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Full Version: I'm Skinny And Not Happy
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Hey ladies- I'm new to the board... so if this a redundant topic I apologize.

So I'm 27 years old, 5'9" and should be something like a healthy 135 for my body type.
I have always had a very slender body- even with good diet and regular everyday exercise (walking to work, performing, yadda, yadda).
Although sometimes I get stressed or sick and I loose weight.
Few weeks ago I was hospitilized with appendicits and am waiting to have surgery. The antibiotics they put me on were hardcore and made everything taste god awful. Recently, I went for a follow-up with my surgeon and I scaled in at 115 pounds- meaning I'm 20 pounds underweight.

When I loose weight like this it makes me incredibly self conscious. I feel sickly looking and I'd like to get this dead useless organ out of my body ASAP so I can try and get back to my normal weight. When guys I know comment about what a "nice body" I have- I get a little turned off thinking there's something wrong with them, and me.

Thing is, I realize I've battled with this my entire life. When I was a kid I was always getting pulled aside by counsleors with accusations of being anorexic. There are points in life where I get super busy and will literally forget to eat. I seriously think I have healthy relationship with food- I have NEVER had a nervous observation about being too heavy- and I love to eat. Just the opposite- I hate being thin and having to retrain myself to "fatten up" every six months. Do other women go through this?
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welcome to BUST and have a look around OBOH for a suitable and exisiting thread.
the perfect place for this would be "I bet i could bench press you (the tiny girl thread). I have the same problem. For my size I eat somewhere between normal and a lot depending on how hungry I am, but I still get people making accusations because I'm skinny. I'd love to get this thread up and kicking again. See you there I guess!
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