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I had to miss last night's episode. Can anyone recap?
Check this out ladies, this is FANTASTIC!! Ratings jumped significantly for last night. Hell, it pulled in over a million MORE viewers then its lead in GG.

OMG kittenb, Tim the TA is *totes* in love with Professor Landry. I bet he made the scene at the party to establish an alibi!
Wombat, here's a link to a quick recap:

Veronica Mars Spit and Eggs

I completely forgot about the TA--but, yeah, that appearance at the party was shifty.
QUOTE(sidecar @ Nov 28 2006, 11:27 PM) *

You may recognize Tim the TA from such previous roles as Lucky the Janitor. They really should've got a better wig. That wig says "trouble."

Oh, that's right. OK, here's my new theory: Tim is Dead Lucky The Janitor's Even More Evil Twin.
Thanks, chacha!

But I already went to TWoP this morning. I was like, "none of those bitches are going to tell me!"

I mean "bitches" affectionately, though! laugh.gif

Anyway -- yeah! Mercer and Moe! I mean -- may as well be them as anyone. But I'd like to see them explain the easter egg up the butt thing.

What *are* we going to do until the new shows start back up? And whose idea was it for *everybody* to do these mid-season hiatus/introduce new shows thing? I hate it already.

I think we should speculate about "hook-ups we'd like to see." Personally, I think we need a good steamy gay relationship, like maybe Piz & Wallace, or Parker and Mac. Hey, it's college, time to stretch your boundaries!
Thought you all might like to know Tuesday's super-fantastic ep snagged 3.5 million viewers—the biggest audience ever for the CW's 18-34 demographic.

Also, several news sources (check yahoo or google) are reporting that the CW ordered an additional 7 episodes, bringing it up to 20 for an almost-complete season 3. In an interview with e! online, Rob Thomas said that they will likely change the format *again* for the final 4-5 episodes - they'll be stand alone mysteries instead of ongoing. Not sure how I feel about that.

Wow that last episode was fab - I officially love Logan again (he's been a little too whiny this season). I had narrowed down the perps to Mercer, Moe, or Tim the TA, but I was pretty convinced it was Tim. I definitely agree that he's shady and think he must have something to do with the dean's murder. I'm sure V's "plan the perfect murder" paper will figure in, too.

Has anyone seen the movie Bubble? Rob Thomas says this next mystery is modeled on that movie.
I actually like the official hiatus things that so many shows are doing. After all, so many shows (Lost) would get bogged down in repeats, anyway. Now I know that there will not be a new show for this number of weeks. It works for me.

I used to watch a lot of Sci-Fi Channel stuff (before I cancelled my cable sad.gif ). Most of the full season shows on that channel air from mid-summer to late fall and then late winter through spring. About 11-12 episodes per run. It works for me.
I just don't see why they can't have minimysteries and longer character/plot arcs.

While I liked the last episode a lot (V used her cell phone to get help when she was in trouble, even when she was drugged! Logan is still sort of endearing and yet totally destructive! V shows some emotion!) I am really bummed that there doesn't seem to be much character continuity. The little "recap" at the end, where V explains the whole plot to Wallace, Mac [and Piz?] was so expositive. I loved the dynamic of Wallace and V's friendship -- her manipulating him, him recognizing it, sometimes going along with it, and sometimes telling her off, their banter and QT -- now it's hard to see why they are friends.

And I have to say, while I have seen my share of ultraPC lunatics (my undergrad is legendary for that) it kind of grates that every feminist is a crazy shrill totally illogical caricature. V is independent and tough, but it's still kind of demoralizing to suggest that every self-identified feminist is militant and hypocritical and crappy. The sororities got a little humanizing, the frats maybe not so much (unless you count Dick who is a moron but at least kind of endearing), but every feminist (including the ostensible male feminist RA) sucked. Boo.
Wombat, I could never give you a synopsis of that episode. Really--I'd leave out a couple of details, then I'd panic when I'd get to a part you'd never understand without that forgotten detail, then I'd have to go back and try and remember it, and before you know it you'd be shouting "SHUT UP! SHUT UP!!! I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!! LA LA A LA LA LA LA!!!!" and it would feel like Catholic School all over again for me.

