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I will truthfully admit from the git go, I am not overly optimistic about this new year, but I started it, and will see it through to the end. let's be hopeful of great things coming anyway.

Season Premier kicks off next tues (26th) w last season's finale ~
Hmmm, I will prolly watch it only b/c it's before Veronica Mars! I loved the earlier seasons though...watching a DVD of Season 2 is a sure-fire way to cheer me up. smile.gif
Yeah, I agree- I'm wary of this season. I'm still going to watch of course to see how the story wraps up. I had something specific to say after I saw last night's re-run, but I don't remember what it was.

I honestly don't know what to expect from this year, but if the article in EW magazine from a couple weeks ago is any indication-from what Lauren Graham hinted at, the actors are actually a bit MORE at ease with the Palladino's gone.

From what was hinted at, the actors weren't allowed to have any input as to things their characters would do etc. So from what I gather, they are able to this year and it just may help them wrap the show up properly.

But I love the show nonetheless, I too will stick by it to the end. Its weak episodes are still heads above most of the dreck on tv these days.

Oh yeah, and YAY to Veronica being on afterwards. Part of me wishes there could be a mass campaign to get more viewers and higher ratings for that show. Love, love love it.

so tonight is the night.

the commericals show that lorelie breaks up w/ luke and then admits to sleeping w/ christopher, luke then goes to c's door and punches him when he opens it, lorelie & rory are actively Not talking about why l & l broke up, to include lor getting a racquette ball to the face whilst standing on the court Not talking about it etc etc blah blah blah.

still trying to think good things but...
So, we don't need to turn this into a Veronica Mars thread (though it would be logical and convenient, but sort of hidden given the title of the thread) but is anyone planning on starting to watch/continuing to watch VM after GG? I didn't watch VM before this summer, but i got through both seasons, so I'm very excited about it. Matt Czuchry (sp?) who plays Logan on GG is going to make a cameo on VM as Logan's (yes, both shows have a "Logan"! Not sure how I feel abot either one) half-brother. Interesting.

Well, I hope anyone who hasn't watched VM before will give it a chance. They intentionally wrote this season so you wouldn't have to know anything about the first two seasons. They're only guaranteed 13 shows so far, so I hope their ratings go up and they get a full season. The show has been up against tough shows in their past time slot (Lost, something else I can't remember) so it's been an uphill battle.

So, even if Gilmore Girls sucks, Veronica Mars will make up for it.

Some article I wa reading said that the Palladinos left the show, blah, blah, blah, and this may be their last season...I thought this was definitely their last season....well, maybe they'll pull a Buffy and the real last season will make up for the crappy previous one.
Whoah! Season Five Buffy was one of the best ever!! NOT crappy.

I loved the ending to Season Seven and the series, but let's not get carried away!!

The only thing I didn't like about Buffy was her taste in men. The only good one was Spike, the others were cheesy and condescending. El Bleccho. But, wait, there's a Buffy thread!
No, no, no, I was referring to season 6. Sorry, I know that season five was the finale part one, but season 6 was the season prior to what ultimately became the real finale. Yeah, let's not make this into a Buffy thread (unless it becomes a GG/VM combination, and then I don't think we could help but draw the obvious comparisons between Buffy and VM.)
Who has watched the Season Premiere?

It was fairly good.
QUOTE(wombat @ Sep 27 2006, 08:58 AM) *

Who has watched the Season Premiere?

It was fairly good.

First half was kinda iffy, second half was pretty great.

I found some of the dialogue to go around in circles in the first half-i.e. Suki and Lorelai, and Lorelai and Rory. Almost as if the writers were still working the kinks out of what to do the first 25 minutes.

Then the second half was awesome. In fact the ending was absolutely heartbreaking, and I was actually pleased by the previews for next week.

I think the season has a fighting chance.

Also, anyone else find Paris hilarious at the beginning? I think her and Sally Struthers got the two best monologues in the episode. Liza Weil never disappoints as Paris.
Re the ending: SOMEone has been watching "Alices Restaurant."

