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So, in anticipation of next week's premiere of Season 3, here's the thread.

Some of you may have already seen the premiere online (I know Prophecy has the link, may she can post it?) and all we ask is that if you want to talk about the episode before next Tuesday, please post your comments in white, so that the rest of us have to highlight them to see it.

Well, I'm not eloquent enough to say much about why I love the show, other than I find it entertaining and I like the characters, so I'll let someone else gush about it.....

P.S. Thanks to whoever suggested this thread title ages ago. We finally started the thread!!
woohoo! thanks polly.

The link to the season premiere, for those who can't wait:
- it's completely legit, in case you have objections to illegal downloads.

Why do I love vmars? The characters are compelling, writing is some of best on TV, and there's plenty social commentary and "deep" stuff going on, too.

I think summed it up best: "Stop rewinding your Buffy tapes.’Veronica Mars' gives us an unflappable girl heroine, complex characters and a darkly realistic vision of high school -- and no wooden stakes." though, I'm a fan of the stakes, too smile.gif
Seeing as my husband and I started watching this show via netflix together, and got addicted to it together-he'd friggin KILL me if I watched the season premiere without him.

We fell so in love with the very first episode of this show our Netflix queue was loaded with both seasons back to back, we're just finishing two, right on schedule for next week.

And may I say, as a married mother of two, I am hopelessly in lust with Logan! Oh my oh my. And it turns out my sister in law is as well. That man, and the actor are just amazing. I love watching him.

I fully endorse him and V as a couple, they remind me of Buffy and Spike(who was so much more exciting then Angel with her).

I love this show soo much now, it's so intelligent, edgy and real. The actors are great, the stories are great. Why the hell isn't this show more popular?? Is it because most morons out there are watching "According to Jim" and other dreck like it??

Ughh. I do hope it does well this year. It deserves to live.
Yeah, other than the fact that it was up against Lost the last couple of season (wasn't it? Something big, I know) I don't get why its ratings are so low. The little bit I saw of that show Alias, it kinda has a similar vibe and that show was so popular. Maybe VM is dismissed by older viewers as being a teenager show, sorta how My So-Called Life was (b/c that's how ABC portrayed it) least VM has lasted longer than MSCL.
Yeah, it was Lost (which I also enjoy).

I dunno why it doesn't do better; the cynic in me wants to think it's because nobody appreciates good TV anymore and they want to watch "reality" tv or other mindless drivel (no offense reality fans!). I really don't think that's it, though. I think a lot of it is the teenage drama problem polly mentioned and UPN not knowing how to market it (though I do believe if it was on any other network it would have been cancelled long ago).

That being said, the critics love it, it gets named-dropped by influential TV/entertainment people (Joss Whedon, Stephen King, Kevin Smith), and it gets a lot of attention from more "serious" media sources (In These Times from June: "Veronica Mars, Class Warrior").

Yeah, Alias was similar but also higher budget, more action, and "slick." Even though I enjoy the early seasons of Alias, it's kind of a silly and superficial show - something you can easily drop in on knowing you'll be entertained for an hour and the outcome of each episode and season will be predictable. Veronica really is the opposite of that (maybe that's the rub?); it's near impossible to be a causal viewer and the writers don't insult the viewers' intelligence. The mysteries are actually complicated!

I know that's why they’re trying this new format with 3 smaller mysteries instead of one season-long. It makes me nervous about the integrity of the show, but I have to admit the season 2 mystery was hard to follow over 7 months even for a devoted fan.

Yes, I too enjoy Logan and Veronica together - very Spike and Buffy, indeed. Like Spike/Buffy I think they're almost better when they're not a couple and sniping at each other. My personal vmars crush is Weevil; he and V would make a terrible couple, but is it just me or is there some serious sexual tension between them (I've been waiting for him and Veronica to have a little throw-down)?

oh my, I've really rambled on - lunch is over! ohmy.gif
Prophecy grrl - is that Fray on your profile pic? You might just be my new Bust crush.

Miss Thang, from Bust, introduced me to VM last week. We watched the Season 1 & 2 first and last episodes. I think it will do really well with GG on CW.

