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Ok, so! This thread is what it says it is! A virtual wishing well! Since bustie vibes always seem to be so powerful, maybe bustie wishes are also just as powerful! So go ahead, throw your penny in!

*tosses pennies*

I wish for a great new job to appear for me very soon.

I wish for my mama's kidney disease to go into remission.

I wish for Stephen Harper's Conservatives to be toppled in the next federal election.

I wish for an end to all poverty, hunger, and homelessness.

I wish for an end to violence.
I wish to get pregnant

I wish I never had to deal with my ex again

I wish my mom would get better quickly

I wish that I would come across a free Airstream trailer and a nice, cheap 10-acre parcel of land in northern MN so that I can take naked outdoor showers and weld gigantic scrap metal stuff without people getting in my way.

~*~*~*~wish vibes for all busties~*~*~*~
a sudden money windfall PLEASE?

*throws in pennies (spend money to make money, right?)*

~*~*~*~wish fulfillment vibes all around*~*~*~*
I wish...

I could write my thesis quickly with the precision required. And that I really uncover something new and don't simply write a report of my subject.

That we could move somewhere with room for both our desks and assorted stuff and still have a spare room for visitors. And a power shower.

That the strange rash of serious illness amongst people close to me and those I love would stop, and that everyone I know who is affected would recover fully.

That I could quit smoking quickly and painlessly.

That waves of rampant materialism would stop blinding privileged people(like me) to the fact that hundreds of thousands of people are starving for no good fucking reason, through systemic neglect.
I wish ..

that my dad won't have prostate cancer and will be ok bc as late in life as I've realised it, he's really a super cool and wonderful man that I adore and wish I could spend more time with.

I wish that my healthcare would get sorted out and I'd know which flippin' office I was supposed to go so I can stop being confused and get my heart/body checked out bc these pains are really scaring the begeebers out of me.

I wish that the girl I got so involved with would make contact with us again and I'd know she was ok.
even if it's only to let us know she IS Ok, but isn't going to be around anymore, the not knowing and missing her is awful.

I wish that for Just One Day, every woman friend I know would be able to take and use her special talent and show the world the goodness and love and light that I see in each one of them.
this is a dream I've had for a long time now
how amazingly Fantastic that day would be.

thankyou doodlebug for making this thread, it's wonderful.
I wish that obnoxious 'Thing' would stay away from me and mine.
I wish that Thanksgiving was already here.
I wish that my ex could have the courage to leave the resentment and anger of the past behind and see if the love remains. I wish he would just take the chance.
I wish I wasn't so scared.

I wish I could afford to go to Europe.

I wish my car would straighten itself out.

I wish my relationship could get better.

I wish I had a time machine just to go back to see singers and bands who are either dead or broken up.

I wish I had a six-pack of Grain Belt, a pizza and a lawn to lay out on just to watch the stars in the sky.
I wish I could write my thesis quickly. Any thesis, any thesis at all.

I wish my darling would get published.

I wish for a job when I graduate.

I wish the new zealand economy would be okay and I wish that our government spent more money on healthcare like free herceptin.

I wish auckland had less air pollution.

I wish my mother would stop smoking and drinking.

~~wish come true vibes~~
I wish that I had been able to see that play tonight afterall. I wish that there hadn't been construction on the highway, closing 2 of the 3 lanes for miles and miles. I wish there hadn't been an enormous traffic jam and that I were able to get to the performance on time and that the show was as amazing as I've been told. And I wish that, after the performance, I was able to find a way to meet the director and talk with him and mention our possible mutual friend. And then I wish that said director would say, "Yes, that is indeed the writer we're working with on the next production! And you've worked with him in the past? What a fortunate coincidence!" and that the conversation got better and better from there. And I wish that they could see my talent. And that they might decide to cast me in that future production and the show is a marvelous success for me and helps to open many doors for me in the theatrical community in this strange new town.

But. There was an enormous traffic jam. So huge and thick. After sitting in it for 50 minutes and discovering that I was still over 20 miles away from my destination at the very time the curtain should rise ... well, I pulled off the highway. And cried. And drove home. I spent nearly an hour and a half on the road tonight and it got me nowhere.

