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New Cycle starts tonight!! By the profiles I like Mckey, Marjoire and Sheena. But I will have to wait until tonight to see how their personalitites are.
I always avoid looking at the online profiles before the first epi so it's a surprise.

Between my love for this and gossip girl, the new boyfriend is a bit worried.
That futuristic robot shit was some of the cheesiest stuff I've seen on TV in a looooong time! I laughed my ass off. I got kinda excited at first because I thought that finally - finally! - Mr. Jay got a new hair style. Alas, no. It's the same, Sisquo Silver hairstyle he's always had. Sigh. I'm not saying the fake hair was better but at least it was different.

I don't know who is directing the new "My Life as a Cover Girl" commercials, but damn! That is soooooooo much better than the tripe they've drug out in previous seasons! Whitney is one lucky lady.

But back to the show. I have high hopes for Elina, Isis, & Sheena.

I cannot wait to read Rich's response on FourFour!
this whole show is cheezy, but i can't resist any show with trannys on it. i'm even watching that horrible "i want to work for diddy show" and i HATE sean "muffy" combs...

jay's hair is horrible.!

yay for isis... but who won this week? i missed it cos i was typing dry.gif
Majorie won. She's the pseudo-French blonde with the pixie haircut that is nervous as all hell. Girl needs to breathe! I'm really surprised that she won, though, because I didn't think hers was the best photo. I far prefered Isis.
I was a little embarassed to be watching that lame whole Alpha, Beta and Tyra-Bot craziness. That was the lamest conept ever! For all of the promos they did a hippie thing so I was surprised when I saw that mess lol.

I think that Isis had the best photo of the week, but kudos to Marjorie.
I agree that Isis had the best photo, but I also loved Marjore's.

I also hated the Alpha Beta Tyrabot thing. Can't Tyra just speak like a normal person? She must be so frustrating to have a conversation with.

As soon as I saw Sharun ragging on Isis during her shoot, all I could think was "You're a bitch, and Isis is going to kick ass and you're going to get kicked off, and you're going to be SO upset!"

I'm surprised they kept Clark over Sharun though - I thought hers was the worst.
The Tyra bot concept was so cringe-inducing I almost couldn't watch, but was weirdly drawn to it. Like most Tyra-isms. Ms.Jay's wig looked like a tribble had taken refuge on his head.

I don't know why, but Sheena is my favorite this far. She seemed a bit over the top but was one of the few who seemed most supporting and accepting of Isis. Also ANTM has never had any model with an Asian background win.
I think the right person went home this week. She seems like she could have been the drama queen they kept just for "good" tv, so to have her gone is a bit relieving. I'm sure there'll be another girl to take that place though.

Also, the girl from Alaska, could she have said that she was from Alaska and had no heat or water growing up once more?? It was making me crazy!
Aww, I totally missed the Tyra bot part. Did anyone else laugh when one of the girls was like "What does the environment have to do with elections?"
A lot of the girls had serious issues with understanding the election issues. I mean not understanding bureaucracy? Or the girl who knew nuclear weapons were bad, but didn't know how she felt about them? So strange...
Christine Nectarine
QUOTE(starpiste @ Sep 7 2008, 10:52 PM) *
A lot of the girls had serious issues with understanding the election issues. I mean not understanding bureaucracy? Or the girl who knew nuclear weapons were bad, but didn't know how she felt about them? So strange...

i'm sure it's been said here before, but this seems like another symptom of the "i want to be america's next top model sooo bad!" thing. you know, those girls who are so excited and mesmerized about the whole tv show, but otherwise clueless. when will they stop walking into the evaluation room without knowing a thing about the fashion industry except "omg, TYRA!" it's annoying. and yet, i can't stop watching.
Exactly, Christine! It's so annoying when these girls walk in, cycle after cycle, saying, "I wanna be America's Next Top Model! I want to revolutionize the industry!" But when they're asked who their favorite models are, they can't name one. They can't name designers or photographers, either. Why do they think they should be the ones to revolutionize something when they don't know anything about it in the first place? It's pathetic. And it's not as if these questions are some big surprise. They ask them every cycle! If ever I feel sympathy for Tyra & the panel, it's when they have to listen to that crap.

Christine Nectarine
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Sep 8 2008, 09:21 AM) *
it's not as if these questions are some big surprise. They ask them every cycle! If ever I feel sympathy for Tyra & the panel, it's when they have to listen to that crap.

you think if you really didn't know, you'd prepare some answers, like be ready to name ONE current model/photog/designer and know something about them. geez, pick up a copy of Vogue, it's not that hard.
Did anyone watch yesterday's epi?? I'm still learning the models names, but I think a good decision was made to vote her off.

