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I do agree with that, prophecy- the non-privileged people who do get in do have to work a lot harder and are held to a different standard.
And then it's like: "Oh, you WORK? You WORRY? You don't have extra money and time? What a DORK!"

The attitude is, of course your parents gave you everything mine did, so you're just choosing to be weak and timorous. Oh, trust me, I know. I went to an expensive art school, and, argh! The amount of kids screaming loudly about how "leftist" and "street" and "sex radical" they were, and then just Dissing me for
a) working
cool.gif talking about art
c) worrying about money

was appalling. Reallllly appalllling.

They couldn't see the contradiction.

This one girl still screams in panic whenever she runs into me, I am her sworn enemy because I confronted her snobbery and hypocrisy when I had finally had enough of it.

It was if I was saying I was *cooler* than her.

Satan! Satan! That's who I am.
Well, I think that's the problem--it's not the cost of tuition or books that's really an issue, it's whether or not you actually have the financial resources to give you access to all the other necessary, expensive learning opportunities which will also make up a significant portion of your education--like the money to pay for vacations away with classmates, or trips that are part of your curriculum that will cost a great deal of money, or internships which will allow you to learn your way into a career but pay nothing. If you're going to parlay your education into a very "successful" career, you do have to be experienced--well travelled, well-connected, worldly and resourceful, and you have to be able to accomplish this without restrictions on your time, like those you encounter when you work. If you're able to just take care of your tuition requirements and cover your classroom expenses, but the other stuff is out of reach, then you aren't going to succeed very easily. Which doesn't look great on your Ivy League School.
Right. I did parlay the art school into career success, that was by using that and my machine shop experience to get a job in a pre-press house, getting into a graphic arts training program that got me on the computer (through a state program funded by unemployment) and I did the traveling and gym and things like that -- buying nice clothes and new equipment and the like -- by parlaying one job and another.

But then, they favor people who are twenty-something years old and it took me until I am thirty-something to get it.

Now, I am once again with new equipment and software because my graphic arts/communications bachelor was finally acheived in 2002, and things have made another exponential leap just from 2002.

I will probably have to go for the T-mobile Blackberry Pearl deal, because NOW, my Agency, really cool woman that's believed in me and gotten me good stuff in the field again and again, just ASSUMED that I would instantly get my gmail! Like, doesn't EVERYONE have an email and web accessing cell phone? No, um, I just got my cell phone last year. And --- I've wanted email access on cell phone forever, but it was only on PDAs costing several hundred dollars until right now, this last couple of months really.

So it's a matter, in my field, publishing, design, advertising, yada yada, where you have to keep up, which is fine, but it's always going to favor the people who have a couple thousand dollars lying around so they can buy the latest thing FIRST.

I actually have a very good line on what's coming up and have the tools and the time for it, but that's something that only happens a few times in my life.

I get into the bunker and I spring out and do it again.

This time, it has to be really good.

The next hurdle, which I didn't do last time or the time before, is to act all subtly embarrassed and depressed that I have such a "lowly" job, even though we all KILL to get it, and constantly make "subtle" references to family money, largely illusory even in their case (if you don't 'have it right now' do you really have it) and be very mellow and speak in a low, "of course I'm so great and so mellow" voice and go out to fairly expensive slick bars for drinks with co-workers.

I might do some ground work with some other folks I know but... though I know the necessity, I haven't gotten to that point yet.

It's weird.

It peeves me that some kids can get Sallie Mae which I assume is to pay for those "don't work and can socialize with money" part of the learning experience, and I didn't even HEAR about Sallie Mae, which I would have qualified for, before I was enrolled and already had transfers and credits set up in what turned out to be a NON Sallie Mae school.

I'm lucky that some people consider an older, working class (ish) woman an asset to communications product fields -- they think I will bust ass to learn technology and know what people want and how to talk to people, and how to deal with the working world.

They are correct. Could be better though.
chacha and wombat -- the thread hijackers!


I seriously have to get a myspace page -- or better yet, a journalism commentator job.

I actually had no idea that post was so long.