The link was for the sake of clarity and sanity. I am well aware of my limitations.

I'm sure the mini-self-contained mystery per episode format would work with VM, but the point is, they've been really, really successful with the current format, which builds the mystery up episode by episode. It's crazy to change the format so drastically now, when their last episode was superfantastically watched.

I wonder if they changed the story telling format this year b/c they had no way of knowing how many episodes they would have to tell the story.
Oh, you may have a point there, Kittenb. But that just...breaks my heart a little bit.
sidecar, your three favorite scenes were my favorite scenes as well. Mac's scene with the t-shirt was hilarious.

I'm sure I'll end up liking the story, but right now I could care less about who killed the dean. I do like the TA theory though.

It's not on until January? Suck.
Kitten, you're right on target - they did change the format for that reason, I think at least in part because the CW didn't commit to a full season up front. Idiots.

I had to wait and watch last week on DVR, but OH! good. Except for Dean Ed getting the heave-ho. Conflicted, interesting, *and* likeable: attributes we're not seeing nearly enough in VM characters lately. (Read: More Weevil, please.)

I *knew* Moe had something to do with it, and I really wasn't surprised that Mercer was the rapist after all. Way to scream like a bitch (when Moe pulled the unicorn horn [ha!] out of his leg), tough guy.

I hollered "FUCK YEAH, Logan, kick his ASS!!!", in a very genteel manner...when they put my boy in the cell. I must admit that I'm glad he broke up with V, because she's been kind of an asshole this season and needed that wake-up call...but I do love the LoVe and I adored the bad-boy moves he pulled to get a piece of the lying, raping sack of shit.

One thing I didn't get: V blows the rape whistle, Parker figures it all out and screams rape, Mercer hobbles through with a huge gash in his leg, and NOBODY STOPS HIM? All those people, and he just walks right the hell out? Even if for no other reason than the bleeding wound, surely *someone* in a real dorm would have said, um, hey, what the fuck?

While a lot of the writing this season sucks ass out loud, this is STILL one of my very favorite shows and I can't wait for the hiatus to be over.
how long is the hiatus? I've just watched eps 7, 8 and 9 and I heart Logan even more, if that's possible. Really, I'm obsessed with the boy and the programme - hi, my name is bunnyb and I'm addicted to Veronica Mars.

I really need to stop being so emotionally invested, however, as there's on average one scene an episode that makes me cry (last ep was when Logan broke up with V although I agree with txplumwine entirely that she needs the wake up call) and when Logan pulled his bad boy stuff at end I went all gooey - that's my boy.

Love the Tim being in love with prof and committing V's perfect murder theory although not as much as I love vesicapisces' Larry evil twin one!

Hoping for more character development/screen time for weevil, wallace and mac. I'm sure our wonderful sheriff will try to pin the dean's murder on weevil after discovering the body.
It's long. I think the shows start again last week in January. You'd have to go to the CW website, I guess, to find out for certain (or read's recap, where they mention the exact date for the next show).

I imagine the recaps won't do much to help you emotionally de-invest from the show!
January 23rd!
I think the reason Weevil hasn't been on is that apparently, Francis Capra has been ill. I forget what happened, but the medicine he took to treat it made him gain weight and did something to his skin, too. I hope the next set of episodes has more Weevil and Mac because I miss them.

I have to say, as annoyed as I am by the portrayal of the feminists on the show, I went to a school ('96-'01 for a sense of timing) that was also famous for its PC/activist scene. A lot of the feminist "activist" types, like the women shown on VM this season, tended to be illogical and out-of-touch. In fact, I didn't identify as feminist in college just because the feminist scene on my campus was so offputting that I didn't want to be associated with them. I don't want to defend the portrayal, as I think they could show that Mac and VM are feminists too and be a little more nuanced, but it wasn't until I left my college town and met other women (and yes, started posting on this board) who showed me that feminism is much more well-rounded than the black-and-white-viewpoints-only women on my campus made me think it was.
is it okay to talk about past episodes (from past seasons) here? we are a season behind -- i got lucky! i got to see the end of season one (yowzah!) and season two is about 3 or episodes in. (i think i missed one last week).

it's cool how the story line still overlaps, and how there are obviously still some loose ends that need to be tied up.

anyway, when the stepmom played by Charisma Carpenter came on to Duncan after Logan kicked her out, who thinks that Duncan took her up on her offer??? or do the majority of you think that he was able to resist her (considerable!) charms?

discuss. biggrin.gif
I bet you could find it on televisionwithoutpity Tes, but you know, discovering is half the fun!