And, Gilmore Girls characters talking in circles??!! Gosh, when does THAT ever happen? rolleyes.gif
I think my favorite part was when Rory was talking, trying to figure out the rocket (which we all know means she will be wrong about), and lorelie kept doing the 'wa wa' as Chachi from Happy Days.
tooks me a minute but then I cracked up! biggrin.gif
that trully, is why I watch the show; the inane reference to obscure things, my mind is totally spastic like that too.

and yes & yes. paris is always so HardCore, and the actress plays her beautifully.
and yes, 1st 1/2 was a little slow, but def picked up from there.

did anyone watch the premier of Runaway following?
I know it's not its usual time slot (VM'ers), but we saw it the other night & it doesn't look bad.
Could anyone recap it for me? My cable went out last night like 5 minutes before it started....

I dunno, I just don't buy the whole breakup or Lorelai sleeping with Christopher. It felt like they were just throwing obstacles up randomly to keep Luke and Lorelai apart. I feel like the show was written into a corner last year, and no matter who the producer was, there was no writing them out of it.

I did like the racquetball scene, where they show them sitting in the middle of the court instead of playing. I miss Emily; hopefully she'll be on next week. Paris was very funny, as per usual, and so was Babette.

i'm very sorry, but i resurrected the old gilmore girls thread, because i didn't see this new one (there are so many threads in media whores, that i get confused). anyway, since the conversation has been going strong here, let's just continue it here. again, sorry!

sassygirl- here's the recaplet from television without pity. a full recap should show up by tuesday. the recaps are often snarky with a lot of editorial commenting, but it's where i usually go when i've missed a show. snarkiness aside, the full recaps are usually very indepth, so you can be sure that you really know what happened.

this is copied from my post in the other thread:

luke's belated attempt to accept lorelai's elopement ultimatium was so so so sad. luke has been a total ass since the whole april thing, but that was really heartbreaking. you could tell that deep down he already knew it was over before he even made all of those reservations, but to have her really drive home the point by saying she slept with christopher... just so sad.

i wish, that things could work out between christopher and lorelai, though. it wasn't nearly as sad, but you could see that christopher was disappointed when he asked lorelai out on a date and she basically told him that it was one-night-stand depression sex. i just think that they have such great chemistry (way better than between luke and lorelai). and, if you remember, they were going to get married a few seasons ago, and the only reason they didn't is because christopher felt like he needed to *do the right thing* about gigi. lorelai may not be in love with christopher, but it's obvious that he's in love with her.

the rocket thing was sweet, i guess, but i don't see rory and logan lasting out the season. i've heard tell that marty might be brought back. or i could see them convincing jess to come back for the last episode or two and have the show end with them together.

i also think that we're going to find out that there was a mistake and that luke isn't really april's father. there have just been too many hints about this.

and (this is total conjecture, and i haven't heard any spoilers about this) but i think lane will get pregnant this season. she's obviously too young, but in star's hollow we don't have to deal with real life, and wouldn't a little rocker baby just be so cute. and having mama kim deal with the pregancy would be even more fun than her planning a wedding. hee!
Finally, someone else who kind od wants Lorelai and Chris to work things out. Luke just irritated me so much last year.
That said, it would be heartbreaking if he learned that April wasn't his kid. I like the little girl, I just hate the silly story.

Who was Marty?
Marty was the soft-spoken sweet guy wasn't a rich snob who Rory was hanging around with at Yale- they were close to getting together when Logan showed up. I guess a relationship with Marty wouldn't have been as entertaining as the one with Logan, but if it were real life, he would have been a better choice (even though I have come to like Logan) Remember that painful episode where Marty and Rory were watching Marx Bros. movies together (Logan was out of town or something ang he and Rory weren't officially together at that point, i think) and then Logan crashed their party and they went out for Chinese food with Logan's posse and they were really rude and obnoxious to Marty? Oh, that episode made me so mad!!
Oh I remember him. He actually worked for his tuition and all. Everytime I saw him all I could remember was that he name was "naked guy."
I'd forgotten who Marty was too, so thankyou for asking & answering already smile.gif

logan, who I do like, jerkiness and all, really hurt rory again w/ the ticket-but-not-til-x-mas.
she was all set to hang up w/ him w/ a " so I'll see you in 48 hours, wait, that's 46 w/ the time difference, time changes, taxi time (etc etc)" and he took the wind right from her sail.