It was just like -- I'm thinking this: like a little cube in my brain and I had to draw all sides of it quickly.

Dorkus Maximus
Dorkus Maximus my ass, girly.

Are we the only 2 in here who know the fabulousness of Diana Rigg? M. Appeal!
I've issued a challenge in the okayers thread that I can actually copy this picture and look like her for real. I plan to head out today and get my eyebrows waxed, and get some expensive cake mascara so I can do the heavy eyeblack without mucking up my contact lenses.

Cause I do have the same big bones, deep eyes, straight nose, low forehead, and big doughy white face.

So far none of them have picked up the gauntlet... rolleyes.gif

so, a little more resume wrassling and I am out the door, to go be vain on this beautiful day, because I have a weekend of partying ahead of me!

Wow, how off thread!

Well, I hope Rory comes to her senses, and someone tells off Paris so bad they make her cry.

Asshat Logan is only going to drop her again, and she'll find out he was keeping ten on the side all along. Guys like that... it wouldn't be so bad if he was honest about it. But he's doing the whole "perhaps YOU are actually WORTHY of me" game with her. Gad.
I bet you can do a reasonable facsimile, Wombat! It sounds like fun. Just remember to tuck in your bra straps if you choose to wear a stretchy jumpsuit with cut outs. The mostly fabulous Diana didn't always take care to remember.

Oh Rory and her idiotic boyfriend choices. She only likes them when they treat her like dirt, work like scouring powder on her self-esteem, and pose enough of a threat to her future to land her in prison. Logan's just the latest--seems they get wealthier as she goes. I'm guessing her next boyfriend will be the television equivalent of Patrick Bates (our hero in American Psycho).
Yer on!! Yeah!

Brows today -- poor woman, she was so pretty, she looked like Erin Everly, but she took forever and kept going back. But a walk-in Friday afternoon at 4 pm must be brutal.

Hair tomorrow. And cake eyeliner. This L'Oreal liquid keeps flaking off. And, long ago, they changed the formula to my belove Maybelline.

Any guesses as to future plot twists? Sukie runs off with the sexay vegetable man?
She's already a goner, that Sookie. Her obvious placating tactics when her husband came to pick her up--yeah, she's going to try and say she's happy with what she's already got, but New Veggie Man brings the goods.

Ratatouille sucks, my friends, and if the entire restaurant staff is raving about it, Sookie will be force to make a professional decision she may not like. On the other hand, you should never leave your business in the hands of one lone supplier--it is the road to doom. Who knows?

I do think Sookie will exercise a quick cleaver motion anytime Chris dares to venture into her kitchen, which is bound to happen if Lorelai really does end up with I am taking that leap of faith that the future will bring an end to Chris altogether, as Chris will definitely threaten the relationship and the business that she and Sookie have built.

As for Rory? She's going to get dumped by whats-his-name in London, but she'll pine for him until she's either back in prison or back in her grampy's pool house.
Rory in prison?! How did I miss THAT episode --- oh yeah, her weird community service gig.

Gilmore Girls, final episode: Rory breaks off a bad relationship with the Huntzbergers, graduates from Yale with a degree in journalism and realizes it is all worthless as she is essentially black-balled by the ruling class media positions network.

She goes back to her lesbian chain-gang lover, once again steals a yacht, and they sail off together into the sunset, saying "Fuck all y'all!"

I'm willing to see where the season goes yet...but I really, really want the Aerie girls GONE. They're insulting. I wouldn't be caught dead watching the View, I certainly don't like the View in miniature.
Yeah, the aerie girls seems to be a really insulting stereotype -- let's get dorky girls to gossip in this pontificating manner about the imaginary lives of people on TV.

I liked the fact that Rory was distancing herself from Paris and hanging out with the arty girls.

It is a little weird that Christopher and Lorelei would get married at the drop of a hat. The whole Paris sequence was cheesy. Where did Gigi disappear to when they were having their romantic moments? Also, we don't get to meet Chris' ex and see what's up with her, also, I'm pretty sure those back drops of scenery were from a fairly impossible, contradictory view point -- also, what the hell is up with them not taking a guidebook? I'm sure there is somewhere in Paris that has all-night food. Even though they are a lot more strict about serving traditional meal food at traditional meal times generally speaking, they have international tourists and taxi drivers and places for the butchers and bakers and clubbers to go, I am sure.