I am surprised they would let someone on with fake breasts. blink.gif

Next week's episode is the makeover epi!
I did watch last night... that girl they kicked off seriously looked like she had an eating disorder. And at least the girl with the fake breasts came forward and admitted to it after lying about it.

I think that no matter how badly Isis does, they are going to keep her around for a few weeks because she is transgender and that will translate into ratings, perhaps. Her picture last night was just truly awful though. I think she probably deserved to go home instead.

I think they're going to keep Isis around for a little while. They definitely made the right decision to vote off Nikeysha. She was unprofessional, bad at posing and her pictures are weak. Like her spindly chicken arms.

Sheena needs to tone it down. When did she get implants, anyway? A poor choice when she was young? Did she turn 18 and get them done right away?

And I don't think Hannah is racist, just very sheltered and doesn't know any better.
Christine Nectarine
Sheena is probably regretting that surgery now. maybe she can serve as an example to all the almost-18 year olds who are saving their $$ for the same thing...?

even if they do keep Isis as a "ratings boost" i think she shows more promise than Nikeysha did. her personality rubbed me the wrong way.

my fav so far is Elina, although i'm not confident she'll make it all the way through. i like Marjorie's look too, but wouldn't be surprised if her nerves crush her before she gets too far!
anna k
Elina looks like someone Tyra would get rid of because she's intimidated by her and will say something like she's too cold in person or not warm enough or friendly enough or some B.S. to cover up Tyra's own insecurities.
i kinda like sheena. i suppose part of it is that it's the name of one of my fave busties, but also cos she seems like such a contradiction, asian, 'street' it's kinda cool, but i'm sure she catches shit for it. already...they all call her a hoochie...

i'm glad they kept isis, after all her pix last week, i wasn't expecting them to be that good. and she does seem to be the one who knows her stuff. tyra and the others were saying she was the girl who went into that interview room, and new the designers, models, etc. so i'm sure that worked in her favor. it's nice to see t-girls on tv again. there has been a dearth recently. from what i understand there is higher ratings on shows that have t-girls, or actresses playing them(nip/tuck, ugly betty) even if it's a one shot (er), now there is this and 'i want to work for ditty' and to a lesser degree (because there is a huge difference btwn DQs and TSs). it's kind of interesting thinking about how t-girls approach these things differently than their brit counterpart in the uk's big brother. she denied it, confiding in only one person till the end, while both of these girls were pretty upfront about it. it gets dealt with early.

i agree and disagree with you geek, although i think you meant prejudiced rather than racist. i do think that hannah is prejudiced because she doesn't know better. i think she's starting to see how unacceptable her view is in the way she's been shamed by the other girls, but she came with these ideas about tg people without any real personal experience. that's the very definition of prejudiced.

anna k
Dirty Sexy Money had a transsexual character played by a t-girl, and was treated respectfully and not made into a freak show or a joke.

I liked Sheena too, she's fun and interesting.
Christine Nectarine
i agree about sheena, and i wish they would lay off the "hoochie" label. i think they just don't know what else to make of her. she's definately an interesting girl, and she seems smart.

i also agree with gt about hannah...she likely didn't intend to sound racist, but when a room full of black and asian girls are telling you that's how you need to own up. as she dutifully reminds us, she's "from alaska" so is likely lacking in personal experience. i can say from my personal experience as a white kid growing up in mostly white community, you may know it's not right to be racist, but it's hard to know what that looks like day to day. it's a bit of a shock to open up to the idea that you have internalized prejudices, but still hannah needs to take some responsibility. she was likely feeling defensive because they didn't really go about it very nicely by confronting her all at once.
I think right now, the hoochie label does apply to Sheena. Like Hannah has unconsciously internalized the inherent racism/prejudice that comes from living in a small, homogeneous community, Sheena has internalized certain ideas about what is sexy. In the accessories modelling challenge, she put her foot behind her head, put the bag in front of her cooch, and winked. She comes into judging dressed in short shorts and low cut tops.

