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i wish i didn't have to wonder if my friends were lying to me when they told me about this job.

i wish i were making what they told me i'd make.

i wish i felt more enthusiastic about working today, as that would help ensure wish #2.

and, if all those don't work out, i wish i'd just win the lottery and then none of this would matter...
j'ai un vagin
i wish i could be home right now getting a monkey hug from my little girl
I wish for clarification
I wish that LoveMyPugs Mom get better, Totally Better, RIGHT NOW.

I wish that my lungs will clear up on their own today and I'll stop feeling so bad w/out having to see a dr or take a bunch of nasty meds.

I wish the the mr is.. !

and I wish the same for rudderlesschild. (who I hope doesn't mind me wishing for her here!)
I wish that the approvals and paperwork that A needs will come through immediately.
I wish there were more hours in a day...
I wish I didn't have to go back to work tommorrow.

I wish my job didn't blow.
I wish for my laptop's problem to be easily fixed and covered under the extended warranty plan.
I wish for my car's problems to be fixed today and for it not to be the rack & pinion after all.
I wish I could have the courage to tell him.

If he calls, I will tell him. Le Sigh.

Ginger, I second that wish.
I wish that I will get the job I am interviewing for tomorrow.

I wish that they will pay me exactly what I am looking for.

I wish for a job that is challenging and fulfilling and new.
i wish everything went well for turbo today!

i wish my job interview is wonderful tomorrow, as it's the first interview for a *real* job.
~*~*~*~*~I wish for skin to have an *excellent* interview today!~*~*~*~*~

(My interview kicked-ass yesterday - Wheeee!)

I wish for my second interview on Friday to go VERY well.

I wish for them to make me an offer on Friday.

I wish today were friday!

I wish for this crazy snow storm to go away and give us spring back.
I wish the weather would change, at least on Saturday. My husband has something coming up, that he has been waiting a long time to do, and the weather really needs to be nice.

Sunshine on Saturday, please!
I wish that my new dentist will be gentle, and that my filling, tooth, whatever that broke last night will be easily fixed.
I wish for a full nights sleep
I wish he would call
I wish I had a cute little mommy to be belly like falljackets! You look great girl!
I wish I wish I wish for the tech guys to be able to retrieve my 2.5 years worth of journal from my Blue Screen of Death-ized laptop this week. Oh please, Goddess of Lounge Wishes, that journal is the ONLY file I care about....
I wish to get through this tax season while keeping my sanity
I wish for sleep, and lots of it.

I wish for maturity, so I can get through this without losing everyone around me.

I wish for a Guiness in my hand right now.
(((doodle))) I wish doodle will get her wish.

I wish my allergies would just GO AWAY already.
I wish my good friend N would get back into town soon so him and I can go and hang out and fun times!

I wish I could see him when N and I go out next, and I'll be looking good.

I wish the puppers would play with other dogs at the park like she did yesterday!

I wish for patience

I wish for sleep

I wish for focus to get all this work done

I wish for his arms around me soon.
I wish my sore throat would get better.

I wish for clarity, as usual.

I wish it would rain and pour and thunderstorm here.

I wish I knew what I wanted.

I wish that my pug Shelby would stop sleeping with her tongue out because it gets crusty and then she touches it to my arm and grosses me out.

I wish my left nostril would get in tune with my right nostril and either both be stuffy or both be clear.

I wish it wasn't so nice out so I didn't feel so irritated at having to stay inside cause I'm sickly.

I wish for tacos for dinner and Rita’s water ice afterwards. Wish Granted!!!!!
I wish we could move to wilmington, where life is good and I think I could truly be *Happy*.

I wish I knew how to be the parent to my girlchild to help her do better in school.

I wish I could let go of some of the guilt issues I've been carrying around like added (or maybe it is actually) weight for a long time now.
I wish I was more excited about dating.

I wish I didn't want my dates to be my ex.

I wish I had more self esteem.