And, opening a whole restaurant because "I have money now?" I'm pretty sure the bread stores open at five. Also, it would take a good hour for a restaurant oven to heat up...what the hell?

That was the most corny, unrealistic view of Paris ever.
I totally agree on the views and portrayal of Paris.
things in Europe open much much earlier than they do back in the states, esp the bakeries.

- that merry-go-round they showed at the very first glimpse of the citi though, the one right in front of the Eiffel Tower? the mr & I have ridden it & kissed like fools while doing so. biggrin.gif

other than that- what happened to Rory & the paper?
did I miss something Huge that she is suddenly' Not Allowed According to some Yale By-Law thing?'

the arty girls, eyyy, like them yes, but they are dizzying to me, not unlike nats.

lane & zac & Twins?
I thought it was hysterical that he thought they were Siamese, bc looking at ultrasounds can be pretty confusing. don't know what I thought of the rest of that scene, Mama was pretty intense but sweetly so.

not suprised that l & c got married, but yet am not entirely thrilled by it either.
she didn't want to, and again, out of character for her, she did it anyway.
I wonder if the actress feels the split personality of her character now too?
Oh, I agree--the view of the Cathedral in one window, and the Eiffel tower in it just me or aren't they miles away from each other in opposite directions, at opposite ends of the city? Just how huge is that hotel room?

Also: they awake from a nap at 4am, walk the streets for food unsuccessfully for, what, 4 minutes (in a city where the main street market is getting ready to open at 3am, and there are plenty of businesses--including places to eat--ready to serve them)? Then come back to the hotel room to make speech impairing love....but they're back in their clothes at a restaurant Chris bribed (with a full staff) to eat dinner for breakfast at 5am? Are the writers not aware that leaves about 3 minutes for the supposedly mindblowing, left brain disabling sex they are afterglowing about?

And then they freaking get married. Lorelei looks like she'd been drugged with the GBH that got Veronica Mars at the end of the episode. I'm so sure Rory will be pleased, especially when she learns the two of them punted Gigi out of their lives as soon as they could. One last thing: Chris spends money like a fool. He'll be broke before we know it.
I think they left Gigi with Sherry, since that's why they went to Paris in the first place.

I've never been to France, but even I knew that was a totally unrealistic portrayal of Paris- most of what I know about the place I know from watching Anthony Bourdain, but isn't Paris kind of a "city that never sleeps"? Maybe not to the degree of NYC, but still? Either way, it was all a set-up that led to him proposing in a fancy restaurant. Personally, I would have been swooning over a more spontaneous, low-key proposal with a fresh-out-of-the-oven baguette at 4:30am on the street. But that's just me.

Do they really light up the Eiffel Tower like that, with all the glittery lights? And they say we're tacky? It looked like a white trash Christmas tree with all the chasing lights. I don't think they do that at the faux Eiffel Tower in Vegas, and that's Vegas for pete's sake!

I was so hopeful when they showed Marty in the "previously on Gilmore Girls"...then he was just Lucy's boyfriend. Well, maybe it will make Rory realize what she could have had and she'll ditch Logan. I do like her better with Lucy and [whatever the other girl's name is- I forgot!].

ETA: I cross-posted with everyone! Re: your comment, Chacha, that Rory will be happy about Lorelai and Christopher getting married: correct me if I'm wrong (I only *heard* the preview for next week from the other room) but didn't I hear Rory telling Lorelai how pissed off she was? If I were Lorelai, I would have done the spontaneous, romantic wedding in Paris, not told ANYONE, then come back and had a wedding. I've heard about a lot of people doing that- many of them are in a situation where their wedding planning has gotten out of control and they want to have a simple wedding, just them and theoir partner, so they go off and do it, then have the "real" wedding with their family. And I noticed that seeming lapse in the time-space continuum, too, Chacha- they're up at 4...roam the streets, back to the hotel, have mindblowing sex, then somehow get prepared for a formal restaurant (we all know that would take Lorelai at least 35 minutes to get ready, decided what she's going to wear....) then at the fancy restaurant by 5:00??? Yeah, right.
they do, ar at least Did, lite the Eiffel Tower up w/ white lights sometimes, bc in reality it is a rusty brown primer color. (way not pretty & suprizing). I have a couple of really beautiful pictures we took of it lit up at night if anyone wants to see them, but the flashing lights was just gosh awful & insulting.
- maybe it was a special effect for a holiday? they (the french) are a little less stuffy than they are often potrayed to be and Love a good party.