I am really liking it so far. Although I was kind of dissapointed that the bad guy was acting how his past sexual abuse. That stereotype got old a long time ago. However, everything else about the show is sharp and funny and I have had a crsuh on Enrico Cruso (sp?), the dad, since he was on Just Shoot Me.
I love this show. The only reason I haven't watched the Web preview is that it's tricky for Macs.

Count me in on the I'd Do Logan bandwagon.
I didn't know you could watch the first ep online. I'm going to try not to watch it.

Twin DM was the one to insist I watch VM in the first place. I at first dismissed it as a teen show, but once I watched one episode I loved it.

Please let it stay a smart show, and not change like so many shows do after a few seasons.

I like Logan too, but with it being tv we know it will never work with him and VM.
Think I'll buy VM this weekend! (the first season)
Hearing you on weevil, prophecy_grrl!

He has an interesting "maternal" quality that many lower-class tough guys have.

I am proud to say I don't have to buy it since I watched it from the beginning! tongue.gif

I used to love Dark Angel, but they messed up their own premise. Supposedly all the kids with the bar codes tattooed on their necks wanted to find each other and hide together, and then Jessica Alba refused to go at a certain point.

Also, she lost her cool posing in all these mainstream magazines with blonde hair, a big SMIIIIIILE and talking about how domestic and traditional she is. Shut up and stay on the motorcycle!

Kristen Bell, don't get like her.
It does make me a little sad, how much Kristen Bell shows up on Go Fug Yourself. Actually, this week, they praised an outfit she wore, but usually, she's wearing something that really isn't very good on her. Veronica dresses so well, why can't she? smile.gif
QUOTE(pollystyrene @ Sep 29 2006, 09:25 AM) *

It does make me a little sad, how much Kristen Bell shows up on Go Fug Yourself. Actually, this week, they praised an outfit she wore, but usually, she's wearing something that really isn't very good on her. Veronica dresses so well, why can't she? smile.gif

Ok so we are on the last two episodes of season two tonight(Thanks to Netflix!), I can't wait!!

I have to say though, I whimpered at the end of the episode with the Alterna-Prom. My husband didn't even bat an eye cause he's really cool and also knows how much I like Logan. It was just so damn heartbreaking.

Also, I have to third the Weevil thing. You can't hate him, and the chemistry with him and V is pretty awesome. You see it, but not sure you want them to act on it.
I was totally lusting after that green jacket she was wearing in Season 2. It, like, GLOWED.

My eyes are green -- it would be so awesome. But I bet it would be very very pricey.

Am I the only one to feel weird icky squicky love/hate for Gia? I think Veronica feels it as well. In a way, she's a cool girl who's friendly, in another way, she seems so clingy and shallow that she would end up hurting people.
Yeah, Gia kinda creeps me out. Like, at least with Madison, she's just a straight-up bitch with no interest in the non-09'ers. Gia seems kinda manipulative (well, look what she came from!) and two-faced. Is she going to be in the series this season?
Do. Not. Know.

It will be fun to see.

I don't even try to solve the mystery. I think it's hilarious that there was an evil character on the show who was a cheesy actor named Aaron Echolls, and in real life there is a cheesy actor named Aaron Eckhart. I wonder if the real life one is evil ,too?
I know, that Echolls/Eckhart thing always catches my ear when I hear it. Wasn't Harry Hamlin on that Dancing with the Stars show this season? I can't look at him without thinking "EVIL!"

So glad this thread got started! I. cannot. wait. for the new season. Yet I am trying to resist the urge to watch the premiere online because a friend is having a party for the premiere on Tues night, to get our friends watching.

I'm a big-time Veronica/Logan shipper too (over on LJ they call them LoVe, which is so cheesy, yet kinda tempting). I just hope the show can stay as smart and complex as it's been, with the new network, etc. The CW does seem committed to promoting it, though. There are VM billboards all over Boston.

I heard that Alia Shawkat (from Arrested Development, who was on the frat rape ep last season) will be on this season. I hope so - she's great.