she wants to be with him Now, bc they still never defined anything before he left for the year, and let's face it, his track record isn't stellar, even though to me, if you live w/ someone, a certain level of committment is at least implied. I say we all root for marty the regular joe underdog?

altargrrrl, yes luke was sad.
and I think you're right, that he did already know it was over but was so pathetic and vulnerable anyway taking that chance ( altho all the stuff he proposed they do, all the camping out- excuse me but do you even Know Her?). sad. I like april, but I dig her mom even more. I'm still waiting for her & lorelie to become friends or even business partners of some sort. too bad they aren't gay. that would so solve so much.

am not sure who I really see lorelie wtih.
c loves her, but she not him. she loves l, but he's no longer an option.
who else was there?

I LOVE the idea of lane having a little rocker baby!! can you Imagine the cute babyrocker clothes they could do? and the Hair?! (I'm seeing litttle baby mohawks here.)

and altargrrrl, I didn't know there was already a thread for this! I'm sorry !
But the thing with Logan is that he didn't want to hurt Rory. He was saying what he thought she wanted to do. It would probably never occur to him that she was ready to drop everything and fly over there. And, god forbid, a TV character just tell someone what she really wants. I think if she had said "I want to come to London now" he would have been all for it.

April's mom irritated me so much wit her wig out about Lorelai. I liked her just fine until then although I never understood why she had not told Luke he had a daughter. It made no sense.

The commercials for tomorrow's episode looks brutal.
freckleface- no problem. i'm sorry, too. i should have looked harder before using my powers of resurrection.
and, yeah, i don't think lorelai would want to go camping. it just shows how not on the same page they are and how much luke was in a fantasy world.

yeah, i really like april, too. but somehow i just don't think she's really luke's. i mean, she's smart, but do we really trust a paternity test done by a 12yr. old and her random uncle? and several characters have asked if he's really sure or if he's had a second test. it just smells of forshadowing to me. and we know my track record because...

I SO CALLED IT! how did i know that lane would get pregnant? i'm psychic. seriously, i read spoilers, and i didn't read anything about that. they really kept it under wraps. however... not to poke holes in the oh so seamlessly created world that is stars hallow, but how could lane know she was pregnant already? wasn't their honeymoon just a week? even if they had sex the first night, i don't think you could tell yet. isn't the earliest like around your first missed period? and this sort of makes up for the paris-losing-her-virginity-and-then-not-getting-into-harvard fiasco. everyone was in a tizzy because it seemed like they were punishing her for having teen sex. but now they've punished lane for waiting until she's married. man, she'll never like sex now!

and it totally cracked me up that rory was so angry about lorelai having sex with christopher. can't you just hear that complaint "my mom had sex with my dad! so unfair!" ha! i'm a child of divorce, and even i find the whole thing ironically funny.

and luke was such an asshole this episode!

and when did stars hallow get a real grocery store? i thought all they had was dosey's magic market where every product in the world can be found within its 500 square feet.
Whoah! Get with the program, AG! You can find out in a week from a home pregnancy test from a drug store -- or even, I think, a day!!

The supermarket scene WAS startling. There they were, out of context in a non-precious environment!