the cathedral (Notre' Dame) is on something like a 3 sided inlet island in the Sein, which the Tower is on one side of, and as both are HUGE, it's not unreasonable to be in a location to see them both at the same time.
that's the thing w/ Paris, even from street level, there really are very few 'bad' views. ( my icon is from a boatride there going under a bridge) I guess if you had christopher's kind of money, why not?
but what bugged me was that lorelie walks over to the windows of their room, 1/2 brushes the curtain aside and glimpses out, and then goes right to the bed. - when *I* first arrived in Paris, I literally skipped over the bridge w/ happiness and joy (it really is That Beautiful & totally took me by suprise) and then made my girlchild pinch me.

L talks about the whole long list of things they Have To Do while they are there, but then right after the proposal they cut to being back at her house in star's hollow and him calling her mrs hayden.
- if they got married there, don't you think they then would have stayed at least another day or 2 for their Impromptu Honeymoon?
c could have had some really incredible time w/ gigi there too, and we could have seen just what this 'sherry' woman looks like finally.

the writers have just gone Way Off who these people used to be and it both bugs and saddens me.

to be cliche' Lorelie has lost her verve.
I love the Eiffel Tower and I'm just a purist about it smile.gif

We've seen Sherry before- I know she was in season 2, where she and Christopher come to Rory's debate at Chilton. It's the first time Sookie has met him. Then they go back to Lorelai & Rory's and Sherry has that weird discussion with Lorelai about how they don't have to be friends and don't have to talk to each other. I think she's been in other episodes, too- didn't Rory and Lorelai go to her baby shower?
I've been to Paris, but stayed in the 15th Arrondisment -- Grenouille -- left bank, within walking distance of the Eiffel tower. I kind of liked the rusty color -- it had lights but not flashing lights and we (my friend and I) also rode on the carousel. I know Notre Dame is in the middle of the river, but I'm not sure you'd be able to see the back of Notre Dame and the Eiffel tower from the same hotel room -- just because I think the military school would be in the way. I get it that it's on the Rive Droit but I would say the room had to be high up in the air.

Since I thought the whole point of going to Paris was to see what's UP with Gigi's mom, it would help if the kid didn't just disappear, with no scene about it. Also, wouldn't the little girl be pretty freaked out if she probably barely remembers her mother, then she's "visiting" long-term in a foreign country?

So, what are they doing: *brushing hands briskly* "well, THAT'S over!"


When we said we were going on a trip to Paris, we meant that we were going to leave you there! Ha ha!!

Every kid's nightmare if you ask me!
QUOTE(wombat @ Nov 15 2006, 03:02 PM) *

Since I thought the whole point of going to Paris was to see what's UP with Gigi's mom, it would help if the kid didn't just disappear, with no scene about it. Also, wouldn't the little girl be pretty freaked out if she probably barely remembers her mother, then she's "visiting" long-term in a foreign country?

So, what are they doing: *brushing hands briskly* "well, THAT'S over!"


When we said we were going on a trip to Paris, we meant that we were going to leave you there! Ha ha!!

Every kid's nightmare if you ask me!

we lived in germany when we went to Paris (about 4 hrs by train) and my girlchild was smaller, ages 6-9 when we were there, right in the 'Madeline' timeline. we were Terrible parents and used to threaten her (jokingly) that if she wasn't good we'd take her to Paris to 'live with Madeline' ( i-e Abandone her there, such as isn't done here but is normal abroad) and once while in the Frankfurt airport we passed an Air France terminal and frecklette starting freaking out, thinking we really Were doing just that.
awful for a child to think is happening sad.gif
you're so right wombat, why did they not think about the reality of it? I don't get why we didn't see them interacting w/ gigi and sherry to make sure she would be comfortable w/ her, altho I think that much was implied. they need to do less of that and more actually Showing bc it leaves you wondering and not in a good way either.

