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Full Version: Feminists In Make-up - Its A Womans World!
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This is how I´d describe myself. I´m very feminine, and I´ll use my femininity to my advantage, but I´m also university educated, career focused and I won´t tolerate male chauvinism! I believe this is becoming a woman´s world - many of the senior managers in my firm are women, for example, and girls my age seem to be wealthier and more successful than our male conterparts - and I intend to utilise this all I can.

The great thing about being successful career wise, is that we´re independent financially. Where previous generations of women have more or less been domestic servants, we can stay single for as long as we like. We´re sexually liberated as well, which means men have to play by our rules or they´re out on their ear. Let´s face it, women have all the power in a relationship, or at least that´s my experience.

It´s late here and I haven´t probably explained what I mean very well, or substantiated my claims. But does anybody have any thoughts? I think I´m stating the obvious, but a lot of women would disagree.
hey lucy, welcome to bust. since we are an unmoderated forum here we try to keep new threads to a minimum. it's always a good idea to check in the community forum before you start something new, there's generally already something going on already where your query or comments will fit.

stick around and read through the threads, see ya later!
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