What I like about her, is that you can tell she's a genuine person. I'm excited to see what they do with the makeover for her!
Christine Nectarine: "maybe [sheena] can serve as an example to all the almost-18 year olds who are saving their $$ for the same thing...?" ahhh. awesome point! let's hope. i'm not a fan of sheena, she seems a bit crass. poor isis appears to be too much of a wall flower. elina is my favorite.. and i still look forward to see more photos of marjorie and mckey as well. even though lauren is a traditional blonde-haired babe, i feel there is something unique about her that i like. and i hope sharaun will go far too.
I'm pretty sure I've said this before but Tyra has seriously lost it. What the hell was that whole crazy fairy godmother with a horribly faux british accent thing?!

1)why does everybody get all excited about a makeover then cry when they get it? you've seen the damn show, you know what's coming up, so shut the fuck up.

2)somebody really needs to take tyra aside and tell her she can't act.

at all.

not even as a joke. and her fake accents are puke worthy.


3)goddamn it, now i want to get an f'ing weave again. hmph.
I agree. Tyra has COMPLETELY lost her mind. Or is living inside her own ego.

That said -- I knew it was going to be those girls in the bottom two, because they always focus on the ones on the chopping block during the show. The pretty girl was annoying, I'm glad she's gone.

Also, I really loved the red hair on Ilina (?) it looked really good.
Oh man, this season is really cheesy!!! Tyra, please sit down and stop with the accents. Makes me gag!

I am sad that they sent Brittany home instead of Annaleigh. I guess both of them are pretty bland but, Annaleigh just doesn't do anything for me at all.

My two favorites have to be Isis and Sheena. Just because they are both so different from all the girls I've ever seen on this show. I like variety and it seems like every season they have girls that look/act like previous girls. BLAH! I really need Isis to shine though. She's kinda losing the flair that she came in with. Miss Sheena is just a mess LOL I love her.

Lananans, I agree about the red hair. It's growing on me- i didn't like it at all till I saw the photo.
When Mrs. Rouge and I were watching last night, any time the fairy godmother windowe came on I had to cringe, I was sooo embarrassed for Tyra. I feel sorry for her, that she would think it was a good idea to do the silly accent.

Isis needs to break out and get her shit together. I wub.gif her, and if she gets booted off will be pissed.
lananans: absolutely agree. my mom and i were watching the show together and she was like, "i cant believe these girls are that enthralled with tyra's skit".. it was so cheesy. i felt like she was putting on an act for 5 year olds.. maybe she's trying to target a younger audience.

elina is still my favorite, especially with her new hair. i love it and it suits her so well. with lauren, i get it, the show has to have a token blond chicky, but i feel her makeover was anticlimactic. if she can bring it as well as they say she can, hopefully her poses and photos will give her more edge. mckey's makeover was perfect. she looks amazing and intriguing. i liked samantha's too. i'm afraid marjorie doesnt bring enough personality to the photo shoots or to judging, which makes her seem very blah. even though i think, irl, she'd be a super cool girlie. in the end, i think this will be an interesting season.. i hope so anyway. maybe tyra is trying to be so outrageous, because the show is running out of ideas...?
I didn't start off liking Samantha, but now I love her. I want her haircut! I also want Elina's weave.
Perhaps Tyra is trying to target a younger audience, but she'll probably lose a substantial portion of the older audience in the process. I've considered just not watching this season because it's really just not that good.

[quote name='knorl05' date='Sep 18 2008, 07:14 PM' post='215328']
my mom and i were watching the show together and she was like, "i cant believe these girls are that enthralled with tyra's skit."/quote]

Maybe it was like watching a car crash.....they didn't want to but they couldn't simply just look away.
Christine Nectarine
I agree with a lot of the previous comments, Tyra seems to have become a caricature of herself on the show. It's too bad, because I think the group of girls they have is stronger than in the last couple cycles. I thought cycle 10 was especially weak.
don't know if anyone is interested, but lauren and amis appear in the latest episode of pot
psychology over on

i am surprised they eliminated isis. i was certain they'd keep her a while, if only for the
angst she caused the other contestants...
Thanks period_monster! I found that quite entertaining. Was Lauren on the season where they weren't allowed to smoke? I don't think so...but I don't think I remember her smoking much anway.

I was glad to see Isis go home but happy that she was there for the time she was. I keep cycling over who my faves are. Right off the bat I fell for Marjorie and Analeigh. Marjorie has the Agnyss Deyns (spelling??) look and Analeigh just reminds me of Veda from My Girl (I know it is the peace sign). I want to like McKey but they rarely focus on her and I can't quite get a feel for the girl. Maybe this means big things for her to come?! I'm pretty impressed with this cycle's line-up.

