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Full Version: Taking Up The Whole Damn Bed!
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(I meant to restart this last week but as usual, life got in the way, but here it is now!)

I missed this thread. I only recently became single again but I was missing this thread for a while because it was nice to come in and see that people were still having fun being single.

For me, it's really nice right now because I have so much on plate and it's such a relief to just go home and be by myself after classes and work and not have to worry about scheduling a significant other into my busy life.

Also, I was out last night with friends, and it felt good to take flirty glances around the room.
thanks erinjane for restarting this thread! i remember it from the old lounge.

yeah, i like sleeping with both pillows in my bed. i like having my own time. me time. my own schedule. i like my freedom.
With you on that stargazer, but you knew that. smile.gif

I love sleeping in my own bed (although it is quite small right now)....

And, I love having my time.

And Erin, it's great to flirt isn't it? Heh.
Yeah, Erin! Awesome that you restarted this. I hope it is more popular this time around and we can keep it going.

This has to do with the feeling of freedom that comes from not having a live-in boyfriend: I loooooooove coming home from work and being able to have the choice of enjoying the silence and being alone with my own thoughts OR going out and not having to report to anyone where I'm going and how long I'm going to be gone for.
I love that I can eat cookies in bed (like right now) and not need to apologize to anyone for leaving crumbs on the sheets.
Heh Fuego, I did that (eat cookies in bed) last night!

Raisingirl, I agree with you as well. I love that I have freedom. smile.gif
anna k
I'm so used to being alone that I would feel too territorial in sharing my bed every night with somebody. I like taking off and finding things to do on my own and not having to hang out with someone all the time like it's a chore or a duty when I'd rather run free and alone.
When I'm single I love being able to have terrible hygeine if I feel like it: nobody there to notice if my breath smells funky, if I'm overdue for a shower, if I haven't bought a razor in months... not that I ever let it get to shocking levels, but still, I can be much less meticulous.

I also like being free to accept or decline dates as I please and investigate any possiblities that interest me, letting my impluses be my only guide and not having to feel restricted by previous commitments (and then later wonder "what if"...)

(Maybe I should get single again.)

Great thread title, btw.
QUOTE(_octinoxate @ Nov 2 2006, 02:12 AM) *

When I'm single I love being able to have terrible hygeine if I feel like it: nobody there to notice if my breath smells funky, if I'm overdue for a shower, if I haven't bought a razor in months... not that I ever let it get to shocking levels, but still, I can be much less meticulous.

Heh, I haven't shaved my legs since the beginning of October. I'm actually not sure if I've gone this long not shaving since I started. First it was just laziness and now I'm seeing how long I'll hold out. Right now is a time when I need to NOT be in a relationship. And i'm really liking that.
anna k
I also like being free to accept or decline dates as I please and investigate any possiblities that interest me, letting my impluses be my only guide and not having to feel restricted by previous commitments (and then later wonder "what if"...)

I turned down a date today because the guy looked kinda ratty. I felt bad later on, thinking I should've accepted, but it was my gut reaction to say no.
I'm really into being single these days... especially the fact that I do things for my own enrichment, SO much more than when I was in a relationship, and I love knowing that I'm learning things and building character and confidence that can help me form friendships (and a new relationship, when it comes). That's another thing- I like that I'm available for when someone really great comes along (knock on wood). Not that all I'm doing is waiting around...
oh my, even though i am newly preggo i can NOT WAIT to be single. the papa is off to another city for at least 2.5 months and i am so looking forward to it. of course i'll miss the snuggling and the shagging but not the rest of that crap. i LOVE spending time just me, making things, tidying and rearranging the house (yes, i am that crazy) arts and crafts, little kid stuff, nothing. i do a lot of that stuff but not when he's around, he's so NEEDY, grr. single, the word never sounded so good to me.
Bumped for a new year.