OK, on a less enthusiastic note - was anyone else disappointed with last season's resolution? It seemed like a bit of a copout.
Was she the one that played Maisy on A.D, luna? I fell out of habit from watching that show (I'll do the DVD's at some point- that's how I watch half of my TV shows at this point.) but she was reallt good.

I don't know if I'd say I was disappointed with the ending- I was surprised (I knew there was no way they could let SPOILER: Keith Mars died in the plane crash, but I was literally gripping my couch cushions the whole time!) but when it was all over, I was like "well, that was wrapped up in a neat, tidy package!" I haven't gone back and re-watched the season, but I've been told that if you do, you see all the signs. To me, if they're consistent and well-thought-out, it's not really a copout; it's only a copout if the ending is obviously thrown together and makes no sense with the rest of the plot.
Doesn’t look like there’s plans for Gia to be in season 3 (though the actress will be appearing on GG this season). I didn’t really care for her, but I think it would be interesting to see how she’s handling the stuff with her dad.

I have actually watched the first episode - I’ll be watching it again on Tuesday, though (streaming video, not so great). I am really fighting the urge to talk about it, so I’ll be as spoiler-free as possible.

*Warning: vague, general info about season 3 premiere*
I had my own misgivings about how the show might change with this new 3-mystery format and the new network. I can tell you, based on the season premiere, that the show is as fantastic as ever. The writers seem to be handling the alienation of college life as well as they did with high school (scarily real sometimes) and there are a few new characters that seem promising. Plus, Mac is finally a series regular!

As for the season 2 finale, I did have some problems with it on the first viewing (SPOILER: I just didn’t buy Beaver as the ultimate, mustache-twirling villain – and Veronica’s rapist!?), but seeing the whole season again on DVD did make a difference; there are a number of clues throughout the season.

*yes, kitten, that is Melaka Fray on my avatar* biggrin.gif
I couldn't wait, and decided to watch the first ep online. Not going to say anything, but I loved it. I'm sure I'll watch it again on Tuesday because I had to watch it on a very small screen on the computer because full size was blurry.
Yeah, I caved and watched it too, although I missed about half the lines because streaming video on a laptop? Pretty quiet. I'll say nothing omre besides it was pretty good and I can't wait for the season to get going.

I only saw one episode from earlier in the season after I knew the resolution, the episode where Veronica spies on Kendall Casablancas for Beaver, and it made a lot more sense. The cues were really subtle, but they were there.

I loved Harry Hamlin on VM. I thought he was so perfectly cast.
Um, so here are the new opening credits....


I so do not like these. I guess a lot of people hated the old opening song, but blech.

Still, though...T minus 1 day - w00t!

ETA: Harry Hamlin was awesome. Last night I was watching the ep of Arrested Development that he cameoed (sp?) in and I was like "omg, it's Aaron Echolls!"

Also, I was just reading the Gilmore Girls thread and apparently Logan from that show will be on VM playing this Logan's half-brother? Perfect.
Hated the old song?!?! How could you hate The Dandy Warhols song??? It made the show. It's one of the few opening sequences we don't fast-forward through! We even have a dance! I don't have a huge problem with the re-mixed version. I'll get used to it. I would have been so sad if they completely got rid of it.
Um, so I'm wating until Tuesday. Online video sucks much ass, and I like surprises.

I've always found the males on that show to be interchangeable. Quite indistinguishable. Except for Keith Mars and Weevil, they're like Sleepy, Dopey, and Sneezy to me.

Kinda true, wombat. It took me about 4 episodes to remember which was Duncan and which was Logan and what their relationship to Veronica was.
QUOTE(pollystyrene @ Oct 2 2006, 10:09 AM) *

Kinda true, wombat. It took me about 4 episodes to remember which was Duncan and which was Logan and what their relationship to Veronica was.

Not I.

I fell in love with Logan with that whole xmas episode first season. I wanted to hug him at the end of that one.

And what the?? regarding the opening. I loved that opening song it totally fit the show, the new version is just weird.
I liked the old one, but I feel like it doesn't apply as much, now that Veronica is not super-hated. I was kinda hoping they'd go with "I Turn My Camera On" by Spoon, but them's the breaks. I can't get too worked up over the new credits as long as the show's as good as it ever was.