(note** when she & I went for the day later on, we spent much of the time wandering around, picking out homes that we thought would match the girls school that Madeline lived in, so it became a Happy memory instead of a potentially scaring one.)
I'm just wondering if the entire original writing staff of Gilmore Girls got fired? It looks like it, given the awfulness of these scripts. Seriously, it's stuff any screenwriting workshopper would catch and give the writer hell for.
What an entirely lousy episode. The Paris trip had so many holes. As everyone has already said, I too kept wondering how they could have possibly done “all that” in an hour. As for finding food at 5:00 am, it’s fucking Paris not Hicksville. Any major city in the world would have a bakery/café, etc. open at that hour. Hell, they could have gone to Les Halles market and had an amazing breakfast. When they mentioned the trip in previous episodes, I assumed they were spending more than one night there. Silly me to think they’d want to ease Gigi into spending several months in a foreign country with a complete stranger.

OK, I’m done beating that dead horse.

Rory’s “arty” friends are amusing, but a little grating. I must be in the minority here, but I kind of love Paris (the character). She’s like Cordelia – she often says exactly what everyone is thinking, but would never, ever say to another person. Plus, she’s damn funny.

I’m actually pretty new to Gilmore Girls – I just spent the last 6 months or so watching the entire series from the beginning, so the memories of the really well written eps/seasons are still fresh. What a contrast with this season! Depressing . . .
I don't know what happened to the original writers of the show. Amy Sherman Palladino and Michael (?) Palladino--you could always tell "his" scripts from "her" scripts, and which scripts they wrote together. Anyway, perhaps it has something to do with the "new CW" network.

Generally, I don't think the new writers want to perpetuate the characters as they were--or they are enormously resistant to understanding them. I get the feeling they think the show is all about witty quips, back and forth; it's not, and they new character's quips not all that witty anyway.

There was only one witty line in the entire show (and it was not enough to save it). It was Brian's "Please pass the Bulgogi" request as he ate dinner in his new Korean family's home.

I'm not sure if I'll watch anymore. I'm not sure what the intentions are for these newly developed characters, and I don't have a lot of faith in the skill the new writers have demonstrated so far.

Watching less TV will not kill me.
Daniel Palladino, chacha smile.gif
Daniel Palladino biggrin.gif Thank you, PollyS.!

(I've begun to lose my nouns and my proper names. I'm at that age. It happens, even though I doubted it would).

What are they up to now, anyway? Does anyone know?
prophecy -- nooooooo noooooo not cordelia! Another one I wanted to smack! And from such a show!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer had the BEST example of a character who said things others wouldn't but/and was funny: ANYA!

I started out hating Anya and ended up liking her -- she was such a riot!
I liked that they did eventually change Cordelia, but it took two shows to do it. As for this stuff from this season's Gilmore Girls..I really think it's a CB issue. I've been watching their Disney-channel approach to promos between shows, and it's making me insane. Does that stuff actually work? Like having two actors "duel" on guitar heroes? WT?
Chacha, the Palladinos' contracts were up at the end of the previous season and the two of them wanted a two-season contract. The actors are only signed through the end of the current season, so the network only wanted to do a one-year contract and the Palladinos refused.

I think the writing has been pretty meh, but the problems with this season all began when ASP wrote the show into a corner by having Lorelai sleep with Christopher at the end.

I also feel like this is now two shows, Gilmore Girls and Luke!, the latter a wacky sitcom about a stick-in-the-mud and his Cousin Oliver-like long-lost daughter. I didn't mind April last year, but she's so grating in every scene. And none of the characters make sense. Lorelai's lost all her charm and Christopher seems like a completely different person than he ever did.