I was happy that I got to spend new years alone last night. I was sick and tired and needed the break. Too often I've been sick and a guy I'm dating doesn't get it, like I'm just pretending to feel like crap and they expect me to make out with them while I'm really just struggling to keep my eyes open.
This was so unnecessary.
i agree... der.
i think i smell a troll.....
She is a troll, she's been here before and attacked pepper, i believe with multiple personalities. I have her on ignore so I didn't even see what she'd written.
*bump (and grind)* for stargazer....
anna k
Tonight in the student lounge in my dormitory I kept getting hit on by this French guy who seemed drunk or high or dazed. He kept saying, "You seem like a really cool chick," touching my arm, putting his arm around me (it felt like a dead weight), and wanting my number. It was flattering, but he seemed intoxicated to me. Plus I don't like being touched by guys right away, while he was a happy drunk ready to stroke me. I'm fine right now being single to ward off dudes like that asking me to go to some bar named after a Shakespeare play:

Him: You've been to the Tempest?
Me: Yeah, I've seen it before.
Him: You mean the play?
Me: Yeah.
Him: Oh no, I meant the bar a couple of blocks down. It's real cool, we should go there tomorrow night. It's real cool and laid-back, you seem like a chill person. What are you doing?
Me: Um, sleeping in and probably will do something else.
Him: Oh OK. But next weekend, we'll hang out there.
Me: Yeah, OK (not really meaning it).
thanks for the bump (and grind) sixelacat!

actually, about a week ago, i was meaning to post in here. instead of being frustrated and down on myself, i'm trying to enjoy my freedom. posting in here would be some symbolic gesture for me. i have alot i want to accomplish for myself.

it was alot of fun traveling on my own when i was interviewing for my internships. just doing what i want to do. trying new things. the more things i do on my own, the more i know what i want in a partner.
Praise of singledom? Being able to shamelessly flirt with all the cute boys at the hostel with no pressure since I'm pretty sure I'll never see any of them again.
I've been single for three years now. At first it was hard, but in the last year I've realized that I am actually happier single than I was with the guy. I know in the future I'll have to give someone the benefit of the doubt, but for now between school and my job I am quite happy to be myself.

I think everyong needs at least a year to themselves in twenty- (or thirty-) something adulthood to remind us who we are and how to appreciate others.
I spent a little over 6 years with my ex. I met him when I was 17, and dated him until I was 23. I've been single for almost a year now, and I have to say that I am really happy. I don't want to date anyone. i can do what I want, when I want, I can be selfish, sleep all day, whatever!

I don't want a relationship. I think about it, and it makes me want to run into the horizon screaming by fucking head off.
I'm sort of wanting a relationship, but at the same time, I'm really happy where I am right now. It's kind of like if something comes along then great, but if not, then that's great too. This is the first time I remember being really satisfied on my own since I started dating. It's refreshing.

I'm kind of in a state of mind right now where I want to really focus on improving myself mentally and physically without having to worry about anyone else.
i kinda feel the same way, ej. if something came along that'd be cool, but in a way i hope my singledom continues for years. i usually wind up in a relationship within 1.5 years of breaking up with someone. as much as i think it'd be great to have someone new, i really like having the time to do what i want and work out my own bs without catering/thinking about someone else's needs. i date someone and it's like all my things get shoved to the side...
Forget the damn bed. I'm enjoying setting a single alarm at a later hour, rather than one for each of us.
ah not being woken up by the boy poking at you and wanting morning sex...dont get me wrong, theres nothing wrong with it in the morning...but when its every morning....i just want to freaking sleep!!! and now i can smile.gif its glorious!
I'm not single, and haven't been for almost three years. I'm moving in with my boyfriend in August. But, lately I've been really missing some parts of being single.

-the whole bed, yes, it is a beautiful thing-not having to worry about elbowing him in my sleep

-being able to go to bed and wake up exactly when I want to

-being able to do whatever I want for the entire weekend, and not having to think about someone else and what they want to do or not do

-never having to watch a TV show I don't like

-always being able to watch my TV shows whenever I want

-hanging out in my own stankiness on the weekends-not showering or getting dressed, just being stinky and lazy


(of course, i'm stating the obvious here smile.gif )

omg!! you just made my day with that line, crazyoldcatlady!!
That is so funny-because I was just thinking about farting, last night, when I was thinking about this post! I mean, I fart in front of the boy all the time, but it's just different to be able to not even think about letting one loose, or how bad it might smell.