Yay, it's tomorrow!

Logan also had me at the Christmas episode.
Here's an interesting interview with Rob Thomas (no spoilers- just some good details.) They weren't able to get Alia Shawkat, lunasol sad.gif But Ed Begley Jr. will be the dean of the college, Dan Castellaneta and Patty Hearst will also have roles. Lewis Black was supposed to have the role Dan Castellaneta ended up with, which would have been really great, but Dan's good, too.

**Counting the hours!!** I really hope the Gilmore Girls fans stick around for it. They already have mid-season replacements lined up in case VM doesn't do well, so there's lots of pressure (as discussed in the article!)
I like the new opening. I'm not seeing how "I Turn My Camera On" would apply.

It was a good episode--it moved along quickly without leaving anything out.
I think it was good that they made it so that new people could watch without having to know the background. But they dropped little things in there to make people wonder about what happened to Veronica's best friend/Mac/Dick Casablancas? Who is this Kendall person? and maybe they'll go out and buy the prior seasons.

I agree about the pacing- it was very good. Can someone give me a re-cap of what was going on with the guy Keith picked up? That was one of the Fitzpatrick's right? Did we get introduced to him last season? I was a little confused!
The Kendall/Fitzpatrick story line was introduced late in season 2, episode, “Never mind the Buttocks.” It wasn’t completely resolved or addressed (kind of like what’s going on now with Keith helping out Kendall and the Fitzpatricks), which leads me to believe that whole saga might be the second mystery of the season . . . my understanding is that there will be set up and character development throughout the season, but each of the 3 mysteries will be unrelated and solved separately. Anyway, I could be completely off base.

The guy Keith picked up is Cormac Fitzpatrick, and he was mentioned in season 2, but we never met him (was it just me or did he look a lot like Woody Goodman at first?). Kendall and Cormac were lovers and con artists; “grifters, working the long con. She was his roper.” She served 6 months when she took the rap for Cormac in a fraud case (he was already serving time, and she prevented him from getting a “third strike”). As a result, the Fitzpatricks were sort of indebted to her and that’s how she became involved with Liam (not romantically, just general illegal activity) and worked with the family on Cormac’s behalf. Then there was the Phoenix Land Trust real estate scam she was working with Beaver on; when he died, she got all the money (hence the briefcase she brings to Keith’s office in the season 2 finale). So we now know that Keith helped her skip town with (essentially) stolen money and get a new identity so Liam wouldn’t find her, then he brings Cormac to her.

My big question is, why?? Knowing that they’re both con artists (BTW – is Kendall really dead?), why would he trust them? Getting involved with scams, stolen money, and the clearly dangerous Fitzpatrick family? Keith is smarter than that. We were never told about the details of the deal between Kendall and Cormac. Why the hell is Keith helping a convict and Kendall?

Other good moments this episode – steamy sex between Logan and Veronica. Definitely a far cry sexier then the Duncan and Veronica post-sex scene last season. Duncan was clearly not just boring outside the bedroom . . .

Loved the scene with the Take Back the Night rally. Unfortunately, I remember being heckled by frat boys (some women were even egged) when we did our TBtN march in college. The show always seems to get right just how brutal and cruel people can be.

Any ideas about the Hearst rapist? They’ve clearly set it up so that Veronica is able to see who it is (when she gets the movie tickets), but wouldn’t she have also noticed if Parker was being assaulted? Perhaps, since the rapist’s MO is to roofie the women first, Veronica wouldn’t have been able to tell what was going on? Also, a little problematic that they set Parker up as being promiscuous before she’s raped. I have faith that the writers will use that to challenge misconceptions about sexual assault rather than reinforce them . . .

Damn, I’m long winded.
*bows down to prophecy_grrl's VM knowledge* Ok, it makes sense now, except for the details that the writers are leaving out.