But oh, how I wish it had turned out differently. How I wish I could have at least seen that play.
I wish we didn't have to set our clocks back in the fall and have it get dark sooner in the afternoon.

I wish my bedroom would paint itself.

I wish my spare room would clean itself.

I wish I had enough money to not have to worry about money anymore.

I wish someone wonderful and love-worthy would fall into my life, so that I don't have to summon the energy to go out and deliberately try to meet someone like that.
- I wish the Conservatives would get the fuck outta Dodge and that we got a good government in that would make progressive changes, not keep what the Conservatives did and pretend it wasn't their fault.

- I deeply wish for world peace.

- I wish I didn't have to work.

Yikes, Doodle, did you say 'spare room' and 'clean itself'? Bwahahahaha. Too scary. Me too. It took me twenty minutes to find my crafty toaster oven yesterday.
I wish my cold would go away

I wish this depression would go away

I wish finding a day care center wasn't a hassel and a half

oh and..a million dollars wouldn't hurt!
i wish for the BUSTie equivalent of the care-bear-stare right now...

IPB Image

i wish for the tiniest little life that is growing to be unharmed by the carelessness with which i've treated myself for the past few weeks.

i wish for a happy full term pregnancy with the fewest issues possible.

i wish for a happy child that knows how much he or she is loved and wanted.

i wish for what is best to come.

i wish for all other BUSTie wishes to come true.

I wish I could write my thesis quickly. Any thesis, any thesis at all.
You have no idea how much I second that! No idea. I wish I could drop out of grad school and be a beach bum for the rest of my life and that a little faerie would pay off my loans.

I wish I had a higher tolerance for alcohol. Just once I'd like to get through a full second glass of yummy wine without feeling all goofy. But I'll forge ahead anyway and finish this second glass, albeit at a snail's pace.

I wish my roommate would stop being passive aggressive at me, if she is indeed still mad. It's been two weeks now and what I did does not warrant even two days of anger. It really doesn't.

I wish I could give my dog a big hug and lots of kisses right now. I miss the little butt. It's the first thing I'll do when I get home in December.

I wish I had a steady source of income right now and that the only current possibility for that didn't involve tutoring middle schoolers.

I wish for all the Busties here to get their wishes!
(((falljackets))) congratulations! wishes do come true and I hope that everything goes smoothly and wonderfully for you.

I WISH (hope and plead) that my kitty isn't ill and has an upset tummy that will right itself. I wish it's nothing more.

I wish I didn't feel so crappy too.
I wish bunnyb's kitty, gets better soon. smile.gif

I wish I could find a new job.

I wish I wasn't so sad today.

I wish I could afford the little crap, my hubby and I shouldn't have to struggle to buy.

I wish it were spring instead of fall.

I wish my family would just get along.

I wish more people gave a damn about really important issues like global warming and health care.

I wish I could go back to school full time and get my PhD or EdD.

I wish I was done with my masters degree so I could look for a new job

I wish I didn't have to constantly worry about how I am going to pay for said degree

I wish I had an administration that made decisions in the best interest of students and teachers not just what was convient for them

I wish administrators and teacher pay was reversed.

I wish I could get a new job.

I wish my depression and my crying would stop.

I wish he would call me tonight, tell me to come out to his house, and hold me until I fell asleep.

I wish I had a new apartment with heat.

I wish I had enough money to go to Europe or NY or Portland right now.

I wish that our Republican adminstration weren't such fucktards and actually cared about health care, education, woman's rights, gay rights, and a bunch of other "real" issues.

I wish for so many things, but my most immediate wish is that I pass the examination I'm taking in a few days so this stress will be over and done with and then I will get to add some initials after my name and be all official-like with a benchmark of competence, so to speak.
- i wish that the very cool chick i met on saturday, who is apparently living my alternative life (middle-aged, DJ at a rock station, married, teen-aged son, dog, excellent taste in music, friends with famous musicians) falls madly deeply in love with me and we become fast friends and when we're old and grey together, we can say "we met on a stalled train outside providence rhode island and it was karma!"