Also having bad breath. I dunno, sometimes I just really like to be a stinky girl.
yes, my roommate and I just noticed how much cleaner we've been since we started dating people. We used to lay on the couch all weekend long without showering and called ourselves "SILFs" or, Sisters In Lovely Filth.*

Just Sunday I told her how clean her hair looked and she was like, "do you remember how dirty we used to be? I kind of miss it." I said, "yeah, and how we'd eat baked beans for dinner followed by Golden Grahams for dessert! That's what I miss."

Maybe the guy she's dating and the guy I'm dating will go out of town one weekend and she and I can revert back to our natural, filthy state, watching Lifetime movies and disturbing programs about feral children.

* PS anyone can be a SILF. There is just one rule for entry. You have to have gone to work with hair so foul & dirty that the smell & look of it finally forced you to go the hair salon for a trim, just so someone would wash the filth away.

Here are our SILF queens:

IPB Image

from pan's labyrinth

IPB Image

from the host

IPB Image

and of course, Uma!

i'll say it again...lifetime movies. i watched one the other day in my new place (with a kitty on my lap) that starred tiffani amber-theissen and how no one believed her when she was raped because of her...reputation! love it!! and tomorrow there's going to be one about being abducted and falling in love with your captor.

no wonder i'm single...
ugh, lifetime. well, they do show golden girls like 8 times a day, so that's cool. actually encourages me to fart in his presence, i guess so he doesn't feel so gross when he does it.
I"m really good at what my old friend calls "audible farting." She was a total farthead, and would fart constantly in our dorm room. Bleh. One day she got mad at me for never doing any "audibles" around her. Hee hee. She's like I fart around you all the time and you never fart around me!!! It was a weird argument. She had some idea that I didn't feel comfortable around her enough to rip off a big one. I was thinking the other day that I'm MUCH better at that, I just let it rip smile.gif Also I like to gross out my boyfriend smile.gif

Yeah, I'm much cleaner now that I'm in a relationship. My room is picked up more because I know someone else will see my piles of laundry.

Every now and then I do love a good Lifetime movie-either with Shannen Doherty, Tiffani Amber-Theissen, or my favorite-Yasmin Bleeth!!!! There was a good one about how one of them was in some accident, and she lost her memory (of course), but then she was suspicious, and then it turned out that she had a baby but someone was pretending it their baby, not hers, and then there was some big fire. Excellent-fine cinema.

did you ever see "I woke up pregnant" ? The best part is the names of the movie. "A promise for the children." ha ha. SNL did a funny little newsbit on a lifetime movie for Anna nicole smith.
Val and I did watch I WOKE UP PREGNANT, first just for the title alone, then because we realized the husband was kinda hot, and finally, to see how they resolved their "have a baby/have an abortion" dillema. As it turns out, if you are raped by a dentist and get pregnant, having the baby will actually bring you and your husband closer together in the end. Who knew?

I saw one where Tiffani was being haunted by the ghost of a dead girl in the attic... it was almost as good as PASSIONS, where soaps and the supernatural become one... but not quite!

Last night I watched Till Death Do Us Part on Court TV, about husbands and wives killing each other & hosted by John Waters. It was not very good, but it did have its moments. I had to call all my bandmates to tell them to watch it because it's eerily like a song we wrote based on this comic book about zombie brides...

I don't have a recording, but just for fun, and more reasons to remain single, here are the words

He married her for her money
and he killed to have it all
the preacher said, "till death do you part"
he couldn't have been more wrong

He buried her on a Sunday
but she was home by Monday night
saying, "you were untrue to our wedding vows
and you'll never leave my sight."

Wedding vows, oh wedding vows
he knows there's no escaping now
her cold embrace her dusty breath
those vows are stronger than death

now he's a prisoner in his mansion on a hill
she wants him all to herself
and every night she calls him to bed
and makes him remember his vows

repeat chorus (wedding vows, oh wedding vows etc)

Some nights he cradles his rifle
and dreams it might set him free
but his decaying wife has ruined his life
will she still haunt him in death

repeat chorus

speaking of ass burps, farting contests are fun. When I'm gassy and alone, it's great, it's like my ass is talking. Hee.
when my little niece was about 2, she farted this little fart, and she looked so surprised, and she said, in her little high voice "My butt made noise!!" It was so cute and funny.