Re: the Hearst rapist- yeah, Le Boy wondered about how Parker was conscious when Veronica went in, then ended up with her head shaved. I'm thinking she was under the influence of something when Veronica went in and it seemed consensual, but somehow she became unconscious after that. Is there any logic to Dick Casablancas having anything to do with it? When he showed up at Logan's at the end, and said he did something bad, was he referring to just being an asshole (moreso than usual) as of late, or do we think he's referring to a specific incident?
hmm . . . I wondered about Dick myself, but it seems a little too obvious. I'm guessing he'll be one of several red herrings. Dick is an ass, but I wonder if he's capable of something that premeditated and cruel? I guess some would have said the same about Cassidy . . .

Thanks for the bows; I *did* remember the episode title and some of the general points (Kendall's shady past and involvement with an unseen elder Fitzpatrick) all on my own, but I did have a little help on the details from TV w/o Pity. I think my vast knowledge of VM is just an indication that I need to get a life!

I'm wondering if the head-shaving is some Ed Gein like thing (or Jamie Gumb in Silence of the Lambs if your prefer) wherein the rapist is a guy who lost his hair or who is cross-dressing or transexual.
I really loved it! I've been watching Buffy re-runs on FX and I really see the similarities between the two shows. I love the college stuff. It looks like Mac and Veronica will be closer friends, which is cool too. You know what I really hated? Aerie Tuesdays! Where those girls sat around and "discussed" the episode. How lame!
I loved last nights episode. I don't think Dick has anything to do with Mac's roommate being raped and her head shaved. These rapes happened last season as well when Veronica visited the school. Since Dick wasn't going to that college then it wouldn't make sense. Him saying he did bad was just him being drunk and basically homeless. Maybe Mac's roommate was having consensual sex when Veronica got the tickets, but late someone else came and raped her, or as someone said maybe she was drugged.

I don't like Piz, he is so annoying. Please don't let Veronica get with him. I'm so glad Wallace is back, I love his character.
Oh yeah, the Aerie girls- I mentioned them in the G.G. thread, forgot here....they were so annoying!

I kinda think Mac and Piz would be cute together....y'know, if we have to have him as a character anyway.
i'm really glad that you started the thread, polly! unfortunately, i won't be able to participate in it all that much...... sad.gif

sidecar told me that i should check VM out as a BTVS substitute, but that i should really see season one before i started to watch season two (yah, it was that long ago!). so i put seasons one and two on my netflix list, and got through a good 2/3 of season one before i moved to africa.

luckily for me, they are showing VM season one HERE!!!! and i had to rewatch three or four episodes, but that was cool, and they are now showing episodes that i haven't seen yet! wooot!

i hope that, what with a network change, AND a format change, that it will do well this year. remember what happened to Buffy with the network change??? never QUITE the same. sad.gif

so yah, it may be aimed at young adults, but the writing is SOOOOOOOOOO good! i'm hooked.
oh, Piz is not that bad - he's a hell of a lot more interesting than Duncan ever was (glad to see him gone). I love Wallace too and I hope they give him a little more of his own story like they started last season rather than relegating him to "sidekick."

So, I'm remembering how season 1 ended and how everything played out at Shelley Pomroy's party in "Trip to the Dentist." There may be a little more to the Dick theory (hee hee) since he actually did roofie his girlfriend. Or at least attempted to, since Veronica was the one who actually got the drink and he also encouraged Cassidy to take advantage of the situation. That being said, I still don't think Dick is the serial rapist. He's not smart enough to plan it out or keep doing it without getting caught and the head shaving implies some sort of psychosis as wombat suggested.

I do think it's entirely possible that Dick may end up being blamed initially and that Logan may try to protect him. Of course, that will put a huge strain of Logan and Veronica's relationship and by the time Dick is cleared, it may be irreparable.

Just speculating on what will inevitably end Logan and Veronica’s honeymoon period; they just aren't meant to be happy together. It's OK cuz they're so entertaining when they mask their desire with vitriol.
I think I mentioned before that I am a very recent VM fans (thanks to Miss Thang.) I am one of the ones who has started watching it b/c of the switch to behind GG.
Anyway, here is an interesting article that I found with regards to the ratings for the season opener:

So-so ratings...