The other thing is that I can understand why Rory was mad at Lorelei--If they crossed the boundary again, they may end up fighting or hurt and he'll cut off the Yale money and she'll have to deal with the wretched grandparents.

well, according to most anecdotes from friends/family and pregnancy test commercials, you have to wait until a certain amount of your hormones build up for the test to be sensitive enough to pick them up. if you test too early you can get a false negative. this website, for example, suggests that the earliest a sensitive over the counter test would pick up pregnancy would be about 12 or so days after ovulation. lane did go to a doctor, and assuming the doctor gave her a blood test (although my doctor usually tests using urine unless you request it, and i guess the doctor could have suspected she was pregnant and not sick), it would catch it earlier, but there's the possibilty of false positives because we all have a small amount of these hormones anyway. of course, they could end up making it a false positive in the story line.

did you notice that they didn't even bring up getting an abortion? i don't think lane would actually get one, and maybe that's why rory didn't ask, but a realistic conversation between two 21yr. olds in their economic situation today would at least briefly bring up abortion. gilmore girls gets funding from some family t.v. organization, though, so i'm sure that's why they didn't bring it up.

i know that rory's upset about the possibility of her parents being on bad terms, but i don't think christopher would pull her yale money. in fact, the last time her parents got together and broke up (because of gigi's impending birth) it was rory who caused the problems between her and her dad. she refused to speak to him for almost a year, even though he wanted to continue their good relationship.

yeah, the supermarket was weird. i was like "where the hell are they?!"
I'm pretty sure you have to wait at least 10 days or so after the possible conception to get any reliable results from a test. I know there's one OTC test out there where you can find out 5 days earlier than most tests, but that's still after the 10 day (or so) point, rather than 2 weeks. And with that, you run a greater risk of a false-positive/negative.

Also, I don't think G.G. is funded by the Family Friendly Programming Forum anymore- the wikipedia entry implies that only the pilot episode was funded by them. I know there was a lot of discussion on the WB forums the last couple of years because Rory had a pro-choice poster on the wall of her dorm room at Yale. I'd have to re-watch the exact conversation with Lane & Rory, but I was a only little surprised that the option wasn't even mentioned. I guess I'd chalk it up to Rory knowing lane well enough that she wouldn't even suggest it (I have friends who are pro-choice, but wouldn't necessarily have an abortion themselves, and if they found themselves in a similar situation to Lane, I wouldn't necessarily suggest it.) I'd rather have the show be true to its characters than use their plotlines to make a statement. G.G. sort of creates a vibe of being liberal, pro-choice, anti-Bush, etc. by making little jokes, having some semi-subliminal/understated stuff (like the poster) and I would prefer that than to turn into a preachy after-school special, even if I agree with what they're preaching.

And what the hell was up with those "Aerie" girls. Oh, I wanted to strangle them!

Good point about Christopher pulling the Yale money- I doubt he'd do that, but interesting point.
ok now see I felt I *did* pick up on lane at least thinking about having an abortion.

the way she said a few times " I just don't know if I'm ready right now. yes I do see myself with kids, but Later, when I'm more together." or something along those lines.
and she hadn't told zac yet, altho I compltely understand the feeling of utter shock of finding out when you totally don't expect it. ( I actually told my OB" Me? PREGNANT?? naaaaw. it's just jetlag." she just laughed and laughed and then that much harder when I showed up in her office a few weeks down the road, sicker than a dawg.)

lane's a pretty together and determined woman. she (too) has Plans.
if this is their last season, what have they got to lose?

= oh psychic one= I Asian Bow to you = bc you totally called it.

dosiers. hell the grocery stores Here don't look that big. I seriously didn't know where they were til they said it. and then kirk's diner? I don't know. too,,,, what's the word I'm looking for?

I did however, like the 'Time Warp Continum' theory luke's sister had, bc it made sense. they mostly were never actually in the same place emotionally, once april entered the scene. def the need for a second test tho.

I LOVED the Hello Kitty stuff all over the house. Loved. It!
I kinda got that, too, freckle- like she couldn't bring herself to say it, but it was almost the conclusion she was going for, and then see my thoughts below about why Rory didn't suggest it.

