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Full Version: Hi Everyone!
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Ms. Frenchie
Hi ladies! I think this group is a great idea because I have days when I feel really low. I have had friends mock me and compare my breast to bug bites in a joking manner but I can't possibly see how that could be funny. Fortunately I am lucky enough to have a man that appreciates my small breasts. It is so different here in the US, the fascination with large breasts is astounding. I thought that women were more fascinated by large breasts because all the men that I have asked have said they greately prefer smaller boobs because women can be free to walk braless and don't have to worry about sagging. Unfortunately, it is my girl friends that find it amuzing to mock my small breast size. I just wish they would understand...
Hey Ms. Frenchie-did you see the small breast support thread? We like to keep threads to a minimum-so if you are thinking of a topic that you can't find, don't be afraid to ask about it in the Community Forum, it might actually be here somewhere. Or it's good to get the 'OK' from other members about starting new threads in there. Welcome to Bust!
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