The season premiere ratings for Veronica Mars may not have set the world on fire, especially when compared to its Gilmore Girls lead-in, but when you look at the number of choices in its same time slot it's really no surprise.
Numbers were still up from the latter half of Season 2.
The CW still seems happy with the ratings. Here's what they said in a press release this morning:
"The CW premiere of "Veronica Mars" retained more of its "Gilmore Girls" lead-in among adults 18-34 (77%, 1.7/5) and adults 18-49 (70%, 1.4/3) than "Veronica" did a year ago following "America's Next Top Model" on UPN.
"With "Gilmore Girls" as its lead-in, "Veronica Mars" delivered its third highest-rated telecast ever among adults 18-34 (tie), its second best telecast ever in adults 18-49 (tie), and its fourth most watched episode ever (3.3 million) since its debut two years ago."

I can't really tell if they are happy or not but I have my fingers crossed.
I don't think Dick did it either, but I think you're right, prophecy_girl: he's gonna be the wedge that comes between Logan and Veronica, although maybe not over the rapes. As far as it being irreparable...I think if they can come back from her accusing him of murder and him sleeping with his friend's stepmom, they can probably get through anything. I think his "messed up bad" is a red herring a la Logan's "I'm going to miss you" last year, before the bus crash, which THANK GOD they never tried to pin on him (unlike virtually every other crime that's happened on this show).

I love, love this show. I was a little nervous about the ratings at first, but The CW's had stuff that does even worse, so I feel like it's gonna be okay.

Most of my friends who watch VM are, uh, dudes in their 30s (so much for that marketing plan), and near as I can tell, the result of Aerie Tuesdays has been all the men I know going, "What the hell?"

Is it Tuesday yet?
Does anyone have the ratings report for last night?

I was so happy to see Samm Levine in the episode- doesn't look like he'll be a regular charcter, though. I also liked their twist on the Zimbardo experiment. I was a little confused about what happened with the kid who was the asshole "guard"- was it an act and Horshack was in on it?

Interesting to show that Keith and Veronica aren't infallible.
I mostly enjoyed last night's episode . . .

I liked how they showed the ambiguity in what Veronica does and I'm glad they didn't take the easy way out by making the sorority girls completely evil or just flipping that expectation by making them completely innocent; the writers were on with the noir-y gray area in this ep. That being said, I don’t *really* think the sorority is just a red herring - there’s definitely more going on there. For one thing, I doubt that one cancer patient needs 20 pot plants.

Hiding the money in a Van Gogh was clever - Kendall was pretty smart after all (well, except for getting involved with Cormac). Why kill Kendall before you're sure where the money is? Then Liam makes the same mistake?

The whole subplot about the experiment was interesting, but required a little more suspension of disbelief than usual. There’s a lot of red tape involved in those kind of experiments and it was treated so casually by the students and the professor, I just don’t buy that the university would allow it (also considering it’s a nod to the Zimbardo experiment at Stanford in the 70’s) Logan was in rare form; I loved how he didn't raise his hand with the "I wouldn't torture" question. Sam Levine from Freaks and Geeks and Dan Castellaneta! Did someone say “d’oh” after the guards won in the experiment?

Weevil’s back next week – yeah!

ETA: whoops! sorry about the double Zimbardo link - must be on the same wave length as polly!
Where is everyone? huh.gif

Here's some fun VM merchandise from Cafe Press (thanks to Prophecy!) Most of it's amusing, some of it's kinda cheesy, like, "look at me, I like Veronica Mars!!!!" I kinda liked the one "Available only in Stars Hollow and Neptune".
I think my liking of "Weevil" belongs in the "weird crushes" thread.


I've known guys like that in my real life. Not as lovahs, just as co-workers or friends.

So, who's the rapist? If this is a well-constructed whodunit, we should be able to have a theory by now.

I'm thinking the RA. Just because in some ways he acts a little shifty, and he would have more:
access to rooms
knowledge of people's schedules and habits, ie, when they were likely to be alone.
I'm sad Weevil didn't work out for the Mars Family Detective Agency - he did seem to have a knack for it, although I wonder at Keith's comfort with just sending this guy out unsupervised right off the bat.

