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Full Version: Help Not Sure What To Do
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hey guys I know that y'all are discussing something else, but I need yur advice! I am not sure whether I should take the morning after pill; we did not have sex, but he tried to enter me and I pushed him away. I am not sure how far. I am in the last week of my cycle. Do you think that I should take it just be careful or am I overreacting? Thanks guys
hey litgirl

as pre-ejaculate can contain sperm, you might want to take the morning-after pill just to be on the safe side. I don't think it will do you any harm to take it. You sound pretty clued-up, but have you thought about going on the pill?

Otherwise, welcome to bust. Normally we don't like to start new threads - you might get more help in "do i need the morning-after pill" over in the let's talk about sex forum. Hope that helps and you get sorted!
thanks so much! Yeah I was on the pill, but after getting out of that serious relationship I went off it...pretty stupid! Thanks
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