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Full Version: Elyse Reads Bust .. America's Next Top Model
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Yeah, it was pretty underwhelming.

I missed the first episode of the new season. Wah! Anybody catch it? What do you think?
Christine Nectarine
i watched bits of it during commercials of something else...i haven't decided yet if i will commit myself to watching this cycle, it seems like the show has gotten too repetetive and silly.
the only thing i'm really curious about is who will be the first girl to get drunk and fall down the billion stairs they have ing the house season!
rosev, the first episode is on youtube.

I'm not sure if I can handle another cycle of ANTM. I've been watching it since the very beginning. It's just becoming too much. All the screaming, the petty catfights, Tyra's ridiculous fake English accent. Blah.
The screaming is what really gets to me. So. Much. Screaming. I'm always embarrassed when my boyfriend comes catches me watching it at a part when a bunch of girls are squealing and running towards something. I'm still gonna watch the whole season, though.

I didn't like Celia's look at first, but now I think she's fierce. She knows fashion and is well-spoken, and will go far, but probably won't win.

I like how divisive Allison is and am curious to see if she can have more than one look.

Fo is cute, and Jessica is gorgeous, but I'm curious to see if they can be model-esque enough.

Nijah is gorgeous, but we haven't seen any personality from her so far. Aminat seems really cool, her height and hair are so striking, my boyfriend REALLY likes her, which made me a bit jealous since I'm nothing like her.

Natalie is forgettable. And I feel bad for Thalia, I mean she's really pretty but I don't think she even would have made it if not for the scars.
Thanks for the bump!

I've been in it since the beginning ( I miss you Elyse! ) and can't stop myself from watching it. I adored the first 2hrs, if only for the addition to my vocabulary: Jealous. Thank you Allison! Please, someone, get a freakin' nosebleed!

Can't wait to see what kind of nuts-o and annoying things will happen this cycle.

Edie52 I get a similar feeling when I get "caught" watching ANTM, except, I'm almost always on the phone with my best pal watching together. Yes, we are so cool!
Okay, the minute Allison's "I'm fascinated with haemophilia" statement was uttered, and we got the "fat" model in and the "scarred model with a sad story" model into the competition, I thought this is some, cynical, gimmick-infested cycle where Tyra's using every buzzploy in the book, including "crazy street preacher/televangelist wannabe/conspiracy theorist cum model to win viewers. Desperate.

It bugs me even more that no one taught Allison that mascara really does only look good on the top lashes--don't put it on the bottom ones, no.

I'm watching to see how Tyra takes out her contempt on the individual gimmicks via horrible "makeovers" complete with very bad hair design, and then, I'm going to take up literature again.
I don't even buy the street preacher's gimmick. I call bullshit. The funny thing is a few times Mr. Jay was trying to say as much, but Tyra interrupted him.

I think she show has been gimmick-infested for a while, but it seems to be getting worse each cycle. It's pretty easy to call who is going to make it to end: they'll keep Sandra for drama, but she won't win (unless she has a MAJOR turn-around); the bitch never wins. Allison and Celia will make it far, since they're distinctive and editorial, but a white girl won't win, since the last two were white. I'm predicting that Fo will win, since she is the sweet, likable one that little girls can look up to, she has commercial appeal, but also has something unique about her. And since she's short, her win would preface the next cycle, which will apparently be all shorter girls.
I saw the rerun of the show last night. I can't remember the names of any of the finalists! I'm really surprised that street-preacher-chick stuck around. That goes double for blood-obsessed-girl.