I've watched this show for so long, but I don't know how much longer I can put up with it. It's not enjoyable, and no one does anything in it that makes sense. So far, the only stuff I've liked is when Emily went to jail.
And then, the whole "Emily Went to Jail!" goldmine of a premise/relationship developer just disappeared in a poof of stench we all now know of as the Chris/Lorelei date sequence. Talk about writers who simply cannot.

I think poor ASP wrote Lorelai into that corner for leverage. I don't think the two of them (ASP and her man) wanted off the show so much as they wanted to do everything they could to get some kind of committment from the new network. I mean, heck, she built the show up till it had a loyal and committed following--it's been on the air for years now, the DVD's are selling well.... They'd proved themselves and the show was (was being the operative word) successful. CW network blew it, in my opinion, by letting the show's creators walk. They probably thought "Anyone can write a show!" and figured the writers could be very easily replaced.

Fat chance of that, huh?

They probably thought that with new writers they could control, and a new sponsorship program from AE, they could make the show really profitable for the network by gearing it up for teens and then using it as a shill for another mall based cheap T shirt company. I mean, if ASP weren't going to stick around and write the characters to their specifications so that they could all aim for a movie franchise to arise from it's outrageous success....then why keep the old writers around at all, if they couldn't promise at least that?

I have the sense the whole show is being undermined, either deliberately or just through neglect coming from obliviousness. It makes me furious, because, it's not like there are so many shows or media, for that matter, where women and their relationships are the focus.

Blah blah blah. It gave me one second's worth of peace to note that the Luke/Lorelai crisis sequence went off exactly as it should (except for that fact that Luke noticed the wedding ring and nothing was said about it) and that Luke gains comfort from watching the Philadelphia Story just at the point where Cary Grant saves Katherine Hepbourne's neck by helping her back into his arms (but that whole "Yar" business is appalling, so, really, the idiotic writers could have chosen a better film reference...unless they wanted us to see Cary Grant as the parallel to the Chris/Puppeteer character they've hitched Lorelai up with. Horrendous. What an insult to Cary Grant, may he rest in peace).
They were offered $5 million for one year and balked because they wanted two years, and really didn't think the network wouldn't go for it. They'd talked about decreasing their involvement with GG even before the CW was anounced, as they were supposed to be developing a second pilot for the WB, but with the merger, the pilot was dropped. I think ASP was pissed about that and decided to play hardball with the new network.

I think I'm done with this show after last night's episode. I actually fast-forwarded when April started screaming "Da-ad." If I wanted to watch that, I'd watch more CBS sitcoms.
Ugh, April. See, she could have been a great character--not some cookie cutter attempt at a Rory duplicate. She's badly written, the whole appendicitis cliche was badly written, and I get that the relationship between Luke and April is supposed to be a marked contrast against Chris' lame, clueless, irresponsible and neglectful style of fatherhood, but enough already.

If I were the Palladinos, I'd have done the same thing, I think. CW may be a new network, but they were buying some successful shows, and they ought to have known better than to tamper with the success they'll need to stay viable.

But, likeI said in a previous post: watching less TV will not kill me.

You fast forwarded? You can do this on a TiVo? I do not know these things.
Well OF COURSE you can fast forward on a TIVO. I'd be amazed if you could fast forward during a broadcast unsure.gif

Eh. I never liked April. I don't see any reason for her even being there in the first place, except to make things complicated. Some relationship drama.

I like the fact that Rory is thinking beyond college and not wanting to feel like a kept woman.

I see a really obvious: "But living with Chris is so wrong! so wrong!" crisis coming up, which makes me say: REALLY? rolleyes.gif

This show has always gone through stages of being somewhat interesting and stages of being annoyingly shallow -- there are whole seasons in the past that I just skipped over. It was the worst in the beginning, when Lorelei was competing sexually with her teenage daughter. Yegads!

If I hadn't been flopped down nearly dead from weightlifting and elliptical before Thanksgiving madness, I don't think I would have even watched this last night.
Well, are you not, in fact, fast forwarding during a broadcast you're watching with your TiVo?