- i wish for a job that pays exactly what i'm making and is exactly the same distance from my house and exactly the same hours, but is somehow affiliated with publishing, the music or film industry, and/or providing some sort of service to non-rich non-bastids who appreciate my efforts. oh and one that will not turn my brain to mush.
wish came true:
my dr/clinic confusion was cleared up in just one simple returned phone call today & I will hopefully be able to discover what is causing the problems I've been having.

I wish I were more motivated to do the things I know I need to do to get my life where I want it to be.

I wish that bunnyb's kitty is ok, bc gosh knows I Loves Me some kitty's (strays,homeraised or otherwise).

I wish that sinse it doesn't appear that Mando is likely to be moving here so we can be best friends anytime soon, she & this great woman she met Sat do indeed become the bestest of friends.

I wish all the needs and desires of all the wonderful busties here come true.
I wish I were caught up on everything at work.

I've been wishing that for eleven years in this place.
I wish that my boss didn't treat me like I was 10.

I wish that these cramps and this bloaty feeling would go away.

I wish that November is a very productive month, both at work and in my life.

Yay for Freckle!

***passing exam vibes for raisin***

** Hoping Mando makes an awesome friend on Sat***

"I wish I were more motivated to do the things I know I need to do to get my life where I want it to be."

man do i know how that feels sad.gif i wish the same thing.
I hope I get the stitching job for which I just submitted. I could use a job in costume right now. Starting to not care about it.

I hope we can find a witness for Friday. So we can like, totally get married. Anyone going to be in Brooklyn? wink.gif

I hope my little black raincloud of negativity dissipates soon

I hope my brother can make it to New York for Christmas
I wish I could fo to Brooklyn and help Lucizoe and celebrate.

I wish for a new good job.

I wish for my friend to continue staying clean and sober.

I wish for all of us to feel safe and loved.

I wish for a service van for work so I can carry all my refrigeration related tools and equipment and have it set up for the work I do. Please???

And some nice light refrigerant reclaim cylinders would be nice too. smile.gif
I wish I had custody of my frecklette's best friend.

I wish her dad would hit his head, get a concussion and then come back to his senses.

I wish that I knew for sure that calling him, or even calling his girlfriend, was the right thing to do and wouldn't make things even worse instead of better.

sometimes I even wish I didn't care so much about people, bc hearts can only carry so much.

I wish I were smarter, wiser, braver, more educated and a fortune teller to know what the right thing to do is.

I wish I didn't feel the need to be selfish and buy myself flowers at the grocery today, in the face of the new battle ahead, bc it seems Wrong, but yet I know I will bc I need some beauty right at this moment.
I wish lucizoe a lovely marriage. smile.gif

i wish luci a happy marriage and if i was going to be in bklyn today i would totally be her witness!

i wish for freckleface to not worry so much and have more faith in herself bc i think shes much stronger, wiser, braver etc etc then she knows.
I wish I could've gone to Brooklyn today, too, to be lucizoe's witness!

*imagines lucizoe at city hall with a gaggle of bustie witnesses packing into the room*

I wish lucizoe has an amazing lifetime of happiness with her new spouse.

I wish I had those tables painted already.

I wish I could stop breaking my drill bits.

I wish my BFF would hurry and come pick up the bloody chair before I change my mind forever about giving it away.

I wish I weren't so burned out and that I had more fight left in me.
I wish that my Dad didn't have cancer, now that we know for sure.

I wish that we lived closer to them bc I'm more than a little freaking out right now.

I wish for strength to help my family through this.

I also wish/hope that Lucizoe's wedding was WONDERFUL and she and her newly minted Mr have decades and decades of love and joy and health and happiness.

== raises a glass in a toast to them== Salute' !!
I can hear a neighbour wandering across the lawn, calling for her cat ("Stella! Stehhhhhhh-laaaaaaaa!") for the third time today, and I detect a note of panic in her voice this's wishing she finds a happy and frisky Stella very shortly.....
wishing i didn't have to wait till next week to test to see if i am pregnant
I wish my sinus congestion would clear up.

