But I figure if I keeping talkin' gooood, it will become a reality. But actions speak louder than words.... sigh.
haha. your boss? well... you know where my head's at. rolleyes.gif

I wish I wouldn't pick at my feet.

I wish my friend could find the courage to take her daughter and get out of her abusive relationship with that scumturd.

I wish I wasn't in debt.

Oh.... so hefty hefty.

I wish he would remember my birthday and communicate with me.
I wish my period would stop coming early!
i wish to make a list of inconsequential wishes:

i wish i'd thought of the word scumturd myself.

i wish i could win the lottery.

i wish i had a box of chocolate krispy kremes right now.

haha! scumturd. I like turdbucket, too. I shall follow with only two consequential wishes, the rest... :

I wish I had a jasmine plant to sniff on right now.

I wish I wouldn't take everything so seriously and be so hard/critical on/of myself.

I wish my home was more organized and functional and "green" instead of looking like a dang nutty professor punk rock greeny wannabe home.

I wish I could just say NO FUCK OFF to certain people.

I wish my hair didn't look like a tangled web of cotton candy in the morning.

I wish I had the money to get supplies for my stupid sock creatures.
I wish that it will be cheap to fix the AC in my car.
wishing for two fish taco's with extra jalapeno's and a horchata for lunch.

wishing that the paint would dry already so i can do the second coat.

wishing for sun tomorrow for our picnic.
I wish for courage, not brought on by liquid courage.
I wish that someone would come and pack up all of my stuff. I hate packing sad.gif
I wish I would just do it. I'm tired of crying wolf.

I wish that fartpocket would just pay me back.

I wish I got paid more.

I wish I was a witch with white magic powers.
I wish that N would would call me.

I wish that B would call me.

I wish I was outside right now.
I wish my stretch marks would go away
I wish I were comfortable with myself
I wish I got along with my mom
I wish the summer would end so I can move to Europe
I wish I wasn't so shy
I wish he were younger
I wish I could read minds
I wish my laundry would wash itself
I wish I always had good comebacks
I wish wishes came true
wishing for time with hubby
wishing i was not such a fat frumpy cow
wishing i had some financial contribution to my family
wishing the basement was already done
wishing for an easy and slightly early delivery
wishing shinyboy would find something stimulating to focus on this summer
wishing i was not sittling here pouting and feeling sorry for myself. (how fucking lame is that, i donot have to workand should be glad, i am getting a brand new basement and should be thrilled, i am getting ready to have a baby and should be excited, i am leaving in two days on a shopping trip with my sis and should be looking forward to that. Ok I am pathetic and i am dome with my self pitty trip. sorry.)
I wish fantasy land things would actually happen like moving to the Lake District in England with Brit hubby love and having little brit babies with liverpool accents calling me "mummy" as we recite vocabulary words out in the English garden. haha! i'm lame! whatever. rolleyes.gif

I wish my roommate wouldn't eat all my food.

I wish I had a washer and dryer!!!!

I wish I had a boston terrier named Ruby.

I wish I had more money. mad.gif
i wish i had cake. seriously. yummy yellow cake with vanilla ice cream. GIVE ME CACK!!!!!

oh, and i wish i could get a little more motivation to make more calls at work in this last week and make some decent money on my paycheck.
hmm... what to wish for...

i wish i made more money, so i wouldn't have to worry about starving, making it to work everyday with little gas in a $100 car, buy clothes that aren't fraying at the edges and wearing at the seams, i wish i had enough money to move into a decent, non-smelly place where i didn't have to see and smell the jackasses i work with everyday at fucking Linens 'N Shit. hell, at this point i wish i just had my own room so i didn't have to sleep on the living room floor with my boyfriend and get woken up every morning at 8am by my cyber-geek room mate geting on Second Life to whack off and play around with virtual chicks from god knows where. FUCK MAN! i could keep going, but i'll stick to the basics tonight.... hope everyone else is doing better than i am, because if this goes on much longer im gonna shoot someone.

cheers, have a good night.
I wish I knew what the fuck was going on with N!

I wish for the nerve to talk to some FF's, I also wish I could meet a good one for portions.

I wish that it was Friday already!
I wish that my fake-son is/stays safe downrange.

I most especially wish that m1 will hook up w/ m2 in a permenent way as they are both now divorced and as it turns out.. living in the same apt complex and m1 is such a nice guy.. and m2 has been on her own for a really long time after e was such an ass and she really deserves someone who will treat her right.

= off to play fairy godmother ==

ps! I also wish my damn tooth would just -be- O K already ! mad.gif
I wish that I'll have the relationship I want.
with the person I want it with.

I wish that someone would come to my new place and unpack and set up all of my stuff.

bettie, I hate the unpacking stage of moving, too.

I wish the city would stop thier road construction on my street for the next two weeks, so I could actually sleep in since I don't have to go to work for that period of time, and usually never get to sleep in. sad.gif
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