TiVo's are a non-entity for me. I ain't got none a them here. So I wouldn't know.
Yeah, I have it on TiVo. I usually wait until fifteen minutes into the broadcast so I can forward through the commercials, and last night, the episode was over by the time I brought myself to watch it.
Well, okay then. That makes perfect sense to me, where it did not before.

Shut up, Chris. Shut up, April. Shut up, Rory and "Boyfriend".

I want to at least see more of Kelly Bishop if this thing is going to drag on. She kicks Lorelei's ass so hard and yet ignores Chris even when she's talking directly to him. I love that--that ability is truly a gift. I wish ASP and Palladino would write a nice spin off show about her and her DAR adventures and her life in prison.
Usually I would hate someone like "Emily Gilmore" or dismiss her, but, props to Kelly Bishop, she's funny.
My vcr malfunctioned last night (or, it's gained sentience) and only taped about ten minutes of the show. Sadly, I wasn't that sad.

I've been annoyed by that "writing for the commercial" trend that they've had since Paris lost her virginity, but that seems to be getting ridiculous now.

They've even managed to screw up Sukie! Bring back the town loner, I say.
I know!! about Sukie. How can they turn a character who was such an enthusiastic master chef into a doddering, blithering idiot trying to make "theme" spaghetti? And she suddenly can't even cook spaghetti? I suppose that breadstick and skein pasta dish she was floundering with is supposed to let us know Sukie's had a lobotomy.

I think your vcr is just protesting, rizzo.
There is one thing my mom and I have been wondering about since April came onto the scene. Okay, seriously, how could this kid of done DNA testing? My mom and I both think that maybe Luke isn't really her dad and that maybe in some upcoming episode they'll get a real test and find out. I dunno, it sounds far fetched but I wouldn't put it past the writers.

Oh, also, I can't stand Rory's friend that had the birthday in the last episode. Who would go around addressing their boyfriend as "boyfriend"! He has a name, y'know!
I think the story line involved a paternity test to test between a number of different potential fathers, and Luke was the one who was "most likely to". But I can't see the characters ever being involved closely enough to make a baby; Luke and Anna together? Not bloody likely. What did he see in her?

Like you, candycanegirl, I'm a bit annoyed at the direction that arc's taking now too--Luke's legal chances of gaining custody rights are so much better than what the "lawyer" tells us they are on the show, which is so frustrating.

But I suppose Luke had to be put in a bad mood somehow, so that he wouldn't walk away from DrunkChris' big punch-out challenge. That fight was lacking something. Not just a musical backdrop of irony, or witnesses to try and stop it--what it really lacked was a definitive knock out, where Luke walks away and Chris just limps away.

I hate last night's episode more every time I think about it. Once again, only Kelly Bishop and her wonderfully patient wedding planner made it worth the effort, as we all know that on her best day Lorelai's transparent "I don't wanna be married to Chris!" rudeness would be silenced by a one word witticism from that man (and I so wanted him to say it!). Forever.
I only saw the last fifteen minutes or so, as my guy fell in love with a special about a native american rock-climber in Yosemite. He is such a PBS dork sometimes smile.gif

I could have insisted, but for Gilmore Girls? Nah.

Interesting that Rory is getting so disenchanted with Logan, but i can't see what the big deal is about arty girl dating Jesse years later. "You didn't TELL me!' Why tell you? It was years ago and I was only beginning to get to know you when he appeared, telling would look more like "staking a claim and it's a big deal" than NOT telling.

but, TV being TV, Rory can't just come out and say this, they will drag it out till the end of time.
Well, for one thing, Arty Stereotype girl will feel angry because it looks like both her boyfriend and Rory were hiding something from her. And they were. Logan, however, is an ass for bringing it up (especially after he and Marty were goading each other with their remarks). I do recall that Rory told Logan she'd bring it up with her friend when the time was right--and that dinner, that evening, the time was not right.

So I can understand that Arty S. is furious. Plus, she's by nature overly dramatic--she's a stereotype! Whatd'ya wanna bet Rory has to choose between the Trust Fund Baby Logan, with all his promise of republican stability...and devil-may-care, bohemian temperament Jesse and his novel writing? We'll have to see how well Milo Ventimiglia does on his new show to know whether or not his attendence will be requested back on GG for some taut but hackneyed dramatic tension.