I wish I could get a decent grade in my class.

I wish I could do whatever I want with our apartment (both budgetwise and landlordwise).

I wish I could have more hope for tomorrow and the day afterward.
I wish I could get my shit together enough to apply for grad schools so i can just go get my phd since thats what i really want anyway.
Write a really intelligent, clever resume that will get me the positions I actually deserve

Do more web stuff -- really woodshed on it. Be in the engineering student, graduate student, like bunker of obsession and productivity about it. I'm already really good at print and have gathered all the relevant --really relevant -- books, magazines, software, and web sites.

For God's sake, I can't complain about "pwejoodiss" till I FIX MY OWN AVATAR. The dithering is all the more horrible-looking on my new hi-def screen.

Somehow fit in working out nearly every day and preparing enough good food so I lose weight and gain muscle and clear, bright energy. I have the ability to do it for months and even years at time. for all of my early life I was not fat. And I have to ward off the threat of diabetes and heart disease and look good in the work market. I already look good in the "gosh you're cute and sexay" vibes on street and in bars market cause I have a cute face and dress well, and the stuffs distributed nicely, but I shouldn't be fooling myself. OOOH no.

My life is mine now, I've carefully rebuilt a privileged and powerful position, don't waste it on the old compesations.
I wish...

there was more love and less divorce

more love, and less abuse

more love and less anger

that people took enough time to really get to know one another before they commit to one another instead of jumping into marriage and then realising they had married strangers they don't like much less love ( & no I'm not talking about myself, just 2 more young marriages I learned tonight are coming to an ugly end, makes me sad)

I wish that we could do away with political parties completely and vote only for the People who really speak to our hearts and that it wasn't a matter of who has more money for visibility or ugliness, and that the candidates were given equal time and platforms to get their visions known to the voters.

I wish there were no need to have use of the word fear in any language spoken on earth.
I wish... shopping would magically take care of itself.

...I had a Hitachi Wand *wistful sigh*

...I didn't have two massive papers due this week.

...I could play with my dog right now. One more month 'til I go home! sad.gif landlord allowed me to have a cat.
princess evangeline
(this is really voodoo princess)

i wish
that my mate had actually been thoughtful enough last night to have made my birthday special

that i had not sat at the neighbors apartment (with him) watching them play drinking games (i don't drink) all the while wishing he would stop acting a sod and at least tell me happy birthday

that i had enough self love and self esteem to have left him there and gone out on my own for my birthday

that i had friends, even just one, that could have called me and made my day special

that i didn't feel so sad and embarrassed that i now have to return to work on monday and make up some wonderful birthday story for my workmates, instead of telling them that i didn't receive a gift, a happy birthday, a dinner, a anything from my mate.......

that i had a different mate

that i didn't feel this way
(((((princess evengeline))))) sad.gif I'm so sorry your birthday didn't go so well.

Happy B-day anyway, fellow Sag.

If it's any consolation, according to my calculations, I will be treating a penicillin-induced yeast infection by the time my birthday rolls around next weekend.

I wish to NOT be sick or in pain anymore.
I wish for:

New, fulfilling, well paying jobs for people like Sassygrrl, Doodle, Wombat...and all the others who deserve better, deserve accolades and recognition, deserve to be paid well for their work

Courage. For everyone. For any and every reason.

For me personally: a much better ability to understand.
I wish that kittenb's fibroid would go away, already!
i wish my dinner would choose to agree with me
i wish venetia and toto were here....sigh....

ok... that and about a kazillion bux, my neighborhood chinese video place was still around and that i never get a 3 day migrane day down, two more to go....ugh....
I wish I made more time to spend with my dad.
I wish he wasn't so frail, sickly and in so much pain.
I wish I didn't feel so helpless, confused, afraid and guilty about it all.
I wish my stomach wasn't in such tight knots.
I wish I could effing sleep.

((((((((yuefie and yuefie's dad))))))))))

I wish I felt I had more worth
I wish I had something better to do right now.
I wish that I had worked harder the last few months
I wish that I have the strength to get back on track.
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