I think if I was Veronica I'd work from the assumption that Logan's Up To No Good and go from there - I thought her apology for being suspicious because that's the environment she was raised around was unfortunate. I mean, how about "I'm suspicious because you have a long history of bad behavior and I'm having trouble seeing you in a different light, esp. when you blow me off to drink and gamble"?
I don’t think Weevil is a weird crush wub.gif . . .

He did look a little silly in the shirt and tie, but sleeveless in the body shop? *HOT* I admit he’s not really my “type” (bald, bulky, and too many tats), but there’s something about him. Guess it’s the tender-tough guy thing.

Not to excuse Logan’s behavior, but he is who he is and V knows that (I dare say that’s why she’s so into him) – a tiger can’t change his stripes. Still, Logan is not a great boyfriend and their relationship is bound to implode. I thought it was nice to see V realize some of her faults – covert surveillance/ invasion of privacy is really not OK.

I’m a little uncomfortable with the way they’ve been portraying feminists (though I admit I did know a few women like that in college) on the show, but I have a feeling it may be a way to manipulate the audience’s expectations (as with the sorority). We’ll see where they take it.

I think the RA is a good guess. I think it fair to say that it’s someone we’ve met already – I don’t think they’ll introduce a new villain at this point.
*delurks into the thread*

I really liked the way they dealt with Mac and Veronica's assumptions leading to complicity in the promiscuous girl being raped. But in yesterday's episode I wasn't too happy with the depiction of the feminist women of color as strident, humorless, and overbearing, or with the way Veronica distanced herself from their politics. I'm hoping that the next episode or two will develop a more nuanced portrayal, but I'm not quite holding my breath.

This season so far seems to be all about Veronica failing: not being as in-control or knowledgeable outside the familiar world of Neptune High, and having to come to terms with her fallibility. It's interesting.

I continue to find Logan disturbingly hot. I haven't watched the second season yet (I've borrowed it from a friend on DVD, but I also borrowed season two of House and I still have four episodes to go on that one) but I'm looking forward to some angst-ridden!Logan on there. I found Weevil hot in season one, but without his motorcycle he's less enticing.

I also adore Mac, of course.
The way feminists have been portrayed is really unfortunate. It's very surprising to me, too, because Rob Thomas has a certain subtlety and nuance that's nearly entirely lacking here. The way he handled the sorority stuff was a good example--he didn't make them evil or over-the-top.

I loved Weevil's Mars Investigations outfit. Plaid shirt and tie! So awesome.

I liked how they handled Logan and Veronica in this episode. Their relationship is going to be stormy, but I think it would be very dull if they broke up every three episodes, just as dull as keeping them together or keeping them apart. I agree with you, maryjo--it's good that Veronica is learning lessons. And the failings she's had have tended to come when she's made judgements of others that weren't fair while giving herself a pass she maybe didn't deserve.

I think it's time for Keith's lawyer friend to show up. Cliff is the best.
Oh YAY!!! I saw the thread title on the front page and had to jump right in. I've been squeeing with Sidecar about VM for some time now...have been a hardcore fan since the pilot.

I don't know how much posting I'll do, but you'll see me around, for sure. As for weighing in, I sort of like the general direction (if not all the writing and the last episode); love Piz as long as he's hopelessly pining; squeed for Mac in the credits; squeed when Weevil showed up; am a total LoVe 'shipper and not ashamed of it. smile.gif

I always read the recaps on Television Without Pity, and I think Couch Baron usually has things right on: he differentiates between "VMVO" (Veronica Mars voice-over), when Veronica narrates in her own style, and "NVMVO," when it's either so contrived or so expository, it had to be inserted/demanded by the Network. Similarly, I prefer to believe that a lot of the clunky writing is due to network interference. I thought the S3 premiere was pretty sharp; don't remember the line offhand, but something V snarked made me pipe up with "THERE'S my girl!", which GameBoy found hilarious.

Also: I have had sex dreams about Jason Dohring (Logan). Lord. God. SO. HOT.
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