Yeah, I kinda got the feeling like everyone was a little more jerk-y in this episode, like Kirk- yes he's a weird, annoying pest, but he was just downright nasty last night. I think it would have been more expected for Taylor to have put Kirk up to opening the "diner" and Taylor getting mean with Luke, but Kirk's just too doofy to do that.
dammit. i don't have cable and the bunny ears only pick up NBC, ABC, and PBS. I'm sad I'm missing the new stuff, but i netflixed season one. when this season comes out on dvd i am so hole-ing myself up in my apt and watching all 22 eps in one sick binge wink.gif
crazycatlady- have you tried a pair of amplified rabbit ears? i can't get most stations in my area without them. i'm not sure why, exactly. i live in a large urban area, but i've heard it has something to do with the mountains and ocean surrounding us?

yeah, i could see the subtext in their conversation. that's why i thought it was weird that it wasn't brought up. i'm much like lane in that although i'm technically pro-choice, i wouldn't have an abortion. but because of my financial/educational situation and the fact that i don't really want children that much, if i got pregnant i could still see my friends asking me if i was going to keep it, even though they know abortion wouldn't be an option for me. this is all beside the point, i'm just being picky or whatever. rolleyes.gif and, i'm glad to know that they aren't receiving any money from the Family Friendly Programming Forum. that just seemed wrong somehow.

as for kirk, he's usually not that mean, but he sometimes is to luke. my theory is that he still has a thing for lorelai (didn't he ask her out once?). the time i was really floored by kirk was when, after couch surfing all over town because he'd moved out of his mom's house and everyone assumed he had no money to get a place for himslef, he outbid luke on that house by offering something like $250,000 as a cash down payment. practically an evil genius type maneuver.

but i hope this people being overly jerky thing isn't going to color the whole season.

i liked the time warp/separate psychic planes analogy, too. liz is so weird and flaky, but she can sometimes really have an insight into people's character.

ETA: i absolutely cannot put up with those aerie girls all season! who's ridiculous idea was that? it was so painful!
I got pretty mad at Rory for freaking out and going off on her mom like that last night, especially after Lorelai had done the whole "Asian" theme night to make Rory feel better. Mistake on Lorelai's part or not, I thought Rory was wayyyyy out of line. I kept thinking, "It's none of yer damn business WHO your mama has sex with!"

But maybe that's just me.

Although, I mean, it *isn't* any of her business.
I was pretty surprised by Rory's outburst- I can see where she'd be upset on a number of levels, but in the end, you're right, doodle, it's none of her business, but I think having the conversation with Lane put it all in perspective and I think it'll be okay. And I think someone needed to tell Lorelai it was a stupid thing to do, maybe it just shouldn't have been her daughter.
To be fair, I think Lorelai already knew it was a stupid thing to do! smile.gif

I think maybe I always tend to empathize with Lorelai more because we're around the same age....
I really hope the aerie girls were a one night only thing. They were the reason the mute button was invented. Although, as I watch GG with three other women (it's our Girl's Night) I don't need their commentary. I have everyone else's commentary.
Wait - I just watched this episode. . .who were the Aerie girls again?

I'm annoyed that they didn't mention abortion either - as in, yes, we know that Lane would probably never do it (b/c of her upbringing, among other reasons) but that she realizes it's not just an option for unmarried women, etc.

And yeah, I'm still annoyed she married Zach - Zach is so first boyfriend material, not husband material. It almost makes me respect Lane less as a character b/c you'd think she'd be smarter than that. I think it's another example of the Sherman-Palladinos trying to sabotage everything they had created on their way out. Marrying the first guy you ever dated is a risky enough as it is let alone when the guy in question is kind of a putz and with an I.Q. significantly lower than yours. I'm not usually one to jump on shows for the "message" they send to viewers, but that's more offensive to me than any other bullshit they've pulled. The women in general put up with so much shit from the men on this show (and the characters have not been written well enough in a long time that we could see how their good qualities might balance out their bad ones), it's unbelievable.

I remember taking a film course in which the professor went through a list of directors whose values on film actually contradicted their political values IRL (he brought up Frank Capra - who was supposed to be a big conservative - and pointed out that many of his films have a strong liberal subtext). I feel that with the Gilmore Girls, they try to be progressive (and are sometimes very successful - i.e., the way that Rory and Lorelai's unconventional family unit is portrayed as much healthier than the one the grandsparents represent) but some of what they preach ends up being as conventional as any other "family-oriented" program.