I'm sticking around for the make-overs. That's always my favorite episode.
i like "the blood girl" actually. she has an unusual look that could be really compelling. she reminds me a lot of lauren from two seasons back (the "punk" girl who i loved) in that she's inexperienced but oddly brilliant.
I liked the "blood girl". She has really cool eyes. The only name I remember is London but I didnt' like that girl.
Allison (the blood girl) is my favorite so far, and when she said "jealous" about Tyra's nosebleeds I nearly lost it. Also, while I respect the girl with burns for being proud of her body, I feel like her face is too conventionally pretty to actually be a model. I was also surprised the epileptic girl was kicked off, I'd assumed Tyra would milk that for all the drama she could.
well epilepsy doesn't make for that much compelling television. seeing her have a seizure would be very disturbing, but not in a good dramatic way, just in an upsetting way. other than that it doesn't really affect her ability to model, although having epilepsy myself i appreciate the inclusion of a girl who suffers from it...and their willingness to discuss it (being still rather stigmatized as is). plus, she didn't do that great...
i'm excited to see how they make over allison though. for some reason i'm thinking blunt bangs.
I'm also into the blood girl. I always pick a girl right at the beginning, root for her and and feel maliciously betrayed when she's kicked off. This year I've picked Celia, she'd better win!
What do you think of Celia's little tattle tale act this week? I agree with Tyra that it was not her place to say anything. If Talia wants to drop out, she needs to do it herself. I'm sure the other models were hurt that they didn't win this week, but I imagine they were not impressed by Celia's little stunt, either. I imagine they're going to make Celia's life miserable for a little while.
I agree that Celia shouldn't have said anything, but that said I cannot STAND Thalia at all. I find her naggy and immature. Also I think her face is too stereotypically pretty to be a real model, I prefer the girls with odder beauty like Celia or Teyona.
I can't stand Celia. She didn't bother me much at first but I just can't stand her look. It's like she has no neck and her face is just weird. Also, even though it wasn't totally fair that Thalia kept complaining about wanting to go home, Celia had no right to try to get the judges to send her home.
QUOTE(LilPinkElectricChair @ Mar 28 2009, 08:15 AM) *
I agree that Celia shouldn't have said anything, but that said I cannot STAND Thalia at all. I find her naggy and immature.

I completely agree. I can't stand Thalia, but I don't think that Celia should have said anything. The whole thing smacked of insecurity to me, as though she's threatened by Thalia, even though that's probably not the case. I can understand wanting everything to be "fair" and that she felt that girls who wanted to be there were the ones who deserved to be there, but, as has been repeated many times on ANTM, they aren't there to make friends and there can be only one winner.

Celia needs to start looking out for #1 and suck up to the Ty Ty monster big time if she wants to stick around much longer.
I don't really like Celia's look either, but I like her in some photos, where she brings the fierce/edgy and it all makes sense. Thalia, I agree, is a baby who can't model and is too stereotypically pretty. My friend and I disagree about all the girls, she doesn't like the "weird-looking" ones and has admitted that sometimes she forgets to think about who can actually model and just judges who she thinks is prettiest. It bugs me.
Celia is getting more and more possessed looking! It's disturbing. I like her less and less.

It was sooo predictable that Sandra was going home last night. And she still thought she was the best!

I love Allison, but she does only have one expression. She needs to change it up. One of my friends said she really dislikes Allison's look; another friend said that I looked like her! I do have big eyes (not that big) and kind of a kid-face, with chubby cheeks and a little chin. And even though I think I'm cute I do not think I'm photogenic. Maybe that's Allison's problem, too. There aren't a lot of angles in her face.

I was happy that Fo and Aminat finally had photos that do them justice. I loved Teyona's photo, too, though I didn't think I would during the shooting segment of the episode. It turned out amazing.
Chairman Miaow
I'm so glad Sandra left, I didn't like her attitude.

Apparently Allison has a cult internet following due to her rather striking appearance - she made a name for herself on 4chan as "Creepy Chan", and apparently makes a living selling macabre paintings - I hope this comes out on the show! Sadly, unless she changes things up really quickly, she's going to be goneburgers.

I think that Celia or Fo should win this one.
Was/is anyone else watching Canada's next top model? I was house-sitting for my mom last night and inhaled a load of back to back episodes, channel flipping between it and America's NTM. Can you say addictive? Now I have to go find another addict friend with cable to get fixed when it starts again next week.

Anyway I'm glad Rebecca won the last cycle, I'm glad she kicked her BF out of the competition house when he showed up, and I totally called that win heh.

Does anyone know how many countries have this show?

Edit, found it

P.S. Afghanistan's Next Top Model? Really?
QUOTE(Chairman Miaow @ Apr 12 2009, 10:02 PM) *
I'm so glad Sandra left, I didn't like her attitude.

Apparently Allison has a cult internet following due to her rather striking appearance - she made a name for herself on 4chan as "Creepy Chan", and apparently makes a living selling macabre paintings -

Thanks for sharing that, I looked her up and I love her! I saw the picture of her standing on the coffee table some time in the past year, I can't believe thats her!
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