I don't know if anyone reads the Dooce blog but Analeigh also looks like what Leta may look like when she grows up. I don't have anything to do with the blog- but honestly Heather B. Armstrong, the writer, would knock your pink leopard print socks off.

I hope this week brings a good photoshoot. I have my uni grad photos and have been practicing my eye smiles. I swear I have nearly got it down!
Ha! I'm kind of glad Clark is gone, I though she was a snoot. I was surprised though, the other girl seemed to have less going for her. The decision surprised me.
Christine Nectarine
agreed! and i think elina's pic looked super hot this week. the whole mod/natural disaster thing really appealed to me.
So...does France really make one so negative? La pauvre Marjorie! I love love love her pics and love how she looks but I don't like to watch her mope all about. Perhaps I'm just not European enough to understand and therefor just feel like she is using her country as a crutch. I will say this though- her shoes were super cute at panel this last epi. Oh, and I like her better as a blonde after seeing her in that wig.
Aww, I like Marjorie! I don't think she made the sweeping generalization that France makes one negative (Paulina kind of planted that idea, for one thing), but considering that her parents are French people living in America (2 very different cultures) and that she was homeschooled, I can understand why she feels a socially awkward. And having lived in another country (though not for more than a year), I know how much more important one's former identity becomes. I know America is all about how everyone becomes an American when they emigrate, but I like that she's still quite un-American. If I were being scrutinized as much as they are I would become even more of a basket case than I already am. She's still a good model when it comes down to it.

I do think she needs to lay off on the "i'm not good enough" schtick now that she's gotten best photo twice.

I just watched the premiere again, I had kind of forgotten how Elina said she only wears gender neutral clothes and wants to be top model in order to promote her activism. That's really been lost in recent episodes; I wonder if that's just due to editing, or if she's stopped talking about it. I'm getting sick of their focus on her control issues and I thought it was mean how they made her cry for the last shoot. And then when the photo wasn't good enough, they gave her shit for it... maybe it was their fault, driving someone to tears does not a good photo make. Good TV maybe.

Who's next? Samantha, I think/hope- although her photos are consistent, often better than Sheena or Joslyn's. But I don't really like her personality, nor do I think she's all around stunning.
Pooo, Marjorie! What a collossal pain in the ass! Seriously, I want to give the girl a Xanax, a kick in the ass, and tell her to get over herself. Her insecurity and nervousness is so annoying, but not as annoying as Elina's arrogance and inflated sense of importance, hence why she was axed this week, and Marjorie will be next.

I am so glad Elina is gone.
I think Marjorie should have gone this week. I know Elina isn't doing as well as I expected, but at least she could book a job. Marjorie, on the other hand, is hopeless. Her insecurity is too deeply rooted. Her nervousness is palpable & it makes the designers nervous, too. She just doesn't have the emotional fortitude to be in this business. She's gotta go!
QUOTE(roseviolet @ Nov 6 2008, 08:19 PM) *
I think Marjorie should have gone this week. I know Elina isn't doing as well as I expected, but at least she could book a job. Marjorie, on the other hand, is hopeless. Her insecurity is too deeply rooted. Her nervousness is palpable & it makes the designers nervous, too. She just doesn't have the emotional fortitude to be in this business. She's gotta go!

I agree that she is a way weaker model than Elina........... In person. Her photos kill Elina's.

Elina looks like an actress. She's not high fashion and she is not very interesting to look at, considering she only has one facial expression with different takes on it. Plus, that girl looks older than 18 and she has garbed up her body with a bunch of crappy tattoos that make statements she won't even agree with in ten years.

I think Elina is such a "turn off" in person, that the judges just wanted to get rid of her. She isn't likeable, compelling, or even very nice. She's arrogant and has a horrible case of post-adolescent-idealistic-narcism. She's blah. I LOL's when the one designer called her a "little girl, trying to play model."

But, yeah....Get Marjorie out of there.

This one is hard to call......

I think McKey will be in the top 2......But will it be Sam or Analeigh? I love Sam and I don't think Analeigh is very high fashion, or photogenic. Sam looks too commercial in person for runway, but she KILLS it in photos.....

I think McKey will win.
I was so happy to see Marjorie and Elina in the bottom two. Both of their personalities are annoying to me. Marjorie is to nervous. I wonder if her being saved this week over Elina will boost her confidence. She seems to be falling apart a little bit more as each week passes. Elina was very combative on every subject and so so arrogant. I was not sad at all to see her go.