However, if the new people had just gotten rid of T.J. they would have earned so many brownie points with me, I would have been able to forgive everything else. I always want to fast forward through his scenes but I'm worried that if I do, I may miss valuable plot information.
from the American Eagle Outfitters entry in Wikipedia:

American Eagle began sponsoring "Veronica Mars" and "Gilmore Girls" on The CW Television Network with its "Aerie Tuesdays" campaign. This campaign features the "Aerie Girls," a group of young girls discussing the relationships of the characters on the shows in conjunction with their own troubling romantic histories. This stands to stark contrast to the intelligent women featured in the network's Tuesday night programming. Immediately following the premiere of "Aerie Tuesdays" on October 3, 2006, The CW Television Network's forum contributers had coined the term "aerheads" to describe the "Aerie Girls" and mounted an effort to call American Eagle's customer service line and complain about the negative representations of women in the new campaign.

Ha, I love that they've already started a campaign against them! They're so freaking annoying!! I may start taping GG and VM so I can fast forward through them!
I don't know why I haven't been in here before, I love Gilmore Girls!

As for Rory's outburst, I understand that it's none of her business who Lorelai sleeps with but I think it's different when the person in question is her dad! I mean, she at one point said "Don't you care that things were finally good between me and dad?" So I would have to figure that's what her major issue is.

I can't stand those freaking Aerie girls! What is the point of them?
Aerie girls seem like a phony attempt to create community, one like Bust. They can't do it! It wouldn't be so offensive if they weren't saying such stereotyped things in those ads.


I'll bet you anything that's not really Luke's kid, but at least she's getting a little interesting.

Paris -- I'm not finding her bitchiness amusing and admirable. I'm waiting for the episode where somebody smacks her in the head. You'd think having a breakdown to the point of camping under a desk would have enlightened her a bit.
yes, paris is quite annoying. rory's new artsy girlfriends are cute. maybe she'll dump paris?
I love Paris. I think her little breakdown just drove her further into the world of her own creation.

I have to add: these girls don't seem like the anti-christ. Maybe their scripts just suck because god I just hate them!
Nope. They are indeed the anti-christ. I think as marketing for poor quality jeans and tees they truly do sink to abhorrently contemptuous depths for think they're trying to rope in people who watch Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls to a "community" just to push a clothes store. Thank god for the mute button, and the fact that American Eagle outfitters can be boycotted.
People will probably disagree with me but I am officially in Christopher's camp after last night. Maybe the writers are to blame but it was so nice to see him and Lorelai actually work out a problem rather than just pout and not talk about it. Sorry Luke.
Ugh, why does the stated goal by the creators of The Gilmore Girls to feature affluent young females from households earning 70k and more a year lead them to such ugly classism?

This last episode was so offensive. There they are, the parents of "the lesser children" at Yale's paper, saying that their children WORSHIP Rory -- no less, and there they are, all apologetic and bragging and trying too hard -- wannabes! arrivistes! strivers! How embarassing!

And yet, the rich ones obnoxiously bragging and pushing for power and fussing about prestige is FINE, admirable in fact.

And of course, Rory's out of touch Dad actually invited the poorer --dork --submissives to a SKI TRIP. and of course, *they* couldn't SKI or own skis -- even though, I grew up in a working class family in New England and we all could ski - our *cough* public *cough* i'msosorrysoveryverysmall schools actually taught us, my dad used to ski Tuckerman's Ravine and skijump and almost make the Olympics, thanks, and a pair of skis is not all that hard to rent or otherwise come by. GAAK.

and OF COURSE, they had NEVER had Tiramisu before, even though it's such an overused dessert trend they have it at, like, the supermarket, and of course, RORY never HUNG OUT with THEM, Oh, DAD, what have you done!!

Fuck you, Gilmore Girls.