One thing I definitely miss about being single is NOT having all your boyfriend's single friends hound you relentlessly to hook them up with your girl friends. It's not my frigging responsibility to get you laid!
enjoying my time alone. preparing myself for all of the accomplishments i want to do in the next coming years. it is scary to be doing this alone, but i'm enjoying my freedom. knowing what i want in a relationship. and at the same time, i'm not ready to settle down.

having my freedom to go where i want, when i want is pretty cool.
Just poking my head in actually in a relationship, but a shallow-ey, non-exclusive one...

Was watching an old episode of X-files last
night…Scully is talking to an older gentleman who's
inquiring about her lifestyle, something like “…spend
all your time/passion trying to solve mysteries…that must
be a lonesome existence…” - to which Scully reflects for an instant, then replies
“loneliness is a choice.”

I was really touched by that…(GAWD I still heart
Scully and Mulder so much!!)

As much as I love the whole x-files show/movies/comics - the one thing I noticed was how they would always infer that Mulder masturbates (throw in shots of him watching porn, show his 'girl-of-the-month-nudie calendar', etc., show how he's sort of your average 'geek'), right? But they NEVER ONCE did that for Scully. ?! (Love the show - but THAT sucked!) Like, *why* is Scully not allowed to keep it real? We all know *she* doesn't have time to find a sex partner either and spends all her time alone...couldn't they at least have shown her on her bed in her pjs talking to Mulder on the phone and STROKING HER CAT or something? (NooOOOOooo, she had to have a DOG).

Oh well, I won't pick on the X-Files...too many other worse things to complain about wink.gif
A thought process I had the other day:

I was justifying being single (to myself) and thought "well, there's nothing wrong with waiting around for the right one," and then the other me in my brain jumps in and says "waiting around!? You don't even have time to shave your legs. You don't have time for anyone but the right one. And you certainly aren't just waiting around."

Also, I was super-bummed about singledom when I got injured a few weeks ago. No one was there to feel sorry for me and make sure I had everything I needed. That is, until I called on a few friends. I had to swallow my pride and ask for help, but I got food, beer, and dvds delivered, massages given, stories read and records played. I can't say that it wouldn't be nice having a boyfriend do that, but discovering just how loving your friends are is amazing. Even though we maintain friendships when we're in relationships, I find that they tend to suffer or exist at a different level.
I'm having a good time being single again. September was really bad for some reason, but now I think I'm so busy concentrating on school and myself that a relationship isn't something I even have the time to think about.

And when I was laying in my big giant soft bed last night, i was actually so happy that I could take up the whole damn bed. I never sleep well with other people anyways, and these past couple of weeks I've been in dire need of a good nights sleep. tongue.gif

Selfish people tend to stay single. & Enjoy the whole bed.
Sharing people seem to get into a relationship easier. & Enjoy sharing the bed.
Most people are in between, or shift back & forth.
Whatever turns ya on... You get to choose...
yeah, selfishness is like TOTALLY the reason i'm single *rolleyes*

oh, right, also ugliness

and i smell
No need to take generalizations personally...
Oh shit, Mouse, you TOO?!?!

I thought it was because I'm too picky. 'Cause I'm selfish like that.

And I don't shave my armpits.

Count me in too. rolleyes.gif

Oh me, too. I also eat members.

Anyways, back to the thread! I was thinking about being single and what not. I love the fact that I'm not obligated to ask the SO if they want to do something. I can do what I want when I want. Spend my money on me, and sleep all day if I want to. And if I'm not in the mood for portions, then I don't need play with myself.

delurks to laugh her ass off!! (especially about eating members!) goddamn i love selfish, smelly, ugly busties wink.gif

in praise of singledom: if i were 100% single, i wouldn't be feeling guilty-ish right now about spending my evening at the grocery store and gym instead of visiting my kinda-boyfriend at work like he asked.

(though on the other hand, in praise of datingdom: if i were 100% single i wouldn't have this kinda-boyfriend taking me out for a surprise birthday outing on thursday!)

i'm fence-sitting about this stuff i guess... Do I want to be *selfish*? Or do I want to be *sharing*? wink.gif
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