Can't wait for new ep!
Interesting interview with Rob Thomas on Television Without Pity - although I wanted to scream when he said (paraphrasing here), "I thought I/the show had enough feminist cachet (with Veronica's character) to make it OK to portray the Lilith House women the way I did in the rape story line, but I guess not." I would like to tell him, try *being* a feminist woman who's fucking sick of being portrayed as extremist and likely to fake a rape to get a man in trouble...

On a funny note, tho', I was watching Deep Impact the other night (yeah, I know, bad movie, but I was bored) and there's a scene where Elijah Wood is standing up in front of the students at his school talking about how he helped discover the comet, and a kid stands up and says something like "you know you're going to get more sex than anyone else in the school" - check it out, it's Logan Echolls! (with bad skin and terrible hair and so young and goofy looking.)
Awesome episode all around.

I was thrilled for Mac with the new dude. And I really wanted to hug that monkey. Damn was that thing adorable.

Oh and wow, whenever I see Logan shirtless I can't help but feel the need to jump my husband afterwards.
QUOTE(CharliNye @ Jan 23 2007, 10:10 PM) *

Awesome episode all around.

ACK!!! EPISODE? I missed the first new ep? Fug. Well, that'll teach me to go out of an evening. sad.gif
Ditto on hugging the monkey. And now I feel like Austin Powers.

I feel so sorry for Piz. And dayum, he's cute. *pssst* Veronica!!
So super glad Mac is back. I was totally stoked cuz I thought it was gonna be Veronica and Piz but nope. I felt the same way Piz did when Logan showed up. But I do love Logan. really, I do.
That was such a great episode last night. I felt bad for Piz eventhough I like Logan and Veronica together. That monkey was so cute. I hope Mac continues to be in the show.
I like Mac a lot too.

and the minkey, let's not forget the minkey (<= Inspector Clouseau accent)
vesicapices - I really love Deep Impact and now I want to go watch it again.

I just plowed through all of seasons 1 & 2. I could kick myself for not watching sooner. Thoes DVDs have been my best friend for the past few days.
I am not ready to let this thread die.
I really enjoyed last night's episode. I thought that Logan's drunken call brought up a really big truth about Veronica. She just cannot stop digging for dirt and seems to almost want to find out why someone is going to dissapoint her.
Another thing about the show that I noticed is that sooner or later everyone who sins is punished for it. Even if the wrong thing is done for the right reason, the person who does the wrong thing has to pay sooner or later. So, I am wondering of there is any chance that Duncan will be back this season. He contracted a murder. A death that totally deserved to happen, but it was still murder. And wouldn't this be an interesting time for Duncan to come back to Veronica's life?
Yeah, good points kittenb.

I wonder if it's a kind of battle fatigue on her part. She lost her mother, got raped, and spends time in a profession in which the ugly sides of people come to light.

I appreciated the nuanced depiction of christians -- that some were mean hypocrites and others were not.

And Duncan -- wow. What a thought.
Only slightly related to Veronica Mars, but cute nonetheless. smile.gif

Interesting theory, kitten. Hmmm.....
Very cute, pollystyrene!

