[color=#33CC00]Hello ladies!! I am a newby to bust and I am amazed by all the support all the members have for each other, especially considering these are not easy topics to talk about. I am currerenly undergoing major psychological stress due to some uncertain behavior going on down south. I've noticed that every so often I have some irritation on the fold between the labia minora and majora that looks a little raw but it goes away within two to three days, sometimes in a day. And I've noticed it usually occurs after I have unprotected sex with my boyfriend or when I wear thongs that are not cotton. But the major reason that I am concerned is because I know that I have oral HSV1 and I know that it can be transmitted to the genital area. I haven't experienced the symptoms on my vagina that I do when I get a cold sore but I've read that HSV1 doesn't usually behave in the same manner in the genital area because it's not in it's preferred location so I'm freaked out!! I've read that most people don't even know they have it because they affiliate it with something else. I hope one of you can help me out with personal experiences with genital herpes!![s][/s]