A big, fuck you ((nIm))
The class issues have been one of my favorite sub-themes of the show, but so far this season seems to be about Rory and Lorelei “selling out” and embracing those blue-blood roots.

I guess Rory has been heading down that path for a while, but it’s really disappointing to see it from Lorelei. I admit, while I have warm feeling toward Rory as a character, I find Lorelei to be the more compelling and relatable of the two.

Anyway, I don’t think the Christopher thing is helping Lorelei’s class identity issues and it’s one of the many reasons I hate the two of them together. I don’t have a problem with Chris as a character and the two of them do have some chemistry, but they just don’t work as a couple for me. The scenes for next week kind of made me ill.

Also, I believe the dessert was crème brûlée, which may not be relevant, but I think it qualifies as more bourgeois dessert than tiramisu.
Well, I for one cannot stand this Lorelai Gilmore and her ignorant prattling BS around Chris. Who is SO not right as a parent, a lover, or even a date. She was boring the hell out of me extensively during this show and I'm really disturbed by the way she's being written this season. Banter has to at least have a point--she was just making senseless, joyless, mirthless noise--and Chris' witty repartee was neither witty nor repartee--it was like he was just talking to the air, he was so flat and humorless.

And same with Rory. What an asshole she is as an editor. I particularly hated the nonsensical obsessiveness about running back to the paper to publish some dopey little write-up about a supposed uprising. There is no reason whatsoever those children could not sit down an extra 15 minutes and have their dessert, since it was ordered and it would have to be paid for! It's just a school newspaper, the uprising was not the end of the world, and had Chris the idiot not invited them all out to lunch the moronic uprising would have taken place and Rory would never have known about it--plus her staff would have dispersed anyway. So to have her rolling her eyes at Chris' generosity, then heaving her bosom in self-righteousness and self-importance to demand her "staff" all go back and write their little paragraph just made me sick. (And, also, regarding class: since when can any Joe or Josephine Blow go to school at Yale and never have experienced all trappings of privilege? Come the fuck on. It's Yale, for chrissakes. You get in based on the generous donation your ancestors gave in order to build one of their department buildings, and how much money your parents have so that Yale can count on a future endowment, not because it's open to all classes to apply equally).

The writers are just not even trying anymore. In this context, those Aerie girls are starting to look way more interesting. How could they take a show so rare it featured 2 female main characters (I mean, when was the last one on TV--Cagney and Lacey? During the 80's?) and turn it into this irritating boring drivel?

As for tiramisu, please leave that out of this. It is innocent, and my tiramisu rocks.
Well, I know people who have gotten in to Yale/Harvard, who do not have an ancestral history there, who've come from near poverty-level backgrounds and worked their asses off (to the point where the University was begging them to come there), didn't even get help from Oprah, to get into a school like that, so to insinuate that everyone there was just let in because there's a building named after their family is absurd.

I'm not saying it doesn't happen, but I'm pretty sure it's not how the majority of the student body got there.

But yes, Lorelai was pretty mediocre last night- her character's become boring, she is selling out and Christopher annoys the crap out of me. Almost as much as April's swim coach. Thank god Luke seemed to be annoyed too. But how cute were Lane and April hanging out together (even if Lane was probably being paid to be there)? I think they could do some good for each other.
all I'm going to say is what my wee girlchild who is just 12 said : Mom, this is really boring now.

You're right, it was crème brûlée.

There are both poorpeoplewhoworkveryhard and legacieswhohavebuildingsnamedafterthem at Yale, as well as many other kinds of people, my point was that both groups were reduced to ugly stereotypes, they were all intelligent, but in some, aggressive, frantic pushiness was their RIGHT and was kind of a charming little quirk, and in others, it was an embarrassment much like their non-expensive clothing and non-expensive hair.

I also thought it was ridiculous and obnoxious that Rory insist they leave the restaurant. Good god.