I wish I had someone to put my IKEA furniture together.
I wish the school year was over already!
i wish my income would dramatically and consistently increase over the next month so that mrfj doesn't have to feel the burden of making our household stay afloat once the jackaroo gets here.

So....okay, I got my e-journal wish! YAY! It was a miracle - even the tech thought it was permanently gone!

Now....just as important, maybe moreso.....I wish, I wish, I wish my beautiful hair would STOP FALLING OUT! Please, universe. I don't want to be bald!!
doodle, my hair was falling out six months ago and I began to take vitamin B12 supplement (now taking again as I have a deficiency) and my hair is thicker and shinier.

I wish that I could find the documents I need for the interview so I can concentrate on preparing.
I wish the work day was over.

I wish for portions.

I wish I was more motivated to work out.
I wish that girlchild's entry-into-teenhood party sat night will be a total Blast and it won't rain bc they are camping out in a tent w/ tv & karaoke & stuff.

I wish that the mr & I have a wonderful time at the retreat next month.

I wish that the magic clothes fairy would fed ex me a whole new wardobe bc I am really feeling the need for pretty girly clothes and we don't have the scratch for it right now.

and I wish to the find the best stylist once and for all, instead of being so fickel and always thinking the grass is greener.
== getting kind of desperate here sinse it's been raining all day==

I really really really wish for it to be hot/dry (to dry things up some) & nice tomorrow for frecklette's party!!

please busties, use your mojo for this w/ good thoughts?
I wish for a thunderstorm

I wish for a good night sleep.

I wish Navy Boy would come out tomorrow.

I wish the ex would also be out tomorrow so I can be all over navy boy and have ex boy see it. Just so he can see what he missed out on.

I wish for a new pair of black, heeled, sandals.

I wish it was the end of the day.

I wish I was done with school and had a real job again.
I wish that all my classes would be over and that I make the deans list!
I wish that HR would get back to me.

I wish I could see Navy Boy tonight for some PORTIONS.
I wish he'd stop worrying so much and just go for it.

I wish I got paid for doing the thing I love to do, rather than having to pay for it.

I wish my grades were up Up UP!

I wish my young gay friends parents weren't so close minded, and let him continue to go to school where he is now.
I'm still wishing for PORTIONS.
i wish for all the hard work i did to pay off for me this week.

i wish for little jackaroo to be a happy, healthy baby and that he'll know how much his momma and daddy love him.

i wish that all of our money issues would be erased and that we could enjoy more leisure time to enjoy each other.

and i wish for culture to get the portions that she so deserves.
Awww thanks FJ.

I wish that all the wisher's wishes would come true.

I wish that I could win some money on the lottery.

I wish this work day was over.
THANK YOU clothing fairy, for putting the bzzzz into the mr's ear and inspiring him to actually suggest we go shopping to buy some pretty dresses bc he said he likes me to look girly & feminine - 14 years together- a lovely first !!
thank you also for a less painful bathing suit shopping expereince than I anticipated, and for the 1/2 off sale for the one I liked and looked best.

I wish that girlchild will salvage the schoolyear and pass. please oh please ph please oh please.
private school is just too $$$ and home school would be Nightmare for she & I.

I also wish that the dr I see next week will give me allergy meds as good as seldane for my heat/humidity allergy, bc I hate itching like I'm on fire and actually plan to be outside more this summer.
i wish to some day be an academic so that i can be more well rounded.
I wish he could be me for just one minute. Just one minute to be flooded with every disgusting emotion I've ever felt because of him. Just one minute to feel the sorrow. He'd break.
i wish he could be here with me now.

I wish to turn back the clock one week.

I wish that the universe would change things around like it did once before

I wish I could see some sense in this whole chain of events.

I wish his arms were around me.
please allow me to ace this interview and be accepted onto course.
I wish for him.
I wish I had street smarts so that I knew how to score some weed.

I wish adversity didn't always make me stronger. I wish it made me happier.

I wish I had a place to call my own.
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