And ironic, given the current storyline
So what'd everyone think of last night's ep? So much happened!
I'm a bit meh about it, it doesn't have the same spark it had the first two seasons (new format sucks). I'm not going to miss Lamb, he was an arse, and glad Keith is sheriff again. Happy for Mac and her hunny. Logan and Parker I'm not so sure about, she's sweet but he's damaged, his and Veronica's love is epic and I find it hard to believe that he could spend the last three weeks in bed and suddenly be ready to date again. Wallace's Wizard of Oz retort to Lamb was priceless. Glad there was quick resolution to the Coach's death and I am so over Dean O'Dell's murder- it better not be the wife or her lover (V's teacher) but the son or the creepy teaching assistant.
I'm really enjoying the season, overall. Far more than I am Gilmore Girls let's say.
I am going to miss Lamb. Yes, he was an ass, but he brought something to the show. And it was a shocker.
I'm definitely gonna miss Lamb too. That actor was just so perfect, with the perfect note of sleaze and smarm. I wonder if Keith just - poof! - gets to be sherriff now, or will there be a special election? Should be interesting.

I thought the flirtiness with Parker and Logan was cute. Maybe he needs something not-so-epic right now, you know? Though if I were Mac, I'd be warning her off Logan big-time.
The sherrif was a great character. And Keith just becomes the sherriff? cool but not as much fun as Lamb. MOre Mac, we need more mac.

speaking of Gilmour girls where is that thread? the best part of the whole episode can be boiled down to one phrase " molotov mocktails"

I missed the show last night, I don't know how I forgot it was on. Did Lamb die? I never liked his character. Logan and Parker, no that's just not right.
*ahem* in certain circles, "friend of Dorothy" means "gay."

I also miss the ass that is Lamb.
yes, which was why it was priceless.

(ties for best tv line this season with Scrubs "you're like House without the limp."

yup, it didn't have the same panache as the resolutions to the other mysteries.

can't believe it's not coming back until april 24th.

the LoVe mini scene was lame too - what, no angst? I'm sure there will be more once it returns but they could have given us something heart-wrenching. Kudos to Parker though.
While I agree that it wasn't the most satisfying ending to a story arc, I just want to boast that I totally called that it was Tim the TA who did the killing. Although my motive was entirely wrong. And I would have like to see more of him being creepy. So much potential wasted.
I too thought it was Tim but half way through I took a shower. What happend with the proff and the dean's wife? Did he push her off the boat? I missed it.
best line" Which Gilmore Girl are you?"
misslady, it didn't show how Landry killed the prof's wife.

That TA is creepy. As soon as it showed Weevil fining the shirt last week I knew it was the TA. Does that actor wear a wig?
Designermedusa, the guy who plays Tim does wear a wig and - I believe - a fake beard. He actually played Lucky (the janitor at Neptune High) last season. Incidentally he was on Six Feet Under, too, as the guy who kidnapped David. He's good at playing creepy.

I am so freaking disappointed in the way they ended this arc. So lame. Was it in here where we were talking about how none of the main mysteries this season really affect Veronica? I think that's one of the reasons the show has just not had much resonance this season. At least the rape arc related to Veronica's experience in some way. But this one was I couldn't care about it.

I have to say, though, I am enjoying the Logan-Parker subplot. There could be some juice there.
I liked this arc except for the resolution. I guessed it was Tim the TA back in the last episode of the rape arc, when the dean seemed not to recognize him when he walked in, after Tim caused that scene at the party; I thought, "Oh, I bet he's establishing his alibi."

I was thrown a bit off during this last episode when they were working together, but it seemed like they were directing it at him (this was the first time I've guessed whodunit on my own, that early, with this show).

I don't think the problem was that Veronica wasn't invested (she really liked the dean and Dr. Landry) but ... I feel like this season, we've been introduced to these great, interesting characters, just to have them removed to the shows in noninteresting ways. The dean was awesome, hilarious, and a great contrast to both of the Marses. I know Sheriff Lamb has been around for a few seasons, but he made for such a great foil. I also thought Dr. Landry was complex, kinda skeevy yet likable, and I really liked the coach's son. It seems like (outside of the coach's son) every authority figure on this show is getting killed off/removed, and I find that problematic because I liked how each of them made Veronica think about how she dealt with stuff.

While I respect that VM has no budget and that even regulars are getting short shrift in episodes as a result, I just wish they'd quit making me care about certain characters before removing them.
Some bad news on the VMars front today. Personally, I haven't been crazy about season 3 overall, but it's still one of the better shows on television right now. I just hope they let the show end with its dignity intact and don't screw it up with a crappy 4th season (and inevitable cancellation).
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