It's also odd that there are no bumps in the Christopher/Lorelai relationship besides the "going to Paris" thing. I mean, he was a manipulative, lazy, withholding prick and he changed overnight?
Pollystyrene, I hate to tell you this, but your friends are in a tiny minority in the Ivy League system. Those with money get priority--and Yale isn't hiding behind this fact, it is open about it. They aren't running a meritocracy there, they're running a business. If your background is poor, get your education somewhere else, make a fortune however you can, write them a big fat cheque for an endowment, and they'll let your kids in (or grant you one of those honorary degrees later).

I believe even Rory had to buy her way in with a monetary "gift" from her grandparents, or at least I vaguely remember it, on the show. I could be wrong about that, but Rory's monied past has weilded some influence on her acceptance and status at the school, either through her grandfather or her father (once he inherited his fortune).

And the show bores 12 year olds now. I just want to slap those new writers silly.

As for this:

It's also odd that there are no bumps in the Christopher/Lorelai relationship besides the "going to Paris" thing. I mean, he was a manipulative, lazy, withholding prick and he changed overnight?

He's still a manipulative ("read my letter from Sherry, then let's go hover around her in Paris, mkay?"), lazy (what does he do with his spare time now that work isn't necessary?), and withholding prick (now that he wants to be nosing around in Rory's life, won't he be abandoning his latest daughter?). Lorelai's just being written dumb enough not to see it yet.
Poop on Christopher! More Luke and April (and Lane minus Zach)! Chris didn’t bother me so much as the character that shows up twice per season, but as a weekly regular? ((yawn)) and he’s dragging Lorelai into his dull and inane universe sad.gif

As for the whole Yale thing, I don’t think it’s news that the Ivy League is exclusive and elitist and by and large the students come from privileged backgrounds. Plenty of “cold” applicants do get in (even *gasp* minorities and poor people!) but they are held to a much higher standard – they really do have to “work their ass off.” It’s really no different than life in the real world where success is often determined by who you know. Here’s an interesting article (sorry –a little old) from the Wall Street Journal about legacy admissions; the author of the article just put out a book on the subject: The Price of Admission: How America's Ruling Class Buys Its Way into Elite Colleges-and Who Gets Left Outside the Gates. If Bush isn’t a case against legacy admissions, I don’t know what is.

I wouldn’t call Gilmore Girls a realistic show when it comes to the situations (it’s realism lies more in the emotion), but I think Rory’s admission to Yale was pretty much on target – she had the private school, grades, extracurriculars, SATs, and the legacy (her grandfather always was a contributing alumni). So, I wouldn't say she "bought her way in," but it probably didn't hurt (she did get into Harvard and Princeton, too, right?).

Rory has been pissing me off since last season (the DAR!? blech), but I'm really sad about Lorelai heading in the same direction.
Ha! I know! about the missing Zach. Such a relief! But I think the April character is too demanding for me. However, I am finding Luke a lot more attractive watching him interact with her. She's a bit annoying, but she was wittier and sharper than Lorelai all episode long.

Gad, I'm on edge after Sookie used the vastly superior veggies from a supplier who is not her man.

Also, and finally on the topic, Harper's published an article about Ivy League schools and how they choose their students which is very similar to the article you mention in the Wall Street Journal, Prophecy Girl--and that was a long, long time ago too. I remember it so vividly though, because it seemed very accurate at the time (my BFF was applying to work on her doctorate at Harvard, where the application had a space for her to indicate the combined salary expenses her family paid their servants! Needless to say, she--a child from a single parent home--was not asked to complete her doctorate there, even though her academic achievements were far above average). Thanks also for mentioning the legacy which got Rory in--her grandfather's gifts as an alumnus. I'd forgotten exactly what it was, but I knew he paid them something. And certainly it helped that Rory is a Daughter of the American Revolution, but that doesn't help me. Yuck.

I think April's character is annoying, but part of that might just be the smarty-assed pinch faced young actress playing her. my .02 on that.

did anyone else pick up a subtle difference in the theme song music last night?
I could have sworn it wasn't the same and if so, they really might lose us bc damnit, that was some great music or do the new writers think they can improve on That Too?
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