I think Marjorie will go home next week. And that will leave Sam and Analeigh fighting for the top spot alongside McKey. Unless McKey takes some horrible pictures or messes up something else she will be in the top two, there is no doubt in my mind about that.
I still like Marjorie, however her nervousness, which was once sorta cute, is now a colossal detriment (obvs). I would bet that it's mostly that she doesn't have the temperament to be on a reality show (or be a model, for that matter- I hate to sound like Tyra but she obviously doesn't "want it enough.")

Bettieblank, I don't think anything could boost Marj's confidence: she was sure she was going home, like, 5 episodes ago! Then she got best photo (for the 2nd time), and that didn't do it...

It was Elina's 3rd week in the bottom 2, so it makes sense that they sent her packing. She had some stunning shots (the bathing suit one- which showed no bathing suit, whatever), but I agree, she was stiff, and not very versatile.

I do not like Sam AT ALL- I don't think she looks one bit like a model in person and I find her ignorant and dense. But her "au naturel" shot last night was amazing. My friends and I were bitching about her throughout the entire episode, but her photos kind of shut us up. I didn't think last week's (the ship one) was great, though, even though the judges seemed to think so.

McKey is clearly a strong contender. I like her look, but I wish she had a stronger personality so I could really get excited by her.
QUOTE(edie52 @ Nov 6 2008, 11:20 PM) *

I do not like Sam AT ALL- I don't think she looks one bit like a model in person and I find her ignorant and dense. But her "au naturel" shot last night was amazing. My friends and I were bitching about her throughout the entire episode, but her photos kind of shut us up. I didn't think last week's (the ship one) was great, though, even though the judges seemed to think so.

I don' think she is dense, ignorant, maybe... But she isn't stupid. What is striking to me, is how young they all are this cycle. I think Sheena was the oldest one, at 21. They are all young and somewhat ignorant. Even Elina, though I know where she was coming from with many of her views and arguments, was pretty inarticulate and ignorant in their defenses. I think if she was more mature and really understood the positions she was fighting for, as well as better articulating her positions, she would have been able to reach Sam, instead of just writing her off.

Everytime she got into an argument, instead of trying to understand the opposing sides, she would huff "you're stupid" and sulk. Same with Sam. When she would be taken to the task to explain why she saw something as "wrong", she would say "JUST CUZ IT'S WRONG#!OI)" and sulk.

The only compelling argument ever made, was when Sheena defended eating meat, and that was a C at best wink.gif

I have to agree with Sam when she complained about Marjorie and Elina resting on the "WE'RE EUROPEAN" crutch..... Especially when she said to Elina, "Didn't you move to the US when you were like, 5, or something?" Those ladies were tyring to elevate themselves, culturally, Marjorie (because she is a nervous wreck) and Elina to justify why she was getting so much criticism. It was weak.
Sam has grown on me. I love her bubbly attitude, and humor. She can pull off a boyish-don't-fuck-with-me-look that I love. Glad she's still around. She makes me laugh.

Marjorie, i get her. She got eliminated, because she couldn't integrate the nervous energy with the confidence that the judges needed to see. Sorry to see her go, but, twas' understandable.

"McKey is clearly a strong contender." I agree, she clearly, kicks. ass.

Annaleigh, is like the cat in the hat. So, many surprises have came from her. She was wallpaper for so long and then she stepped her game up, and BANG! She just came alive. She's sweet in person, and tough in pictures. Her personality comes to life when the situation calls. She should have won tonight's challenge-acting flirtatious and kissing the boy.

All in all, I think, all three deserve to be in the top three. Can't wait to see the next episode.
Yeah, it was pretty obvious that Marjorie and Sam would be bottom two, and that Marjorie would be axed. I thought the final four were all strong, in different ways.

My friend thinks that part of the reason Marjorie was kicked off was because she got drunk and got in the bath with that guy, so it was to teach everyone a lesson... also, it was inappropriate behavior for someone who is to be on the cover of Seventeen magazine. Not that any of us thought she would win.

If things keep going as they have, Sam will go next.
I'm glad McKey won last night, though I have to say the finale this year was totally devoid of drama or even any real tension. All three of the final three were about equal in terms of photos, walking and acting. The most dramatic moment wa sprobably that star-trek inspired dress Tyra wore during the final judging panel.
I knew it would be Mckey. She was never in the bottom two, if I'm not mistaken.
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