It was more arty girl -- gosh, she's so stereotyped we can't even remember her NAME! boobling on and on about, Isn't it weird and hilarious that Jesse has so many jobs?! Math and common sense are not her strong suits.
I am happy to say that Milo is doing very well on Heros so will hopefully never have to come back to GG.

Yeah the fact that "boyfriend" and Rory kept it as a secret does make it look like there was something to hide. I have no problem with Logan outing them as I do not understand what they were doing.

The whole fight scene just seemed weird and out of tone with the whole show. It was just such a stereotypical "stupid male" thing to do. I used to expect better from this show.
Kitten, I hated (HATED!!!!) the Jesse character passionately, really because Rory was such a doormat around him and it made me really nervous every time they had a segment together. I kept thinking: what other kind of debasement will she show us now? Ugh. Though the last time he showed up, with his finished novel in hand, it looked like he was trying to grow up a bit and he was not such a bastard around Rory. Course, when Logan showed up to feel intimidated by him, Rory happily resumed her doormat stance with him...

...and so I'm glad Heroes is catching on.

And my problem with Logan outing them comes from the fact that Rory told him she would handle it when it could be done appropriately. But that wasn't good enough for Logan, and Logan was feeling insecure around Marty and his 4 jobs, so Logan told what he knew to get revenge on Marty and put Rory back in her place as his cute l'il gal. He hadn't counted on the fact that Arty would be humiliated by his exposition, as she was; and in the end, he didn't even care.

Now, if Rory hadn't made it clear to him that she would handle it at a better time than at a dinner date, an invitation he accepted out of Arty Girl's kindess and willingness to accept him as Rory's friend, Logan might have been justified--but only if he "told" in such a way that didn't cause Arty so much pain.

Everyone used to expect better of this show.
Isn't it sad? "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" was on last night, so I only turned to GG during the commercials. What I saw was less than impressive. The only part I liked was the realistic portrayal of a college student stealing cereal from the dining hall.

Are you guys talking about Marty????

Or are you talking about Jess, Luke's nephew??

So confused.

Arty girl's name is Lucy. I know because ((shhh!)) that's my name. Yeah, total drama queen. I can imagine being miffed about it, but that was an over-reaction. Certainly not worth leaving good, cheap Indian food for (I hope Logan was gentleman enough to pay for the meal.) Logan's still an ass for letting the cat out of the bag, though.

Anyway, there needs to be more hand to hand combat on this show! Just kidding. I wonder if either of them will ever admit that happened. Christopher's sheen is wearing of- ha! I never liked him. And good marriage advice coming from Emily? Wow, never saw that coming.

My opinion of the Jess character is still out there- I started watching the show about 3/4 of the way through season 3, when most of the Jess drama had simpered out. I'm Netflixing all the earlier episodes though and just got my last disc of season 2, so I'm almost there.

Okay, how hilarious was the fight scene between Luke and Christopher? Seriously, I gasped but only in a "omg, this is too funny" way.

I can't stand the art girl. She annoys the hell out of me and if I actually knew someone like that in real life I would do my best to stay far far away from her.

And I think that she definitely over-reacted to the fact that they already knew each other. How come people on tv never give the other person a chance to explain? And even then, what was there to explain? "We've known each other since freshman year but your boyfriend is an asshole who decided to pretend that he didn't know me." the end.
Anyway, there needs to be more hand to hand combat on this show!

Exactly what I was thinking. With some kickcing and dragging thrown in for good Yuletide measure (plus, I imagine Luke wears a good, sturdy workboot where Chris wears sneakers).

Yeah, that was funny considering (and now we're gonna argue) meek n' mild Chris started it after a teary lonesome beer session. He does like his alcohol, that one. And he'd have to be a little tipsy to think he could take Luke on--there's definitely a size discrepancy there.

Anyway--it was due.

Now I'd like Logan to take on creepy, stalky Marty--cause I predict Logan is about to be dumped.
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