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Full Version: Velvet Goldmine Movie
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I've fallen in love with this movie and wonder if anyone else is a fan? Ewan McGregor is breathtaking as "Iggy Pop", just astonishing, and LORD is he suh-weet, particularly in that initial scene (naked chest, leather pants, oil, gold glitter ... then completely buck nekkid ...) But mostly, as a lifelong faghag, and long time Bowie fan, I love seeing the glam stuff celebrated. I think Bowie was an absolute genius, also a hero for bringing attention to & helping jumpstart the careers of both Iggy and Lou Reed and even doing Velvet Underground songs as Ziggy, when no one had paid attention to VU. Definite homoerotic film, though I feel slightly ripped off at "Iggy" & "Bowie's" sex scene, which we don't get to see at all. [font=Book Antiqua] [size=2]
I LOVE that movie. I don't own it, but the men in it are so hot (well, except for the lead guy who is not a rock star). The soundtrack is awesome. Seeing Ewan McGregghar's cock when he gets off on-stage is SO worth it. The women at the coffee shop I hung out at when I was an undergrad had recommended the movie to me because of the hot men in make-up, saying that they are so scrumptious. So, or course, I had to see it.

Plus, I thought the message of the movie was beautiful. We forget so much that childlike beauty and fun costumes are very important things.

I heard that David Bowie was angry about the portrayal of Bowie in the movie, but I think they are very clear on the front of the movie that this is only supposed to be loosly based on the lives of David Bowie and Iggy Pop.

Anyway, this makes me realize that I really need to buy the film on dvd.
It's a good idea to check it out in the Community forum before starting new threads (otherwise we'd end up with so many that it would be a mess!) There's a movie thread already that this would fit really well in and you'd probably get a lot more dialogue from an established thread.

Thanks, I'll move the discussion over there ...
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